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Matches my pace perfectly. Great for high performers and new students alike!
— Rebecca, Costa Mesa, CA on 1/24/14


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Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia
Bachelor of Chem Eng
University of Dayton
CSU - Dominguez Hills


Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia (Bachelor of Chem Eng)

University of Dayton (Master's)

CSU - Dominguez Hills (Other)

About John

My greatest strength as a tutor (beyond really knowing the subjects I tutor) is my ability to adapt to and match the way you learn. A close second is my ability to take abstract concepts and make them much more understandable. I don’t do “tricks” since it takes as much effort to memorize tons of tricks as it does to actually learn the stuff (though I do have plenty of ideas on how to do things more easily). What I do do is teach solid theory, techniques, and study skills as simply and directly as I can.

How I Work:
Instead of just repeating what your teacher’s already gone over in class, I’m provide another way of looking at the things that are giving you trouble. Having actually taught in classrooms for over twelve years, I can help you understand why your teacher’s teaching a given topic, how it fits into the “big picture”, and what to watch out for in the future.

I’m excellent at what I do and I adapt to meet your needs. I draw upon the recent advances in brain research to help you perceive and retain what you're learning more effectively. I usually don't administer diagnostic tests because students typically already have a good idea of what their problem is, at least on the surface. Instead, as we start working together, I’ll ask you to show me how to do a problem you’re working on or to explain a term or two. This gives me the information I need to assess your situation. I’m pretty good at sensing where students’ problems are. At the end of the session and periodically thereafter, I’ll give you (and your parents if appropriate) an idea of how things stand and where to go next. If you want me to administer a diagnostic test, I have them available as well.

While I live in Redondo Beach, I travel throughout the South Bay and the Westside. I’m happy to meet at a place that is most convenient for you and me.

I am trustworthy and devoted to my students. I work mornings, afternoons, and evenings, even to midnight if things are that serious. And while most of my students attend traditional public and private schools, I’m comfortable working with home-schoolers as well.

What I Can Help With:
As I said at the beginning, I'm ready to help in a wide variety of Jr. and Sr. high school math and science subjects. If you're studying at the college level, not only can I tutor in math and science, I can also help in an array of engineering subjects as well. Being a chemical engineer I’m well suited to help Chem-E students with thermo, transport phenomena, unit ops, and distillation. Other areas of engineering where my math skills and general engineering knowledge allow me to help include basic mechanical, aero and civil engineering. This is especially so if you’re dealing with thermo, materials science/engineering, statics, or fracture mechanics. If you need assistance with computer programming, I’m experienced in Pascal, FORTRAN, and MS Excel.

So far, I’ve helped students from Cal Poly-SLO, UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, USC, Brigham Young Univ, El Camino College, Grand Canyon Univ, Orange County CC, Pasadena CC, Santa Monica College, Univ of Arizona, Univ of Oregon; Chadwick HS, El Segundo HS, Loyola HS, Marlborough HS, Mira Costa HS, New Roads HS, Palos Verdes HS, PV Peninsula HS, Redondo Union HS, North, South & West Torrance HS, and Torrance HS.

Experience Behind my Tutoring:
In 1989, I started my teaching career as an Air Force Academy instructor in statics, materials engineering, and physical metallurgy. In 1997, I continued my teaching career as a credentialed math, chemistry, and physics teacher. I hold current California credentials to teach those subjects in junior and senior high schools. Of particular interest to many home schoolers would be my ability to teach using the Singapore Math approach.

As far as my education goes, I've earned:
- A BE (chemical engineering) from Georgia Tech,
- An MS (materials engineering) from the University of Dayton
- Single Subject Teaching Credentials at CSU - Dominguez Hills (Math, Chem, Physics).

As far as scientific and engineering experience goes, I have a significant experience as a career engineering officer as well as experience as a scientist by virtue of my metallurgy PhD studies. Over the course of my Air Force career, I worked as an aerospace propulsion engineer analyzing Chinese and Soviet missile and rocket engines in Ohio; I worked as a mechanical field engineer and engineering manager in Wyoming; I worked as the chief engineer for the Inertial Upper Stage program at Los Angeles AFB where I helped the Air Force procure and launch IUS space launch vehicles; and I worked as an engineering mechanics instructor at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. All those experiences and more enable me to provide you a wealth of knowledge about what it’s like to work as an engineer.

