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American Conservator
Bachelors.Music Ed


American Conservator (Bachelors.Music Ed)

About Levon

I am a healthy living habits expert and a committed plant based Raw Foodist. I am an organizer of 2 MeetUp groups here in Fresno, CA.

I have taught yoga professionally for over 27 years, and practiced for 31 years. I am also a fitness buff, and a Thai Yoga Bodywork Masseuse.

I hold a Bachelor's of Music Education degree from the oldest music school in the USA, The American Conservatory of Music (originally in Chicago, now relocated in Hammond, Indiana).

I teach voice, flute, piano and overcoming stage freight. I use creative modalities like Yoga, and teach Self-Acupressure/Shiatzu massage. I also give lectures on Raw Living Foods for Optimum health and weight reduction without counting calories.

My hope is to create a peaceful, loving, caring world tempered with a sense of reality.

Hope you contact me. Thank you.
I am a healthy living habits expert and a committed plant based Raw Foodist. I am an organizer of 2 MeetUp groups here in Fresno, CA.

I have taught yoga professionally for over 27 years, and practiced for 31 years. I am also a fitness buff, and a Thai Yoga Bodywork Masseuse.

I hold a Bachelor's of Music Education degree
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I have taught Yoga Exercise for over 19 years. Yoga teaches one to use one's Anatomy very carefully so one is flexible, strong, supple, agile, co-ordinated, has excellent balance,stamina and mainly Peace-Of-Mind through relaxed breathing, in what Dr. Herbert Benson MD called "The Relaxation Response"

I have practiced Hatha Yoga for over 30 years and have owned and run yoga centers in San Francisco Bay Area, mid-peninsula for over 19 years. In fact my website home page still shows my Burlingame, CA. Address though now I reside and stay in Fresno and teach at Perfect Balance Yoga, close-by at Fresno and Shaw Streets.
One has to be familiar with the Human Anatomy/Kinesiology in order to teach yoga. I also have been into Body-building and encourage thorough Warm-Up procedures before any kind of Sports or Exercise activity. I invite WyZant personnel to come take a yoga class for free from me at Perfect Balance Yoga and meet and talk with me.Thank you and Namaste


Besides my yoga, I am a health enthusiast. Jack LaLanne is my inspiration. I have been a gym rat most of my life and know a lot about Exercise Physiology, much like Denise Austen on TV. Doing Thai Yoga Bodywork
Therapy for many(having yoga done to you, or "The Lazyman's yoga) has helped foment a relaxed attitude to Weight Training, body building and using Cross Training principles, because weight training alone (or doing Yoga alone) and not watching what you put into your body via plant based healthy nutrition is useless. So it is not only Exercise, but Proper Exercise plus proper healthy eating.I recently gave a lecture at Perfect Balance on Raw Living foods.

Ear Training

When I was a young boy, I won the Mathews Medal for Violin playing and ear intonation and performed Bachs Gavotte in G minor, and guess what I can still play this with with perfect Ear Intonation. This should speak volumes. I am searching for my Report card which I have saved somewhere my Trinity College of London report on Ear Training. I use simple rounds singing and chanting styles both from Yoga and Western Music literature.


I play the western flute but I still will have to re-practice so I can be equipped to teach it. It is not hard to learn but takes dedicated practice in order to excel. I know with my extensive Musical training and yogic breathing techniques I could easily teach Flute and flute methods. I have all the literature and know where to go to procure the sheet music. Across Manchester Mall, (Shields and Blackstone) there is an excellent fully equipped music store, and thats where I would send my music students.

I have lived in Fresno,barely 5 months.

General Music

I use a very creative style of imparting music skills to students, using ear training through participant/Observer skills of students interacting with creative skills of my expertise teaching (Rounds, ear training exercises, Yogic breathing techniques, laughter therapy, the Relaxation response and then some)

Music History

I love Music History, especially the Romantic Era (Chopin, Schubert, Beethoven etc) Music History tells of the times great Composers went through whilst composing their beautiful pieces.

My Music History Professor at the American Conservatory of Music where I graduated with a Bachelor's of Music Ed Degree was John Walker (himself an excellent Music Historian and a world renowned Organist) and he made learning music history so very enjoyable and it gave me the background to interpret music based on the time period in History

I teach with a very varied style as I love ALL music, Classical, Modern and Pop and I imbibe my music students with this enthusiasm.


Physiology ties in with my strong Yoga teaching background and it would be impossible to teach yoga, or for that matter any sport/exercise system without a knowledge of exercise physiology.

Please refer to my other descriptions. Thank you

Sight Singing

I consider Sight Singing very important as knowing how the melody goes up tonally and down tonally helps imprint in the mind a solid mind/body connection.

I'm a professional Yoga Teacher and for Yoga one needs complete concentration. In sight singing likewise one learns to concentrate and "look ahead"

I teach sight singing using "Common Rounds, Canons and Catches" so that one begins from the easier material in Rounds and then one is able to sight read with ease.

Choral members especially will find it useful to be able to sight sing well however I know several vocalists who have such an excellent ear and sense of musical pitch that they are able to carry through, but still if these people are taught how to sight sing they will become good "team members" in the choir.

Voice (Music)

I have loved singing ever since I was in Calcutta India and came to the US to be an opera singer, I mistakenly took my voice coaches suggestion to switch majors to Music Ed and 2 out of the 5 years at the American Conservatory of Music, I was a voice major, I went on to get my Bachelors of Music Ed from this school,the Oldest Music School in America, established in 1896 and now relocated from Chicago to Hammond, Indiana.

I teach using Round singing, to encourage participation, and train the ear, use Pavarotti like vocalizes (vocal exercises) to make vocal cords loose and relax and teach Yoga breathing methods to bring a freshness to the voice and keep it open, vibrant, velvety and smooth. Much like the vocal techniques of two of the greatest Tenor Opera singers. Jussi Bjoerling and Tita Schipa

I use laughter and music therapy to relax my students who are usually very tense due to breathing up in the chest. My years of yoga teaching proper breathing techniques(Pranayama)is invaluable in teaching vocal methods, singing and voice.


I am born and raised in Calcutta India and am mostly India-trained plus I am a Certified Hatha Yoga teacher (by renowned Yogi Tony Sanchez at the San Francisco Yoga Foundation)and a Yoga Therapist. Have taught Yoga now for well over 27 years at one point owning 2 Yoga studios in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo and San Bruno)I currently teach Yoga at all the BLAST FITNESS Health Clubs here in Fresno and Clovis, at FITNESS EVOLUTION in Clovis, and at FYI Yoga Studio in Fresno (For Your Inner Peace Yoga Studio)and I am available for Private Sessions

American Conservator
Bachelors.Music Ed


American Conservator (Bachelors.Music Ed)

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