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— Valencia, Hughesville, MD on 4/18/17


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University of California, Irvine


University of California, Irvine (History)

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I teach because it allows me to share my love of learning. I'm most satisfied when I can awaken a new interest in a “boring” subject or show a student a new way of looking at a problem. I get excited when students tell me that they see connections that weren't there before or that they finally understand something that has always baffled them. I try to bring passion to everything I teach, and I work hard to push my students to their highest potential.

I'm an English and History specialist with two years of full-time experience tutoring college admissions tests (ACT and SAT, as well as AP exams) and college essays. Until recently, I worked in Brentwood for a national test-prep company. I taught more than 100 students from public high schools in Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, and West Los Angeles, and from top private schools like Brentwood, Marlborough, and Harvard Westlake. That experience has given me a deep understanding both of the tests and the students who take them. If you work with me, I'll use that understanding to target your specific challenges and help you make the most efficient, lasting progress.

I believe the best teaching is personal: It happens when the teacher knows the student and can relate to them as an individual. Private tutoring allows me to do that. I do my best to make my students comfortable and meet them where they are—whether they're already scoring 33s on their ACTs or are struggling to score 13s. I pride myself on my patience and my success working with students of all academic levels. Wherever you're starting from, I'll help you go higher and hopefully learn something about yourself along the way. The only catch is that I'll make you work as hard as I do for it. Wherever you start from, you'll have to be committed to taking charge of your own improvement: Be willing to make mistakes in order to get better, and face your weaknesses head-on so you can learn from them.

If you like the sound of that, I'd love to hear from you. Message me with some info on what you need and I'll tell you how I might help. Take care, and keep on learning.
I teach because it allows me to share my love of learning. I'm most satisfied when I can awaken a new interest in a “boring” subject or show a student a new way of looking at a problem. I get excited when students tell me that they see connections that weren't there before or that they finally understand something that has always baffled them. I Read more

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"Knowledgeable and reliable"

- Valencia, Hughesville, MD on 4/18/17

"Super sharp, patient!"

- Miriam, Santa Monica, CA on 11/30/17

"I highly recommend Morgan!"

- Carly, Brookline, MA on 11/29/17

"Super Tutor!"

- Eve, Los Angeles, CA on 11/13/17
Morgan replied on 11/18/2017

Thank you so much for your review, Eve! I'm glad I could give your son some useful pointers for his paper. Best of luck with the rest of his course!

"Knowledgeable and Appealing To My Needs"

- Derrek'nae, Los Angeles, CA on 9/6/17

"Great Teacher"

- Sam, Beverly Hills, CA on 9/5/17

"Great LSAT Help"

- Liane, Encino, CA on 7/12/17

"Great Tutor"

- O, Huntington Station, NY on 5/21/17
Morgan replied on 6/21/2017

Thank you, O! I'm glad I was able to help you with your AP studying. Hope your exam went well!

"Knowledgeable and patient"

- Sonal, Burbank, CA on 5/19/17
Morgan replied on 5/22/2017

Thank you for your review, Sonal! I'm glad I was able to lend a hand. Hope your AP goes well!

"AP Euro made easy...."

- Mindy, Los Angeles, CA on 5/16/17
Morgan replied on 5/21/2017

Thanks so much for your review, Mindy! I enjoyed my session with your daughter and I'm glad the time was useful. Let me know if I can do anything for you in the future!

"Knowledgeable and helpful tutor."

- Alexandra, Los Angeles, CA on 5/13/17
Morgan replied on 5/18/2017

Thank you, Alexandra! I'm glad I was able to help you even in a short period of time. Congrats on finishing your AP World test--looking forward to more sessions next year!


- Charnette, Los Angeles, CA on 5/13/17
Morgan replied on 5/17/2017

Thank you for your review, Charnette! This expresses exactly what I try to do with all my students. So glad I was able to help your son. I look forward to more lessons in the fall!

"Efficient and very accomodating tutor with great expertise"

- James, North Hollywood, CA on 4/20/17

"Highle Recommended College History Tutor"

- Valentina, Santa Monica, CA on 4/3/17

"Very Knowledgeable with AP World History"

- Alec, Ocala, FL on 2/5/17

"Knowledgeable about subject matter and standardized tests"

- Deborah, Santa Monica, CA on 1/12/17

"Fantastic tutor!"

- Ine, Culver City, CA on 11/22/16

"Knowledgeable and patient"

- Amy, La Canada Flintridge, CA on 10/26/16

"Patient and focused tutor"

- Luisa, Los Angeles, CA on 10/24/16

"Great tutor!"