What I Can Do for You:
I’ve worked with a wide range of students from those who “get it” easily and just want the edge to keep that "A", to students who aren’t “getting it” and are afraid that “C” or “D” is going to slip away as the semester goes on. I’ve helped students who deal with with autism and Asperger's to adults who finally conquered their fear of math and fractions and went on to nursing careers. However, even though I'm an excellent tutor who has helped hundreds of students, I'm not a miracle worker. If you come to me with only a week or two left before finals, I'll of course help you as much as possible, but I can't guarantee that you'll be able to pull a "D" or "F" up to a "C", or a "C" up to an "A". What I can guarantee is that with my assistance, you'll have a much better shot at turning things around.

I'll close by saying that as a tutor, I'm glad to have found WyzAnt, because it's allowed me to help many hundreds of students around Los Angeles area turn their struggles into successes... I’d love to help you do the same!

-John H.
My greatest strength as a tutor (beyond really knowing the subjects I tutor) is my ability to adapt to and match the way you learn. A close second is my ability to take abstract concepts and make them much more understandable. I don’t do “tricks” since it takes as much effort to memorize tons of tricks as it does to actually learn the stuff Read more

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In-person lessons

"Matches my pace perfectly. Great for high performers and new students alike!"

- Rebecca, Costa Mesa, CA on 1/24/14

"John is the BEST tutor!"

- Hannah, Redondo Beach, CA on 10/23/17

"Knowledgeable Tutor"

- Evleen, La Canada Flintridge, CA on 9/26/17

"Thorough, experienced tutor"

- Maeve, Marina Del Rey, CA on 9/11/17

"Knowledgeable, Patient, and Reassuring."

- Fred, Santa Monica, CA on 8/22/17

"Amazing tutor!"

- Rich, Santa Monica, CA on 7/19/17

"Great tutor"

- Diane, Los Angeles, CA on 3/6/17

"Helpful and patient tutor! (GRE )"

- Danielle, Santa Monica, CA on 7/12/16

"He is a WONDERFUL teacher!!!"

- Cheryl, Torrance, CA on 6/17/15

"Extremely competent tutor. Consistent, reliable, very helpful."

- Shirley, Manhattan Beach, CA on 6/16/15

"Thorough and thoughtful tutor"

- Ramon, Culver City, CA on 5/21/15

"An excellent fit for my son"

- Bonnie, Venice, CA on 5/28/14

"Fantastic tutor - very accommodating and patient."

- Suzie, Los Angeles, CA on 3/2/14

"John is the best!"

- Tracy, Torrance, CA on 2/10/14

"A refreshing and effective approach to math."

- William, Manhattan Beach, CA on 9/5/13

"Passionate about tutoring"

- Fariba, Torrance, CA on 3/24/13

"Extremely Effective Tutor!"

- Valerie, Hermosa Beach, CA on 1/23/13

"Great tutor."

- Harry, Santa Monica, CA on 1/20/13
John replied on 1/21/2013

Thanks Harry for the kind words!

To prospective new clients...
regarding difficulties finding a time to meet, it's true that that can happen, especially during crunch times like the end of a semester.

There are two things students can do to minimize this possibility. First, if we set up a regular meeting time then that becomes "your" time in my schedule. Second, if you want to schedule on an "as needed" basis, try to give me as much lead time as possible because my schedule does fill up.

Please know that I do everything possible to meet my students' needs to include things like meeting 11 p.m. till midnight or answering quick questions by phone between sessions to get you past a stumbling stone that's tripping you up.

"I don't think you could ask for more."

- Ron, El Segundo, CA on 1/10/13

"Teaches You How to Think"

- Marcia, Los Angeles, CA on 10/4/12

"Outstanding Statics Tutor (Engineering)"

- Nicole, Los Angeles, CA on 10/1/12

"Great Tutor!!!"

