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My name is Ron and I have many years of teaching experience. I have taught as an adjunct faculty member at three (3) major universities. In each instance, the universities asked me to teach. I have taught at least half a dozen distinct subjects and I have helped to develop the curriculum of a major MBA program for one of the universities. I have a B.A. With Honors from UCSB and a J.D. from USF School of Law. I am a published author. The publishing company asked me to co-author a major book in financial planning. I have also served on multiple boards, including the editorial board of a national professional association's publication and I served for three years on the board of directors of a non-profit headquartered out of the University of California at Berkeley's Boalt Hall Law School. My name is Ron and I have many years of teaching experience. I have taught as an adjunct faculty member at three (3) major universities. In each instance, the universities asked me to teach. I have taught at least half a dozen distinct subjects and I have helped to develop the curriculum of a major MBA program for one of the universities. I have a Read more

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ACT Math, Algebra 1, Common Core, Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Financial Accounting,
GMAT, GRE, Logic, Managerial Accounting,
Microsoft Excel, Prealgebra, Probability, SAT Math
ACT Science, Anatomy, Anthropology, Archaeology, Ecology, Elementary Science, Medical Coding, Microbiology, Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacology,
Philosophy, Physical Science, Physics, PSAT, Psychology, Sociology
Composition (Music), Ear Training, General Music,
Music History, Music Theory, Piano,
Sight Singing, Voice (Music)
Art History, Ballroom Dancing, Composition (Music), Drawing, Photography
ACT English, ACT Reading, Bible Studies, English,
Grammar, Literature, Proofreading, Public Speaking,
SAT Reading,
SAT Writing, TOEFL, Vocabulary, Writing
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ACT English, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Science, ASVAB, CBEST, College Counseling,
Common Core, GED,
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Adobe Flash, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Desktop Publishing, DOS, General Computer, HTML, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Photography,
French, Reading,
TOEFL, Writing
American History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, Classics, Criminal Justice,
European History, Geography, Government & Politics, Music History, Political Science,
Religion, Social Studies,
World History, Writing
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Common Core, Dyslexia,
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Elementary Science, Hard Of Hearing, Phonics,
Study Skills
Elementary Education:
Common Core, Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Elementary Science, Grammar, Handwriting,
Spelling, Study Skills,
Vocabulary, Writing
Finance, Financial Accounting,
Macroeconomics, Managerial Accounting,
Microeconomics, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking,
Series 7,
Tax Accounting,
Ballroom Dancing, Baseball,
Basketball, Bodybuilding, Chess,
Cooking, Fitness, Football, Martial Arts, Poker, Sewing, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis,
Track & Field,

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Throughout my many years of teaching experience, I have volunteered to help any of my students with ADD/ADHD issues with considerable success. I have tutored students who are not native English speakers and I am very patient as a teacher and tutor.

I have studied ADD/ADHD in terms of techniques, methodologies, and I have utilized multiple ways of enriching and reinforcing positive results.

I take it slow. I start with the basics, testing letters and numbers, and I first see what the student likes and dislikes in terms of techniques.

I then reinforce what works. If teaching by rote works best, I use repetitive exercises. I can teach any student to type within about an hour, utilizing a very unique method that I developed personally. My method works extremely well.

Students respond positively to my techniques and to my pacing, which is slow and deliberate.

I am not afraid to slow down, start over, and tailor each session to the needs of the individual student.

I have helped a very young student, age 5, who had a very severe case of Attention Deficit Disorder, and I was able to calm down the boy, in the presence of his mother, so that he successfully sat still for a full and timed five minute period. This was, in the view of his mother, an extraordinary and positive result.

I believe that this case showed, with clear success, that my techniques and sensitivity get positive results in a severe ADD case.

I have helped ADD students from approximately aged 5 to adult. I have been successful in helping students catch up when they have been behind. I have succeeded with ESL students who also have ADD and ADHD. I have been President and CEO of a medical services company with multiple clinical locations nationwide. I have helped patients with heart disease who have also had ADD and ADHD issues.


At three years of age, I began formal ballet lessons at the same school of dance that trained all of the Mouseketeers for the Disney organization. I had followed my older siblings in training for multiple dance disciplines over a number of years. This training included, but was not limited to, ballet, tap, adagio, character dance, and styles that included Bolshoi and Moiseyev.

