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Passionate About Tutoring Biology, Chemistry and Life Sciences

Passionate About Tutoring Biology, Chemistry and Life Sciences


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"Not just a tutor! An Ivy League professor and world class researcher teaching me Biology and Chemistry!"

Randy, 46 lessons with Hasan

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If my passion in life was not to be a teacher, I would have been a chef like my father, a retired Chef de cuisine. I believe that in many ways teaching is analogous to cooking. As a teacher, I strive to offer a rich à la carte menu in my classes by combining different teaching techniques so that I will be able to give the best learning experience to my students. Students come from different backgrounds, abilities, interests, and career goals, and I will eagerly cater to this diversity....

If my passion in life was not to be a teacher, I would have been a chef like my father, a retired Chef de cuisine. I believe that in many ways teaching is analogous to cooking. As a teacher, I strive to offer a rich à la carte menu in my classes by combining different teaching techniques so that I will be able to give the best learning experience to my students. Students come from different backgrounds, abilities, interests, and career goals, and I will eagerly cater to this diversity. Through many lectures at Brown University and Stanford University, I have been exposed to a diverse student body with different learning styles. I have discovered the importance of being a patient, creative, and motivated instructor who is able to respond to each student’s unique learning style and personal goals.

I am a broadly trained scientist and teacher with expertise in biology, chemistry, physics and math. In my teaching, I will strive to bring concepts alive by incorporating the most recent scientific findings from the literature, encouraging debate, and promoting active engagement from my students. Biology and chemistry help us understand the vast structural diversity and complexity of life on earth at the molecular level. For these reasons, I am particularly excited to teach biology, chemistry, physics and math, where I can fully utilize my multi-disciplinary educational background.

I have benefited from a multi-disciplinary science education at Brown University. As a first year graduate student, I had the opportunity to take a cell biology class taught by Dr. Kenneth Miller. He is one of the most popular and effective teachers of undergraduate and graduate students at Brown and the author of popular biology texts. The following year, I worked with Dr. Miller as a teaching assistant in his class, Cell Biology, which was a required course for all first year graduate students in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry as well as for senior undergraduate biology majors. Working with Dr. Miller helped me develop useful teaching strategies that have formed an important part of my teaching style.

I have learned four important elements of teaching from Dr. Miller. First, it is vital to inspire students and encourage them to become independent thinkers to solve problems. It is also important to give students group projects which will give them a chance to interact with one another and to engage in teamwork. Dr. Miller, furthermore, taught me to guide my students in the right direction without directly providing them with the answers. Finally, he advised me to give students challenging projects and questions, not only to test what they have learned from the course materials and discussion sessions, but to nurture their ability to work with and apply their knowledge to solve new and more challenging problems. Through my interaction with students at different levels of their education and from diverse backgrounds, moreover, I have come to realize the importance of knowing the profile of the audience, selecting the appropriate material from a vast pool of data, focusing on relevant information, and then delivering it to that specific audience, depending on their needs, expectations and level of knowledge.

Many courses, especially introductory ones, require considerable memorization and can intimidate students who are less invested in the field or who have difficulty with memorization. To help my students remember some of the key vocabulary, for example, I explain the roots from which the words originated. For instance, when I talk about “in vitro” experiments in biochemistry, I explain that “in vitro” means “in glass” in Latin and that we use the term “in vitro” for experiments that are conducted in test tubes. In addition, I often incorporate personal anecdotes and real examples from my own research into my lectures to make the subject more memorable and personal. Furthermore, I encourage them to construct a framework of key vocabulary and concepts, which they can then use in related courses as well as in their future professions or daily lives.

I believe that teaching can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both the student and the instructor. Having been a critical student myself, I take the role of teaching very seriously, and I am committed to making my classes interactive, inspiring and a real learning experience. Brown University provided me with many opportunities to develop as an effective teacher. In 2012, through the Sheridan Center Teaching certificate program, I received training on how to reflect on my teaching in order to improve the learning of my students. In my future classes, I will introduce frequent quizzes, which give students quick feedback on whether or not they are successfully integrating the material that I present while allowing me to identify the common misconceptions.

