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Great teacher!
— Vijay, Folsom, CA on 10/29/17


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Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
Civil Engineering


Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India (Civil Engineering)

About Sushanta

I am Sushanta. I am a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. IIT Kanpur is among the very best tech schools of India with an acceptance rate less than that of Harvard or Stanford.

If you are a high school student or a college student I can help you improve your grades and also improve your scores on standardized tests like SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT etc. I am very confident as I have done this for thousands like you over the last 25 years. It is easy for me to diagnose quickly the learning difficulties you are facing and to help you overcome those.

The way to academic excellence is very simple. All you have to do is start learning the basic principles. Once you follow this approach learning becomes fun and your confidence level improves. But for doing well in exams just learning the basic principles is not enough. You need to solve problems quickly and correctly. To develop this skill you need practice. But there are so many problems in books and so many subjects to master within a short period. How do you manage you time? Here I can help you. I have the ready sets of problems which give you the right kind of practice within your time frame.

I can teach you many subjects. They are Math (geometry, trigonometry, algebra, calculus etc),Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering mechanics (Statics, Dynamics), Strength of materials, Thermodynamics and heat transfer, Fluid mechanics, Electrical network analysis, Discrete Time Systems & Signals, Digital Logic, Simulation of logic design using VHDL, Robot vision, Game design and animation using Scratch and computer programming in C, C++, Java and Python.

I am very friendly with all my students. But that does not mean that you can get away with not doing your homework. I help you every possible way to finish it in time and I give you a few more. I give you and your parents feedback about your progress on a continuous basis.

I hold myself to a high standard. I do not charge you for a tutoring session unless you and your parents are 100% satisfied with it.

I am flexible with time. I allow rescheduling of classes under special circumstances. I have a 24-hour cancellation policy and offer make up classes too.

I don't mind traveling to another place for the student's convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you. In me you get a friend, philosopher and guide who can help you achieve your academic goals.

Happy tidings!

2015: Two of my regular high school senior students have done very well. One is going to UC Berkeley and the other to
Duke. Both have opted for engineering major. I wish them all the best in life.
I am Sushanta. I am a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. IIT Kanpur is among the very best tech schools of India with an acceptance rate less than that of Harvard or Stanford.

If you are a high school student or a college student I can help you improve your grades and also improve your scores on standardized
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2 hours notice required

I offer heavily discounted rates for a group of two or more.

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In-person lessons

"Great teacher!"

- Vijay, Folsom, CA on 10/29/17
Sushanta replied on 10/30/2017

Thank you Vijay for your valuable feedback. Your daughter is smart. So just a little help produces quick results.


- Novy, Folsom, CA on 11/3/17
Sushanta replied on 11/8/2017

Thank you Novy for your valuable comments. I really appreciate it.

"Knowledgeable in Chemistry"

- Shefali, Folsom, CA on 10/5/17
Sushanta replied on 10/6/2017

Thank you Shefali for your feedback. Your daughter is smart. I am sure she will do very well in life.

"Fabulous tutor"

- Deborah, Meadow Vista, CA on 9/19/17
Sushanta replied on 9/21/2017

Thank you Deborah for your valuable comments. I really appreciate them.

"Computer Science A"

- Ragu, Ukiah, CA on 9/1/17
Sushanta replied on 9/6/2017

Thank you Ragu for the feedback. Your son is smart. All he needs is some guidance and he will shine.


- Ria, Roseville, CA on 8/28/17

"Great teacher!!"

- Celia, Antelope, CA on 3/7/17
Sushanta replied on 3/8/2017

Thank you Celia for your input. Your son is intelligent. Just a little tweaking is making him sparkle.

"Knowledgeable Tutor"

- Alex, Granite Bay, CA on 1/5/17
Sushanta replied on 1/5/2017

Thanks a ton Alex. You are very polite and keen to learn. Your curiosity makes me perform better with you.