I also studied modern dance well into my college years. I still remember the bar work, dance positions, brush work, and other very esoteric skills learned from childhood through young adulthood.

I added Flamenco to the list of dance skills and styles while in college and I performed in local dance and theater shows that featured a variety of dance styles for local audiences.


I have loved baseball all of my life. As a young child, even before Little League or Babe Ruth League, I played in the sandlots and practiced pitching against my parents' garage door with a tennis ball every day until it got too dark to see. I was the leading home run hitter in my elementary school, famous for hitting the ball out in the street and then having to slightly break the rules a bit to retrieve the ball for the rest of the school. I pitched and played first base most of the time. I hit over .650 in my last year of Little League and just a bit less in Babe Ruth League. I have continued to play baseball on an informal basis, hitting the batting cages whenever possible, and teaching kids how to play catch and hit when asked to do so. I have raised money for kids' sporting events including Junior Giants, and a partner of mine was instrumental in helping to build Pac Bell Park for the San Francisco Giants.

I am a student of baseball history and many years ago, I made the pilgrimage to take my family and especially my son to Cooperstown to see the Baseball Hall of Fame.


I have a law degree (J.D.) from a top 100 law school and I have taught MBA courses in at least a half dozen different subjects at a major university. I have started and run a number of businesses, both public and private, and I have performed turnaround functions for various companies. I have been a financial advisor for many businesses and individuals. I have been continuously licensed in real estate for more than forty (40+) years, and I have edited a national publication within the real property syndication profession.


I have loved chess my entire life. I do not pretend to be a world class chess master, but I have enjoyed teaching students how to play basic chess over a very long period of time. I taught my son how to play and he went on to teach after school chess programs at several schools, mostly in summer programs. I have taught all different ages, and I have received very positive responses from all of my chess students over the years.


I began piano at age 7 after pleading with my older siblings' piano teacher to permit me to take lessons 2 years earlier than his policies dictated at the time. By age 9 1/2, I insisted on taking up study of the clarinet. My musical heroes and role models included Benny Goodman, who bore a striking resemblance to my own father, and Pete Fountain, whose clear plastic mouthpiece mirrored my own. The next 5-6 years saw me win numerous awards and ribbons in classical musical competitions, while advancing to the positions of first chair, all-city band and first chair, all-city orchestra. I continue my love of music and the clarinet to this day.

College Counseling

I have performed college counseling for many different types of students over many years. I have successfully helped students get into major universities, from ivy league institutions, University of California campuses, California State Universities, and various other highly rated institutions.

I have guided students in their application process, essay writing, and every other detail of the job of getting in into the college of their choice.

I have taught many college students and I have also helped students get accepted into graduate schools and professional schools.

I have covered the nation, from MIT on the East Coast to San Diego State University on the West Coast.

Criminal Justice

I taught a course in civil liberties for the first three years of my teaching career, as an adjunct faculty member of the University of San Francisco Sociology Department. The civil liberties course was, at the time, the largest, most popular elective course offered within the department. The course included criminal law and criminal procedure. In addition to my teaching Criminal Justice topics, I also studied Criminal Law as a portion of the regular curriculum within the Juris Doctor (J.D.) Degree which I earned within the USF School of Law.


I am very experienced in dealing with people who have issues related to dyslexia. I have actually hired and trained an administrative assistant in the financial services industry who had a lifelong struggle with dyslexia and related learning disabilities. Together, we overcame these issues and this employee became very successful in accomplishing all of the goals relevant to the scope of employment.

I have also helped students throughout a long teaching career who have indicated that they have had problems related to dyslexia. In every case, at a university level, I have helped students with such issues successfully complete the appropriate coursework with no less than a "B" in the relevant class.

In recent tutoring situations, I have helped students who came to me with ESL
(English as a second language) needs combined with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. I have, in each case, been able to help the students, both younger and adults, achieve desired results.

I never hesitate to meet the challenges of special needs students when these issues present themselves.

