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I have been a teacher of math for over thirty years. During those years I have tutored from the young to the IB and AP Calculus students with great success. I have also taught all courses, adapted to changes, and was chosen as a resource specialist to guide teachers from the 6th through 12th grades. My teaching spans areas including the US, Europe and Latin America. This has expanded my ability to work with a diverse learning group of students. I have created new curriculum, always keeping in mind that the student comes first.

My tutoring mission includes building confidence. Next is developing a work ethic that will remain forever, even after school. After I find the individual's areas of knowledge needing a stronger foundation and reinforcement, I try to develop a style of communication and interaction that is unique to the student, promoting strong methods of learning, critical thinking and independent growth. If I am tutoring for a test, such as the SAT, my experience includes holding sessions for many years on Saturdays to review knowledge, SAT practice and also explore areas that students need extra review and special techniques for test taking.

I have been honored with my work as a teacher with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Math and have been given major grants such as the Toyota-Time Grant for innovative practices with my students. I have worked with many universities such as M.I.T., UCONN and the University of Colorado to strengthen my professional skills for my students. I also encourage honest and active participation from students so that I may reflect and revise on the feedback that my students share.

My greatest honor is that I also brought up two children - one daughter that graduated from West Point and a son that graduated from M.I.T. During their younger years I remained home to be with my children and it also gave me the opportunity to tutor students, from the young to college years. I have learned that tutoring is a combination of techniques that have led to the success of so many students.

Not only is an open relationship important, I encourage communication with parents and teachers at all times. A successful tutor needs to focus on all of the qualities mentioned above to produce a student that learns how to learn and think with confidence!
I have been a teacher of math for over thirty years. During those years I have tutored from the young to the IB and AP Calculus students with great success. I have also taught all courses, adapted to changes, and was chosen as a resource specialist to guide teachers from the 6th through 12th grades. My teaching spans areas including the US, Europe Read more

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"Fantastic Tutor"

- Carol, San Carlos, CA on 12/15/13

"Knowledgeable and Caring Tutor"

- Karen, Belmont, CA on 10/21/16

"Extremely helpful and supportive!"

- Lisa, Redwood City, CA on 4/30/16

"Very knowledgeable and experienced"

- Judith, San Carlos, CA on 4/16/16

"She's wonderful! On time, patient and thorough, very knowledgeable!"

- Debra, Redwood City, CA on 2/15/16

"The best"

- Ian, Redwood City, CA on 11/21/15

"Excellent Calculus tutor!"

- Susan, Pittsburgh, PA on 8/26/15

"Excellent tutor to prepare son for final exam in pre calculus"

- Brian, Belmont, CA on 6/6/15

"Outstanding, articulate tutor!"

- Gil, San Carlos, CA on 6/3/15

"Excellent experience with a focused and collaborative teacher"

- Melanie, Belmont, CA on 2/26/15

"I recommend Louise highly!"

- Julie, San Carlos, CA on 10/23/13

"More than a tutor - a "real" math coach"

- Bernard, San Carlos, CA on 5/30/13

"Great tutor, very consistent"

- Megan, San Carlos, CA on 10/30/12

"Very knowledgeable tutor"

- Angela, San Carlos, CA on 8/14/12
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Elementary Math

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ACT Math

I have been tutoring and researching the changes for ACT MATH for many years. I have also worked with groups of students during my active time as an educator and resource specialist with an English specialist as well as working with a tutoring company in Palo Alto. Being a teacher for many years at the levels that ACT focuses on enhances my ability to tutor. I love my work.

Algebra 1

I have taught Algebra 1 in diversified locations and now tutor individuals in private and public schools. With a B.S. and M.S. in Mathematics and Science Education, I understand the changing needs of each school, teacher and individual. I help students at all levels knowing their future needs as well as the specific goals to be reached. I love my work.

Algebra 2

I have been an active teacher and resource specialist, constantly reviewing the needs of the Common Core and standards of various districts. I have taught Algebra 2 in many schools with a solid background of Mathematics with a degree from Boston College and a masters in science education.


I have tutored for the ASVAB. My background in Mathematics and Science enhances my knowledge of the specific material that is included in the ASVAB. My experience as a tutor and teacher for 30+ years also keeps me aware that the needs of each individual may be different, and focusing on each person's background is critical. My work has been successful. I love my work.


One of my favorite courses, Calculus and AP Calculus have well defined topics, and as a Presidential Awardee for my work in Mathematics, I have written curriculum approved by the Advanced Placement Board. Aware of continual changes, I have attended national conferences to understand the demands of the course. As a teacher, I have taught this course at various levels in diverse areas of the world. As a tutor, I know that I must understand the needs of the individual as well as the demands from each school.
I love my work.

