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Los Angeles Valley College
Foreign Language
Double Major Education


Los Angeles Valley College (Foreign Language)

Double Major Education (Enrolled)

About Erica

I am a full time student at Los Angeles Valley College. Because my major is foreign language I have taken several classes in linguistic and language study. I moved to the US three years ago and have had wide exposure to many different dialects of English, other languages, and am familiar with a handful of different cultures. I am also an avid reader and enjoy fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and essays. I have taken several literature classes and excelled in all of them.

Because of my interest in language, I love working with students to help them find aspects of the subject that they enjoy. Now pair that with my interest in written works and my ability to apply all that I've learned about language from both classroom and life experience. You can easily see where my enthusiasm for being a tutor stems from.

I have received high grades in all my English and literature classes, and know that I am capable of working with a students needs to get them where they would like to be. Whether or not their first language is English, we can always learn more and make improvements with how we understand and use language skills. I am confident that whatever aspect a student would like to improve on, I can help. Be it essay writing, reading, critical analysis of text, language skills, or otherwise. I have 5, almost 6 years, of combining professional, volunteer and casual experience tutoring English as an Additional Language students and ESL students.

As for my USCIS qualifications; I am an immigrant myself, I know the process you are going through and how difficult it can be. I am available to help answer any questions that you might have, help you find solutions and answers, or help with paperwork and interview preparations.

Should you have any questions about my skill set, or would like to coordinate to set up a lesson, please get in contact! As a tutor I am open to meeting any and all ages and levels. All are welcome to ask questions or seek to set up an appointment for a lesson. I have had many different students; from not-quite-ready- yet beginners to advanced students, I am always available to provide the best.

**At this time I do not provide in home sessions unless under extreme circumstances. Please message me for details.
I am a full time student at Los Angeles Valley College. Because my major is foreign language I have taken several classes in linguistic and language study. I moved to the US three years ago and have had wide exposure to many different dialects of English, other languages, and am familiar with a handful of different cultures. I am also an avid Read more

8 hours notice required

$35 base rate per hour $15 for additional students $10 for travel over 1 hour via to on public transport At this time I don’t provide in-home lessons unless special circumstances

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ACT English

I am very familiar with the ACT English test because, in addition to taking it myself, I have helped many students gain confidence and knowledge prior to taking the test. I understand the importance of this test and can help all kind of students. From students that need to simply brush up and improve to students that don't know the difference between a semicolon and colon.

ACT Reading

I have tutored many students in ACT English, Reading, and Writing. As for my reading-specific qualifications, I learned at a very young age to think critically and analyze text. My training in film and television to interpret text I am certain also plays a big part in this. I have helped tutor students who had great difficulty understanding the passages and answering the questions on the practice test and turned them into avid readers.

The ACT reading test can be challenging, focusing on how a student can use inference for character, spot, pay attention, and remember detail, understand vocabulary, and fully grasp the function of a sentence, paragraph, word or term. Test takers are also challenged by having the conclude, without talking to the author, what the author meant by something they wrote.

Not only does it cover a wide variety of material - with passages covering both natural and social sciences, humanities, literature, and prose - But test takers have only 35 minutes to answer 40 questions.

With tutoring help and the skills I can help you learn or improve, I'm confident that you'll answer all the questions before the 35 minutes are up, and be confident in the choices you made.


I have earned A grades in several college level anthro classes, with an emphasis on language and culture. However I have also completed lab requirements for two anthro classes, and am well versed in the subject.


I am very eager to start tutoring biology! When I first started taking college level bio courses, I struggled. But now (3 courses later and a handful of zoology courses later) I believe I have a solid enough grasp on the topic to tutor other individuals who may be struggling as well.


I have nearly 10 years of experience working in a kitchen as a cook and baker in several restaurants. Prior to moving to California, I also aided with menu selection and recipe creation. I also know how to make espresso drinks and do latte art. I do have some equipment available as well!

Criminal Justice

I have taken 3 college level classes in criminal justice. This past Autumn of 2016 I was a part of the integrated tutoring program for 2 administrative justice classes. My involvement in the program has given me an ability to understand concerns from student's perspectives that are different from my own, as well as different approaches to the topic and how to help students understand the concepts.


I have taken several college level composition, creative writing, and academic writing classes. I dive into English projects with enthusiasm and have helped tutoring students and peers in the past with developing skills to effectively read assigned works, take notes, and write response papers. I have also worked with students on developing strong personal and academic papers. Additionally, I have tutored many students through college and university application processes and papers.


I have several years of experience both being homeschooled, as well as tutoring other homeschooled students. I have worked with high school students to help them reach academic requirements for grades 1-12; helped them build confidence in their skills and abilities; worked with parents to create an academic calendar that fits everyone's needs; and helped with organization and study tools for State tests.


