• 10 Facts That Changed Since You Were In School: #1-5

    Find out ten new facts your children will be taught in school, and how they differ from what you learned.

    Your teachers lied to you, but it wasn’t on purpose. See what new discoveries we’ve made and what your child will now learn as facts at school.

    Fact 1: Pluto is a dwarf planet, not a real planet.

    Once considered the ninth and most distant planet, Pluto disrupted many children’s styrofoam solar systems in 1979 when it crossed into Neptune’s orbit. Pluto’s elliptical orbit, which changed it to the eighth planet in our system until 1999, was just the beginning … more

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  • 10 Facts That Changed Since You Were In School: #6-10

    Find out five more facts that your children will be taught in school, and how they differ from what you learned.

    This is the second in our two-part series on facts your student will learn that are different than what you were taught. If you missed part one, you can find it here.

    Fact 6: Earth is not the only planet in the solar system with water.

    We were told in school that only Earth had water, the main component we know of for sustaining life. But new research is showing water on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, so even if the proverbial cup isn’t running over, we can be sure water is not … more

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  • Dispelling Your Daughter's Middle School Math Demons

    Math often becomes a disparaging subject for middle school girls. Here's how parents can play a pivotal role in helping them understand emotions and simplify concepts.

    "I’m just not good at math.”

    If you have a middle school-aged daughter, and you’ve heard these words come out of her mouth, you might be a little shocked. And you’re definitely not alone. In the United States (as well as Britain and Canada), middle school is widely recognized as a time when girls start losing faith in their math abilities. Even more discouraging, some feel like they can never improve.

    What gives? You know your daughter is smart, and have seen her … more

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  • Kids And Screen Time: Why Online Tutoring Is A Healthy Addition

    Parents can encourage healthy screen use in their child’s media diet through online tutoring and other educational media.

    Screen time is a hot topic among parents these days. While the stats are conflicting about how kids should be using screens (tablets, tv’s, mobile devices) and when they should start using them, a few things have become clear.

    The first is that the number of children using screens is trending upward (see below). The second is that not all screen time is necessarily negative. Perhaps most important is the fact that when faced with the above two facts, every parent reacts differently. … more

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  • 6 Subjects That Are Perfect For Online Tutoring

    The differences between online and in-person tutoring might seem larger than they are. Here are 6 subjects that work just as well (or better) with online tutoring.

    With all the advances in technology for students and tutors, many subjects can be taught just as effectively online as in person. Some can be taught even more effectively.

    New tech make it incredibly easy for students and tutors to connect. Not only can they video chat in real-time—much like Skype or FaceTime—they can sketch out homework, use graphing functions and even conduct Google searches all within a single platform.

    We’ve previously covered how online tutoring … more

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  • Help Your High School Student Avoid Summer Learning Loss

    How to help your high schooler have a great summer without losing everything they learned last year.

    Summer learning loss. Brain drain. Summer slide. Whichever way you choose to phrase it, high school students will forget around ten percent of what they learned in the previous year. Read on to find out how you can help.

    Summer vacation is often the time for high school students to get their first jobs. Some choose retail employment, some become camp counselors, some even get internships at companies. While beneficial to their overall life skills, spending little or no time on academics can … more

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  • Why Online Private Tutoring Is The Perfect Fit For Busy Professionals

    From waking up to going to bed, the life of a professional in 2015 can seem like a blur. Whether you want to learn a new programming language or brush up on skills for an interview, online private tutoring is an effective, affordable option.

    For busy professionals, one of the greatest values that private online tutoring provides is that you can learn at your own pace—and unlike using sites like Khan Academy or Lynda, it’s far less challenging to stay motivated.

    It’s the difference between joining a gym versus booking an appointment with a personal trainer at your new gym. You’re far more likely to show up and stay engaged when you have someone at the ready to help you meet your goals. Plus, compared to … more

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  • 6 Things Every Parent Should Know About Private Tutoring

    Thinking of hiring a private tutor? Find out the things you should know, so both you and your child enjoy a successful and affordable private tutoring experience.

    If you’ve never done it before, private tutoring will be a learning experience for you as much as your child. Done right, it’s an enlightening, hopefully college tuition-saving, learning experience. Especially when you consider the potential benefits for your child and your home.

    In fact, by going in with the right set of expectations, you can get more out of private tutoring in less time and for less money. Here are six tried-and-true ideals we’ve uncovered that … more

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  • 4 Mistakes To Avoid During AP, ACT, and SAT Prep

    Find out how to eliminate flaws in your child’s study plan and learn tips for good study habits in the weeks leading up to the big exam.

    Our poor teenagers. With sweaty palms and sharpened pencils, they’re only weeks away from the toughest 4 hours of their school year. Or maybe even their high school careers.

    As parents, we hope the T’s have been crossed, and that a full year of studying has primed students with a firm grasp on the 180 days of subject matter. But whether it has or it hasn’t is out of our hands.

    SEE ALSO: Help Your High School Student Avoid Summer Learning Loss

    The remaining time to test … more

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  • Why Private Tutoring Might Be The Answer To (Most Of) Your Problems

    Are you getting homework headaches when you help your child after school? Find out 4 ways a private tutor can solve common problems faced by parents.

    If you’ve ever had your evening derailed by a badly phrased fourth-grade math question, you know that educating a student is as much of a challenge as keeping them safe. If you’re having headaches piled upon exhaustion night after night as a result of your child’s homework or upcoming exams, you may need to reconsider a few things.

    The main thing to think about is that not everything HAS to be on your plate. Here are four ways a private tutor can solve some real-life … more

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  • 6 Ways Private Tutors Help Families (Hint: It's Not Just Tutoring)

    Private tutoring doesn’t just help with grades. Find out six lesser known benefits of hiring a private tutor and how the right one can help your entire family.

    Private tutoring has some obvious rewards: It can help your child learn new skills or work through problem subjects. In fact, most parents on WyzAnt report that their child improves by a full letter-grade after only 8 hours of private tutoring. But many of the best reasons to get a private tutor can’t be quantified so easily.

    Whether or not you’ve made the choice to get a private tutor, you might not be aware of all the benefits of private tutoring. Here are some of the … more

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  • 5 Ways To Beat Common Core Without Opting Out

    In an overwhelming sea of political opinions, what does your child stand to gain? Find out how to help your child succeed with the new testing and standards.

    You’ve undoubtedly read a slew of articles on both sides of the Common Core fence. If you’re like most parents, daily headlines like “7-Year-Old Outsmarts Ridiculously Stupid Common Core Question” have you reaching for the aspirin and waiting for the world to return to normal.


    There’s only one way to look at Common Core, and it has nothing to do with “Right or Wrong.” It has to do with answering one question: How do I help my child?

    SEE ALSO: … more

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  • How To Write Great Job Applications

    As a tutor on WyzAnt, your job application is crucial to making a great first impression. Make sure you're including 3 key ingredients for a great job application and that parents and students know exactly how you can help them reach their goals.

    Find out three important ways to make your job applications stand out from the crowd. Plus, see examples of great job applications.

    Job applications are your first introduction to potential parents and students. Make sure your application is saying all the right things and you’re showing potential students exactly how you can help them.

    Show Your Experience & Keep It Relevant

    In every job application you send to students and parents, make sure you include experience that speaks … more

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