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I have tutored elementary school, high school, college, and university students in all areas of math, English, and Latin for the past 7 years (and counting!). I have also worked as a professional writer since 2009. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA from a college preparatory high school with a special emphasis on advanced mathematics, the arts, foreign languages, English and literature.

My focus is on a thorough understanding of the concepts: anyone can memorize what they are studying, but true confidence in math and language arts comes from solid, ingrained knowledge in order to be able to answer questions and solve problems beyond the classroom, whether from a textbook or in real life application. In turn, being strong in these two fields helps immensely with others, like history and science.

In my experience, constant practice and comprehensive, detailed visual explanations (and examples) are the best tools for excelling at any subject, especially all levels of math.

Every individual's learning process is unique. I can adapt and adjust my teaching methods to each student and be a guide, not just a tutor, who leads them to successful learning.

Please look over my available subjects to see if I can assist you today!
I have tutored elementary school, high school, college, and university students in all areas of math, English, and Latin for the past 7 years (and counting!). I have also worked as a professional writer since 2009. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA from a college preparatory high school with a special emphasis on advanced mathematics, the arts, foreign Read more

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ACT Science,

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

The mechanics of any language are a necessary asset, and English is no exception. In this section, the ACT tests on usage and rhetoric. Your child needs to understand and recognize proper grammar and punctuation usage, as well as strong sentence structure, in order to score well. We will go through practice questions and tests together, while he/she continues to study outside of lessons with a personalized prep routine. It is crucial I find out exactly which concepts he/she is struggling with so I can show him/her how to find the correct answers.

ACT Math

The math portion of the ACT is very similar to that of the SAT, only the difference being an additional focus on geometry and trigonometry concepts. The ACT also has a more diversified mixture of advanced math problems, requiring strong algebra and geometry skills. I'm familiar with all areas of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, so you will be not only practicing for the ACT questions but also reviewing these concepts to make sure you're fully prepared for the exam.

ACT Reading

ACT Reading has four passages always set in four predetermined topic areas. This part of the test is more predictable because of that. However, your child still needs to have strong reading comprehension and analytical skills in order to succeed. We will go through as many practice tests as we can so I can pinpoint your child's struggles, promote key testing strategies, and help him/her understand the material better as a whole.

ACT Science

The ACT Science section does not require extensive scientific knowledge or skills. It is similar to the ACT math section in that it tests students' analytical skills and their ability to correctly interpret graphs/data and form conclusions. I will go through practice tests and practice questions with your child so he/she can form a strong practice routine and use testing strategies to excel in this part of the exam.

Algebra 1

This is by far the level of math I've helped most of my students with, and I cannot stress enough how important it is to master algebra 1 first before proceeding to any other areas of advanced mathematics. It is a continuation of prealgebra and many algebra courses also include some basic geometry as well. You will need to continually review your basic math skills and practice new skills to get the most out of algebra 1.

Algebra 2

The second half of algebra, algebra 2 is best learned after going through algebra 1, though integration of geometry into algebra 1 and 2 is something I personally support for maximum learning. However, on its own, algebra 2 is basically an advanced upgrade of algebra 1 concepts, including graphing, solving equations, and new methods to solve word problems. I recommend either a review of algebra 1 or a diagnostic test prior to beginning algebra 2, so I can know how many algebra concepts you know and where your strengths are before we cover new material. A great deal of the topics in algebra 2 are not that connected to each other, so it is essential I am aware of how far your current algebra skills will be able to take you and what we will need to go back and work on together.


I can help you be ready to excel in the math and language arts sections of the ASVAB. I will first assess your abilities in both areas so I know which concepts you need to focus on. Then we will develop a study/practice plan that works the best for you and your goals. I can also provide online test resources upon request. Students under my tutelage have not only passed the exam but also greatly improved their math and language skills.


I am most familiar with the math section of the CBEST, which focuses on fundamental math concepts, as well as areas of algebra and statistics. I can help you strengthen your math skills, improve your ability to solve word problems, and strategize how to assess questions and extract relevant information from each one. We can also quickly review any branch of math you've not studied before or need to re-learn.

