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Great teacher
— Maria, West Sacramento, CA on 11/2/16


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About Patti

Thank you for checking in and caring about your child's education! That's the first step to us having a fabulous relationship, because I care too!

I have three children, two of them in school, and immense experience dealing with teachers, their expectations, and the standards the State of CA requires in elementary education. My son is now 16 years old, and I have closely followed his education since kindergarten, as well as his speech therapy needs, as a twice exceptional child also involved in the GATE program. My daughter is in second grade, and I have followed the curriculum for kindergarten and first grade as of late, as I too have a multiple subject teaching credential through the State of CA, and have solo taught at the second and fifth grade levels, as well as substituted for several years.

I have an incredible enthusiasm for learning, as I was raised to be a lifelong learner, and I plan to extend my beliefs to all my students via education through lessons that involve learning about WHY we learn, not just what we need to learn to make an acceptable grade. My philosophies include life lessons that help my students understand how behaviors and attitudes in life make us who we are, and can help to determine how successful we are in life. Positive outlooks and enthusiasm play an important role in building great enthusiasm for learning, and greatly help students understand the need to learn to move forward to be successful adults.

My lessons also incorporate hands on techniques whenever possible, including manipulatives, or "props", if you will, that help students learn in a variety of ways. I understand that visual learners need to see what is expected, while kinesthetic learners need to touch and feel things to make an imprint about the lesson content, by having hands on experiences. I am extremely interested in getting to know a child, via their strengths and challenges, their likes and dislikes, their opinions, and as much input from family members as I deem necessary, as that information can be crucial to my lesson plan designs. I prefer to speak with the parent/guardian first to obtain needed information, and shortly thereafter, I like to interview the child, either verbally or written, in whatever way is best for each individual child, so that I may put together a plan of action and coursework that will best suit each child.

I am more than open to suggestions and conversations that will help me do whatever is necessary to make your child successful academically and personally. My main goal is to create an environment, a rapport, and a plan of action that will help your child reach the goal that you both are seeking. I ask in return that you simply understand that building that rapport, and creating that plan of action with lesson plans designed and geared specifically toward your child's success, may take some time, and cannot always happen overnight. I promise to be flexible and understanding, and work with you, your child, and your schedule, and requests to reach the mutually respective goal of making your child successful and confident in the area of coursework where they feel they are challenged.

I truly look forward to learning more about your expectations and what you are seeking for your child. We will initially discuss your concerns, and immediately create a mutually agreed upon goal for your child to reach, to build confidence and enthusiasm, and we will go from there as each goal is reached. We will also discuss in detail why we learn, and why it is important to gain the skills needed at each class level, as well as what goal it is we are striving for, how we will reach that goal, and what reward or result we expect when we reach that goal.

Learning involves a multitude of factors that need to be properly aligned to succeed, and oftentimes once those factors fall into place, a child will have a better idea as to why moving forward in their education makes sense, which also helps them better understand and focus on learning in and of itself. Learning must be fun, engaging, and relatable to each individual child's interests, which oftentimes teachers either fail to do, or do not have enough time to do in a classroom. Struggling students often benefit from individual attention, and lesson plans specifically designed to include their interests, which is why tutoring can often be the answer for many students who do not get the attention they need in a classroom.

I truly look forward to meeting you and your child, and getting started on a plan designed to help them succeed. From there, you not only achieve improvement academically as goals are reached, but you are also blessed with witnessing a child that has more confidence in their abilities to achieve their goals as they realize their own personal capabilities, and that makes it all worth it for me!
Thank you for checking in and caring about your child's education! That's the first step to us having a fabulous relationship, because I care too!

I have three children, two of them in school, and immense experience dealing with teachers, their expectations, and the standards the State of CA requires in elementary education. My son is
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Lessons are a minimum of 90 minutes, but 2 hour lessons will be reduced to $40/hr. In addition, incentives are offered after 6 months of consistent lessons (24 lessons). Let's get started!

