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Calif State Polytechnic Univ., Pomona
Business Admin
Calif State Polytechnic Univ., Pomona
Calif State Univ., Stanislaus


Calif State Polytechnic Univ., Pomona (Business Admin)

Calif State Polytechnic Univ., Pomona (MBA)

Calif State Univ., Stanislaus (Other)

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Math is my passion! I believe that experiencing frustration over math is just not necessary in today's world. With all of the resources available to students, sometimes knowing where to start is too overwhelming. One of my joys in life is seeing students get the answer by following basic steps. First, overcoming math anxiety is vital to success. Knowing that every math problem has an answer is also something students need to believe. Lastly, having the courage to ask for help is critical. Your success is my success!

As I have had many life experiences and a variety of career positions, you will find that I can help you with many different subjects. My approach to teaching is to answer the questions as to why something is done a certain way, where you can go to get help (besides me), and when it's okay to relax. Part of the first step in moving forward is truly believing that you can do it.

I completed an online Stanford course on "How to Learn Math" presented in the summer of 2014; I learned many new techniques for presenting math concepts and changing from fixed to growth mindset regarding math.

Voted by students and peers as Faculty of the Year for 2013 (University of Phoenix), College of Humanities and Natural Sciences
Math is my passion! I believe that experiencing frustration over math is just not necessary in today's world. With all of the resources available to students, sometimes knowing where to start is too overwhelming. One of my joys in life is seeing students get the answer by following basic steps. Read more

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"Excellent tutor, 5 Stars!"

- Jill, Manteca, CA on 12/8/15

"Knowledgeable and patient."

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"Anicia is the Best"

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- Elizabeth, Manteca, CA on 11/18/15

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"Excellent tutor"

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While in graduate school at the University of the Pacific I worked part-time at an elementary school reading lab. My job required using behavioral strategies that I had learned. I had small groups of ADD/ADHD students that I assisted with reading, comprehension, and writing. Here I learned how to keep students on task, to chart and monitor their behavior, and to acknowledge progress with appropriate rewards.
Recently, I have been working with teenage ADD/ADHD students and helping them to make significant progress with their study and behavior skills. This is an area where I feel qualified to assist a student to succeed.

Algebra 1

This is my most favorite subject to tutor; learning the language of math! How to express words in variables, solve and graph linear equations, factor polynomials and understand functions -- they are all part of this course. My students have gone from failing to at least passing when I work weekly with them on building their math skills. Practice, practice, practice -- it's the name of the math game!

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is a course that I currently facilitate at the University of Phoenix. I also have been very successful in helping high school students who are failing the course to achieve passing scores. The topics expected to be covered include: systems of linear equations, factoring polynomials and solving equations, rational expressions, functions, radical expressions and functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and quadratic functions and equations. With many resources at my fingertips, including special math websites, I feel confident your tutoring needs in Algebra 2 can be met.


Preparing for an exam that sets your career path is very important. The ASVAB math exams review basic math, math reasoning, algebra, and geometry -- all areas in which I have expertise. Students that have studied with me for this exam report that they have been very confident with the material.


Passing the CBEST myself was a great step in moving forward with my educational goals. The CBEST exam is difficult for adults that have been away from school for awhile. Part of my specialty as a tutor is to help them make sense of the difficult math and word problems. Also, as a reading and writing coach I have been quite successful in helping adults with this portion of the exam.

Elementary (K-6th)

For three years I worked with youth in after-school programs for math and literacy in Stockton. The groups are combined 3rd through 8th grade. The best part of this experience is that I have become adept at catching on quickly to how a child learns; whether they are auditory, visual, kinesthetic, etc. Some students need repeated exposure to the material; others want to only be shown once. I have improved as a listener, learned how to communicate with ESL students using visuals, glossaries and translators, and most importantly I have seen students take on challenging new material wanting to move ahead and reach new goals!

Elementary Math

Learning the order of operations, the times tables, long division and understanding beginning algebra are all important components of elementary math. The earlier your child can grasp basic problems and enjoy mental math, the sooner they will have the foundation for success. With experience as an after-school tutor and coach for students in second through eighth grade, I feel confident I will be able to help your child succeed.


Geometry is a subject where visual learners excel and most students find it far easier than algebra. As a student teacher I spent an entire semester in a high school geometry class learning how to teach the subject, working through proofs with the students, and exploring theorems and postulates. I would welcome the opportunity to continue creating new notes on geometry problems with you. The possibilities are endless!

Microsoft Word

Writing papers, proofreading, and completing research projects are all part of what I have experienced with my graduate school studies for an MBA degree. I have also worked extensively with corporations in training their personnel in Microsoft Word in classroom settings. Additionally, I have been an instructor for a private college teaching courses in Word, file management, and computer basics. I would welcome the opportunity to work with a student in this area.


