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4.9 average from 9 ratings
Knowledgeable and patient tutor.
— Ruby, Poway, CA on 5/13/16

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UCLA (Bioengineering)

About Maxwell

I have a B.S. in Bioengineering from the University of California Los Angeles.

I previously studied at Palomar Community College and MiraCosta Community College in San Diego, where I earned a 4.0 Science GPA and 3.8 Overall. I have completed Math up to linear algebra, differential equations, and multivariable calculus; in Physics I have completed courses in Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Waves and Optics. I also have tutoring experience in all these subjects.

In 2010, I developed my relevant tutoring experience from helping 2nd grade students (ages 6 through 8) at Paloma Elementary in San Marcos who were struggling in math and writing. I utilize multiple strategies when teaching so students can fully understand and grasp the concepts. If they don’t understand the first time, subsequently I attempt to rephrase explanations and devise different methods.

After introducing a child to multiple methods, I encourage them to select the one most effective for them personally, and encourage them to repeat that process in the future, and to change their methods if they find a way that works better. Prior to this, I also tutored fellow students when I attended Meadowbrook Middle School.
I have a B.S. in Bioengineering from the University of California Los Angeles.

I previously studied at Palomar Community College and MiraCosta Community College in San Diego, where I earned a 4.0 Science GPA and 3.8 Overall. I have completed
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"Knowledgeable and patient tutor."

- Ruby, Poway, CA on 5/13/16
Algebra 1,
Algebra 2,
Differential Equations, Elementary Math, Geometry,
Linear Algebra, Prealgebra,
English, Writing
World History
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Spelling

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Approved subjects

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Algebra 1

I frequently use algebraic expressions and concepts in engineering classes I have taken, an example of topics I can tutor in Algebra I are(but not limited to):

-Balancing Equations
-Graphing equations to find the slope
-Writing linear equations
-Solving and graphing linear inequalities
-Systems of linear equations and inequalities
-Rules of exponents
-Polynomials and Factoring
-Solving quadratic equations and functions
-Radicals and Geometry
-Rational Equations and Functions
-Probability and Statistical Data Analysis
-Dimensional Analysis(Unit conversion)
-Complementary and supplementary angles

Algebra 2

I have completed algebra 2 and frequently use concepts from algebra 2 in engineering problems daily.

Concepts I can teach in algebra 2 are:
Identify, state the properties and perform arithmetic operations on real numbers in any format
Solve systems of linear equations and in two or three variables using algebraic and matrix methods
Describe and use the properties of exponents to simplify polynomial expressions
Simplify, multiply, divide, add and subtract rational expressions
Solve rational equations and real world applications that are modeled by rational equations
Use the remainder theorem to factor and evaluate polynomials
Describe and use the properties of rational exponents to simplify radical functions and expressions
Solve radical equations and real world problems modeled by radical equations
Identify, add, subtract, multiply and divide complex numbers
Solve quadratic equations and real world applications modeled by quadratic functions
Solve quadratic and rational inequalities
Graph and analyze the graphs of quadratic equations
Use the binomial theorem to expand (x+y)n
Perform algebraic, composition and inverse operations on functions
Describe the characteristics of exponential functions and show how are they useful in solving real-world problems
Describe characteristics of logarithmic functions and show how are they useful in solving real-world problems
Solve systems of non-linear equations
Demonstrate the ability to identify and evaluate arithmetic and geometric sequences and series
Identify, evaluate, perform arithmetic operations and create algebraic expressions
Find solutions of linear equations
Find solution of simple and compound linear inequalities
Translate real world applications into equations or inequalities and solve them
Understand the properties of functions and demonstrate how relations and functions can be represented numerically, graphically, algebraically, and/or verbally
Find the equations of linear functions and use those equations to solve real world applications
Solve real world applications which use systems of linear equations in two or three variables using algebraic and matrix methods
Add, subtract and multiply polynomials and polynomial functions
Factor polynomials and use this method to solve polynomials
Find the distance and midpoint between points in the coordinate plane


I have completed 5 courses in calculus and frequently use concepts pertaining to calculus in my classes.

An example of some topics I can explain about calculus are:

-Exponential Functions
-Inverse Functions and Logarithms
-The Tangent and Velocity Problems
-The Limit of a Function
-Calculating Limits Using the Limit Laws
-Limits at Infinity; Horizontal Asymptotes
-The Derivative as a Function
-Derivatives of Polynomials and Exponential Functions
-The Product and Quotient Rules
-Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions
-The Chain Rule
-Implicit Differentiation
-Higher Derivatives
-Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions
-Linear Approximations and Differentials
-Applications of Differentiation
-Mean Value Theorem
-The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
-The Substitution Rule
-The Logarithm Defined as an Integral
-Taylor and Maclaurin series


I have taken 2 courses of general chemistry and 1 course in organic chemistry.