I am very comfortable working with dyslexia. I have extensive expertise in the areas and methodologies related to general semantics and neuro-linguistic programming. These disciplines have enabled me to apply very specific techniques to the challenges of students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities and challenges.

I have experienced significant success with students who have these kinds of challenges.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have taught and tutored individual students as needed, including my own son, my son's friends, foster children, and stepchildren. A noted English teacher and author asked me to teach the teachers of English how to teach General Semantics to other children within the L.A. County school district. I have taught reading, writing, math, and other basic skills to children.

In teaching reading to my own son, I have read multiple books aloud, including The Hobbit and the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have taught traditional printing, cursive writing, basic math skills for K-12, and calculators, including seminars for HP calculators, including the HP-12C. I have also tutored ESL and GED.

Currently, I have had a great deal of success helping an eleven year old student and I have tutored him in a great variety of subjects and areas of study, starting with review of alphabet, basic math, spelling, reading skills, writing skills, and including elementary science and analytical tools. I have provided a dictionary and helped the student establish a regular habit of adding vocabulary words on a scheduled basis.

Both the student and the student's family have been extremely positive in their feedback.

Elementary Math

When I was a student, I competed in a math "chalk talk" competition, and I have taught seminars in using financial calculators. I have developed useful techniques over a number of years helping business and financial students in graduate level courses. Therefore, I have taught math from elementary to graduate level environments over a very long period of time.


I have studied English, especially communications and communication techniques since I began the intensive study of General Semantics at the age of eight. I was the youngest delegate to the International Conference on General Semantics, held at San Francisco State College at the age of 14, in 1965. I was a delegate from the Los Angeles Chapter and was very close to S.I. Hayakawa, who was President of San Francisco State University before becoming a U.S. Senator. Dr. Hayakawa was author of Language in Thought and Action, used as a textbook in countless English classes throughout the nation. I was also close to Gerard Nierenberg, author of The Art of Negotiating, who was also at the 1965 Conference, prior to his becoming famous in the negotiation field. I maintained intellectual relationships with both authors for the rest of their lives. I was also asked by Catherine Minteer, author of Words and What They Do To You, to advise teachers of English in the L.A. School District how to teach General Semantics to students while I was still a student myself. I have taught graduate level courses at three (3) major universities. In all three cases, I was asked to teach by the universities. I served on the adjunct faculty for many years.


I have helped many students for whom English is a second language.

Financial Accounting

I have extensive experience in performing accounting tasks, including very old-fashioned cross footing. If you know what that is, you will appreciate the value of the knowledge and experience. I have taught graduate classes that have included partners in major cpa firms and attorneys who dealt in doing extensive accounting and auditing work for both individuals and companies. I have also done turnaround work for companies, both public and private, including accounting due diligence and auditing reviews.


I have helped many students get through the GED successfully.

General Music

I studied piano starting at age 7 for two and one half years. Then at age 9 and one half I switched to clarinet, which I studied for at least 6 years. As a clarinet player, I won a number of competitions, earning medals in classical music presentations. I was First Chair in All City Band and I was also First Chair in All City Orchestra. I taught myself to read music and I taught myself to write music.

I still play clarinet, keyboard, and several additional instruments.


I have had a great deal of experience helping students to learn to write, including handwriting skills, traditional drills, printing, cursive, and related skill sets. I have a great deal of patience, and I am comfortable using multiple methods, including rote skills and drills, to assist students.

I have experience guiding each student, patiently, to practice lower case printing, lower case cursive, upper case printing, and upper case cursive. I use books, photocopies, tracing exercises, and other repetitive techniques to help the student practice over and over again until success is achieved.


I have a Juris Doctor (J.D.) Degree from a top 100 law school. While earning my law degree, I worked for a prominent law firm in San Francisco as a legal librarian. I have many years of experience working with attorneys and law firms. I am very effective at teaching students how to perform legal research.

Managerial Accounting

I have extensive experience in performing accounting tasks, including very old-fashioned cross footing. If you know what that is, you will appreciate the value of the knowledge and experience. I have taught graduate classes that have included partners in major cpa firms and attorneys who dealt in doing extensive accounting and auditing work for both individuals and companies. I have also done turnaround work for companies, both public and private, including accounting due diligence and auditing reviews.