- Torre, Hawthorne, CA on 5/25/12

"Great tutor"

- Joe, Torrance, CA on 4/14/12

"Great Communicator"

- Laurie, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA on 1/4/12

"AP Chemistry"

- Alisa, Santa Monica, CA on 12/17/11

"Jumps right in!!!!"

- Kyle, Eugene, OR on 12/3/11

"best tutor ever!"

- Pat, Torrance, CA on 8/23/11

"The BEST tutor you could ever ask for"

- Clay, Playa Del Rey, CA on 8/16/11

"Outstanding Tutor! Exactly what I've been looking for."

- Tammy, Torrance, CA on 7/5/11

"John is terrific at targeting instruction towards each student's unique needs"

- Terry, Long Beach, CA on 5/2/11


- Dante, Newport Beach, CA on 4/20/11
ACT Math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2,
Common Core, Differential Equations,
Discrete Math, Elementary Math, GED, Geometry, GMAT, GRE, Linear Algebra, Microsoft Excel,
Prealgebra, Precalculus, Probability, SAT Math, Statistics, Trigonometry
ACT Science, Chemical Engineering,
Organic Chemistry,
Physical Science, Physics,
English, SAT Reading, SAT Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT Math, ACT Science, AFOQT,
Common Core, GED, GMAT, GRE, ISEE, NCLEX, PSAT, SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, SSAT
Fortran, General Computer, Microsoft Excel,
Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Pascal
Special Needs:
ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Common Core, Elementary Math, Special Needs
Elementary Education:
ADHD, Common Core, Elementary Math
GMAT, GRE, Microsoft Excel,
Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


I'm a retired AF major and did well enough on my Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) to be awarded a full, four-year scholarship to Georgia Tech. Additionally, being an engineer, and a math and science educator I'm well equipped to help you prepare for those aspects of the test. Unlike most other aptitude tests like the SAT, ACT, etc., there are two spatial reasoning components in the AFOQT... I understand how these questions "work" and how to analyze them to find the correct answer.

Grammar and vocabulary also parts of the test. I speak and write well, and have a plethora of synonyms and antonyms at my finger tips when I need just the right word... like "plethora" which means an "overflowing or super abundance". I also understand the subtleties of English usage. For example, it drives me up the wall when airline attendants tell me to remain seated for the *duration* of a flight after I've already gotten up to go the bathroom... Once I've gotten out of my seat even once on a flight, it's impossible for me to stay seated for the duration of the flight: the phrase they really want is "for the *remainder* of the flight" as *duration* means the entirety of the flight.

Finally, there's a component that tests you on aviation concepts and terminology... having been in the Air Force for twenty years including a stint teaching at the Air Force Academy, I've learned a fair bit about aviation even though the only airplanes I've flown were ones where I was seated in the passenger cabin.

Bottom line: the AFOQT is a not your run-of-the-mill aptitude test, and I have the skills, experience and teaching ability to help you prepare for your AFOQT.

Algebra 2

Before I decided to work as a full-time tutor, I taught HS algebra-2 nearly every semester because I was that good. But, because I had low seniority, I was given the students other teachers didn’t want to teach... students who didn’t naturally “get math”... students who were tougher to teach because they struggled. I learned from my students that their problems stemmed from poor teaching/bad situations before that had caused gaps in their learning and I learned how to fix those problems while I taught them algebra 2 at the same time. I not only know how to teach graphing and how functions and polynomials work, but I make new concepts like composite and inverse functions, exponentials-logarithms, matrix math, sequences and series make sense. And when the math you’re studying makes sense, it becomes easier to learn, easier to *remember*, and sets you up for success in your pre-calculus, and calculus courses.


I had to take a similar military entrance exam, the AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test) and did well enough to qualify for a 4-year college scholarship.

I helped a young man raise his ASVAB math score from a 29 to a 40 over the course of three weeks. Before, his score was so low the Navy wouldn't accept him: with his higher score, he was able to apply for his preferred job category.


I've taught single variable & multivariable calculus both as a classroom teacher and as a tutor since 2004 (I still hold current Calif HS teaching credentials in math).