Some topics I am able to cover are:

-Atomic Theory
-Periodic Table Trends
-Redox Reactions


I have taken a course in geometry in high school, and occasionally use geometric applications within engineering problems I have in school currently.

Some topics I can cover in Geometry are:

Areas: Rectangles, Triangles, Polygons, Circles

Pythagorean Theorem: Square roots, Right Triangles, Distances

Volumes: Cubes, Prisms, Pyramids, Cylinders, Cones, Spheres

Similarity: Triangle relationships, proportions, word problem solving


Organic Chemistry

I have taken the whole series (1 year) of undergraduate organic chemistry at UCLA (30ABC). I can tutor organic chemistry in a wide variety of topics. I earned a 4.0 Science GPA and 3.8 overall while studying at Palomar Community College and MiraCosta Community College in San Diego.


I have taken 3 courses in physics and have to use applications of it within my degree.

Some topics I can cover in physics are:

-1D/2D motion
-Conservation of Energy
-Friction/Torque/Rotational Dynamics
-Conservation of Momentum

Electricity and Magnetism:
-Heat Engines
-Electric/Magnetic Field/Potential

Waves and Optics:
-EM waves
-Sound waves
-Lenses and mirrors


I am very experienced in Prealgebra and am able to teach it because I have had to do algebraic calculation for a great majority of my science classes.

An example of core skills I am familiar with (but not limited to) are:

Compare and order integers.
Perform operations with integers (addition,
subtraction, multiplication, division).
Graph points on the coordinate plane.
Convert fractions and decimals to percentages and convert percentages to fractions and decimals.
Calculate percentage of change.
Solve proportions.
Construct and interpret bar graphs and circle
Find the mean, median, mode, and range for a set of data.
Express rational numbers as decimals and decimals as fractions.
Find the probability of a simple event.
Express numbers in scientific notation.
Perform operations with fractions.
Identify and use rational number properties.
Solve problems involving scaled drawings.
Identify and classify numbers in the real
number system.
Graph linear equations.
Simplify, add, and subtract polynomials.
Multiply monomials and polynomials.


I use calculus and thus precalculus concepts regularly since I am an engineering based major.

I am able to:
-Graph linear, polynomial, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic equations
-Identify equations for given graphs
-Work with functions: inverting, composing, multiplying and dividing functions
-Represent and solve real-world problems requiring optimization of quadratic functions
-Use the unit circle to determine the values of trigonometric functions
-State and apply trigonometric identities
-Represent and solve real-world problems involving exponential growth and decay


I have completed trigonometry in high school, tutored it many times, and still use concepts in it in my engineering degree coursework.
Concepts I can teach in trigonometry(but not limited to) are:

1. Locate angles in standard position and produce the ordered pairs on the unit circle associated with common angles.
2. Find coterminal angles and convert between radians and degrees.
3. Evaluate trigonometric functions of angles measured in radians and degrees.
4. Evaluate the six trigonometric functions using a right triangle and a circle.
5. Solve application problems involving right triangles.
6. Apply formulas for arc length, area of a triangle, area of a sector, angular speed and
linear speed.
7. Graph trigonometric functions and identify the period, amplitude, phase shift, and location of asymptotes.
8. Solve any oblique triangle by applying the Law of Sines or Law of Cosines.
9. Solve application problems involving the Law of Sines or Law of Cosines.
10. Apply basic trigonometric identities and basic algebra skills to verify identities and simplify expressions.
11. Apply the sum and difference, double angle, and half angle identities.
12. Evaluate inverse trigonometric functions and compositions of trigonometric and inverse
trigonometric functions.
13. Solve trigonometric equations.
14. Express complex numbers in trigonometric form and be able to find the product, quotient,
powers and roots of complex numbers.
15. Perform operations on two-dimensional vectors.
16. Solve application problems using two-dimensional vectors.
17. Convert between polar coordinates and rectangular coordinates and be able to graph simple equations given in polar form.
18. Graph and analyze curves defined parametrically.


I have had to write professional protocols for lab experiments and explain scientific documents.



UCLA (Bioengineering)

Knowledgeable and patient tutor. — Max helped my son in Geometry. Related well with him. Explained everything where it made sense. We'll definitely will use him again in the future! ...

— Ruby, Poway, CA on 5/13/16

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