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I have a lot of ideas and am able to communicate them with a sense of passion that becomes a shared experience with my students. What becomes engrained in the mind is not so much the necessity to learn, but the desire to expand one's mind and grow as a human being who develops compassion and understanding for truth, as well as a desire to explore and share further possibilities in the areas of literature, philosophy and political ethical wellness. I am able to communicate the importance of the influence that ideas have on the mind of the learner--that understanding truths is vital to the growth and freedom of the learner. In order to prove to schools that students are developing their minds they must develop this love, respect and admiration for the purpose of ideas, which is to sustain love and morality within each hungry and eager mind. I see every student as ambitious in their effort to gain wisdom and joy out of learning, to gain a place in society that would prove that they belong to a peaceful and progressive world. I communicate this by reassuring them that the world is an ideal place, because we believe so in our minds. Once that is understood, we progress with the process of the attempt to establish a harmony and excitement of the senses that brings their minds to life! Students have a right to believe in ideas, especially when they bring to life the excitement of what it means to care about one another, whether it be through the continuum of a career in their specific studies or the simple joy of receiving the grade that they were confident they deserved because they developed the love that was necessary to have the confidence to find the right answers. This is very important to me-- that students develop a love of learning, and not just go through the motions of it. I venture to strongly help students recuperate the potency of their creative minds through language, music and art, through a free exploration of what these things mean to them, and what they could mean to them and the world in the future. I believe in ideas, and I know how to make others believe in them too because I have a strong interest in communication and getting knowledge across to others in order to allow people's minds and hearts to work toward the direction that God intended.
I have completed Advanced Placement English in high school, which allowed me to pursue higher levels of English in college. So far I've studied various types of literature, as well as Speech, Psychology, Philosophy, Art and Drama. I also study Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe on my own. I'm well read in Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Frederick Schiller. I've also studied Classical music in college. I've been playing the piano ever since I was 12. I also love to sing classical songs. I'm very much into choir pieces. I believe in the power of harmonizing for the effective purpose of sharing our emotional experiences to make the world a more physically peaceful place. I would love to introduce students to a wide range of songs, from the sincere serenity of Mozart's Ave Verum--a short and peaceful choir piece--to the frenzied attention demanding aria by the same composer titled Smanie Implacabili or Implacable Frenzies in his Opera Cosi fan tutte or Women Are Like That. I took as many classical voice classes at Los Angeles City College as I could, and I plan on taking more at Santa Monica City College. I also took many choir classes, and I enjoyed singing Wachet Auf Ruft Uns Die Stimme by Bach as well as some heartfully uplifting spirituals. I still regularly learn and practice new songs and choir pieces on my own. My aunt accompanies me on piano when I practice singing arias as well as choir pieces. She has a degree in piano performance and has been playing piano ever since the age of 8. She currently works for Yamaha Music School as a private piano teacher. One choir piece that we learned together which I am fond of is Regina Coeli, another Latin based music of praise by Mozart. It's kind of long but nonetheless very engaging. In classical music each piece is different in that it has a unique message that it brings forth through the experience of being guided in one's mind through the journey of self-consciousness--what is heard is an acknowledgement of one's own emotional and intellectual life experiences--an enlightening process that allows one to become at one with oneself, which causes peace and hope in one's own life. It's really a life-saving process. As a potential educator, I firmly believe that the experiences I've had in learning as well as tutoring in college have allowed me to influence society in a way which allows it to move forward towards a path of positive and exciting progress.

I have a lot of ideas and am able to communicate them with a sense of passion that becomes a shared experience with my students. What becomes engrained in the mind is not so much the necessity to learn, but the desire to expand one's mind and grow as a human being who develops compassion and understanding for truth, as well as a desire to explore Read more

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ACT Reading

Kids are funny creatures. They're very light-hearted when it comes to interacting with ideas and people. We musn't forget that when we approach them with respect to their learning capabilities. As we grow older, we venture out into a world of complexities beyond our ideology. As a result, the things with which we feed our minds, hearts, and souls begin to mean more. More emotions arise when we observe a painting. More questions arise when we look at politics. More desires to understand the possibilities of life experiences arise when we express an interest in history. As developed adults then, it is our responsibility to give children a well protected, positive and clean learning atmosphere in which they feel safe enough to develop their own wonder and awe for truth and ideas. WE must never suggest to a student that he or she cannot understand something--that would hinder and then harm his or her belief in himself or herself. We must consistently allow himself or herself to prove to him or her own mind and others as well, that there is a beauty and quiet grace that pulsates in the world around us. This is the most important part of educating our children. For if this foundational seed is watered in their environment, then the plant of cognitive and creative prosperity will grow. Remember, we want our children to do well to feed their minds in order for them to become civilized and creatively productive, to help them to express their hearts and communicate with others when others are expressing themselves, and to reassure them that the world is full of the promises of adventure, investigation, justice and harmony that they always hoped it would have. To help capture the inner workings of the mind is to set free the creativity and imagination of the heart.