"Extremely knowledgeable and helpful tutor"

- Mayank, Morris Plains, NJ on 12/20/16
Sushanta replied on 12/20/2016

Thank you Mayank for your valuable comments. Your son is an amazing student. I always look forward to the online sessions with him. I wish him all the best in life.


- Preston, Folsom, CA on 10/7/16
Sushanta replied on 10/9/2016

Thanks a lot Preston. Tutoring you is my pleasure.

"Patient and knowledgeable."

- Marianne, Shingle Springs, CA on 10/4/16
Sushanta replied on 10/9/2016

Thank you Marianne for your valuable comments.

"Great Tutor"

- James, Placerville, CA on 9/5/16
Sushanta replied on 9/9/2016

Thank you James for you comments. I really appreciate it.

"Great Tutor with detailed insight into high school mathematics & patience to teach"

- Vivek, El Dorado Hills, CA on 8/22/16
Sushanta replied on 8/24/2016

Thanks a lot Vivek. I appreciate it.

"Great teacher"

- Sumit, Roseville, CA on 7/18/16
Sushanta replied on 7/20/2016

Thank you Sumit for your comment. Your son is sincere and well behaved. I wish him all the very best in life.

"Very knowledgable"

- Conor, Tucson, AZ on 6/25/16
Sushanta replied on 6/26/2016

Thank you Conor for your feedback. I appreciate it.

"Relays information in understandable method"

- Shashi, Dallas, TX on 12/1/15
Sushanta replied on 12/3/2015

Thank you Shashi for your remark. Your son is intelligent and is willing to learn. He will be a very good electrical engineer.

"Great Response"

- Tony, Folsom, CA on 11/17/15
Sushanta replied on 11/18/2015

Thank you Tony for your valuable comments. Your son is a deep thinker. He is much above average. He should do very well in life.

"Very Smart!"

- Namita, Roseville, CA on 10/28/15
Sushanta replied on 10/28/2015

Thank you Namita for your comments. Your son is intelligent, hard working and a willing learner. He should do well in life.

"Very patient. Very knowledgeable. Good sense of humor."

- Valerie, Sacramento, CA on 10/24/15
Sushanta replied on 10/27/2015

Thank you Valeri for your valuable comment. I really appreciate it.

"Very Helpful and Patient"

- Juan, Downingtown, PA on 10/13/15
Sushanta replied on 10/14/2015

Thank you Juan for your valuable feedback. I appreciate it a lot.

"Knowledgeable, Helpful and Patient"

- Kernan, El Dorado Hills, CA on 9/8/15
Sushanta replied on 9/9/2015

Thank you very much Kernan for your valuable feedback. I wish you all the very best in life.

"Very knowledgeable with a great command of the subject matter. Also very Patient."

- Karl, Sacramento, CA on 9/4/15
Sushanta replied on 9/9/2015

Thank you Karl for your valuable comment. I appreciate it. Your comment once again proves that online sessions are in no way any less effective than face to face ones.

"Highly capable tutor"

- Shamini, Folsom, CA on 8/30/15
Sushanta replied on 8/30/2015

Thank you for your review. Your daughter is extremely sharp. Only thing she needs is practice to avoid silly mistakes.

"Sushanta - Excellent mentor"

- Sairam, Cary, NC on 8/24/15
Sushanta replied on 8/24/2015

Thank you Sairam for your review. Your comment once again proves that online sessions are in no way worse than face to face sessions. Abhi is exceptionally smart and if guided properly will do very well in life.

"patient tutor"

- Dan, Roseville, CA on 8/4/15
Sushanta replied on 8/5/2015

Thank you very much Dan for your response. I appreciate it.

"Very knowledgeable"

- Arturo, Miami, FL on 7/30/15
Sushanta replied on 7/31/2015

Thank you Arturo for your feedback. Your desire to learn made the tutoring sessions so enjoyable.

