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California Polytechnical University, Pomona (Economics)

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About Jeffrey

I am special education teacher with 8+ years of experience teaching, tutoring, and coaching. I believe every student can learn. I use research-based approaches and technology to help students learn in fun and engaging ways.


1. Disabilities - Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, Emotional Disturbance, Other Health Impairment, Epilepsy, Intellectual Disabilities, and Down Syndrome

2. K-3 Reading - I use a combination of tailored phonics and sight word instruction. Growth is measured and tracked. My students on average make more than 6 times as much growth as they were making before starting tutoring. Growth is graphed.

3. 3rd - 8th Grade Reading - I use systematic vocabulary instruction as well as fluency instruction, which tracks words read per minute, comprehension, and reading errors.

4. Middle & High School Mathematics - I completed all of single variable college calculus. I have taught elementary level mathematics at Hesperia Unified. I helped teach algebra and geometry at Options For Youth. My tutoring students make great strides in mathematics often going from Ds to As. I love making math fun through real world examples and activities, as well as using Ipad apps to increase student engagement and growth. I believe in teaching students the skills they need to become life-long math learners using online tools such as Khan Academy.

5. RICA - I train interns and other future teachers how to pass the RICA. (The RICA is a reading instruction test teachers must pass to earn their credential.) None of the future educators I have tutored for 5 hours or more have failed.

6. Behavior - I worked in multiple classroom settings with students with Autism and ADHD. I have also been an in-home ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) interventionist. I also taught in a classroom for students with emotional disturbance and other behavioral disabilities. I ran a training at Hesperia USD for 60 other educators on behavior.

7. Assistive Technology - I worked for 3 years at the Cal Poly Pomona disabilities resource center as an alternate media specialist

Why I Teach

I was a student with special needs. Learning did not come easy for me. I had to struggle to learn to read, I had to struggle to learn my times tables, I had to struggle to get A's and B's while getting my undergraduate degree. That hard work has paid off and my masters' GPA was 3.67. I know how to help students who are struggling because I was one. I have been helping the students I tutor and teach achieve success for more than 8 years now. Watching my students go from failing their high school classes to getting Bs and As gives me joy. Helping K through 8th-grade students, years behind in reading, achieve grade level comprehension scores gives me fulfillment.

I loved tutoring ever since I started volunteering as a reading tutor in 4th grade. Teaching students and watching them grow is my passion. I am honored by every parent who allows me to tutor their child.
I am special education teacher with 8+ years of experience teaching, tutoring, and coaching. I believe every student can learn. I use research-based approaches and technology to help students learn in fun and engaging ways.


1. Disabilities - Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, Emotional Disturbance, Other Health
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In-person lessons

"Great Tutor"

- Andrea, Pomona, CA on 2/21/13

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Algebra 1,
Algebra 2, Econometrics,
Elementary Math, Prealgebra,
Precalculus, Statistics
Grammar, Reading,
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Common Core
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word
Elementary Education:
Common Core, Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Grammar, Handwriting,
Spelling, Study Skills, Vocabulary
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I hold a fully cleared mild moderate teaching credential. I taught a K-3 special education class for students with behavioral disabilities at Joshua Circle Elementary in Hesperia. I taught high school mild moderate special education at Options For Youth in Victorville. I have been tutoring, coach, and working with students with disabilities in various other copasities for 8 years.

Many of my students have had ADHD. I have found making lessons fun and fast paced can keep students with ADHD engaged for longer periods of time. Depending on the student providing breaks and rewards for hard work can also help.

When I was younger I was first diagnosed with ADHD so I know first hand how hard it can be for students with ADHD to learn in traditional classroom settings. Each student is different, for some standing up may help them the most, for others reading while laying on their stomachs helps them to focus, and for many more chewing gum while working increases concentration.

I will work with you and your child to figure out how we can best help them reach their highest potential.

Algebra 1

I taught algebra to struggling students at Options For Youth, a charter high school. I have been an algebra tutor for 5 years. I teach students how to use Khan Academy and other online resources to figure out how to do problems when they do not have tutoring. I strive to make tutoring fun and enjoyable so that students will develop a life long love of math. One of my current students went from getting Fs on his algebra tests to now getting As with tutoring twice a week for one hour. I enjoy breaking math concepts down to make them easily understandable for students. My students not only learn how to do math problems, but why the strategies they are using work.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have worked with students with autism in multiple capacities:

1. I currently tutor a couple students with autism.
2. As a mild to moderate special education / resource teacher at Options For Youth in Victorville
3. As a mild to moderate special education teacher at in a K-3 special day class for students with behavioral disabilities at Joshua Circle Elementary in Hesperia
4. As a tutor for multiple companies including Heart For Education and Aplus Educational Centers
5. As a paraprofessional/aide integrating a 2nd grade student with autism into a general education classroom, as an aide within a 4th-6th grade autism classroom, and as an aide within an moderate to severe SDC classroom
6. As an in home bevioral interventionist

I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was in elementary school. I struggled with echoelia, social skills, sensory integration issues, making eye contact, and learning to read. For me helping students on the autism spectrum is very personal. Students with autism are not the toughest type of students I have worked with but they can be a close runner up. Anyone who works with children who have autism knows how difficult it can be, but just because a child is struggling now does not mean they will always struggle. I take great pride in all the students with autism I have helped both academically and socially.