In addition to running a number of companies as President and/or CEO, I have taught graduate level courses in Marketing over a number of years within the MBA program for a major university. I helped develop the curriculum for an MBA program in Financial Planning, and Marketing was and is always an important core element of the graduate degree program. I have consulted to companies both public and private regarding all marketing efforts. I have developed marketing strategies and implementation for multiple companies. I have created displays for professional trade shows and I have extensive experience with multi-media including marketing on television.


I have a Juris Doctor Degree and part of my studies included Medicine for Lawyers, taught by a UC Med Center (SF) faculty member who was both a J.D. and an M.D. and helped me study what doctors study in med. school.

Later, I served as President and CEO of a medical services corporation with cardiac rehabilitation centers spread across the USA.

As a result, I have a unique combination of legal education, legal skills, and medical knowledge, including administration of a medical services company with doctors in a number of states.

I have kept up on my educational skills over a number of years and I regularly advise professionals within both the legal and medical fields.


While earning my Juris Doctor (J.D.) Degree from a top 100 rated law school, I very intensely studied Medicine for Lawyers, taught by a law professor who was also a medical doctor. I then, following law school, consulted to attorneys who were pursuing various medical-related lawsuits where the subject matter included pharmacology and related subject matter. I have kept current on the topic, including study of a number of Physician Desk Reference (PDR) books, as well as reference books specifically tied to pharmacology.


In terms of phonics, I have helped children learn phonics from earliest childhood (my son) through all school stages (K-12) and college, as well as ESL and GED students. I have helped children learn communication skills at all ages and I have taught teachers of English how to teach communication skills to children at all school levels within the L.A. County School District (the largest in the nation). I am an acknowledged expert in general semantics, which is a methodology for teaching communication skills to people of all ages.

I began studying general semantics at age 8, was the youngest delegate to the International Conference at age 14, and I was a delegate and close friend with Gerard Nierenberg, the author of "The Art of Negotiating" as well as S.I. Hayakawa, the President of SF State University and later, a U.S. Senator. S.I. Hayakawa was editor of ETC., a general semantics periodical, and author of "Language in Thought and Action."

I consulted to Catherine Minteer, author of "Words and What They Do to You." She recruited me to teach L.A. English teachers how to teach general semantics to children.


I have been a professional photographer within a number of different circumstances over many years. I have done professional wedding and related model photography, and I have photographed, designed, and produced professional corporate brochure photography, dating back several decades. I have been proficient in several different formats, utilizing both film and digital equipment. I have also attended seminars over a number of years featuring teachers who have extensive print media credits. These seminars have included backdrops, direct and indirect lighting, lighting deflection, soft and hard filters, and related lighting techniques.


I began playing the piano when I was very young, probably by the age of five. I started to plead with my older sibling's piano teacher to give me piano lessons, but he initially refused, stating that he refused, as a matter of policy, to teach anyone under the age of nine. I finally convinced him to make an exception in my case, and I began lessons at the age of seven. By age nine and a half years, I decided to focus on the clarinet, as far as my formal lessons. I earned many awards playing the clarinet, including becoming First Chair in All City Band and First Chair in All City Orchestra.

However, I have always continued to play piano and/or keyboard for fun, compose music to accompany my clarinet compositions, and play informally with others in amateur groups.

I am comfortable teaching and/or tutoring beginning piano, but I would limit my qualifications to teaching a student in piano for the first year only, or perhaps for the second year at the most.

After that, I would recommend transitioning to a more advanced teacher in terms of piano technique.

As an example of my abilities, I can teach any student to play "Old Man River" in a matter of minutes.

Political Science

I have a great deal of expertise in the field of political science. I hold a bachelor of arts (B.A.) with honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) with a political science major. I have extensive experience interacting with political figures of both political parties. For example, when Jesse Unruh was Speaker of the House in California, and I was a student, I had lengthy discussions with him about political strategies and priorities.

As a general semantics student and delegate to the International Conference on General Semantics in 1965, I discussed and studied the decisions and results of Senator S.I. Hayakawa, when he represented California in the United States Senate. I remained a friend and protégé of Senator Hayakawa from 1965 until his passing in 1992.