"He really knows his stuff well"

- Lokesh, Folsom, CA on 6/22/15
Sushanta replied on 6/22/2015

Thank you Lokesh for your feedback. Your daughter is a quick learner. She will not have to try very hard to do well in life.

"A terrific teacher with awesome knowledge"

- Abdulrahman, Sacramento, CA on 4/19/15
Sushanta replied on 4/19/2015

Thank you Abdul for your feedback. I appreciate it.

"Sushanta Is the best tutor i have met"

- David, Sacramento, CA on 4/16/15
Sushanta replied on 4/17/2015

Thank you David for your opinion. I really appreciate it.

"Fantastic Tutor!"

- Shawna, Granite Bay, CA on 4/16/15
Sushanta replied on 4/17/2015

Thank you very much Shawna for your valuable comments. Your son is a wonderful learner. His willingness to learn brought the best out of me.

"Great tutor and very thorough!"

- Logan, El Dorado Hills, CA on 4/8/15
Sushanta replied on 4/10/2015

Thanks Logan for your review. You are intelligent and will surely scale great heights of academic success very quickly.

"Great Tutor"

- Surinderjit, Wilton, CA on 3/31/15
Sushanta replied on 3/31/2015

Thank you Surinderjit for your valued feedback.

"Great AP Physics Tutor"

- SV, Louisville, KY on 3/23/15
Sushanta replied on 3/24/2015

Thank you Subansiri for your feedback. Your son is sharp and understands Physics. I think he will do very well in life.

"Concise and informative calculus tutor"

- Admund, New York, NY on 3/13/15
Sushanta replied on 3/17/2015

Thank you very much Admund for your review.

"Knowledgeable and a Great Teacher"

- Vijay, Sacramento, CA on 2/28/15
Sushanta replied on 3/4/2015

Thank you Vijay for your review. Your daughter is intelligent and will do very well if guided properly.

"Great Tutor"

- Heidi, El Dorado Hills, CA on 1/27/15
Sushanta replied on 1/27/2015

Thank you Heidi for your review. Your son is a sincere student and will surely improve a lot.

"Great Tutor Concentrating On Fundamentals"

- Vaidhy, Folsom, CA on 1/20/15
Sushanta replied on 1/21/2015

Thank you very much Vaidhy. Your daughter is super-smart and deserves the best.

"Great teacher"

- Sheena, Folsom, CA on 1/13/15
Sushanta replied on 1/14/2015

Thank you Sheena for your review. Your daughter is smart and enthusiastic. I think she will do very well in life.

"Excellent Tutor"

- Darria, El Dorado Hills, CA on 12/16/14
Sushanta replied on 12/17/2014

Thank you very much for your feedback. I appreciate it.

"Wonderful tutor"

- Parneet, Wilton, CA on 12/15/14
Sushanta replied on 12/17/2014

Thank you Parneet for your feedback. I really love every session with your daughter.

"Very Helpful - Made a Big Difference in Understanding AP Physics"

- Amit, El Dorado Hills, CA on 11/14/14
Sushanta replied on 11/14/2014

Thank you Amit for your feedback. Your daughter is smart and should not settle for anything less than an 'A' in AP Physics.

"Great tutor, very knowledgeable teacher"

- Nike, Covington, LA on 9/16/14
Sushanta replied on 9/18/2014

Thank you, Nike, for your feedback. Your daughters are intelligent and well behaved. They are a pleasure to tutor. Your testimonial proves that online tutoring is no less effective than face to face tutoring.

"Excellent tutor"

- Vishnu, Granite Bay, CA on 8/25/14

"Great Tutor"

- Afsha, El Dorado Hills, CA on 6/11/14

"Good Lesson"

- Malathy, Folsom, CA on 5/27/14
Test Preparation:
ACT Math, ACT Science,
SAT Math

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT Science

A good score in ACT science gives a student so many more career options. Doors to science and technology courses open and a degree in such courses leads to a high paying job in a tech company. With some business acumen a tech graduate can start a business of her own with very little capital. So life is much better with a decent ACT science score.