My first accomplishment towards my California teaching credential back in 1997 was passing my CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test). At that point, I'd taken so many standardized tests and was so comfortable with the sample questions they provided that I went into my test with the goal of not just passing the CBEST, but *acing* it. Having taken and aced the CBEST on my first try, I'm certain that I can help others prepare for their CBEST.

Chemical Engineering

My undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech was a Bach of Engineering in Chemical Engineering. My GPA was a 3.0. I worked as a project engineer for the US Air Force for 16 years.

In 1981, I passed the Engineering-in-Training (EiT) Certification for the state of Georgia. Being designated an EiT was the first step towards becoming a professional engineer. I didn't pursue a PE as it was unnecessary for my service in the Air Force.

My Master of Science degree was in a similar field, Materials Engineering from the University of Dayton with a GPA of 3.8. Materials engineering is basically a fusion of chemical engineering and mechanical engineering and metallurgy.

On the basis of my Chemical and Materials Engineering degrees the Air Force assigned me to the Engineering Mechanics department where I taught statics, physical metallurgy and materials science from 1989 to 1991.


I've either studied, used, or taught chemistry for over four decades. I taught in high school for over a decade and still hold valid teaching credentials in chemistry as well as math & physics.

Differential Equations

I successfully completed my own differential equations course about five years ago. Since then, I was able to help a young man who was freaking out about how terribly hard his differential equations course was. At the beginning of the course, he told me he'd be grateful if he could eke out a "low-B." Thanks to my help, he scored "A"s on the first 3 out of his four midterms and got a “B” on his last exam when the prof shifted into "overdrive" to “make up time” at the end of the course. Needless to say, that last exam was a disaster for all the class.

While “Diffy-Q’s” subject matter is tough enough on its own, the course will also uncover any weakness you might have in your basic calculus and algebra skills as well. My talents as a tutor allow me to not only help you with the course at hand, but I can also help you tighten up your algebra and calculus skills if that’s necessary.

Microsoft Excel

I've used Microsoft Excel since its creation back in the mid-1980s both personally and professionally. I not only know how to write the formulas for the cells, I also know how to control the formatting so that the spreadsheets both get the job done and look good, too.

Organic Chemistry

One of the most memorable and enjoyable courses I took as a Georgia Tech chemical engineering student was my organic chemistry sequence which included six-hour labs every Friday afternoon. My prof, Dr Liotta, had a knack of making organic a lot easier than one thought it should be and I have ever since drawn upon his approach to teaching organic, as well as chemistry in general.

I have a rock-solid understanding of organic chemistry’s foundational material. Having actually been a classroom teacher of chemistry and materials science at the high school and university level, I know how to make that material easier to understand. And furthermore, I teach my clients how to “turbo-charge” their flashcards to help with the large amount of material that must be memorized.


I started my teaching career by teaching mechanics as a US Air Force Academy instructor. Following my Air Force career, I earned a Calif HS physics teaching credential (which I still hold along with credentials in math & chemistry). I also studied how to teach physics at a program taught by Arizona State: the program, "Modeling Physics" is the only program judged "exemplary" by the Department of Education.

I've taught &/or tutored physics since 1997.

Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia
Bachelor of Chem Eng
University of Dayton
CSU - Dominguez Hills


Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia (Bachelor of Chem Eng)

University of Dayton (Master's)

CSU - Dominguez Hills (Other)

Matches my pace perfectly. Great for high performers and new students alike!

John is an excellent tutor! John was always polite and professional, and has the rare combination of genius and people skills to be able to communicate his mathematical insight. John is assertive, knowledgeable, and DOES NOT WASTE ANY TIME! I feel I got more per hour with John than with any other tutor I have ever worked with. John is on his A-game every time we meet, and "connects the mathematica

— Rebecca, Costa Mesa, CA on 1/24/14

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $105.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

Cancellation fees cover total time scheduled (e.g., a cancelled 2 hr session would be 2 x the hourly rate).

Travel policy

John will travel within 10 miles of Playa Del Rey, CA 90293.