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Great Tutor! Punctual! Knows his stuff!
— Fernando, Spring Valley, CA on 9/25/13


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Cuyamaca College
Graphic Design
Maharishi International University
Arizona State University


Cuyamaca College (Graphic Design)

Maharishi International University (Other)

Arizona State University (Enrolled)

About Lewis

This is your opportunity to work with a true publishing pro. I am a patient, friendly and caring tutor with a wide range of skills and knowledge. I worked in the heyday of New York publishing so I can help you with your book idea or if you prefer, I can help you read a book. English is a strength. Proof-reading and grammar are second nature so I can help you polish your essays, letters and even your business plans. I'm here to help when you need it. Photoshop and digital photography are strengths as well. While I love working with adults, I also enjoy kids and I'm happy to work with your children on their needs. I come to you when you need it most.

My tutoring style was learned when I was trained as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. You may expect a relaxed and relaxing style of instruction that is geared to reinforcing your strengths and discovering new ways to identify and foster the skills you need. I have a style that is gentle, informative and positive. There are no guarantees in learning, but I can help you find your weaknesses and surround them with an attack plan that will turn then into new areas of positive energy leading to better learning with my techniques. Everything is geared to you and your personal needs. Contact me and let's make an action plan that moves you in the learning direction you need most.
This is your opportunity to work with a true publishing pro. I am a patient, friendly and caring tutor with a wide range of skills and knowledge. I worked in the heyday of New York publishing so I can help you with your book idea or if you prefer, I can help you read a book. English is a strength. Proof-reading and grammar are second nature so I Read more

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"Great Tutor! Punctual! Knows his stuff!"

- Fernando, Spring Valley, CA on 9/25/13

"Wonderful tutor and wonderful individual!"

- Daniel, Del Mar, CA on 9/28/12
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Adobe InDesign

I'm a Graphics Design major pursuing an MFA path and I have an almost perfect score from my InDesign and Illustrator classes. My Photoshop creations have earned me a textiles agent and I have my first online licensee in housewares. I enjoy Working in Adobe CS 5 & 6, I can create magazines, books, newsletters, recipes, articles, flyers and pretty much anything you would like to see printed. I have vast experience in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, Acrobat and many other programs. I've learned about printing specifications, type and make finished art to exacting specs for many mediums. I bring enthusiasm and energy to my teaching of these programs and I thrive on teaching a beginner or intermediate how to use some of my advanced technique.

Adobe Photoshop

I am a master designer of textile prints that I create in Adobe Photoshop. I learned Photoshop originally in the 1990s and now I own Adobe Creative Cloud and work in the program all the time. Recently I updated my knowledge of Photoshop by receiving an A in the class at Cuyamaca College where I am majoring in Graphic Design. I can show you many techniques for executing art in Adobe Photoshop good for beginners who just got the program and advanced users too.

Desktop Publishing

I am a skilled publishing professional. I have helped hundreds of authors realize their publishing dreams and held their hands when their books became best sellers. But desktop publishing is a special passion of mine. I studied InDesign in several classes, GD105 had a brief one month introduction to InDesign in CS 5.5. Page Layout, another GD was 100% InDesign. I made maps, articles, menus, books. In addition to becoming proficient in InDesign, I have studied Microsoft Word. I am also a returning adult college student, pursuing a career as an artist. All these are college level classes and I have gotten As in every one of them.


I received a perfect score in college English and got As on all my compositions. I had a career as a literary agent in New York publishing. Not only was I an editor, I have worked as a professional proofreader and have a very mature English vocabulary and spelling. I bring all those skills to the table as a tutor where I patiently help my students master their challenges. Your efforts will be rewarded with less struggle and better grades as your studies are managed more professionally and you improve with each session.

General Computer

I've been using personal computers since the very first ones become available in the 1980s. I love them, both PCs and Macs. The many platforms are interesting and the problems computers present are full of challenges I enjoy.


When I was an assistant literary agent, I was employed by powerful agents and often I was asked to compose their letters because my grammar and English were so precise. I got excellent grades in college English where my compositions received perfect scores. My tutoring style anticipates your need to get high grades too. I will help you focus your skills and improve your grammar. That will enable you to enhance your precision in English and typically you can expect a higher grade after working with me.


Macintosh is a fascinating computer platform. I got my first Mac more than ten years ago and I admire the engineering and strong design features. If tomorrow were my birthday and I had a choice of computers for a present, I definitely would want it to be a new Mac. My friends with Macs often turn to me for advice and I can help them streamline their processing and make their lives easier. Tutoring on the Mac would be fun and I would love to help you. Give me a try.

