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Heather L. is one of the best English teachers that I know.
— Yacub, Sacramento, CA on 12/28/12


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Carnegie Mellon University
Voice Major, Music


Carnegie Mellon University (Voice Major, Music)

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My name is Heather and I tutor ESL/ESOL, Spanish, Reading, Theatre, Voice (Music), Music History, Sight Singing and Video Production. I teach all ages and both genders.I studied with the San Francisco Opera company and attended the Conservatory of Music at Carnegie Mellon University. I find joy when one of my students catches on to a new educational concept and grows with it. It pleases me to be a private tutor and I look at it as a way of passing on the knowledge I have obtained through my own education to someone else. The growth of knowledge is a beautiful process. I look forward to working with you or your loved one. Thank you. My name is Heather and I tutor ESL/ESOL, Spanish, Reading, Theatre, Voice ( Read more

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"Heather L. is one of the best English teachers that I know."

- Yacub, Sacramento, CA on 12/28/12
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ACT Reading, IELTS, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, TOEFL
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I was born in a small town in Northern California. American English is my native dialect. In 7th grade my mother insisted that I choose Spanish class over Shop class. There was a reward involved, so I took the Spanish class, then took 8th grade Spanigh the next year. I took Spanish as well as synonomously taking French class throughout High School. I majored in Operatic Vocal Performance at the Carnegie Conservatory of Music, at Pittsburgh's CMU. Singing from Arias and preparing for a Classical Recital, I had to transscribe, then translate all of my songs. That's how I became to understand Italian, as well. Regardless of which language I was singing or saying out loud, I feel confident because I studied so hard.

Music History

I fell in love with Classical Music and Opera long before I knew I was learning it. I had no Idea that the Buggs Bunny Barber Shop Scene would inspire my to be a fan of Mozart and discover my wild passion towards "Oppera Buffa". The Warner Brothers sparked something in me I can Only describe as "My Fire" with their classical soundtracks to the "Looney Toons".
The Saturday morning Cartoons I watched as a child were lessons, in retrospect, that gravitated me towards the stage. My gift of song with an outspoken sense of humor eventually landed this California girl to Pennsylvania, singing and studying Opera in Andrew Carnegie's Hometown. Yes, I studied music at The Carnegie Conservatory at Carnegie Mellon University, and sang in Pittsburg's Carnegie Hall.
My Music History Professor at CMU, Dr.Langevin described Wagner's works filled with "Juicy Tunes", and that professor spoke my language. I did well in my college Music History class because of the professor. He was simply "real" and the antithisis of stuffy, and so that is how I teach now.
Buggs Bunny said it best... "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?...
Practice, Practice, Practice."

Wear the music inside your body,
Heather Laude


Reading has always been a pleasure of mine. I learn a lot when I read non-fiction, and get to go to another place when I read fiction. A book I enjoyed immensely was "River God" by Wilbur Smith.

Sight Singing

I learned how to sing by "heart" or by "ear" as a child. The music I would listen to as a 10 year-old would have it's own special vibration that would tickle my head. I could hit a Hich C 4 years earlier than I learned how to read music written on paper with a hard cover binding.
When I was a music major at the Carnegie Conservatory of music, the required freshmen curriculum was Solfedge, Eurythmics, and Music History. Private weekly Voice lessons with my teacher Beatrice Krebs were named your "Studio Class".
I was musically Illiterate a big school of musicians who could look at a piece of music and perform it 7 seconds later. I also learned how to write precusion by the Dalcrose technique, and works for me now.
Regardless if you want me as your Tutor, always keep your internal music beating and pulsing with every fiber of your being.


I studied Spanish in school for 8 years. I am a qualified Spanish tutor and also fluent in Spanish. Currently I am teaching an English Second Language class, teaching 10 Spanish speaking employees at a construction company how to read, write, and speak in English.


I grew up as an active performer of the Solano, Sonoma, Napa and Vacaville Children's Theater Network. My resume has over 60 productions on it by the time I was 18. I am a California State Arts Scholar, winning medals from Governers Duekmejan and Pete Wilson in the field of Drama. I also apprenticed with the San Francisco Opera Company when I was 15. I attended Carnegie Mellon University and was given a merit Scholarship to study Operatic Vocal Performance at the Carnegie Conservatory of Music. I believe I would have a lot to offer a student in theater.

Video Production

I have two You Tube Channels and film my own videos. Please view my video that has been submitted on my profile. I enjoy filming and directing and am owner and producer of a production studio. I can show you how to loop audio and video, as well as editing. The fun part is in film production and working behind the scenes.

Voice (Music)

I grew up singing and taking voice lessons from private vocal coaches since the age of 10. I studied voice at the California State Summer School of the Arts, as well as the San Francisco Opera Company. My college years were spent as an Operatic Vocal Performance major at the Carnegie Conservatory of Music. It was at The Carnegie where I studied Vocal Pedagogy and how to teach Voice. I can teach males and females of all ages.

Carnegie Mellon University
Voice Major, Music


Carnegie Mellon University (Voice Major, Music)

Heather L. is one of the best English teachers that I know. — I believe Heather L. is one of the best English teachers whom I know. She used to teach me English. I love her way, because she teaches what do you love to learn. She covers all areas that you feel you are weak with them, and improve them for you. She is kind and friendly as well. ...

— Yacub, Sacramento, CA on 12/28/12

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