Algebra 1

Only a trained mind can absorb higher mathematics. Algebra is the starting point of the training. Algebra 1 is the entry point for algebra. Even if you do not have a good grounding in prealgebra you can make it up by learning algebra 1 well. Any shortcoming in algebra 1 may create a lot of problems when you start learning algebra 2. I taught algebra 1 to many students. I advise a lot of caution and extra effort in learning algebra 1. Math is fun once you master algebra.

Algebra 2

I have tutored Algebra 2 to many students before. Most of them have shown remarkable improvements in grades. Algebra, being the building block of higher mathematics should be learnt with lot of care. I try my level best to make the student understand the subject.

A review of one of my past students:

"What I really like about Sushanta is his dedication and an eye for the detail. He is very patient and derives everything from scratch. I was never afraid of asking a question no matter how silly it might be. I never felt so relaxed and comfortable with any other teacher. I wish him all the best."

- Angela G of Folsom, CA


ASVAB math poses a big challenge to many. But all that it takes to ace the test is a little preparation. Just learn the formulas well and then have a good practice. The topics that must not be missed are the following:
Priority rules for operations in algebra.
Circumference and area of a circle.
Exponents, fractions and factorials.
Inequalities and how the inequality sign changes on multiplication by (-1).
Simple interest.
Different kinds of numbers like imaginary numbers, prime numbers etc.
Patterns and sequences.
Rules for rounding.

The review of one of my students is as below:

Sushanta is an excellent tutor. Aside from being incredibly knowledgeable, he is prompt, courteous, and interacting with him is a pleasure. Highly recommended!

- Colin T from New York


I am especially fond of chemistry. This is because chemistry has taught me that the world we live in, although very diverse in every sense, is made up of only 90 natural elements. Even these elements are made up of just a few subatomic particles. So basically this whole world is made up of only those few subatomic particles.

Civil Engineering

I am a civil engineering graduate. I have experience working in structural and environmental projects. I have tutored students in engineering statics, strength of materials, mechanics of solids and fluid mechanics. In engineering statics we deal with systems in equilibrium. To ensure equilibrium the sum of forces in each of the three mutually perpendicular directions must be zero. Similarly sum of moments should also be zero. In strength of materials and mechanics of solids we find the shear stress and bending moment at any cross section of a structural member. In fluid mechanics we use Bernoulli's equation and the equation of continuity for streamlined flows.

Differential Equations

A differential equation is some kind of a relation between a function of one or more variables and its derivatives. The derivatives are with respect to space or time and the function must be continuous. The relation is either known or postulated. Differential equations have very widespread application in fields like engineering, physics, economics, and biology. The solution of a differential equation is the set of functions that satisfy the equation. Simpler differential equations have solutions which are exact formulas. For others a solution is numerically approximated using computers.
With an engineering background I am fully qualified to teach this subject. In civil engineering, which is my major I used differential equations in structural mechanics, strength of materials and soil mechanics. As a tutor I have been teaching it to scores of my maths, physics and engineering students.

Electrical Engineering

In Electrical Engineering so far I have tutored Circuit Analysis, Discrete Time Systems and Signals, Digital Logic Design and the simulation of logic design using VHDL. I analyzed both AC and DC circuits using Kirchoff's rule and mesh analysis. I used both phasor diagram method and complex number method for solving AC circuits. In discrete time system and signal we convolute the output of a unit signal to get the signal of another input. In the design of digital logic circuits we start with adder, multiplexer and ultimately design a microprocessor. To see how the circuit operates without actually investing anything in the hardware necessary we simulate the design using VHDL language.


Geometry is the precursor to 3D geometry, which has a lot of applications in civil engineering, mechanical engineering and architecture. Geometry knowledge is useful even in physics and chemistry. I taught geometry to many. Proving theorems and solving problems are equally important for learning geometry.


