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University of Detroit Mercy
I-O Psychology
Bowling Green State University (OH)


University of Detroit Mercy (I-O Psychology)

Bowling Green State University (OH) (Master's)

About Alvin

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you're right.”
-- Henry Ford

I provide tutoring in Statistics and data analysis using SPSS, and Excel; including early exam preparation and practice. I aim to ensure each student progresses in their chosen subject and achieves results which reflect the best of their ability. I have an excellent track record for achieving learning goals, which is a reflection of the students' efforts and my own.

Recently, I served as the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment at Charles Drew University of Medicine. I currently serve as an associate faculty member at Riverside Community College. I am a patient and methodical person who starts by assessing the understanding and capabilities of the learner which enables me to develop a student-specific training plan. I believe in teaching and strengthening the fundamental concepts of a subject.

My teaching and leadership experience has helped students, educational institutions and corporations achieve their learning and performance goals. I bring practical, real-world experience to share with you. Please feel free to take advantage of it.

Underlying my educational philosophy is the belief that it is more important to teach learners how to think, rather than what to think. Educators should not treat learners simply as empty vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge. Rather, learners should be engaged with alternative viewpoints that challenge existing assumptions and encourage critical thinking.

My goals are to help learners think independently and to train them to articulate their ideas clearly. I find it exciting when learners are able to move beyond parroting what the textbook or professor tells them and are able to draw their own conclusions from the material.
“Whether you think you can or can’t, you're right.”
-- Henry Ford

I provide tutoring in Statistics and data analysis using SPSS, and Excel; including early exam preparation and practice. I aim to ensure each student progresses in their chosen subject and achieves results which reflect the best of their ability. I have an excellent
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"A wealth of information - easy to understand"

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"Excellent Tutor"

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Algebra 1,
Algebra 2,
Elementary Math, GED, GRE, Microsoft Excel,
Probability, SPSS,
Philosophy, Psychology
Test Preparation:
Career Development,
College Counseling,
General Computer, Microsoft Access,
Microsoft Excel,
Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word,
Special Needs:
Elementary Math
Elementary Education:
Elementary Math
Career Development,
Economics, GRE, Microsoft Excel,
Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


I worked hard to pass the AFOQT and I was selected for Air Force Officer Training School (OTS). Currently I participate in my local Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

A military career will provide you many opportunities to grow as an individual both mentally and physically while developing lifelong friendships. You will acquire strong leadership skills and a position at one of the top high-tech organizations in the world.


Verbal Analogies
Arithmetic Reasoning
Word Knowledge
Math Knowledge
Instrument Comprehension
Block Counting
Table Reading
Aviation Information
General Science
Rotated Blocks
Hidden Figures
Self-Description Inventory

Algebra 1

Students will gain proficiency in computation with rational numbers (positive and negative fractions, positive and negative decimals, whole numbers, and integers) and algebraic properties. New concepts include solving two-step equations and inequalities, graphing linear equations, simplifying algebraic expressions with exponents, i.e. nomomials and polynomials, factoring, solving systems of equations, and using matrices to organize and interpret data.

Algebra 2

Students will gain proficiency in solving linear equations, inequalities, and systems of linear equations. New concepts include solving quadratic equations and inequalities, exploring conics, investigating polynomials, and applying and using matrices to organize and interpret data. Students will also investigate exponential and logarithmic functions.


This course will cover:

Overview of the whole test and ways of getting the best score.
Brushing up of your Math skills needed to score a 65 in the ASVAB.
Simple techniques needed to maximize the limited time of the test.

Course outline:

Overview and Math knowledge.
Review Math knowledge and introduce arithmetic reasoning.
Specific word problems and how to solve them.
Review problems students are having and questions they don't understand.
Preparation for test and suggestions for passing the test.


I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Psychology and a Master’s degree in Organizational Development. I have worked in both urban and rural universities, General Motors and Proctor & Gamble. I have vast experience in the business world gained from my 20 years experience in positions from manager to sales representative.