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"Great teacher"

- Maria, West Sacramento, CA on 11/2/16


- Reynaldo, Rancho Cordova, CA on 4/1/16
Patti replied on 4/2/2016

Oh my, Reynaldo, you left me speechless, which is rather difficult to do as you continue to get to know me:) Your son is UNBELIEVABLE, and I too was locked into HIS every word, simply amazed at his dedicated focus and contribution to his own personal success. Every once in a while we just get lucky enough to find an ideal match, as in this case. With your support as his parents, his motivation, and the guidance I can provide in the meantime, I think TEAM R. is going to CRUSH IT, as one of my favorite little kiddos tells me so often. Thank you for taking the time amidst your busy schedule to extend your valued feedback. It means a great deal to me. I look forward to seeing the progress we can make, and to rewarding your SUPERSTAR for his personal and academic successes:)

"Very patient and knowlegdable"

- Gayatri, Sacramento, CA on 3/31/16
Patti replied on 4/2/2016

What a lovely and genuine message to receive from you, Gayatri! Thank you for taking the time to reach out and extend your feedback, as it means the WORLD to me. I find that I am also looking forward to our weekly sessions, awaiting their bright smiles and readiness to learn. You should be quite proud of them and all that you have already helped them to accomplish. They are quite lucky to have you in their corner, Mom. Thank YOU as well for your weekly support and for helping guide them as they complete their weekly follow up. I have no doubt that they too, will reach the STARS:)

"She's extremely knowledgeable."

- Shalon, Sacramento, CA on 10/12/15
Patti replied on 10/17/2015

What a wonderful surprise to find your feedback, Shalon! You had me at "extremely," simply because it is on my list of exceptionally underused adverbs, as you know, not to mention the fact that you clearly nailed your sentence above, which inspires me to GLOW with pride at how impressive your writing has become in such a short time:) What a shining example of how quickly you have grasped the many concepts we have addressed in writing.

As we have discussed on multiple occasions, you can certainly become a successful writer, using the new skills you have acquired, although it is dependent upon the time and commitment that you apply to the true art of writing. You, Shalon, are certainly on your way, as you have developed a keen understanding of how vocabulary acquisition, sentence structure, and parts of speech play a primary role in writing.

In terms of my experience with you, it has been such an honor to brainstorm with you, to discuss and analyze your brilliant ideas, and to organize your writing efforts, as we strategically collaborate each week. I am clueless as to how I continue to get so lucky in finding the incredible scholars that I do, as you are now included in that regard. Thank you kindly for your supportive feedback, and for your weekly dedication toward your own personal journey in writing success! Go, Team Shalon!! We're on a roll:)


- Miriam, Sacramento, CA on 7/10/15
Patti replied on 7/13/2015


I am truly honored that you took the time out of your busy schedule to comment on our experience thus far!! While it is humbling to imagine that I have such a positive effect on kiddos as wonderful and bright as your daughter, it is undoubtedly a pleasure to hear, and keeps me motivated to continue on this path I have thoroughly enjoyed:)

You are beyond supportive, and clearly involved, and your daughter and I are incredibly lucky to have you on our team!! As I always say, with teamwork as such, you all make my job quite easy, as I look forward to meeting every single week as well, and watching your brilliant reader blossom before our very eyes.

You are quite precise in your observation, as positivity and interest in reading is key to success, while building the confidence she needs to succeed. You are all on the right track in guiding your daughter toward continued success in reading, and I am thrilled to be witness to that achievement :) Let's get our read on!! Lucky me!

"Mrs. Patti is an amazing tutor!!!"