Microsoft Windows

I work daily on a Windows computer. I've used the platform for more than ten years. My friends and colleagues frequently call me a geek and use me to debug their problems and to teach them how to interface with their Windows machines. The platform is second nature to me now and it would be a pleasure to help you with your Windows challenges.

Microsoft Word

Word processing is second nature to me after more than two decades using Microsoft Word and Word Perfect. These word processors are powerful tools that you could call enablers making it possible to write essays, letters, term papers and even books. You can create the works and copy and paste them into other works for grading purposes. They make writing easy and fun once you get the hang of it. I look forward to helping you learn how to use them.


My training in nutrition came on the job as a chef. First I was a restaurant chef at Keith's San Francisco House Restaurant. Later I was chef at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's MIU in La Antilla Spain where we served a natural food and vegetarian menu to a thousand diners. I had a staff of fifty. I was also responsible for serving special needs diets to disturbed diners with eating disorders. I have maintained a lifetime of nutritional supplements and have current information on this area of nutrition.


I have studied two college level courses in digital photography and maintained a 3.5 GPA overall. I own two professional digital cameras and I've achieved wonderful results with my photography. Note, I would not accept tutoring of film photography for which I do not feel qualified.


Proofreading was a vocation for a while when I lived in New York. There was a financial newsletter that employed me to make certain it was accurate and correctly laid out. I did that for a year. I enjoyed the challenge of the fast pace and the intense concentration the work entailed. My English, grammar, spelling and vocabulary all came into play and I found it equipped me for my future career in publishing. My tutoring students will all benefit working with a former professional proofreader as they gain new skills and talents.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is not as hard as you think. We all have something to say and speech is our way of communicating it. I received high grades in college speech class, where I was especially rewarded for my persuasion skills that I learned as a literary agent. My tutoring techniques will help you learn to speak publicly without stage fright. You will learn to organize and present a speech you never dreamed was possible. Give yourself a chance to work with a tutor and find out how easy public speaking can be.


Reading has been a lifelong passion. As a child I used to sneak a book and a flashlight under the covers and read late into the night. I was as interested in reading an encyclopedia as a novel. One of the things that attracts me to tutoring is the opportunity for more reading. I will help you to read with more comprehension and you can expect increased enjoyment.

Special Needs

As a current college student with a 3.8 GPA who also has special needs, I feel eminently qualified to tutor in this area. I participate in several student activities for students with special needs as well as receiving services and support such as accommodations. Because of my situation I have gained sensitivity that has enabled me to reach out to groups and individuals with special needs. It would be an honor for me to offer support and tutoring to those in my geographic area with special needs and I look forward to the opportunity.


The school spelling bee was always a favorite event because it was a competition in which I could enjoy good results. Spelling contributed to my good grades in English. It helped me in my proofreading and eventually my publishing career benefited because I could quickly spot errors others would miss. I became an asset at most of my jobs because of my great spelling skills. Spell checkers are a big help too, but knowing how to spell speeds you on your way. All my students improve because I can catch their errors in spelling.


Having a mature vocabulary is a sign of a well rounded, intelligent person. It always impresses an employer and job interviews go better if the vocabulary used is pertinent to the position sought by the applicant. My vocabulary has been college level and my English grades are indicative of a bright mind because of the words I use in my language choices. My students learn new language skills and their vocabulary improves working with me.

Web Design

I have studied CIS 212, a web design class. I received an A. I have a 3.8+ GPA with emphasis on Graphic Design. I maintain up to a dozen personal web sites and blogs, both on the Internet, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and others. I have a fine sense of graphic design and almost a perfect score in my Graphic Design studies. As of fall 2013, I am studying deeper into Web Design as I am taking GD 217, a web graphics class in college. Because I am already a proficient designer, I expect to ace this class. I look forward to tutoring students and sharing this knowledge of web design.


Writing has been a lifelong love. I enjoyed perfect grades in college composition which probably is a reflection of my publishing career. I have worked long and hard on a novel I hope to publish one day. Therefore your tutor brings all the skill and determination to the task of teaching you writing whether your goal is nonfiction or creative writing. Just ask and your writing will achieve new heights if you are willing to invest the time and work along with an open mind to my instruction.

Cuyamaca College
Graphic Design
Maharishi International University
Arizona State University


Cuyamaca College (Graphic Design)

Maharishi International University (Other)

Arizona State University (Enrolled)

Great Tutor! Punctual! Knows his stuff!

My boss and I picked him out of many tutors; we liked what he had to offer! Like different subjects to pick from, that you might not realize that you need them, until you see his Bio, and then he'll give you some time to 'meet & greet' at no charge! This way, you can get to know each other and see if ya'll click or not.

— Fernando, Spring Valley, CA on 9/25/13

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also accepting two or more students. 2 = $60. 3 = $90

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