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Hope International University
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Hope International University (Human Development)

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Hello, my name is Ron. Helping people learn is very exciting; consequently, I love tutoring.

Math (middle school math, prealgebra, algebra, geometry) English, grammar, writing, study skills, these are just a few subjects I am certified to tutor.

I have passed CBEST and CSET. I have successfully completed numerous college level math courses for my Associate in Arts degree as well my Bachelor of Science degree (with honors). Additionally, I have been a substitute teacher at a local school. Also, I have spent many hours assisting my two boys in their various school subjects. I have been teaching for over 20 years, which has allowed me to teach students of all ages. Patient and caring, that’s the type of teacher I am. I will work with and for you, I want you to learn!

I invite you to read my WyzAnt blog. Just click on the Ron’s Blog tab. Also, you can find more information about me and the subjects I teach by clicking on the Tutoring Subjects tab. By the way, that picture of the Dachshund next to my picture is my wife’s dog. His name is Bungee, and he’s a character.

And remember this, learning is difficult at times. In some ways, learning is like navigating a ship through dense fog. It’s challenging and can even be a bit threatening. But bright through the fog, a beam straight from a distant lighthouse warns ship and crew of hiding rock and of shallow reef and of treacherous shore. So the ship with its small crew, brave, moves steadily on. With the right help, you can learn. You can move ahead.

I wish you the best in all your studies and learning.

Thank you,
Hello, my name is Ron. Helping people learn is very exciting; consequently, I love tutoring.

Math (middle school math, prealgebra, algebra, geometry) English, grammar, writing, study skills, these are just a few subjects I am certified to tutor.

I have passed CBEST and CSET. I have successfully completed numerous college
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In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Algebra 1

Algebra is one of the categories used by CBEST, a test I have passed. In fact, I passed all three sections of the CBEST in one sitting!

I have also completed algebra courses in college. These courses required students to not only attend the weekly class but to also spend a number of hours in the college math lab. The lab included tutors, videos, and other material that reinforced the class instruction. These lab resources also presented effective teaching techniques.

I am patient and understanding when teaching algebra to students. Does the student know the definition of the algebraic terms? Has the student experienced any success in his or her study of algebra? Is the student feeling insecure or doubtful? Does the student believe algebra is too complicated? What’s simple to one person can be complicated to another. Accordingly, a teacher must adapt or meet the student at his or her level of understanding. That is what I do.

I wish you the best in all your learning.

Bible Studies

I have been a serious Bible student since 1987.
I have completed several Bible courses in college and I have spent many hours in private study.
One of the more challenging courses that I’ve gone through is Biblical Greek. The numerous noun case endings, the verb endings, the verb tenses, the various forms of the article, the prepositions, the declensions, along with many other formidable memory testing subjects found in Biblical Greek have all played havoc with my mind. But knowing something about Biblical has paid mega dividends.
Through the years I have acquired hundreds of books related to the Bible. These books include archaeology books, history books, theological works, single subject books, commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopedias, along with a host of other Bible reference works.
Even with all this learning I am not an authority on the Bible. In fact, no human being is an authority on the Bible. God alone is the authority on the Bible. Humans are fallible. God alone is infallible.
If you want to study the Bible, let me know. By the way, I do not charge any fee for teaching the Bible.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have been able to teach students in K-6 in various settings. These include Bible classes, substitute teaching at the elementary level in a public school district, and volunteer work in public schools. My study in human development included several classes on the physical and mental development of children. How do children learn? Are they able to learn everything taught them? These and many other issues related to childhood development and learning were extensively studied in various classes in the human development course. I have experience in working with students with autism.

I volunteer once a week at a local public school to assist a second grade teacher with a class of 32 students! By my being there and assisting the teacher, the students are very much motivated to read, as one of my assignments is to listen to individual students read. Just having someone listen to them read is motivating to them.


An effective ESL teacher will be sensitive to his or her student’s culture.That teacher spends time learning about the culture of his or her student. That same sensitive teacher then is able to create lessons and present material that actually aid the ESL student in learning. So instead of setting up roadblocks in the way of learning that teacher builds roads and bridges to learning.

Yes, I have completed college courses on multiculturalism, but my demonstrating and showing respect toward people is based on my belief system. Yes, I know that subject extends far and wide, but basically my belief system teaches that a person is of the highest value intrinsically. Wealth, talents, abilities, culture, and all other externals do not determine the worth of a person. A person has value, worth intrinsically; it is personhood (the soul, the spirit, the mind, the person) that is of the greatest worth.

I know the challenges faced in learning a second language,for I have studied and learned Greek. Wow! What a difference in syntax, in grammar,in all things! Greek is a highly inflected language,memorization skills needed. Learning a second language is one way of visiting another part of the world without having to actually travel. I can help you reach your destination.
I have studied English grammar, pronunciation skills, syllabification, consonants (consonant blends, digraphs, etc.), vowels (long, short, diphthongs, etc.), reading for comprehension, critical thinking and writing.

Why did I choose those English and writing courses in college? There are several reasons. But one reason is my understanding of the power of words; specifically, the solutions to all life’s pain and suffering are found by thought, by thinking, and WORDS are the vehicle of thought!

I wish you the best in all your learning.


My teaching math spans 20 years. I completed several college level math courses, which include pre-algebra courses. Additionally, I have passed CBEST and CSET, two tests that do contain math testing sections.
I have a unique way of teaching math. Why? Because it is a unique subject.

In fact, it is so unique that I study math every day. Such a focus and concentration says something about the unique characteristics of math. That’s subjective, I know. So is this: Solving a math problem builds confidence. It provides nutrition for the mind of the learner. It energizes.

Public Speaking

I have over 20 years of public speaking experience. This experience includes the completion of communication and public speaking courses in college, the completion of two private courses in public speaking, and enrollment in Toastmasters.

Most people experience some level of fear in public speaking. Fear, however, is not all negative. It can actually be thought of as an alert or warning signal, moving us to prepare to meet and conquer that which we fear.

Can fear of public speaking be eliminated? No. And even if could be it ought not to be. Some amount of fear is actually healthy, as it will keep us alert. But if the level of fear is such that it becomes distracting, creating a mental strain, then the fear needs to be lessened.

Think of a public speech as an opportunity. Not an opportunity for you to be praised, but as an opportunity to help other people.

If you don’t recognize and believe that your speech can be of any benefit to the audience, then you have little motivation to do more than just get it done and over with. But if you are convinced that your speech can make a difference—a positive difference—then you will meet up with sincerity, passion, and confidence, and by these you will win the hearts and minds of your audience.

I wish you the best in all your learning.

Hope International University
Human Development


Hope International University (Human Development)

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