I have kept up with political events, before, during, and after law school, and, where appropriate I have advocated on behalf of individuals and companies on local, national, and international stages.
I have negotiated international agreements with significant political components.

Public Speaking

I began public speaking within the debate and individual speaking competition categories within the speech and debate program at Alhambra High School in Alhambra, California. I was Novice of the Year as a freshman and I went on to win many other awards and trophies in competitions all over California. As a member of the National Forensic League (NFL), I was one of the point leaders nationally, earning the status of "double ruby" which indicated more than 500 points in speech and debate competitions. Awards included Speaker of the Year, more trophies than I can remember, and a championship trophy at the California State Championships as Best Presiding Speaker. My events in competition have included debate, original oratory, dramatic interpretation, extemporaneous speaking, and impromptu speaking.


I have personally used and followed the various iterations of QuickBooks since it was first introduced to the public many years ago. I am essentially self-taught in the use of this software program and I have taught my students the use of this program as needed over the years. I have taught as an adjunct faculty member at three (3) major universities.

Initially, I was very favorably impressed with the intuitive nature of the program, especially the user friendly front end format of filling in a facsimile of a paper bank check on the screen which then is automatically "spread" to the various categories appropriate to the items on the check template.

QuickBooks is a very well designed software program that essentially creates a searchable database management system for financial and business data.

I find QuickBooks very useful from its inception to the present time.


I have taught many students of various ages to read. I love to read and I am very adept at communicating that enthusiasm to my students. I have taught students from first grade to adult. I have taught English as a Second Language and I have helped people who have come from foreign countries all over the world. My teaching techniques have included memory techniques and speed reading skills.
My students have included all ages and students who have been incarcerated.

SAT Reading

I served six years in the USAF so I have a strong feeling of support for anyone going into that branch of the military.

Series 7

When I previously pursued professional status in the securities industry, I took and passed the Series 7 exam along with several other exams needed for the firms that I either started or served as President or CEO and/or Principal over several years.

I supervised a number of other industry professionals who also had multiple licenses related to the financial services profession.

I have taught graduate level courses in the field and I have served as an adjunct faculty member of major universities.

All of my teaching was a result of the universities asking me to teach. I never asked them.

Social Studies

I have always been intensely interested in both studying and teaching social studies, dating back to my student days in elementary school. I hold a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree With Honors, from the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB). As part of my undergraduate activities, I was a founding member of the Scholars' Program within the College of Letters and Sciences at UCSB. This program made it possible for students to have more intense and immersive academic preparation in Political Science and related subjects. Effectively, I helped to expand the university experience of Social Studies' applications for college students at UCSB.
I then applied this background as the youngest faculty member teaching undergraduates at USF while earning my Juris Doctor (J.D.) Degree at USF School of Law in San Francisco, California. I was asked to teach Civil Liberties at USF, which effectively permitted me to teach an advanced Social Studies class to college students.
I have continued to teach and tutor Social Studies to students of all ages, for many years.


I am an expert in public speaking and, as related to that fact, I have helped students of all ages with issues based upon speech. I was a nationally ranked National Forensic League speaker and debater in competitions in high school. I was also a tutor for students in speech and debate classes throughout the high school years.

As I began teaching at the university level, as an adjunct faculty member of major universities at their request, I have tutored students of all ages and levels over many years.

In addition, I have studied general semantics from the age of 8, being chosen t teach teachers of English the methodology of general semantics to the school district faculties of the Los Angeles School District. I was the youngest delegate to the International Conference on General Semantics at San Francisco State University in 1965.

General Semantics is a methodology involved with the way that words as symbols affect each person who uses the English language. There is a strong interaction between English, General Semantics, and the use of speech.

I have consulted to schools, universities, and companies on the use of speech in training and academic skill building.