- Dominica, Elk Grove, CA on 6/10/15
Patti replied on 6/12/2015


It always takes me a minute to receive such positive feedback, and to absorb the fact that you took the time out of your busy schedule to share your thoughts with me about the sessions I have shared with your son thus far. Your feedback was so detailed, and so articulate, and I am humbled that you felt compelled to share so much. It takes a lot to render me speechless, but you did just that:) As I mentioned to you, your incredible family makes it so easy for me to do my job, and I am honored to be chosen to be a part of your son's continued success. Thank you as well for being supportive and flexible as we plan sessions each week. I often ask myself how I got so lucky to meet such a kind and supportive family, as yours. Your communications skills are stellar, by the way, and I always know that I have your support beyond my lessons, which is more than I can ask for. Thank you as well for always making me feel so welcome each Sunday! I cannot imagine spending my Sunday afternoons any other way:) It is indeed my pleasure to do whatever I can to provide your son with an interactive lesson that he enjoys, as much as possible, as he is becoming quite an expert at showing off each week, and that is FABULOUS!!

"Excellent tutor"

- Suzie, Davis, CA on 1/16/15
Patti replied on 6/12/2015

Dear Suzie,

Your supportive feedback means the world to me, as you know, not to mention the fact that your son has become one of the most phenomenal writers I have yet to see, in such a short period of time!! I am beyond proud of his efforts:) Your commitment to our sessions is incomparable, and your interest in what we do during each lesson is inspiring! You are no exception to the fact that many of the families I work with have their child's best interest at heart, and it is obvious that both your son and I are thrilled to have your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share my love of writing with your son, as I have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the undeniable progress he has made in his journey toward excellence in writing! I am always anxious to see what more he can possibly accomplish!


- Christlene, Elk Grove, CA on 11/2/14
Patti replied on 6/12/2015

Dear Christlene,

I recall the immediate enthusiasm you and I mutually shared when we initially met via telephone to discuss the beginning arrangements to get started with your brilliant scholars. With TWO students (I might add), as an exciting challenge for me, I was allowed to just go for it, and we have never looked back since, as the results from those two have been exceptional indeed. I had yet to meet anyone other than myself, who had such an innate passion for writing as I do, call it an obsession, if you will, until I met you (hence your interest in consequently wanting to extend that to your children). Lucky me, I say, to know that you are in our corner, as we collaborate each week, and work toward excellence in writing, via writing tips and the building of a basic foundation for writing, that is often overlooked in the classroom. I am thrilled to be a part of the journey toward academic success that you dream of everyday for those lucky kiddos of yours, as I would rather be nowhere else than sharing my love of writing with the two of them, as you know, (not to mention the fact that you have consistently shared some phenomenal vocabulary with me as well:) I so LOVE that!!

Regarding your exceptional feedback, I am truly humbled. The fact that you very quickly and willingly provided such supportive and detailed feedback on my behalf, amidst what I know is an incredibly busy schedule of yours, leaves me honored to be on the receiving end of your kind words. Your personal thoughts mean so much to me, and I am pleased to have continued such successful communication and teamwork with you throughout this process, while being able to be there to witness their success:)

"Truly amazing"

- Teresa, Sacramento, CA on 2/19/14
Patti replied on 2/27/2014

Oh my goodness, Teresa!! Thank you kindly for taking the time out of your very busy schedule, to extend such glowing comments about my work with your son thus far. I appreciate the attention to detail you have, in recognizing the planning I put into properly designing and executing my lessons, to tailor specifically to your son. It means so much to me to hear those comments from you, as a well experienced teacher of 20 years. What a true honor to have your praises about my lessons, as well as about my writing skills. I do have a passion for writing, and an obsession with words, and I thoroughly enjoy sharing that love with anyone who will listen, as writing is the gateway to success in most regards!! Excellence in literacy is highly overlooked in many instances, and it makes me hopeful to fill that gap with one student at a time!!

I am indeed more than willing to "flip my schedule upside down" to work with the three of you, as I have seen nothing but involvement, interest, and dedication in support of my efforts, with your sincere follow up after each of my lessons. I truly believe in a team philosophy when working to help a child succeed, and my work cannot be of any value if it is not supported and followed up with the child at home. I am grateful for your support, and I truly look forward to watching your son journey his way to success in reading!! I hope that your feedback, and my response, will help to attract parents that are excited to join me in creating a team to help their child be as successful as possible!! That's my ultimate goal.

