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University of California, Berkeley
Cognitive Science


University of California, Berkeley (Cognitive Science)

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I have 15+ years of experience as a software developer, and 9+ years as a teacher. I am currently helping industry professionals, and college and high school students in C, C++, Java, JavaScript (and jQuery/AJAX), PHP, Python, SQL, C#, and ASP.NET. My career has been in web and video game design, and training and managing other programmers. I earned my CBEST and TEFL teaching certifications 9 years ago and have been teaching ever since.

I am eager to work with students who are falling behind, as well as students that want to get ahead or explore outside of the normal curriculum. I also love working with other software developers and web designers helping them build the rough parts of their projects. My major was in Cognitive Science, with focused on memory and learning methods, artificial intelligence, and computer interface, and my strength is in breaking down complex problems into easy steps, and tailoring the learning process to each student's learning style. I have developed my own methods to learn everything from multiplication tables, to English as a second language, to physics and software design.

I teach Excel for business, and I also teach programming and web design to both children and adults using C/C++, PHP/SQL, Java/Javascript, as well as Arduino and robotics.

As a student, I got perfect scores on the math portion of the SAT, the Math SAT II, as well as both the math & physics AP tests. I have taught over a thousand students, both one on one and in classrooms up to 14 students, in California, China, and Ohio. I've been featured on national TV in China for writing and teaching a Christmas play to ESL students age 3-6, which was performed on stage in front of ~600 people, with only 2 weeks preparation. In 2014 I was hired by an independent film company for on-set technical support, and was called on to replace the head writer as well as given a walk-on role as a supporting actor. I have an interest in ancient number systems and ancient astronomy methods that were used to calculate the size of the earth and the distance to the sun thousands of years ago. I can also solve a rubik's cube in around 1 minute using a "no-memorization" system I developed.

My philosophy: A teacher must understand the student, and the student must believe that they are capable of learning the material. A good teacher should teach the way the student can best learn, not the way the teacher feels most comfortable explaining. I'm always open to alternative approaches of learning...

Memorizing a routine or formula is fine for tomorrow's test, but routines and formulas are quickly forgotten. An in-depth understanding of why something works will last forever, and even after the formula is forgotten it can be rediscovered, or even solved without using the formula at all.
I have 15+ years of experience as a software developer, and 9+ years as a teacher. I am currently helping industry professionals, and college and high school students in C, C++, Java, JavaScript (and jQuery/AJAX), PHP, Python, SQL, C#, and ASP.NET. My career has been in web and video game design, and training and managing other programmers. I Read more

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I am currently working with several students in C# and ASP.NET, and recently helped one of my students catch up on 8 assignments that were almost 2 months late right before the course ended. My 15+ year background in HTML, CSS, Java, and JavaScript also contributes greatly to my ability to plan out complex pages.


I first studied C when I was 13 years old, and wrote a basic DOS game. C syntax is a great starting point for programming as many languages draw upon it heavily, including C++/C#, PHP, Java, and many more. Studying C provides a solid foundation for beginning in almost any programming language, and it's a language that I've both used and taught extensively.


I have extensive experience in C++ and Java, which has helped greatly in my learning of C# (since the languages have a lot in common both in syntax and in concept). I am knowledgeable about C# when used in console applications, have written approximately 20 programs in pure C#, and have already helped several students to earn 100% credit in their C# assignments.


I first studied C++ in High School, creating an asteroids type game in my senior year. C++ is still the primary language used in most software design, and its structure is also found in Java, C#, and PHP. I use C++ daily in my work writing apps for Android and iOS, as well as programming Arduino boards.

Computer Gaming

I have been into playing and designing computer games since 1994. Early on I used RPG builders and platform builders to design simple games, as well as mod programs to design my own levels and weapons in games like Doom. Through college I earned enough money through botting MMO games to pay for all of my expenses, and after college I worked professionally scripting in-game content, as well as writing a couple apps for the iTunes store from scratch. Regardless of what you're wanting to learn, I can probably help!

Computer Programming

I have been a computer programmer ever since the days of TI calculator programming and BASIC in the early 90s. Since then I have worked as a computer programmer as well as taught and studied many different languages. Like many programmers, I can pick up a new language in just a couple hours, and (with the help of a syntax manual and some trial and error), write a complete program in just about any language.

Computer Science

I have an extensive background in Computer Science. I took multiple programming courses while majoring in Cognitive Science, I am familiar with C/C++/PHP/SQL and many more, and I have done app design, game design, and database design. I have also studied the history of computers dating back to old punch-card systems, and try to keep up on ongoing developments. On top of actually working in computers, I have been teaching and tutoring for a combined total of around 10 years.


I have done extensive work in CSS, both relating to JavaScript and jQuery control of pages, HTML formatting, and general page design. I am knowledgeable about using CSS to customize Wordpress websites, as well as creating custom templates from scratch, responsive design, and layouts for websites that can adapt to all devices, including cell phone and tablet PCs.


I first used DOS in 1988 as a primary operating system before Windows became the standard. I continue to use DOS for a variety of low level operations including pinging, telnet, FTP, bulk file renames, and running basic command line EXE programs written in C++, C#, and Java.