Elementary Math

My degrees, Bachelors and Masters in Mathematics and Science Education has given me the opportunity to be a teacher and more important, guide a department, 6-12 Mathematics. We would continually meet with all levels, grades 1-12 to discuss the ongoing changes and needs of our curriculum. I have noticed in the lower grades different interpretations of the meaning of the common core and the diverse methods of implementation and techniques. I work on a very individualized theme for the younger student, and while securing each foundation, I also give them knowledge for the future that may have meaning and interest. Mathematics is similar to puzzles which I offer if needed. I am well aware of the mathematical expectations will be for them academically. Giving them confidence along with strength in foundation is my goal. I love my work.


I have had experience helping young students and adults with the GED in evening classes and in urban schools for young mothers. I am also a teacher of Mathematics and now tutor in many courses. I do have the knowledge to offer but I also know as a tutor I must find the specific needs of each individual. Having the background in Mathematics and Science as a teacher helps me to focus mainly on the areas that will make each person more confident because each student will become stronger in math skills and critical thinking. I know learning styles can be very very different! I love my work.


Geometry has and is changing in all schools. As a recognized Presidential Awardee, I focus on the needs of this course, the teacher and the curriculum, due to the change in content from Algebra. Although aware of the common core, each school and each teacher presents this course with diverse techniques which I watch for as well as the needs of each young person I work with. It is important not only to have my masters but the experience of teaching and tutoring has shown me the need to listen and be aware of the style that each student learns. I focus on any foundation I can improve as well as confidence! Each student becoming successful and more confident is my main goal. I love my work.


Pre Algebra is now offered at many stages in a student's academic life. I have taught and tutored Pre Algebra at many levels and have seen the changes that are continual. As a Presidential Awardee in Mathematics and past resource specialist, I understand how important this course is and because I have experience at all levels, I know the expectations of the future. My focus is the learning style of each student. I build the confidence by building a strong foundation and listen to each individual. I love my work.


PreCalculus is the course that seems to be in high demand for tutoring. I am a Presidential Awardee because of my passion for my work. This course can be a turning point for many students because of the new content and high expectations. My background and strength as a teacher gives me the time to analyze the specific needs of each student, and specific areas that can be reinforced. Confidence and knowledge are critical to succeed no matter what direction each student is choosing. I listen, learn from the student, and observe how the course is being presented. I hope that each person can transition successfully to continue to learn on their own! I love my work.

SAT Math

SAT Math is changing! I am a specialist and have taught the courses that SAT Math covers for many years. The SAT is now focused more on knowledge. It is important to note that almost 30% is covering data analysis. Statistics has not been introduced in many schools at the expectations that SAT requires. I have taught all levels of Statistics and am aware of the changes. Tutoring includes recognizing the needs of each individual, and practice. I have the knowledge, experience and resources that can best fit the needs of my students. I listen, I watch, I focus on making the student "think" the SAT way. I love my work.


I am a Presidential Awardee in Secondary Mathematics, recognized for my passion. I have designed and written an approved AP CollegeBoard Audit in Statistics for more than one high school and taught the course with success in high school and community college. I have attended many professional development sessions involving the use of technology in statistics. The calculator and the understanding of this course are essential components to this course and its applications in our world today. It is also becoming very important since the SAT and common core are emphasizing this topic. As a tutor, I have noticed that some students do not realize the content of the course, as a regular entry level course to AP. With my background, I can focus on the needs and learning style of each individual, to build a foundation, and see that each student succeeds with confidence. I love my work.


I have been recognized as a Presidential Awardee in Secondary Mathematics because of my passion. In most schools, Trigonometry is introduced in Algebra Two and Pre Calculus, with some foundation showing now in lower grades. Many students are transitioning into higher level expectations and have trouble in this area. It is my goal as a tutor to focus on the specific needs and learning style of each individual. With my strong background and diverse experience, I work, listen and guide my students to a future that contains a stronger knowledge of Trigonometry, an ability to use some critical thinking and gain confidence! I love my work.

Boston College
Universities of CT


Boston College

Universities of CT (Master's)

Fantastic Tutor

Louise has worked with my daughter for 4 weeks and has made an incredible difference in my daughter's understanding of Pre-Calculus. After working with Louise, her test scores jumped 15-20%. Not only did my daughter feel that she had a much better mastery of material, she developed a new confidence and satisfaction with her math experience that she did not have before. Louise had an outstanding

— Carol, San Carlos, CA on 12/15/13

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