"Beyond Caring"

- Amy, Sacramento, CA on 12/11/13

"The most organized way of teaching writing"

- Meera, Sacramento, CA on 10/7/13
Patti replied on 10/11/2013

Hello Meera! First and foremost, I must extend my gratitude to you for taking such a lengthy amount of time out of your busy schedule, to write such a detailed and positive response about my work with your son. I know firsthand, how dedicated you are to your family, as well as your career, so I am delighted that you were willing to provide some feedback about our experience together thus far!

I could not be more proud of your son, and how much progress he has made in simply learning to enjoy the art of writing. I am touched by how passionate he seems, in such opposition of his original disdain for writing, as he so willingly continues his stories, by reading his creations to me, as they unfold in his imagination each week that we meet. He truly has me on the edge of my seat as I await his next adventure!!

With regard to your thoughtful comments, I am most pleased that you notice the organization with which I direct my lessons, and that you recognize my methodology, in creating stepping stones for your son to work with, as we work toward his ability to learn to recall these methods on his own, as he matures, and learns that through self evaluation and progress, he will be able to transition from my guidance in writing, to his own choices, as he uses the skills we have so diligently focused on together.

Last but not least, Meera, I want to thank you and your husband, in return, for being such supportive parents, and always working with me, as a team, to continue to make your son a better writer. I am pleased to know that you are there to help follow up on the work that I do during our weekly one hour session, so that we can continue working toward making him successful. Please extend my pride and gratitude to him, for all the hard work and attention he has given to me, and let him know that I am so pleased to be able to witness his journey in writing success!! Lucky me!

"Great tutor but you'll need to be very clear about her expectations"

- Denise, Fair Oaks, CA on 7/19/13

"Very knowledgeable tutor."

- Monika, Sacramento, CA on 5/7/13
Patti replied on 5/8/2013

Hello Monika!

Thank you kindly for your positive feedback. I truly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to post your thoughts, as I always value what you and your son have to say. As I mentioned before, he is a true delight, and it is honestly my pleasure to work with the both of you toward his journey for success. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help him meet his goals. He is doing phenomenally well, and I look forward to seeing what more we can accomplish together. It is refreshing to see his love of knowledge and learning, and I thoroughly enjoy sharing that with you both!

Warmest Regards,

Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math
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Vocabulary, Writing
Microsoft PowerPoint
Speech, Writing
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Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math, Phonics, Reading
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math, Grammar, Phonics, Reading,
Spelling, Vocabulary, Writing
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Criminal Justice

By earning my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and spending five years doing a combination of emergency dispatching and field work as a Police Services Specialist, wherein I worked in the community assisting officers, writing reports, logging evidence, and handling calls for assistance, I developed a sincere enthusiasm for the law, and have continued to thoroughly enjoy the challenge involved in this subject area. Criminal Justice requires an exorbitant amount of writing skill, which is my passion, as I understand the dedication it requires to breakdown the material by taking notes, doing research, and coming to an understanding of every concept. I am confident that my degree in Criminal Justice, and my skills in writing will be helpful to assist you in your journey toward success!

Elementary (K-6th)

Thank you for the opportunity to assist students in need of guidance in elementary education k-6th. I am highly qualified in this area, as my qualifications not only include a BS from CSUS, but I also hold a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential which allows me to hold a teaching position in an elementary classroom. I have substituted in various school districts for many years, and I also have two children in school, one at the high school level, and a fabulous second grader, who helps me with her homework everyday:) I am very comfortable with a variety of teaching strategies and understand the importance of differentiated instruction when working with students who learn in a variety of ways. I am analytical, driven, and excellent at getting to know a child, their learning styles, and their interests, to determine how to design lesson plans that will effectively meet their individual needs. I look forward to meeting your child and discussing how we can best move them forward in their educational goals.


