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Cal State, LA
Social Science
Cal State LA - Teaching Credential
Graduate Coursework


Cal State, LA (Social Science)

Cal State LA - Teaching Credential (Graduate Coursework)

About Daniel

Thank you so much for this opportunity to tell you some information about myself. I have over 25 years' experience in the teaching profession including several years of tutoring experience. During my career, I have taught virtually every subject except for the higher math and science courses and every grade level from K-Adult. I have also taught ESL. I possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the social sciences and I have been a contestant on Jeopardy. I have a BA in Social Science with a minor in Spanish and French. I am multilingual and I have had several courses at the university level in Latin.

I have traveled extensively in Mexico, Europe, Israel, French Canada, and French Polynesia.

I enjoy working with students and helping them to reach their maximum academic potential.

I am looking forward to meeting with you. Thank you again.
Thank you so much for this opportunity to tell you some information about myself. I have over 25 years' experience in the teaching profession including several years of tutoring experience. During my career, I have taught virtually every subject except for the higher math and science courses and every grade level from K-Adult. I have also taught Read more

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"Excellent Tutor"

- Diego, Los Angeles, CA on 5/26/14

"Full of Knowledge"

- Rochelle, Burbank, CA on 1/25/12

"Best Investment You'll Ever Make!!!!!"

- Harlan, Monrovia, CA on 11/7/11
Daniel replied on 11/8/2011

Harlan was an awesome student. He was always punctual for every lesson and he was always extremely well-prepared. He asked intelligent, pertinent and thoughtful questions about the material. It was a real pleasure working with him. He worked very hard and he really mastered the material.

Algebra 2, Common Core,
Elementary (K-6th),
Geometry, GMAT, GRE
Elementary Science, Medical Coding, Microbiology, Nursing, Pharmacology, Philosophy, Physical Science,
PSAT, Psychology,
Art History,
Test Preparation:
ACT English,
ACT Reading,
Common Core,
LSAT, Medical Coding, NCLEX, PSAT, Regents, SAT Reading,
SAT Writing,
Series 63, Series 7, TOEFL
Portuguese, Reading,
Elementary Education:
Common Core,
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Science, Grammar,
Phonics, Reading,
Law, Series 7

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

I have taught both British and American Literature at the high school level. Furthermore, I have taught English Grammar and Vocabulary at the high school level. I have taught Creative Writing and Composition. I am a linguist and therefore very well versed in etymology, syntax, and usage.

ACT Reading

I have several years' experience both teaching reading comprehension techniques and test taking strategies to use on reading comprehension exams.


I have over 3 years' experience working in school with large ADD/ADHD populations. I have also received special training on how to work one-on-on with ADD/ADHD. A special letter of commendation was once sent to my principal praising my work with her son that was a student in my class and who was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

American History

I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the social sciences and I have been a contestant on Jeopardy. I continue to read constantly in the field. My studies have involved not only the standard US History, but also social, economic, and political history of the United States.


I have a great layman's interest in the subject in medicine in general. I have impressed my personal medical practitioners with the extent of my knowledge of anatomy (especially knowing the correct Greek and Latin names). One physician even asked me during an examination if I had been a premed student because she was so impressed with my knowledge of the subject. I also taught high school biology where I supervised the dissection of frogs and performed some of the them myself.


From the time I was a small child I read with avid interest the accounts of the great "digs" through recent history. In the course of these readings, I also became familiar with the meticulous procedures necessary to successfully excavate. I have also toured personally many successfully excavated sites in Rome and in Israel. I continue to read and stay current in the field.

Art History

I have had the good fortune to visit some of the great art museums of Europe at length including the Louvre and the Prado. I have made an intense personal study of the live and work of Goya as well as the Impressionists. I have also seen several times the masterpieces in the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. I continue to collect books on the subject and to self-educate myself in the field.


This exam is required of young men and women that are seeking to enter the military. It consists of the basis high school subjects (English, Basic Math skills, Problem Solving, etc.) I have several years' experience teaching high school and I have taught virtually every subject during my career except for the very advanced math and science courses. I have also been certified to tutor the ACT and SAT Reading and Writing Sections with WyzAnt and I have helped many students prepare successfully for other standardized tests. I am also very skilled at teaching students successful test taking strategies.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have served as a "shadow" for students with autism at a school for special needs children. I have also kept current with develops in treating children with autism and the possible biological causes of autism. I have been commended by my supervisors for my patience and kindness working with these students.

Bible Studies

I have several courses at the university level in Bible history and in the history of the early Church. I have also studied theology and the major religions of the world.


I taught biology previously at a private high school. I also wrote a "student friendly" course for the rather obtuse text and I wrote the exams. I was also responsible for audio/visual presentations and teaching the students labs (including frog dissection). I also was required to put complex biological theories (Evolution, "Big Bang," Stanley Miller's experiment) into a simplified format that was understandable for the students.