Career Development

This course will develop career strategies for job seekers, utilizing assessments and other tools. I maintain ongoing relationships with my clients to assist them in obtaining career and educational goals. I work closely with clients to overcome their barriers to employment; while partnering with organizations to provide resources to them.

I provide knowledgeable advice regarding labor market statistics and employment laws and policies. Students will learn effective negotiation, communication and time management skills.

College Counseling

Currently, I serve as a University Enrollment Advisor. I work with current and/or potential undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in the University's programs. From enrolling and admitting students to developing academic plans.

I help students chart their educational journey while monitoring their participation and progress throughout the enrollment process, and helping resolve any challenges or issues they may encounter.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

I am an experienced software and technical support specialist with 30 years of hands-on experience using and teaching MS Office and college-level information technology courses. To be successful with Access, you should be comfortable in the Windows environment and be able to use Windows to manage information on the computer. Specifically, you should be able to launch and close programs, navigate to information stored on the computer, and manage files and folders.

Learning Objectives:

Identify the basic components of an Access database
Identify the Elements of the Access Interface
Identify the Components of a Database
Examine the Relational Database Design Process

Build the structure of a database
Create a New Database
Create a Table Using the Design View
Manage Tables
Establish Table Relationships

Manage data in tables
Modify Table Data
Sort and Filter Records
Work with Subdatasheets

Query a database
Create a Query
Add Criteria to a Query
Add a Calculated Field to a Query
Perform Calculations on a Record Grouping

Design forms
Create a Form
Modify the Design of a Form
View and Edit Data Using an Access Form

Generate reports
Create a Report
Add a Control to a Report
Format the Controls in a Report
Enhance the Appearance of a Report
Prepare a Report for Print

Microsoft Excel

Students will create and edit basic Excel worksheets and workbooks, use basic formulas, and apply common formatting and printing techniques.

Topics Covered:

Navigate in Excel
Select Data
Enter Data
Save a Workbook
Obtain Help

Move and Copy Data Between Cells
Fill Cells with Series of Data
Edit Cell Data
Insert and Delete Cells, Columns, and Rows
Find, Replace, and Go To Cell Data
Spell Check a Worksheet

Create Basic Formulas
Calculate with Functions
Copy Formulas and Functions
Create an Absolute Reference

Change Font Size and Type
Add Borders and Color to Cells
Change Column Width and Row Height
Merge Cells
Apply Number Formats
Create a Custom Number Format
Align Cell Contents
Find and Replace Formats
Apply an AutoFormat
Apply Styles

Format Worksheet Tabs
Reposition Worksheets in a Workbook
Insert and Delete Worksheets
Copy and Paste Worksheets
Copy a Workbook

Set a Print Title
Create a Header and a Footer
Set Page Margins
Change Page Orientation
Insert and Remove Page Breaks
Print a Range

Split a Worksheet
Arrange Worksheets
Freeze and Unfreeze Rows and Columns
Hide and Unhide Worksheets

Microsoft Word

Because the versions 2003, 2007, and 2010 are similar in functionality, the majority of the core skills covered in my course work across these versions with only minor differences.

Topics Covered:

Enter Text
Save a New Document
Preview a Document
Print a Document

Navigate in a Document
Insert Text
Select Text
Create an AutoText Entry
Move and Copy Text
Delete Blocks of Text
Undo Changes
Find and Replace Text

Change Font and Size
Apply Font Styles and Effects
Change Text Color
Highlight Text
Copy Formats
Clear Formatting
Find and Replace Text Formatting

Set Tabs
Change Paragraph Alignment
Indent Paragraphs
Add Borders and Shading
Apply Styles
Create Lists
Change Spacing Between Paragraphs and Lines

Use the Thesaurus
Check Spelling and Grammar
Create a New Default Dictionary
Check Word Count
Modify a Document in Print Preview

Create a Table
Enter Data in a Table
AutoFormat a Table
Convert Text into a Table

Insert Symbols and Special Characters
Insert a Clip Art Picture
Add a Watermark

Set Page Orientation
Change Page Margins
Apply a Page Border
Add Headers and Footers
Insert a Page Break


An understanding of algebra is a foundational skill to virtually all topics in higher-level mathematics, and it is useful in science, statistics, accounting, and numerous other professional and academic areas. This course builds a bridge between simple whole-number arithmetic operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and algebra.