I hold Mild to Moderate Special Education Teaching Credential. I have worked as both and elementary and high school special education teacher. I have been an aide in multiple special education setting. I also helped students with dyslexia at the Cal Poly Pomona Disabilities Resource Center.


I have BS in economics with a core GPA of 3.30.
I have taken 2 econometrics classes and passed with a B in each. I have sat in on master's level econometrics classes.


I have a degree in economics. My core GPA was 3.30. I have been a TA in microeconomics. Economics is one of my favorite subjects to tutoring.

Elementary (K-6th)

I worked as an assistant coach for K-6th grade for over 8 years. I am great with kids. I have tutored in math and reading.

I worked as an assistant for student with disabilities at Allen Avenue Elementary. I helped students improve their reading speeds and comprehension through timed reading exercises.

I find that enthusiasm, patience, incentives, and simplifying ideas goes a long way in helping children learn.

Figuring out if students are auditory, visual, or tactile learners is a great way to increase the amount they can learn.

I am currently working for a tutoring agency which works with K-12th graders. I am certified to tutor K-10th grade math and K-12th grade English.


I have a credential in special education. I have taught handwriting as an aide, a tutor, and a teacher.


I have taught at the K-3rd grade levels at Joshua Circle Elementary. I have also taught at the middle and high school levels at Options For Youth, an independent study school. I currently help a 2nd grade student using the K12 homeschool learning program for 3 hours a day 5 days per week.


As a K-3rd grade special education teacher I created and curated resources for systematic phonics instruction. I was also asked to lead my schools 2nd - 3rd grade students in phonics reading activities during my school's after school program. I use videos and Ipad apps to make phonics instruction both fun and engaging. I use phonics assessments created by various universities to pinpoint student's phonics needs and target those skills. My master's research heavily focused on phonics skills and instruction. The K-3rd grade students in my class regularly went from being 1-2 years behind in their phonics skills to being above grade level. If you are looking for a fun, engaging, patient, and knowledgeable teacher/tutor to help take your child's phonics skills to the next level I would be happy to help.


I have been tutoring prealgebra, algebra, and high school calculus for over 5 years. At Options For Youth, I taught prealgebra and algebra to struggling middle and high school students. Simplifying math concepts and helping students to have fun while learning math is one of my favorite things to do. My last student in prealgebra went from failing to being independent enough to no longer need a math tutor. One of the students I currently tutor in algebra went from getting Fs to being at the top of his class. I teach students not just how to do math problems but also why the strategies they are using work.


I am a fully credentialed education specialist with over 8 years of combined experience teaching, and tutoring reading to K-6th grade students.

I believe students learn the most when they are having fun and can see their growth.

I use progress monitoring tools to help track and show students growth. I used research based approaches help accelerate students' growth in phonics skills, reading fluency(speed), comprehension, and vocabulary.

The students I tutor in reading often more than double their reading growth.

Special Needs

I have an extensive career helping students with disabilities.

Most recently I have been a mild to moderate special education teacher for elementary school students at Joshua Circle Elementary in Hesperia and Options For Youth in Victorville as a high school special education / resource teacher.

As a child I worked my way out of special education fully mainstreaming with the rest of the general education students by the time I was in sixth grade. Reading was always a struggle for me and that is one of the reasons I have been able to put together such a compressive set of reading resources for my own students. I started helping other students with disabilities learn to read by the time I reached 4th grade and scored in the 99th percentile on standardized mathematics assessments. Since then I have worked as a tuter for multiple companies, been an alternate media editor at the Cal Poly Pomona Disabilities Resource Center, been an aide helping mainstreaming students with special needs, been an aide in an autism classroom and in the special day class setting, been an in home behavior interventionist, and volunteered helping students with disabilities in other roles.

At the Disabilities Resource Center at Cal Poly Pomona I worked for over 3 years helping students with sever visual impairments, dyslexia, Aspergers, high functioning autism, sever anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression.

I work to help students on an individual level and do not only look at students as a disability label, rather as the whole person they are.

I have a thorough understanding of computer tools used to help students with disabilities such as Kurzweil, Adobe Reader, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Dolphin Easy Reader, and tactile diagrams. I have researched and use the most effective Ipad apps to help students maximize learning through fun games. I have knowledge of the way sensory integration, special-ed classes and social skills training can help those with special needs.

I know the ins and outs of the IEP process and can help you with it if needed. I know how to work with students who no one else can figure out how to teach and come up with detailed plans to meet their needs. I have seen students go from 2 grade levels behind to a grade level ahead of the peers. Every student can learn. I find ways to help them do that as quickly as possible.

California Polytechnical University, Pomona
California Politechnic University, Pomona


California Polytechnical University, Pomona (Economics)

California Politechnic University, Pomona (Other)

Great Tutor

Jeffrey tutored me last week in economics and he was punctual, dressed professionally and accommodated his schedule to be able to tutor me at a time convenient for me. He patiently answered my questions and approaching the concepts from a different angle in order to help me better understand the topics.

— Andrea, Pomona, CA on 2/21/13

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