I have worked with Dreamweaver and I'm deeply knowledgeable about HTML and CSS, so once the initial design work is done I'm also able to go in and adjust and optimize the underlying code in order to fine tune the layout.


I've been using HTML since around 1996. I have used it in pretty much every single web project, whether using CSS to format it for front end design, moving it around the page with jQuery and JavaScript, or outputting it with PHP from the back end. I'm comfortable with DreamWeaver, and I can teach the common "five page site" at the beginner level, form submission, advanced layout/design techniques, responsive design with media queries, and input validation.


I have more students in Java than any other subject. I would describe Java as my core competency, and I have instructed over 60 WyzAnt students at the beginning, intermediate, advanced, and industry professional level. I have had fantastic results with introducing first time students to Java, and have taught student as young as 11-12 years old. Java is a great "first language" since it teaches about data structures, classes, and interaction between files, in a way that isn't heavily reliant on complicated symbols, syntax, or memory management, and it scales all the way up to back-end server management and iOS/Android apps.


I have used JavaScript in numerous webpages and online projects as a way to enhance user-facing pages as well as to enhance back-end pages. I know about combining JavaScript with PHP/MySQL for powerful admin pages, and JavaScript and CSS to deliver interactive dynamic user-facing content.. My background in programming goes back 15+ years, and I have experience teaching as well as writing code for numerous platforms.


I have over 10 years of experience working professionally with JavaScript (the base language upon which jQuery is built), and I have been helping students in jQuery since my early days on WyzAnt. I have written entire websites powered by jQuery, I'm familiar with the D3 plugin for statistic analysis, as well as numerous visual effects plugins. I'm also knowledgeable about using AJAX/JSON with jQuery to seamlessly integrate back-end queries to front-end interface. I can help students and professionals who are making the switch from JavaScript to jQuery, as well as individuals with no prior experience with JavaScript who are wanting to jump directly into jQuery.


I do web design and programming primarily in a Linux environment, and have written Linux bash shells in C++ and Java. I have been leasing a shared Linux server since 2002, have experience setting up shell accounts & doing remote maintenance for software issues, SYN floods, rebooting internal systems that have crashed, as well as general user operation, IO redirect, and so forth. I am currently running a Raspberry Pi device in my home, which runs Linux. I have a good understanding of Linux from a user/operational standpoint, from a sysop standpoint, as well as a development platform for programming and web design.


I have a deep background in web and server development in C based languages, including Perl and PHP. I am knowledgeable in design work of Perl in Linux/Unix shells, as well as sorting, storing, and retrieving data from an SQL database, as well as using Perl scripts for automatic grading of projects written in other languages.


PHP/MySQL is pretty much my go-to for any web design. PHP is a very flexible language, as pages with the .php suffix allow direct insertion of javascript, CSS, and HTML tags, integrated together with the PHP, and powerful tools for fetching database information. As far as web design goes, there are pretty much two major camps, the Microsoft Stack (which is based around C# and a bunch of stuff I'm not very familiar with), and the LAMP Stack where PHP lives and of which I'm most familiar (which stands for/includes Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).


I use Python in a variety of applications, including controlling microcontrollers through network, as well as doing fun and simple computational projects. I'm currently helping 4 of my students in Python courses, and am able to draw upon my 15 year background in Java, C++, and Visual Basic, as well as my familiarity with Python syntax to quickly and easily construct complicated programs.


Many employers assume that every programmer know some SQL, and as a web developer or a Java developer, you'll probably find that a lack of SQL understanding will be a hinderance. SQL is a very deep language onto itself, and most large companies hire people to do SQL exclusively, however almost every programming language can and does use it for storing data, and some basic understanding is critical. I've been using SQL since 2002 and in that time have built a hundred databases and over a thousand tables. I can teach students who are coming from an Excel background how to convert their understanding of building horizontal data into building vertical data, and explain how and why data types should be broken up in certain ways to fully take advantage of SQLs capabilities. Of course, I'm also able to explain the standard operations, including joining and querying/selecting in order to retrieve the desired information.


I do web design and programming primarily in a Linux/Unix environment, and have written Linux bash shells in C++ and Java. I have a good understanding of command line programming from a user/operational standpoint, as well as a development platform for programming and web design.

Visual Basic

I have used Visual Basic and VBA for design work in an ASP.NET environment, as well as designing stand alone interactive windows forms in Visual Studio. I also have experience using Visual Basic for scripting and automation in Excel.

Web Design

I made my first webpage in HTML in 1997. Since then I have used CSS, PHP, and SQL to design literally hundreds of interactive pages, games, shopping carts, ticket booking, and all manner of customer facing and back-end systems. I am familiar with Javascript, server administration, comfortable using SSH or FTP to connect to and upload files to a website, as well as domain registration and other hosting procedures.

University of California, Berkeley
Cognitive Science


University of California, Berkeley (Cognitive Science)

Stop looking for tutors on here and pick Steven!

He can do in one hour what other tutors need 3 or more hours to do. You will not regret working with him. Knows his stuff, will help you with anything you don't understand and is extremely responsive to questions/direction if you already understand a concept (extremely rare in tutors).

— R, Middleburg, FL on 3/19/17

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