This course not only provides a fundamental set of algebra skills, but it demonstrates how these skills can be used to study various problems that have real-world applications.

Topic 1— Whole Numbers
Topic 2— Integers
Topic 3— Fractions
Topic 4— Decimals
Topic 5— Powers, Exponents, and Roots
Topic 6— Percent
Topic 7— Powers and Square Roots
Topic 8— Expressions and Equations
Topic 9— Ratio and Proportion
Topic 10— Geometry
Topic 11— Measurement
Topic 12— Graphing
Topic 13— Working with Monomials and Polynomials


I'm a knowledgeable and resourceful Organizational Psychology specialist with over 20 years experience in providing internal and external consulting services across the broad spectrum of Human Capital Management, employee assessment and selection, organizational assessment, and change management; developing future opportunities and acquiring new business; increasing customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and delivery of quality products and services.

I provide a comprehensive introduction to psychology. The course examines the history of psychology, the brain, the senses, hypnosis, ESP, drugs, sleep, child and adult development, language, thinking (including critical thinking), and learning, motivation, emotion, social psychology, personality, human diversity, conflict, and the diagnosis and treatment of emotional problems such as anxiety, schizophrenia, paranoia, depression, and suicide.

In addition, I also provide an introduction to research design and methodology. Topics to be covered include the logic of research, the issues that must be considered in deciding how to study various psychological phenomena, and ways to address the difficulties posed by the limitations of specific studies. Ways for assessing threats to the internal and external validity of studies will be examined. These issues will be illustrated through reference to the examples of research on various topics in psychology, sociology, education and business.

This course is intended for undergraduate and graduate students interested in understanding human. It is especially appropriate for students preparing for graduate school, applied research and “people-oriented” careers in areas such as mental health, medicine, law enforcement, rehabilitation and management careers where an understanding of people in necessary.


SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Scientists) is a comprehensive statistical and data management package for analysts and researchers. Its statistical capabilities alone range from simple percentages to complex analyses of variance, multiple regressions, and general linear models as well as to generate tabulated reports, charts and plots of distributions and trends.

SPSS makes statistical analysis more accessible for the beginner and more convenient for the experienced user. The Data Editor offers a simple and efficient spreadsheet-like facility for entering data and browsing the working data file. Most tasks can be accomplished simply by pointing and clicking the mouse!


Descriptive & Inferential Statistics

To provide an easy overview of statistics and statistical terminology through a series of practical applications. Once you've completed this course you'll be able to summarize data and interpret reports and newspaper accounts that use statistics and probability.

Topics Covered:

Mean, median, and mode; range, variance, and standard deviation
Box plots and stem-and-leaf plots and other histograms
Frequency distributions
Types of data (measurement and categorical variables)
Probability, conditional probability
Samples and populations
Random Sample
Parameters and parameter estimates
Testing via a theoretical probability distribution
Chi-squared goodness-of-fit test

University of Detroit Mercy
I-O Psychology
Bowling Green State University (OH)


University of Detroit Mercy (I-O Psychology)

Bowling Green State University (OH) (Master's)

A wealth of information - easy to understand

Alvin is a wealth of information and explains information in an easy to understand way. I am working on my doctoral study and was completely stuck and confused with the statistical analysis sections. Alvin is patient and makes confusing concepts easy to understand and apply. He has immersed himself into my study in order to provide me with assistance which is relevant to me. His method of expla

— Royal, Corona, CA on 11/18/13

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