I have always been good at communicating. Writing and verbal communication have become my strong points throughout high school and college. I am fond of the shared personal and social acknowledgement that comes out of creating writing that really comes from the heart of our deepest beliefs and ideas in relation to the ultimate truth and life that God has created in the world. I believe it is of extreme importance to recognize the desire that mankind has to share his belief in himself through his confidence in his goodness, his innocence, his hope and all other things which make him care enough to want to put more than two words together or to think of an invention, or to investigate politics. For this reason I very much enjoy literary and verbal expression and I hope others would too if I encouraged it in them.


I am highly sensitive to the needs of students. I see that they want to absorb some understanding of what they are trying to learn. It is important then, to acknowledge that the mind of the student has questions and is searching for some context and meaning for words. For instance, if a student has to learn the word umbrella, what goes through his mind? He needs to be allowed to think about his own experience with umbrellas. For example, he can think to himself, "yes, I have been in the rain and used a purple umbrella before." When he does this, he develops a reason to use the word in his mind and becomes motivated to learn more words: "how do you say purple?" Then he begins to become interested in the suppositions of the things he is supposed to learn. For example, if he has to learn, "The elephants in Africa were playing together," he can develop a mental image of the possibility of what is happening and then the words will start to matter. Their meaning will reveal themselves through the understanding of their expression from the school to the mind of the student. Also, it is of great interest to me to understand the mindframe of the language that is understood by the student, be it French or Italian, Japanese, or Spanish. By understanding one another, instead of the student just understanding me, we will take away much of the tension and bring about a sense of cooperation and caring for ideas. Additionally, I am very interested in languages in general, so it is extremely fun for me to tutor ESL students. I think that there is this false stigma that exists about ESL students--supposedly they are not smart. But learning another language--what could be more developmental and intelligent than that? So I am hoping that by exchanging an understanding of ideas, from Spanish to English and English to Spanish, for example, we will both gain something special from the experience. Yo comprende y habla espanol poquito: (I understand and speak Spanish a little) we can learn together! Additionally, I understand and speak Armenian. I also know a few words in German due to my development of singing German classical songs. Anything can support the growth and development of the subject desired to be learned, whether it be another subject, or the student's mental memory bank of positive images. Let's explore!
I believe I am qualified in this field due to the large amount of study that I have concentrated in language communication. I have taken Advanced Placement English in high school and as a result was allowed to pursue higher classes of English writing and literature in community college. I also took Drama and Shakespeare in high school, which allowed me to study and memorize various poems, as well as recite lines by specific characters along with my fellow students to read plays together in class. And concerning other languages, I am independently pursuing a more in depth look into Russian, by memorizing the look and sound of letters as well as studying the meaning of their beautiful words. I know how to speak Armenian since I am Armenian and I am working on learning the letters more confidently. And I took a year of Spanish in high school. Yo creo usted y yo podemos trabajar juntos bueno.

General Music

Music is a staple of society's emotional well-being. It inspires motivation and cooperation amongst people because it gives us a reason to care about reaching out towards one another when something is wrong. From silence we understand the things which make us happy or truly hopeful, or truly remorseful about life's experiences. And that brings us closer to the divine. I have always had a special place in my heart for music. Currently I am studying classical music. I have been studying in and out of college for more than a few years. My favorite pieces are Mozart's Ave Verum and Regina Coeli, and Bach's Bist Du Bei Mir. Please join me in learning and sharing and growing through this wonderful field of spiritual enlightenment.


The beauty and consequent power of language arts is the effect that sharing ones deepest convictions, hopes, or concerns has on the writer, as well as the reader. For the writer, he or she is afforded the space and respectability that is desired by anyone when they have something of great conviction on their minds. The challenge there has always been discovering how one truly feels about things in the world which we know to be true, or a part of society. Literature is therefore respected because of its ability to allow us to acknowledge how we truly feel about life and its trials and tribulations. My deep love of truth I daresay has arisen and been sustained because of some of what I believe to be the best writing of all time. The challenge for the reader is to enjoy the experience of exploring what is on someone else's mind. This is achieved by studying what he or she truly believes to be quality work. Some good work that I believe is worth studying is Frederick Schillers Longing, a poem about the desire to escape the mundane and explore the marvel of the unknown world, Edgar Allan Poes Annabelle Lee, a poem which expresses a mans devotion to the memory of his dead lover. And then of course there is Shakespeare and his message to young lovers to escape the malfunctions of society's misjudgements in his warning of a tale, Romeo and Juliet. The thing about literature is that it goes in depth. The more you study a work, the more you understand, therefore it seems as if, due to the time it takes to get to developing a relationship with pieces and their ideas, there is an endless supply of work, which is a good thing. So, I hope we can make some progress in this wonderful field of the silent reverence of our minds.