My knowledge of literature comes first from my love for the subject. I know many classic and contemporary authors. From Charles Dickens to Zora Neale Hurston and more. My personal favorite genre is mystery, and as a side effect I always look at stories and the characters within them as puzzles to solve. This enables me to use critical analysis skills upon an initial reading of a story, which is what I use to build upon in later readings.

Microsoft Word

I have a very solid understanding of Microsoft Word, along with other Microsoft programs, and am familiar with several word processors. I have taught both children and adults through the local library. Emphasis on paper writing tricks, resume creating and writing, and flier creation, along with an overview of how Word functions and adapts.


I have worked as a proof reader for several organizations, including small print news papers and non-profits such as the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

I have also helped students better their proof reading skills, most of my experience with this is at a college level, but I have a few methods that would work for younger students as well. The earlier someone learns how to proof-read, the better habits they will have!

I have proof read fiction and non fiction, and of course many essays. I have have helped students working on essays as well as adults working on works of fictions.

Additionally I have proof read articles with heavy emphasis on articles meant for a scientific community.


I have taken several psychology classes and pursued my own interests.

Taught animal psychology through my various work with different organizations such as GLAZA, ASPCA, etc.

Taught human psychology through my several leadership courses and training sessions with various employers.

Suitable for those studying secondary level to undergraduate level psychology.


I have taught many students from a variety of different backgrounds, cultures, and abilities how to read American English. I believe all students can benefit both personally and academically from reading. Helping find the barriers a student is facing and working with them to overcome those barriers is one of the most rewarding experiences as a tutor.

SAT Reading

I am familiar with the SAT test. I believe I can help students gain confidence in selection of multiple choice questions and provide a thorough report on areas that they need to improve on. By doing so I will help them prepare for the SAT, and guide them through the process of strengthening all of their skills.


Worked with both children and adults through local libraries, taught ESL and have volunteered with organizations aiming to help recent immigrants. Fluent in both Canadian and American spelling.
I also have a younger sibling who I helped.

Study Skills

Getting feedback from students that I have tutored and group classes that I have organised made me realize that without knowing it, I had been teaching them study skills that they had never been able to grasp before. I believe that every student has to approach learning, and especially studying, a little bit differently. I can help students get on track with where they want to be, and where they should be, without any undo stress.


I have a diploma and a certificate in Acting for Film and Television from the Vancouver Film School, have participated in many plays over the years as both an actor and as crew, including set design and wardrobe. My strongest skills in theatre are analysis of script/text and memorization methods, then using analysis and memorization techniques to bring the character to life. I have worked with several award winning actors in workshops, and have taught classes for both young children and adults, and have done several private tutoring sessions through word of mouth.


I have gone through several immigration processes.

Along with my personal experience, I have taken several public library offered courses on filing and civics. I have also visited with several USCIS officers to inquire about the methodology used by USCIS.

Combining my own personal experience along with my knowledge of USCIS processes, I believe that I can help students achieve their goals of visiting, working, or becoming a citizen of the United States.


By teaching students how to pre-read and identify the words on a tier that they are unfamiliar with or unsure of, it gives the student a head start on both learning new words and having an easier time understanding course material.

I will expand students vocabulary and in turn spelling skills by teaching different affixes, first starting with a word that they know and then showing how that applies to new words.

I also believe that knowing the roots of a word or a language can help students with future vocabulary skills. I hope to provide students the framework that they need to learn vocabulary on their own when they are ready. I also hope to help with study skills to help with more complex situations that vocabulary might be required for.


I aim to teach students how to write grade A papers from wherever they are starting. By teaching before- writing techniques it will strengthen the initial draft, and then teaching students how to go through second and third drafts as well.

Finally, I will go over each draft several times with a student to ensure they understand where mistakes might of been made and what areas they could use improvement upon; thus setting a standard guideline for them to use all throughout their life.

My writing tutoring methods align with academic, fictional, and non-fictional requirements.


I have taken several university level zoology classes, participated in the Los Angeles Zoo zoology training, been a researcher and writer for the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, volunteered at the California Science center with both terrestrial and marine animals, and currently work as an animal care attendant and behaviorist.

Los Angeles Valley College
Foreign Language
Double Major Education


Los Angeles Valley College (Foreign Language)

Double Major Education (Enrolled)

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $35.00

Cancellation: 8 hours notice required

$35 base rate per hour $15 for additional students $10 for travel over 1 hour via to on public transport At this time I don’t provide in-home lessons unless special circumstances

Travel policy

Erica will travel within 10 miles of Northridge, CA 91325.