I view the teacher’s role outside the classroom to be just as important as his or her role in class. I plan to hold office hours to both answer my students’ questions on the course material and to allow them to discuss challenging problems. Furthermore, having students come to my office hours will give me the opportunity to discuss their future plans and how I can help them to reach their goals. I hope to continue inspiring my students with the curiosity and excitement I feel for science. I look forward to serving not only as a teacher, but also as a mentor and eventually a colleague as they develop into independent thinkers, skilled researchers or teachers.

My teaching experiences in the classroom and in the laboratory have been diverse. I am constantly striving to become a more effective teacher, and I am testing diverse approaches in order to become more adept at serving my students. Teaching will be an important part of my life, and I am fully prepared to devote myself to becoming an inspirational and effective teacher in biology, chemistry, physics and math.

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Biology, Chemistry

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Biology, Chemistry


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I have Chemistry degree from Bosphorus University, one of the top universities in Turkey. I also have extensive experience with Organic Chemistry laboratory techniques through my Ph.D and postdoctoral studies.
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Biology, Chemistry

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Amazing Tutor

Hasan is the most amazing tutor and mentor I have ever hired to help my daughter. He is very knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. His passion for teaching helps the student to be successful. I highly recommend.

Karina, 7 lessons with Hasan

Very Knowledgable and Helpful Tutor!

Hasan helped me tremendously due to his experience and knowledge. His help is of the highest quality and I have learned the material and beyond during the session.

Andrea, 1 lesson with Hasan

Knowledgeable, patient tutor

We had our first lesson today with Hassan for AP Chemistry for my daughter who is Sophmore. He was very patient and detailed and did a wonderful job teaching fundamentals and building up my daughter’s knowledge.

Aruna, 11 lessons with Hasan

Highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and inspired teacher.

Hasan is an incredible teacher for my 11 year old son who is homeschooled. Hasan's enthusiasm for biology and the sciences is infectious. We are so grateful to have met Hasan because he inspires a love of learning for the sciences. We have no doubt that Hasan's leadership in guiding our son's education will be instrumental to his success in high school, college, and career. Hasan may even influence the career path my son chooses in the future. He is just that good. Hasan is the ultimate professional, shows up prepared. and really cares about his students success.

Chris, 14 lessons with Hasan


This is Silicon Valley, we meet genius even on Wyzant! Hasan has brought learning to a whole new level for my children. He encouraged and challenged them to see biology and chemistry as a living art, not limited by textbooks. Very impressive!

Serene, 5 lessons with Hasan


Wonderful, patient, knowledgeable and interesting tutor. Hasan is exceptional. He’s a great person and teacher/tutor. My son enjoys learning with Hasan and feels much more confident and prepared following his sessions with Hasan.

Courtney, 3 lessons with Hasan

Knowledgeable and engaged tutor

Hassan helped my son with high school biology. He was enthusiastic and customized his approach to my son's learning style. He teaches an appreciation for science, not just how to do well on a test. He exceeded our expectations.

Julia, 4 lessons with Hasan

Super knowledgeable and fun teacher

Hasan has been teaching Science to my son for more than half a year now and my son has gained a lot of interest in this subject since then. I really like his approach of teaching my son and the way he encourage my son to approach a problem or think outside the box. I am so glad to have Hasan to be my son tutor.

Haza, 25 lessons with Hasan

Knowledgeable and dedicated A+++ tutor!

We're so glad that we've found Hasan on Wyzant to help our high-schooler on AP Biology class. He is very knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about teaching Biology. His expertise in this area and passion in teaching is apparent after his first class with Hasan. He always come extremely well prepared for every class, tries to understand our needs and teaches in a way that is clear and easy to understand. He's able to keep his student engaged, conveys the material interestingly, which eventually helps his students gain deeper and true understanding about the subject. The effect is also directly reflected in the grade. Will definitely recommend Hasan if you're looking for a top-notch tutor in Biology.

Lilly, 19 lessons with Hasan


Hasan D.


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