Prealgebra - the foundation for algebra, the bringing together of elementary math skills, and the practice of solving problems. Several students that I work with in prealgebra have found their study skills and comprehension increasing with regular practice. Getting students to write their own word problems and find solutions is the joy of seeing them evolve into competent mathematicians.


Proofreading requires a thorough understanding of grammar, punctuation, and spelling as well as a desire to communicate through the written word. As an administrative assistant for five years I assisted with compiling departmental monthly reports and annual financial reports. Working with company executives, lawyers, and managers we went through many revisions to the final published product.

I enjoy assisting students with their writing and expression as a university instructor. This exposure to many different writing styles and prompts has helped me analyze rubrics and provide constructive feedback. Also, currently one of my part-time jobs is to read and score high school exit exam essays and early placement essays for the California University system.

SAT Math

One of my strengths as a university professor is knowing how to reduce test anxiety. When a student prepares for an exam, test taking strategies can build their confidence. I have coached students who needed to brush up on basic skills. I have also aided others who just needed to polish their understanding of advanced math concepts. Passing and scoring well on the SAT is very important for those students seeking college admissions and scholarships. I welcome the opportunity to further a student's goals.


When I was in the second grade my father converted a manual chain stitch sewing machine to an electric pedal machine for me. I was hooked! Sewing on collars, learning how to properly set sleeves, not being afraid to rip out a seam and better yet-- to handstitch a zipper before sewing it in were all very time consuming important techniques taught to me by my mother and grandmother. I used to take all of their sewing scraps and make clothes for Barbie and Ken dolls. With cardboard and baggies, I even created my own packaging to make some side money one year at Christmas.

Throughout high school my routine was to babysit as many nights as I could during the week (very easy with 12 families in our neighborhood), save all the money for fabric, pattern, and notions, and then sew like crazy during the weekend any hours I was not doing homework or again babysitting. I loved going to school on Mondays with a new dress or outfit. As I had three sisters they also benefited from my creativity. During college I made extra money, after taking tailoring courses, by doing alterations and modifying patterns for difficult body sizes and types.

I believe it would be great fun to sit with someone and share with them the joy of creating something from scratch. I took the cover to the video "Sound of Music" and made a matching outfit to be Julie Andrews one Halloween. Those that saw the likeness were amazed that such a thing could be done. Why not?!

Study Skills

With an MBA degree, a teaching credential and WorkKeys certification, I believe that I have capable resources to help a student with his/her study skills. I have tutored and coached students on getting organized, time management, note taking, and test anxiety. Also, I have completed behavioral therapy training to help slower students advance at their own pace and achieve progress. The strongest tool to share with a student is teaching them to realize how they learn -- with this true success is achieved!


When I was ten years old my mother moved a family of six children to the little town of Mojave, California. During the hot summer months we found being in the local pool the greatest pleasure. Soon we were competing on the local swim team with Coach Vondriska as our "surrogate father." Whatever he asked us to do in the pool, we tried...complaining was not an option. Soon I was good enough to compete in the Junior Olympics held in Southern California. At 13 years old I remember winning the 50 meter backstroke in the Belmont Shores pool. I was so excited I forgot and ran on the wet deck. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital with my two front teeth severely cracked and my father holding my trophy.

As girls were not a part of the high school swim team, I kept all of their records. I learned how to track progress, develop workout charts and complete meet entry forms. Since then swimming has been the best source of exercise for me. I have spent hundreds of dollars with trainers as part of the adult Southern California Aquatics team to perfect my strokes for competition. One of my favorite events is the pentathlon where the times from swimming 50 yards or meters of each stroke and an individual medley is added up for a cumulative time. Even though it has been a while since I have been an adult competitor, I feel I could help young and old swimmers overcome a fear of water, challenge themselves to swim more efficiently, and truly enjoy being in water. Sprints, flip turns, keeping stats, and learning how to survive the chlorine are all the joy of the sport!

Calif State Polytechnic Univ., Pomona
Business Admin
Calif State Polytechnic Univ., Pomona
Calif State Univ., Stanislaus


Calif State Polytechnic Univ., Pomona (Business Admin)

Calif State Polytechnic Univ., Pomona (MBA)

Calif State Univ., Stanislaus (Other)

Excellent tutor, 5 Stars!

Anicia is an Excellent tutor! She's very upbeat and is able to connect with our son who's has always struggled in math. She is able break a problem down so the student can actually understand it on a simple level is truly a talent, not to mention the patience! We highly recommend Anicia as a 5 Star Tutor!

— Jill, Manteca, CA on 12/8/15

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If a student travels closer to Stockton, I offer a discounted rate. If a lesson is cancelled in less than required eight hours, a cancellation fee of one half hour is charged.

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