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Great Great Great Teacher!!
— Zheng, Sebastopol, CA on 11/2/16


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I am looking to help you or your child with writing, organization, learning strategies, and study tips. Although my content area is social studies, I often work with high school students on basic grammar, writing effectiveness, and test prep. I am a fantastic proofreader and copy editor. I have taught many different classes a high school teacher, from the standards-based World and U.S. History, as well as Gov/Econ. In addition, I have taught geography, comparative religions, medieval and ancient histories, AP US History and Public Speaking. I am highly conversant with learning strategies for students who have trouble with the traditional curriculum and understand what teachers are looking for. I can help students meet the content standards and am well-versed in the new, Common Core.

For younger students, I can help develop the basic readiness that is necessary for junior and senior high school. There are specific academic strategies that I can help with, as well as general approaches that I can provide.

I am generally a wise-guy and students appreciate my non-standard approach. However, I am highly effective at getting them to succeed and thrive at college. I am particularly good at motivation, reaching the "inner learner" I truly believe is latent in all kids. I want all people to succeed. If I cannot help, I will let you know ASAP and I will also suggest other resources that may be available.


I am looking to help you or your child with writing, organization, learning strategies, and study tips. Although my content area is social studies, I often work with high school students on basic grammar, writing effectiveness, and test prep. I am a fantastic proofreader and copy editor. I have taught many different classes a high
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"Great Great Great Teacher!!"

- Zheng, Sebastopol, CA on 11/2/16

"Very caring and patient tutor"

- Daniel, San Rafael, CA on 11/6/17

"Great tutor!"

- Lisa, Mill Valley, CA on 9/17/17

"Good -my son liked him -said he was clear and taught well."

- Jaye, Novato, CA on 5/8/17

"Todd is outstanding!"

- Sheryl, Santa Rosa, CA on 3/16/17

"Creative Instructor"

- Adrienne, Petaluma, CA on 6/17/15
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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

I have been working with students on Common Core, as a district lead since it was adopted. I have tutored SAT prep as well as taught AP. The types of writing and analysis required in the ACT mirror these exams and methodologies. In addition, I am now a 15+ year veteran of co-teaching a Junior English class which requires a heavy focus on the grammar, mechanics, and skills tested on the ACT.

ACT Reading

I can help with ACT reading much the same way as I can with any standardized test. I help with both content and test taking strategies. I've been teaching for over 20 years and co-teaching a Junior English class for the last 16 years. I know what's on the test and I know how to help students achieve in taking it.

American History

I have been teaching high school U.S. History for almost two decades, including AP, college prep, and a thematic, team-taught version with Junior English. I am very good at helping students find themes that can be used as organizers for new content, as well as historical writing and test taking skills. I offer general academic help with deadlines, organization, and study skills.

Art History

I have incorporated art history into my World History curriculum for 20 + years. My approach is situate artistic movements and examples within the context of historical trends or events that are contemporaneous. My emphasis is on Medieval era through modern times, utilizing literally 100s of examples. We also study artistic evolution and individual artists, as well.

College Counseling

I have been teaching high school for 20+ years. Every year, I have had seniors. Through continuing education, including a master's degree, I have stayed connected to Academia. As part of my job as a cluster leader and Common Core lead, I have been working continuously on articulation and college-readiness.

I have also written at least one hundred letters of recommendation, and helped numerous students with their college essays. I know how to get students to put their best foot forward and how to get colleges to look at them.

Common Core

I served as a lead teacher for Common Core implementation in my school district. This entailed helping the rest of my Social Studies department incorporate Core strategies in their curriculum, as well as reinventing my own. In addition, I sat on several committees whose ultimate aims, to generalize, were to take the best practices from AP, ELL, and the Common Core to implement to the greatest diversity of students. Using the Common Core, I was hired to create curriculum for a local nonprofit in which students are expected to publish data, close read, and deconstruct planning documents (i.e., real world applications).