I passed the CBEST exam personally on my first attempt in 1987 and during my 24 year career as an educator I continue to teach the many subjects included in the CBEST exam. Many potential teachers that attempt the CBEST fail on the their first attempt or they pass all sections on the first attempt and they have to re-take the CBEST; often several times before they succeed. Many potential teachers pass all sections except for the Math section and they must re-take that; often several times. I passed all sections on my first attempt (including the Math section). I believe that I am qualified to help other potential teachers achieve success with the CBEST exam.


I have played chess since middle school and I am familiar with the rules by memory. Although advanced players have sometimes rated me as a "fair" player, I am nevertheless able to sometimes win a game or two from them. I also have a very good understanding of the history, cultural importance (particularly in Russia) and strategic concepts behind the game.

Common Core

I attended several Workshop conducted by the Youth Power Institute in Los Angeles CA that specifically trained teachers and tutors in the Common Core Standards. I was certified to teach using Common Core Standards in schools that the Youth Policy Institute contracted to in their after-school programs for lower achievers.
Under supervision I learned to write lesson plans using Common Core Standard techniques and applications. I am extremely competent to teach Common Core Standards in my opinion.


I have several years' experience tutoring students with dyslexia (both in math and reading). I have worked with students individually in a classroom setting with dyslexia. I am also trained in how to recognize dyslexia and to help the both students and their parents deal with it. The frustration level for students with dyslexia is enormous but I have found they can adapt if their tutor has patience and understanding.

Elementary (K-6th)

In my 22 years as a teacher, I taught every grade level from K-Adult. I have great experience working with younger students and adapting instruction to meet their age levels and needs. I also taught specifically both 3rd grade and 5th grade during my career.


I have taught both British and American Literature at the high school level. In conjunction with these duties, I also taught Creative Writing, Vocabulary Skills, and English Grammar and Composition. I also wrote the study guides and exams for the Literature courses.

European History

I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the social sciences and I have personally visited many of the places in Europe that have been so prominent in European History. History has furthermore been my passion since I was a small child. I continue to read voraciously in the field. I am familiar not only with standard European History but also with social, political, and economic areas of the field as well. I have studied also extensively World Wars I & II.


I have a minor in French. I have visited France twice and I visited Montreal two years ago. I have taught French at the high school level. I also continue to read French magazines, newspapers, and books. I also relish French cuisine.


This is an exam that enables students to receive the equivalent of a high school diploma. The vast majority of my teaching experience has been spent with high school students. I have taught virtually every subject during my career except for the most advanced math and science courses. I am very confident that I can help students prepare successfully for the material covered by the GED. I have already tutored a student in GED preparation and I am comfortable with the material covered by the preparation manual used by this student. The GED appears to be a potpourri of the basic high school subjects and I am well-versed in them.


I took several courses in Geography at the university level. This was required for my BA in Science Science. The research paper required for my BA was also in Geographic Writing.

Government & Politics

My degree in Social Science required several courses in Government & Politics. I have also taught Government at the high school level. When I attended the university, one of my professors published one of my papers in the Journal of Political Science.


I have taught English grammar at the high school level and I have also tutored English grammar. I studied Latin both in high school and at the university level so I am very familiar with the parts of speech that many students of English Grammar struggle with (such a Direct Object, Indirect Object). I am currently studying Russian that still emphasizes parts of speech and I have been praised by a Russian professor for knowing these when most of her American students did not.


I have 25 year's experience as a tutor and as a teacher. I have taught English and verbal reasoning skills successfully for many students. I have also help many students prepared successfully for the SAT's and other standardized tests. I have won high praise from students, parents and fellow educators for my verbal, vocabulary and grammar skills. I am also very adept at teaching successful test-taking strategies.


I have been an avid reader since childhood. I have also taught American, British, and World Literature at the high school level. I have a large personal library and reputation for always having a book with me. I am very much like Thomas Jefferson who once said: "I cannot live without books."

Physical Science

I have previously taught Physical Science to several students at the middle school and high school levels. Generally speaking, Physical Science courses are courses that combine basic Science, some basic math equations used in Basic Science and scientific vocabulary and terminology. Sometimes biographical data is included of significant scientist throughout history.
I have taught Physical Science previously as a classroom course and I have also taught it too students successfully on an individual basis. I am confident that I can help students with their Physical Science classes.

Political Science

My degree is in Social Science and included several Political Sciences courses. When I graduated my preliminary graduation check was done through the Department of Political Science at Cal State Los Angeles. At the time a degree in Social Science was considered part of the Political Science Program. When I was an undergraduate student, one of my Political Science Professors published a paper that I had written for his class in the American Journal of Political Science. I have also written an entire curriculum for a high school civics/Government course.