My background in English, with regard to writing, includes a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, which included a rigorous writing program, as well as a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, also requiring excellent written and verbal skills. I am qualified through WyzAnt in "writing" and Elementary Education k-6th, which includes English grammar and written skills.

I have an absolute passion for written and verbal works, and my primary language is English. I am resourceful and knowledgeable at locating accurate information as well as utilizing a variety of excellent teaching strategies.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is very much about knowing your audience, and addressing them in a way in which those individuals will positively respond to you. It is very much about acting, and about using proper body language that will attract attention, rather than distract the audience.

With my background in education, wherein I earned my California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, I was responsible for presenting a number of lessons, presentations, and persuasive arguments in front of a myriad of audiences. With those tasks at hand, I did have to complete a number of public speaking classes in college, as well as argumentation and debate classes for my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, which I not only enjoyed, but also managed to be very successful at.

Being presentable, focusing on your body language, your voice, and your material, are all ways to be successful in public speaking. Practice can play a big part in overcoming obstacles in this area, as you build your confidence. My subject qualification in WRITING is also relevant in this area, as speeches do require exemplary writing skills to execute a proper delivery. I am confident that my experience, my feedback, and my education level are more than sufficient to provide guidance in this area, and lead you toward success!

I am also aware that after excelling at the college level in my speech classes, my Bachelor of Science program, and my Teaching Credential Program, and having to present countless speeches to instructors who were judging me on how I present material to others, that I clearly have earned and developed the skills necessary to provide guidance for success in this area. By watching others speak, videoing ourselves while we speak, and focusing on necessary aspect such as body language, vocal quality, and delivery of properly written material, public speaking can become more natural when critiqued by yourself, and others, like myself, with the interest, passion, and qualifications to do so.


Thank you for taking the time to make an inquiry regarding your interest in improving your reading skills! I would be happy to help you meet your goals.

I have earned my teaching credential with the state of California, which allows me to teach in a classroom at the elementary level, wherein reading is, of course, a big focus. I also have two children in school, at the elementary and high school, and have had quite a bit of experience studying along with the two of them and reading on a regular basis. :)

Reading of course involves dedication, practice, and an understanding of letter and blending recognition, as well as recognizing that we must also remember and understand what we are reading. I have struggled with reading comprehension during my life, so I am able to offer many techniques that will help boost your ability for understanding the reading material, and for recalling the information you are reading.

Once you master these skills, reading can be very enjoyable, and beneficial in helping to increase your knowledge level, and to keep your mind sharp!

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and my qualifications with regard to reading. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!



Thank you for viewing my profile with regard to improving your writing skills. Writing is most definitely my passion. I have thoroughly grown to adore researching and creating written pieces, on a variety of topics throughout my lengthy academic career.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at California State University of Sacramento, which involved a rigorous writing program to justify my qualifications in this field. Soon thereafter, I earned my Multiple Subject Credential with the State of California, which required a monumental amount of essays, observations, and research papers as well.

I am currently just a few courses away from my Masters in Education, and I have continued to enjoy the art of written works to express my passions, my point of view, or simply my knowledge. I recognize that writing truly is an art, combined with a variety of skills acquired along the way, such as word recognition, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, research skills, and the grace and elegance required to create a paper worthy of reading.

I am willing to view and analyze some samples of your writing, as well as discuss your concerns with you, in terms of the goals you wish to reach with regard to improving your writing abilities. Please contact me so that we can talk about what you wish to accomplish. I truly look forward to hearing from you, and sharing with you, my passion for writing.

Sacramento State
National University


Sacramento State

National University (EdD)

Great teacher

Great individual but also a well educated and respectful teacher toward her student. Very impress with her teaching strategy and long term goals. my daughter is very please even if it was her first session! Thank you Patti.

— Maria, West Sacramento, CA on 11/2/16

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Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Lessons are a minimum of 90 minutes, but 2 hour lessons will be reduced to $40/hr. In addition, incentives are offered after 6 months of consistent lessons (24 lessons). Let's get started!

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