I have been co-teaching a junior English/U.S. History class for over 15 years. We have co-evaluated thousands of various assignments including term papers, projects, and essays. As a result I am familiar with much of the core literature, grammar and mechanics, voice and phrasing, vocabulary and organization, research and the MLA format and expository, persuasive, and creative writing. Our curriculum is Common Core compatible and multi-ethnic. In addition, I believe in "writing across the curriculum" and regularly assign my students essays and papers. As a 20+ year veteran, I would guess that I have evaluated between five and ten-thousand separate student writing assignments with grammar notations on virtually all of them.


I am CLAD certified and have been trained extensively in scaffolding lessons with a particular focus on LTEL students. I have not only many years of classroom experience with heterogeneously grouped students, including many ELs, but also teaching for EF, in their homestay programs. These include both European and Asian (specifically Chinese) students.

English is best scaffolded by presenting language in a rich and relevant context. In other words, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary are introduced as we go, rather than "frontloading."

European History

I have been teaching World History for 20+ years. This has included Ancient, Medieval, and Modern World classes at both the honors and college-prep levels. In addition, I have taught the Role of Women in World History, as well as Comparative Religions.

As a District Lead in Common Core, I am fluent in the expectations of the new standards, including effective communication, critical thinking, and how to help students creatively approach most assignments, including papers and projects, as well as presentations.

My approach is collaborative and individual. I work with students to encourage development in areas in which they are already comfortable to broaden skill and content bases. This allows students to develop competency in areas they need assistance.

I am patient, creative in approach, and fun. I always use real world and age appropriate metaphors to help students with content knowledge, while using my vast experience in writing across the curriculum to improve various skills, including effective writing, structure, grammar, comprehension, academic and general vocabulary, and a personalized voice.


I have been teaching high school Social Studies for over 20 years; I team teach with an English class. All my curriculum is infused with not only Common Core ELA, but also the day to day assessment uses expository and analytic essays. I assess to include basic grammar and syntax, as well as voice and style. I have taught over 20 different classes, everything from Economics to Ancient History, Women's History to Comparative Religion. In addition, I have experience teaching APUSH. I am highly qualified to help students not only beat a test, but also to be confident in their content while so doing.


I have taught geography to freshmen at the high school level, and have done so for several years. I always teach the basics of political and physical geography; however, I use a current events curriculum to tie news stories to specific places and to then discuss how the physical or cultural geography, in turn, affects these news stories. In addition, I use metanarratives, like the concept of nations vs. states, map bias, and cultural imperialism, to relate a diverse array of social issues to geographic factors to all my classes.


I have been teaching and proofreading student papers for over 20 years, including hundreds of shared English/History assignments and term papers. I know I am one of a handful of social studies teachers who actually marks papers for grammar rules, sometimes even more than my English colleagues. I have been published, submitted published testimony, and written tens of letters of recommendation. Finally, I have a Master's degree in which completing a true-to-form cognate involved submitting a 100 page paper.


I have taught both regular high school economics and thematic, ecological economics (the subject of my masters degree), as well as an international economics class, in total, for more than a decade. I have written my own basic text and am well-versed in explaining key economic concepts.


I have taught both regular high school economics and thematic, ecological economics (the subject of my masters degree), as well as an international economics class, in total, for more than a decade. I have written my own basic text and am well-versed in explaining key economic concepts.


I have been a classroom teacher for 20+ years, team teaching with an English colleague for 14. I routinely proofread, as well as assess, 20-30 essays a night. In addition, I have been published twice, had testimony submitted before a California political body, and served as a legal assistant, mostly writing demand letters. My entire professional career, now that I think about it, has been proofreading!

Public Speaking

Well, I am a classroom teacher who mostly lectures, with 20 + years of experience. In specific, I taught the subject.

I am currently a school district lead in the new Common Core standards which emphasize speaking. This is both in terms of formal presentation skills, but also in simply using more academic language in speech. I am also conversant with technology standards; more important, I can help you with appropriate use during a presentation.