I am a perfectionist when it comes to writing, because of my deep desire to precisely execute a proper expression of what it is that is on my mind. I love sharing ideas in a respectable way, in order to uphold the dignity of the society that we live in. I have a profound conscience awareness of my own mind's capability to think and understand what ought to be and that idealism reflects in my writing--sentence structures and vocabulary choice play a key role. But of course, thoughtfulness and consideration of how to make points thoughtful are part of the beginning processes of writing a clean, clear and concise essay. I am willing not only to help create that for others, but also help them create it for themselves.

Public Speaking

Speech is a powerful tool in recognizing the importance of the social effects of mankind's cognition. Words are the manifestation of the pride of our thoughts. I am very good at speaking. I know how to express myself in such a way that is inspiring and thought-provoking. You may ask--how does one get people to consider my ideas and as a result listen to what is being said by me? First, there are the questions of what to say and how to say it. Often times, not knowing what to say comes from a lack of an investigation into the world around us. First comes the imagination, then the creative literary manifestation of the reality of truths: once we look into things, we find at heart a will to create a way to express what conclusions we draw within our minds based on the things which interest us--how we feel about them, what effect we anticipate they may have on society and us, and what we want others to understand about our relationship with the ideas. Many times, people tend to search for words in order to explain how they feel about things which they are not quite sure of. This is because they need to assert themselves properly as a part of society. Confidence--the steadiness of the concentration and gestures and presence of intention--comes from reasserting one's belief in oneself. To do this, remind yourself of some good points about yourself; look in front of the mirror and say that's a guy (or girl) that I'd like to talk to. We can work on more ways to improve your natural approach to speaking. I very much enjoy public speaking and I am certain I can make you too. I have experience speaking in my high school debate team. I gave a speech at my high school graduation. I gave numerous speeches in my college speech class, for which I got an A. I won the 2004 Miss Los Angeles Scholarship Pageant Interview Award. And I just love to assert myself with words. So please join me in promoting the importance of communication in the world. Together we can celebrate this wonderful field of the social acknowledgement of the human mind and help you discover for yourself your passion for self-expression through words.


Reading is the peaceful and extremely engaging sport of the mind. It edges on toward the glory of self-conscious enlightenment while causing us to wonder about the world and all its truth past present and future. I would encourage children and adults to read what they truly want to, so they feed their imagination and unlock the door to intellectual responsiveness and creative self-development.

Voice (Music)

I have been singing ever since I was a young girl. I am very interested in classical voice and harmonization. I have taken countless voice classes in college and have been practicing singing professional classical pieces ever since. My aunt is a professional piano instructor and I practice with her as she accompanies me. I have also learned numerous choir pieces, which I love. What I love about classical music is that each piece has a unique story that unfolds as the listener listens for his or her understanding of his or her own intellectual and emotional life experiences in correlation to the logos, pathos and ethos that arises from the music. This love of music is what drives me to share my understanding of vocal expression with others. I want others to sing too so that we can all share in the joy of what it means to hear a good piece of music.

There are various techniques that make for well training. First of all, if you are not able to reach a note, or sustain a note for long enough, don't do it! Set your standard of progress according to what makes you comfortable. Because remember you wont be able to have something to communicate if you're not comfortable enough to have something within you that you can keep inside you and say, "yes, this seems good to me." Another thing is that the body should not be objectified. Too many times singers say, "well, okay my body's the instrument," and that inadvertently causes them to stiffen up and accidentally communicate that they are trapped inside their own body and its movements. Movements and gestures have to come from the heart. In other words, your voice and its expression has to feed your heart and influence how you want to reach out with your hands and chest, or look up into the air with your face.

The development of the voice has a lot to do with emotion and the surfacing of emotional non-literal ideas. That should be like the water that fills the proverbial cup of the lyrics. And drinking the water signifies the act of expressing the music and being heard--it has to be clear and refreshing, positive and fulfilling. But to achieve this, one obviously has to study the piece well and ask oneself, "what is being said to me? what am I hearing and how do I express that?" So it's also a balance between this personal aspect of investigation and revelation and the technical one of relating one's vulnerability to the logic and order of having something to say through the music. It's a very fulfilling process and we can progress together with whatever music you wish to learn. I know I will never stop developing my understanding of songs and expression through music. I hope you won't either.


Writing requires several things. One of the most important is concentration. In order to create concentration one needs to build a structure within one's mind based on one's deepest responses towards ideas. That structure is based on an in-depth investigation into the things around us which interest us. Then comes word choice, which is key in the development of the expression of that structural thinking. Then grammar gives musicality and rhythm comes from the choice to place certain ideas in certain areas--beginning, or middle or towards the end. And then the end should give you a chance to express your opinion in terms of idealism and how you think things should be in terms of what you are talking about in order to reiterate your messages and feelings toward the subject. It's hard work, but in the end it's worth pursuing literary advancement. It's intellectually satisfying and creates a more thoughtful, hopeful and happy world!

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