I can also help you prepare for the reading and writing sections. The reading section requires the test taker to pick up on contextual clues, while the writing section assesses whether or not the test taker has college-level writing skills. Together, we can create a customized plan of study and practice that helps you feel confident in both these areas as well.


I have been playing chess for many years ... since I was 14, I believe! Since my very first chess game, I have achieved many checkmates. However, I have lost many games and I have won many games! To summarize, I have learned a lot from chess and I highly value the strategy and logic skills it teaches. It's one of the best board games out there.


The Classics are a necessary part of one's education. Latin and Greek were once the most important languages in the world, and now they are an integral part of the English language as well as the other Romance languages. I started my studies of the Classics in 4th grade and continued until my completion of high school. I invested much time in the reading and analysis of Ancient literature and history, as well as Ancient languages like Latin and Ancient Greek.


For one and a half years, I helped a dyslexic student with multiple courses, including economics and advanced math. Dyslexia requires patience, understanding, and a willingness to try many methods and approaches until the student can fully learn the class material, whether numerical or literary. I also provided my student with clear notes and examples he could refer to outside of lessons.

Elementary (K-6th)

These grade levels are so critical and important in a child's education in order to achieve maximum skill development in key areas, i.e. math and language arts. I have helped students from all elementary grade levels, especially 4th to 6th graders, aim for strong numerical literacy and reading comprehension skills through regimented, disciplined practice work. I implement worksheets and extracurricular assignments, to be completed outside of lessons, and I expect parents to hold their children accountable for completed homework. I also drill my students about the material they're learning so they can figure out the correct answers and develop critical thinking skills as well. This results in the mastery of basic math and language arts concepts, creating a structured foundation for both subjects as students enter higher grades.

Elementary Math

This is the learning period that counts the most for maximum knowledge of core math concepts. Times tables, operations of numbers, fractions, decimals, and percents form the building blocks of strong math skills that last beyond academics and in real life application. Being able to confidently solve word problems is a very important part of the foundation as well. I can help adult or child not only memorize the essentials, but also truly understand and be able to use them on a daily basis. Since these concepts are flexible in terms of learning methods, I always want the student to find the one that fits best.


Core skills for English include reading comprehension, composition, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, phonics, and writing. According to statistics, only 24 percent of graduating high school students are fully literate in English. My education had a strong focus on literature and all areas of English, and my work experience as a professional writer has expanded my exposure to different writing styles and individual voices, in order to help others achieve fluency and sophistication in their mastery of English. With English being the new universal language, it is crucial that we work on all these areas so you can feel confident using one of the most important tools of today. However, please note that I do not help with ESL/TOEFL.

Financial Accounting

I've helped with undergraduate level accounting courses, including agricultural accounting. Accounting is a systematic subject, with set rubrics. I understand the system of accounts and how they work together; I can show you how to correctly list them in journal entries and transactions and transfer these to a ledger. I also have firsthand experience in creating the four major financial statements and adding correct closing/adjusting entries for a complete, organized book of accounts and properly formatted documents.


Updates within the last several years mean each of the four subject sections on the GED test you on more concepts and skills than ever before. I am not only familiar with the expectations set for each subject, especially math, but I also can assist you in comprehensively preparing for each area according to your strengths and current skills. I can also provide online test resources upon request.

General Music

Since I was in the 4th grade, music has been one of my required subjects. I studied music theory, composition, and history for nearly 5 years. When I was 9 years old, I started playing the piano, and eventually I had vocal training as well after church choir. When I entered high school, I also excelled in my Musicianship class and concert choir.


Geometry covers writing proofs, developing logical thinking skills, the theorems and properties of all geometric shapes and figures, and a review of algebra skills. I personally see this particular branch of math as crucial in handling abstract concepts that can be applied in real life, though not in the same way as other levels of math. I've had the opportunity to help many high school students with geometry.