I have worked at historical re-creation fairs, including the Renaissance and Dickens, for 25 years+. I know how to engage with audiences walking away, projection, the use of ad-lib, speaking in large, open areas, speaking with a public moving in and out, using theatrics, etc.

Finally, I used to canvass for a non-profit; going door-to-door, I earned $164 a night, on average.

As a classroom teacher, I know how to get you to talk easily and naturally. Tutoring sessions will be fun!


Reading comprehension is essential to teach in any subject, especially within the new Common Core. In my 20 + years as a history teacher, often, in the end, what I end up teaching is reading strategies. Scaffolds include vocabulary, context, register, voice, and content application. I often introduce higher level texts to my students and am quite comfortable addressing specific techniques to those who I tutor.


I have taught Comparative Religion as an elective A-G requirement at my high school to both freshmen and upper class students. I am currently teaching it again. I have taught the course for well over a decade and have been a classroom teacher for more than twice as long.

SAT Reading

I have been teaching high school history for over 20 years, working with a colleague in English for over 15. I grade for grammar, vocabulary and comprehension, all part of the SAT. In addition, I have had experience as an AP teacher so I know basic objective standardized test strategies, including SAT Reading.

SAT Writing

I am a 20+ year veteran teacher who has well over 100 students a year write tens of essays. I emphasize proper grammar, an extensive vocabulary, and effective syntax and sentence structure. I have helped students pass AP tests, craft accepted college admissions essays (including the UC and Ivy Leagues), and written tens of letters of recommendation with an impressive track record of success. I can help you improve your writing through these techniques, as well as general test-taking strategies like time management, thorough understanding of writing prompts, and styles that test readers like. I can help you!

Social Studies

I have been teaching with a Professional Clear Credential in Social Studies for 21 +years. In that time, I have taught or created at least as many separate classes or versions of classes. These include, but are not limited to: Comparative Religions; Women's History; Ancient History; Geography; Medieval History; World History; U.S. History; AP U.S. History; Government; Economics; and various iterations of these. In addition, I also taught the Culture component for EF, for the exchange students coming to the U.S.

I was one of my school district's Common Core leads. I understand and can help with writing across the curriculum, and the "Four 'C's'" of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity--the essential elements of the Common Core.

I have a Master's in Interdisciplinary Studies (focus: Ecological Economics) and a Bachelor's in Peace and Conflict Studies.


In addition to my two decades of teaching in a local high school, with an emphasis on writing across the curriculum, I also have direct and ongoing experience teaching exchange students from Asia and Europe. I have tutoring experience with foreign language students, as well.

I use a conversational approach, but will work with grammar, listening and speaking skills, and whatever else the student wants to emphasize. I use relevant topics to whatever a particular student's goals are.


After 20 + years of teaching and professional advocacy before that, I have both an extensive vocabulary, and more importantly, the skill to use it powerfully. In particular, I am proficient at professional communications, including the use of discipline-specific terminology, as well as organization and structure to make your writing more effective.

World History

I have been teaching Social Studies for close to 25 years. I have taught World History almost every year. Sometimes, this includes separate classes in Ancient History, Geography, Medieval History, Comparative Religions, and Women's History. I have developed several original in-class games, as well as close to 80 pages of original texts to supplement lessons and assessment. I would estimate teaching to about 1,000 students in my career.


I have been teaching social studies for 20+ years, including more than 15 team teaching with an English colleague. I have a Master's degree. I have proofread well over 500 research papers and thousands of essays. I have written grants, been published in a newspaper, submitted written testimony before a California state commission, and written tens of legal demand letters.

UC Berkeley
Sonoma State


UC Berkeley

Sonoma State (Master's)

Great Great Great Teacher!!

Todd really helped me not only improve my SAT scores, but especially with the college admissions process. I submitted a much stronger application with his help and he offered insight in many other ways. He was a great tutor!

— Zheng, Sebastopol, CA on 11/2/16

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