- Andrea, Los Angeles, CA on 10/15/16

"Well educated and very organized"

- Ursula, Woodland Hills, CA on 10/11/16

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor"

- Christina, Torrance, CA on 10/10/16

"Great Tutor"

- Jack, Pacific Palisades, CA on 9/30/16
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ACT English

A lot of people are overwhelmed by this section since there are so many questions! (ACT English has 75 questions, more than any other section on the ACT or SAT.) But it's easier to get through one you learn the right approach. First, you have to learn all the rules of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure that you likely never learned (or forgot from middle school). Then, you have to zoom out and look at passages holistically--What's the best way to phrase this sentence? Which sentence fits best within the entire passage? Where should I put this paragraph? These are useful skills if you ever need to do any kind of formal writing--which you probably will in college and in life! I have a lot of experience teaching this section over the past two years, and I usually find students can improve on it quickly once they learn what they need. Get in touch with me and we'll talk more about what I can do for you.

ACT Reading

Speed is the key here! Almost everyone has trouble finishing ACT reading when they start out. But you can improve if you learn how to break down a passage and focus on the most important points. We'll learn about typical passage structures, how to categorize passages to help with question accuracy, and which information in most important. These things will actually help you in college when you have mountains of reading to do! I've worked personally with over two dozen ACT reading students and seen some great improvements. I hope I get a chance to help you, too.

American History

I have a B.A. in history from UC Irvine and have been tutoring history for the past two years at both the high school and AP level. I have tutored nearly 20 students in AP US History, and my students have a 100% pass rate on the AP exams, with 95% of them scoring a 4 or higher. (I also teach AP World.) The AP exam for US History has changed quite a bit in the last two years and many schools are still adjusting to this. Most students find the long essay and DBQ the most challenging and I have a lot of experience helping with those. It can make a big difference to have someone sit down with you to go through the entire essay-writing process and critique you at each stage, something that classroom teachers don't always have time for. I can also help students in non-AP courses with essays and exam prep.

Although many people find history boring, I try to make it interesting by drawing connections between
events and exploring how specific details represent larger processes. History at its core is about *human beings*. What that means is that just about anything in history can be interpreted as symbolizing some larger aspect of or insight into human societies or human nature. It isn't just “names and dates” or dry facts—the facts mean something! (Though what exactly they mean is often up for debate, which is part of what makes the subject interesting.)

European History

As a history specialist, I have a strong background in many topics in European history and have taught many students in a variety of Euro history courses. While I have helped students with everything from Ancient to 20th century European history, my greatest depth of experience is with modern European history since the 14th century, which is the same time period covered by the AP European History exam as well as the "Modern World History" or "Modern Western Civilization" courses taken by most high school sophomores in California and other states. As an AP specialist, I have particular expertise with all aspects of the AP Euro course and exam, and I have helped many students with learning the specific requirements and format for DBQs and LEQs, as well as adapting to the challenges of AP-style stimulus multiple-choice and short-answer questions. Get in touch with me about your particular situation and I will tell you more about how I can help!


During my two years as a tutor at a C2 Education center from 2014 to summer 2016, I worked long-term with more than 15 ISEE students. I have taught the lower, middle, and upper levels of this test and have equal experience with all sections of the exam. My ISEE students have scored well enough to be admitted to competitive Southern California private schools such as Marlborough, Brentwood, and Harvard-Westlake. My two-plus years of experience as an SAT and ACT tutor give me further foundation in the skills and content tested on this exam and the logic of standardized tests.

SAT Reading

The New SAT is not like the old one! It requires a fresh approach, one that emphasizes critical thinking and evidence--you have to know *why* the answer is right instead of just picking what sounds best. I've worked long-term with over a dozen students on this exam and have seen some very good results. If you work with me, we'll look at how arguments are constructed, how to distinguish between claims and evidence, and how to tell whether a piece of evidence supports a claim--things that often are not taught much in school! We'll also cover strategies for understanding passages quickly and learn how to categorize passages to enhance your understanding.

SAT Writing

The writing section is the least-changed of the sections on the New SAT. It isn't all that different from ACT English, either. The biggest key for most people is learning the basic rules of grammar and writing that aren't taught much in school anymore--or that you forgot from 6th grade! The principles of argumentation and rhetoric that we learn for SAT Reading will also help here. I've worked with numerous students on this section and can usually achieve solid results in just a few sessions. Message me and we'll talk about how I might help you.

World History

While working as an AP history specialist at a C2 Education center in Brentwood from 2014 to 2016, I had the chance to work long-term with around 30 students in various high school- and college-level World History courses, including more than 15 students in AP World History. I have a wealth of experience helping AP History students. My past AP World students have a 100 percent pass rate on the AP exam, with 95 percent of them scoring 4 or higher. I've also helped many students in non-AP World History courses with studying for exams, writing research papers, and other projects. Get in touch with me and I'll tell you how I can help you, too.

University of California, Irvine


University of California, Irvine (History)

Knowledgeable and reliable

My daughter is working with Morgan M for ACT math prep. He came to the first tutoring session with attainable goals and a plan to reach them. Not only is Morgan knowledgeable about the subject matter, but he also is a great tutor. He makes sure my daughter understands what is being covered and if she doesn't, he tries a different approach. He manages the allotted time well and covers a reasonable

— Valencia, Hughesville, MD on 4/18/17

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