The English grammar system is a paradox, simple in structure but the most complex to remember and use correctly. Good grammar usage is becoming all too rare in a world where shortcuts are preferred in everyday life and academics. However, grammar skills are still essential for moving forward in one's education and work. Through the use of level-appropriate materials and textbooks, my years of tutoring and studying English, and my experience as a professional writer, increasing your confidence in speaking and writing English correctly is my priority.


The GRE is the most complex and demanding standardized test I've come across in all my years of tutoring. You have to be ready to analyze every problem, question, and even your own reasoning (the writing section). I've helped students prepare for all three sections of the test, especially math. I work with you to target concept areas needing improvement and create a study-and-practice plan to fit your needs and prepare you for success in your test-taking.


For six grade levels, I had handwriting as an official school subject. I was expected to print Roman letters correctly, write cursive script at the correct angle and form, and incorporate my own unique style into proper penmanship. Another part of my education was learning how to hold the writing implement in the correct way so as not to strain the hand or fingers and maintain a steady flow of writing. I also took calligraphy as an art course during one year of high school.


I've helped several homeschooled students (elementary and high school) with multiple subjects, including math and Latin over an extended period of time. Having been homeschooled for the majority of my primary and secondary education, I know how to work with individual lesson plans and learning expectations outside of usual school curriculum. Homeschooling means independent, motivated learning, which I can help the student achieve with book recommendations as well as extracurricular practice and homework.


I have studied Latin for over 9 years; it was a major course in elementary school and all four years of high school. You will need to familiarize yourself with rubrics of Latin grammar, vocabulary, and word structure and become comfortable with it, in order to translate Latin into English and vice versa. This is what we will focus on, starting from the roots up. I can help you master this fascinating language, still thriving in today's society after so many centuries.


A varied, sophisticated reading list is fundamental for writing and critical thinking. It creates standards for both personal and academic reading. Literature, in any field, usually requires essay responses, research papers, reviews, and other assignments. Many high school, college, and university exams - the ACT, SAT, and GRE - have writing portions that expect you to have a wide scope of literature in order to present articulate, argumentative answers to their prompts. As a writer myself, I cannot recommend enough the importance of reading well and often, as it naturally increases daily vocabulary and improves writing skills.

Music History

I had a solid music history course for four years in elementary school, learning about the beginning of music to contemporary times. I listened to numerous composers mentioned in my music history textbooks. I also had piano lessons as well as music theory at the same time.

Music Theory

Being able to read, play, and write music is the gist of music theory. It is part of anyone's efforts to play a musical instruments, vocal training, or musical compositions. It also helps during any study of music history and music appreciation. Since 4th grade, I've been playing the piano and taken vocal lessons, so I have studied the fundamentals of music theory. I also had Musicianship, which is basically advanced music theory, as a course in high school. Music theory is also a helpful tool in science and art studies - and for the genera enjoyment of music itself.


I had phonetics as an official course from 1st to 6th grade - in total, 6 years. I am also a native English speaker, so both factors help in teaching phonics.


Prealgebra sets the stage for higher level math, so it is vital that the basics of algebra - signed numbers, order of operations, graphing, equations - are the main focus. Repetition of the concepts, thorough explanations, and regular practice are my first recommendations when it comes to learning the fundamentals of beginning algebra.


In order to move forward to calculus, you have to grasp the basics of precalculus. Functions, graphing of functions, trigonometry, and an introduction to core calculus concepts are all topics covered in this course. I will show you how to identify parent functions, graph functions easily and effectively using transformations, and learn all the information you need to know for each individual set of concepts in order to proceed from one to another, all while pointing out how they are interrelated.


I have professionally edited enough graduate/undergraduate papers, personal statements, short stories, essays, research papers, and scripts over 5 years to know that the editing process is very important in writing. I will show you how to distinguish revision from proofreading: analyzing content for fluency and relevance, revising text for maximum effect and clarity (sentence structure, paragraph organization), and correcting grammar/punctuation mistakes. Proofreading is the finishing touch in the editing process.