Study Skills

I have taught graduate level courses at the university level for multiple universities over many years in at least a half dozen subjects and I helped develop the curriculum for a major MBA program at a major university. I have a Juris Doctor degree from a top 100 ranked law school and a Bachelor of Arts degree With Honors from a highly ranked UC campus. I have taught students everything from reading and writing to typing and I am good with beginners. I am extremely patient. I have helped a blind friend extensively in college by reading books on tape, and I have helped multiple students in an ESL environment (English as a second language). I have helped foster children and I have helped friends of my son develop study skills throughout their childhood through and including high school.
I have developed a very effective technique for teaching children how to type in approximately an hour from scratch.
I am a published author and member of editorial boards on a national basis. I am a lifetime CSF (California Scholarship Federation) member and was editor in chief of the highest ranking high school newspaper in the nation. I have therefore helped students of various ages develop study skills from elementary school through university level curricula as appropriate.

Tax Accounting

I have consulted to attorneys and tax preparers when they have had especially difficult cases. I have had the experience of being called in after an attorney and enrolled agent had both been turned down by a federal tax appeals agent/officer on behalf of clients. I had no special status in the matter. However, I managed to obtain agreement a full year following the death of taxpayers, from the appellate tax officer, to reverse prior decisions and get all of the monies previously taken from taxpayers refunded to their heirs, including principal and interest.

I have taught graduate level courses within an MBA program at a major university in the field of financial planning that included tax issues as a portion of the subject matter.

I am currently helping an adult student prepare for an exam intended to qualify him to practice before the U.S. Tax Court. This student has been very gracious in submitting a very positive review of my teaching and tutoring efforts.


My teaching career began in the early 1970s, when I was a law student, and I was asked to be the youngest lecturer within the University of San Francisco, teaching within the Sociology Department to undergraduates. My students were, initially, mostly nursing students. I was teaching a legal survey course called Civil Liberties, but I covered a great deal of material that the nursing students were not getting anywhere else within their curriculum. As a result, I became very familiar with what my students needed to learn in their chosen field, not merely the subject matter advertised within my legal course. I taught this elective for approximately three (3) years, and it was the most popular elective within the university at that time. After that, I have taught graduate level courses at other major universities in at least a half dozen subjects over many years as an adjunct faculty member. Since my teaching was primarily focused on MBA courses, the subject matter included a great deal of what was included within the TEAS subject matter. I have taught much more than the TEAS topics, but they have certainly been within my teaching experience.

Therefore, I am very confident that I can help anyone studying to go into nursing school and pass the appropriate TEAS entrance exam. Also, having taken Medicine for Lawyers within my law school curriculum, taught by a faculty member who held both a J.D. and an M.D. degree, I understand a great deal about what doctors study to become M.D.s, and I have also served as President and CEO of a series of Cardiac Rehabilitation Centers, through Cardiac Rehabilitation Corporation, which saved many lives during my tenure.

I have taught and tutored students to prepare for GED exams and they have successfully earned their GED. I have helped with English, Math, Science, and all related subjects that are included within the TEAS subject matter.


I have played tennis for many years, including extensive lessons and practice time spent with tennis professionals. While living in San Francisco and Marin County, I remained a very active member of the San Francisco Tennis Club for more than twenty (20+) years. I have taught tennis to both children and adults. I have trained young students who have gone on to play competitively in college.

Track & Field

When I began running track and field, at approximately age 14, I ran 14 miles non-stop on the beach in Southern California. At the time, cross-country was considered to be a 2 mile event. I have run hundreds of races including 28 marathons. I have earned countless trophies and medals. I once ran 44+ miles in a 12 hour period, including a 10 mile race back and forth across the Golden Gate Bridge and a full marathon in Golden Gate Park. I have helped train others within my running clubs, and I have helped rehab fellow runners in the weight room.


My writing qualifications are extensive. I have been asked by Simon and Schuster to write or co-author a major professional textbook and I have served on the board of a professional journal published by a national professional association.

Political Science
USF School of Law


UCSB (Political Science)

USF School of Law (J.D.)

Great Tutor

Ron has been an excellent tutor in accounting. He shows up at my house on time and is very knowledgeable with the material. He reviews with me all the material that will appear in tests and explains it in a way that I understand. He is kind and patient and feel comfortable with his method of teaching. It is nice to have him assist me with the online class I am taking.

— Corey, Granite Bay, CA on 7/1/14

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $35.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Rates are always negotiable, depending upon both distance and multiple hour commitments.

Travel policy

Ron will travel within 40 miles of Sacramento, CA 95833.