I have taught Proofreading previously at the high school level. I am also extremely skilled in English Grammar as well as the grammar and syntax of several other languages and I have a very good understand of linguistics and the development of the English language. I have been able to edict the manuscripts of aspiring writers with great accuracy.
I have also had classes in the old method of proofreading that was employed by proofreaders of newspapers before there was spell-check and other such devices on computers. Moreover, I have corrected the spelling and punctuation on countless essays and papers during the course of 24 years' of teaching.


I have taken several courses at the university level in psychology (including education, human development, and abnormal psychology). I have also worked in schools for students with special needs and in home for the mentally challenged during my career. I continue to read extensively in the field.


I have several years experience as a reading tutor. I am especially expert at helping students with reading comprehension and learning how to read, understand, and retain rapidly what they have read (especially when it's required to standardized tests). I also am very adept at motivating students to develop a love of reading. I worked individually with students in a classroom situation that had reading difficulties and I was very successful in helping them to overcome those difficulties.


I have completed several classes at the university level in religion and in the history of religion. I have also studied theology. I have read the sacred scriptures of many of the world's major religions.

SAT Reading

I have prepared students previously for the SAT Reading exams. I am very good at teaching them strategies to read the section and to find the information rapidly in order to complete as many questions correctly.

SAT Writing

I have taught advanced Writing to high school students and I have prepared them to the Writing Section of the SAT exams. I have taught techniques for concise and effective writing. My students have been able to learn to expressed themselves well in writing with brevity and clarity. I taught one student in high school that scored a perfect score when he took his SAT exam.


My degree is in social science and included several university courses involved in sociology and involving the theories used in sociology. During my studies for my teaching credential, I completed a course in the sociology of education. I have also completed several courses in advanced psychology, economics, and history that apply the principles and theories of sociology.


I have a minor in Spanish. I also lived in Mexico City with a Mexican family for three months in the 1980's so I had an immersion experience with the language. I also visited Madrid twice in 2009 where I received many compliments on my fluency. I live in a Spanish-speaking neighboring in Los Angeles where I use Spanish everyday. I read Spanish everyday and usually watch some TV in Spanish also everyday.

Special Needs

During my career I have taught several special needs classes. I also have had several courses at the university level dealing with students with special needs. I have tutored special needs students previously with great success and I have attended several workshops devoted to special needs students. I also recently volunteer at a K-8 school where the majority of the students had special needs. There I several as a "shadow" for a student with severe autism and also worked with students with Childhood Bi-Polar Disorder, ADD, ED's and ODD disorder. I also taught at a Charter School in a 5/6th Grade combination where almost all of my students had special needs.


I was a member of the National Forensic League in high school and thus participated in both extemporaneous oratory and my school's debate team. I also took a public speaking class at the university level as a requirement for my Teaching Credential. I have also received kudos for my personal ability to give speeches without any notes or index cards. I am also known for my ability to lecture to students by memory and without notes and still stay on track and still keep their interest.


I have taught English as a foreign language previously from grades K-Adult. I have also received advanced training in teaching foreign languages and I have taught French and Spanish for example as foreign languages. I am also familiar with the modern techniques to teaching foreign languages and I am able to incorporate a large variety of methodology and I use an eclectic approach to all my teaching based on the individual needs of my students.


I am very much interested in word origins. I have a reputation for having a large, extensive, and varied personal vocabulary. I studied Latin extensively in high school and in the university so I recognize many English words that have entered the language from Latin. I used to astonish students during downtime by reading a copy of the dictionary "just like it was a book."

World History

I possess an encyclopedic knowledge of World History. I have also been a contestant on Jeopardy where many of the questions involved World History. I continue to read extensively in the field. I have also been a devoted fan of historical documentaries since early childhood. I have personally visited many of the historical sites so important in World History in Europe and in Israel. I also am a museum buff and I have made it a point to visit historical museums both abroad and here in California.


I have had a large amount of training in the classification of the different species of plants, animals and protozoa. I am also familiar with the Latin and Greek terms used in the original system of classification developed by Karl Linaeus. I have also had several college courses in physical anthropology and I wrote an entire biology curriculum, labs and exams for a high school biology courses. I have also visited zoos in major cities of the world and studies their techniques for housing animals in the most natural possible conditions. I have also read extensively in the field and I have actually personally swam with dolphins to observe their behavior.

I have also studied extensively fossils and extinct species and their evolution to modern species. I have also read the work of Desmond Morris who considers Homo sapiens to be merely the highest form of primates. I am also familiar with the recently popular movement to remove animals for the confinement of zoo and to allow them to range freely in park settings where they still can be viewed by the public.

Cal State, LA
Social Science
Cal State LA - Teaching Credential
Graduate Coursework


Cal State, LA (Social Science)

Cal State LA - Teaching Credential (Graduate Coursework)

Excellent Tutor

Daniel worked with my grandson to prepare for his ASVAB test. Daniel excelled at all levels of test subjects and much more. We highly recommend Daniel, excellent Tutor and great person.

— Diego, Los Angeles, CA on 5/26/14

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My tutorial rates can be adjusted to meet the needs of each individual client or group.

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