This is more or less a practice test for your child, an assessment of the skill and conceptual areas he/she needs to improve on before taking the SAT. With my knowledge of high school standards and SAT requirements, l can help your child prepare for this test so he/she can not only do his/her best, but also recognize which specific areas he/she needs to focus on with additional practice work. I will provide online resources, such as worksheets and other materials, upon request.


Reading skills form a crucial life skill, but a high percentage of adults and children are illiterate around the world. You cannot study any subject without being able to read - it's the first thing we learn as children for a reason. Phonics, grammar, and vocabulary all share a part in reading comprehension, which has lasting effects well beyond education itself. Reading is still the top learning method, and I am going to teach it to you, no matter what level of literacy you're at.

SAT Math

The SAT's math section has a moderate mix of basic math, word problems, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, trigonometry, and precalculus. Because the majority of questions are multiple choice, an exam taker needs to think quickly within the time limit to solve each problem and still have time to work the fill-in questions on the portion of the test. I will help with a review of the math concepts needed to score high on the SAT and an acceleration of analytical skills for swift problem-solving.

SAT Reading

Your child needs to be ready to analyze and interpret college-level text correctly, the aim of this test section divided into three smaller, interspersed sections. I first have students take and score at least one practice test prior to our first lesson in order to assess their current reading comprehension, analytical, and test-taking skills. Then I help them formulate a prep plan based on regular studying and practice work in the form of practice questions and weekly practice tests. I teach them how to improve their test performance through testing strategies and recommendations for strengthening their reading skills under a time limit.

SAT Writing

The SAT expects students to have college-ready writing skills. I will critique your child's essays to determine which areas he/she need to improve on and provide them with exercises and tips on how to reach that. This includes sentence structure, paragraph organization, word and grammar usage, and fluidity. The steps we will take to strengthen your child's writing now count tremendously toward success in more advanced, future writing.


Spelling may seem like an insignificant subject, with auto-correct and the loss of actual handwriting slowly snuffing it out. However, poor spelling skills are still not tolerated in the professional business world or at an post-secondary academic level. In any work environment, businesses recognize the importance of good spelling and the neat, organized appearance it gives its user. I had spelling for 6 years an actual subject at school, and the dictionary is my best tool for writing. Spelling is a lifelong learning process, not just one suffered during elementary school.


I not only have helped elementary and high school students with all areas of math and English for over 7 years, but I've also helped many students across grade levels with test preparation for these two subjects. I am familiar with which skills and knowledge your child needs to score well on primary and secondary school standardized testing.


Trigonometry is the true bridge between precalculus and calculus, so being able to recognize trigonometric identities and formulate them for use in equations, graphs, and functions are just a few of the key topics I will help you with. We will cover all triangle theorems and how to draw up special right triangles on the spot for use in problems. Word problems are another area where many of these concepts spring up. I can show you the step-by-step process to target the desired solution and how to obtain it.


Words are the bricks of any language - a rich vocabulary builds a strong foundation for word usage in writing, speech, etc. My lesson plan for vocabulary includes practice of new words through different exercises, including but not limited to analogies, synonyms, antonyms, and sentence usage. I also want my students in invest in good vocabulary workbooks and flashcards for maximum memorization. Reading and writing are also helpful resorts for remembering vocabulary words, as regular usage incorporates the words into daily language.


Writing is simply being able to put words onto paper, and it remains one of the most important tools we need to succeed, in education and life. As a seasoned professional writer, I can help anyone to improve their general writing skills, balance their sentence structure and vocabulary in order to form succinct paragraphs with transitions, and follow the format of academic writing at any grade level. I also have experience with business writing, including copywriting and technical writing.

Best Tutor

Natalie is by far the best and most capable tutor I have worked with in the past. I am so confident in Natalie's ability to help in any subject that I will reach out to her my next class. She is really that good and I'm thankful I found her.

— Santa Lina, Fresno, CA on 5/16/17

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $25.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

I do not do in-home tutoring; I only meet at public locations. I also do not do group tutoring.

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Natalie will travel within 5 miles of Fresno, CA 93720.