I am a Sun Certified Java Programmer. I cleared the exam in 2008. Since then I have implemented a few web projects and tutored Java to many. Java is as powerful as C++ but easier to learn. It has a very wide area of application. For those who want to get into programming at a later stage in life Java is the best language to learn.

Mechanical Engineering

I have tutored the following Mechanical Engineering courses: statics, dynamics, strength of materials, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer. Statics deals with mechanical systems in equilibrium.

So, all a student needs to learn to master statics are force equilibrium equation and moment balance equation. Dynamics deals with accelerated particles and rigid bodies. Fluid mechanics deals with fluid at rest and in a state of motion. Thermodynamics is the study of laws of thermodynamics. Heat transfer needs a thorough understanding of conduction, convection and radiation of heat.

Physical Science

Physical science is the entry point of Physics and Chemistry. A sound knowledge in this opens the doorway for many professions like engineering, biotechnology and sciences. My advice to all students: "spend some time and learn this for a great career in science and technology".


Physics gives us the insight to make sense of the events taking place in the physical world around us. Most of the natural events are extra-ordinary and mind-blowing. But to appreciate that you need some knowledge of physics. I am a good physics teacher who encourages a student to stay foolish and ask questions.


Algebra is the starting point of higher mathematics and prealgebra is the building block of algebra. So I attach extra importance in teaching prealgebra. I have taught many prealgebra students before. Those who learn prealgebra with me find algebra easy to learn.


Precalculus has everything that you need to know after you have completed algebra and before you have started calculus. Any casual behavior or slackness on your part in learning this will seriously damage your mathematics knowledge base. I have tutored precalculus to many. With sound knowledge in precalculus your areas of application of calculus get magnified. You become a much better mathematician, scientist or engineer.

The review of one of my past students:

"Sushanta is patient, very very competent and extremely caring.
He explains so well that complex things become easy to understand.
Previously I used to be a slacker. Now I enjoy my studies because I understand the stuff like never before.

Thank you Sushanta for you help."

- Sandy R


Probability tells us how many times an outcome is going to occur if an experiment is done many times. It is not possible to predict if a man is going to die this year. But using probability theory an insurance company, which has millions of customers, can predict very precisely how many of its customers are going to die in a year. Although it is not possible to predict which individuals are going to die but the overall number can be known with a lot of accuracy. Similarly it is possible to know which candidate is going to win an election before the election is held. Such is the power of probability theory.


I am a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India and an experienced tech tutor. I love teaching Python. Even a kid can understand it from day one. As it is very interactive--even a first time user can make a computer do a lot of things using this. It has a rich graphics component called Turtle. One can generate many wonderful shapes and colors without writing too many lines of code.

SAT Math

Score improvement in SAT Math is much easier than that in SAT English. All that you need is sound knowledge and a few hours of practice. I can make your Math knowledge free of any confusion and also can teach you those tricks, which make problem solving quicker. When you find Math easy to understand practicing it will be fun. I have helped many improve their SAT scores before.

The review of one of my past students:

"Sushanta has made my daughter love math. Now she is doing math all the time. I had to put a limit on her math practice hours so that she finds time for other subjects too."

- Mary A from Sunnyvale, CA


Statistics shows us how to predict the future by studying the data available at present. It is the only scientific way of inferring about tomorrow on the basis of today. Statistics offers many exciting career options like data analyst, quality control, big data.


The application of trigonometry is so widespread that it is practically impossible to learn physics or any engineering subject without sound knowledge of trigonometry. Solving trigonometry problems is so much fun I do it for relaxation. I have tutored this subject to many. Most of my students have improved grades and fallen in love with this subject.

The review of one of my students:

"Sushanta has changed my life. Math used to be the scariest thing on earth. Now after ten sessions with him I am addicted to math. I need to solve a few trigo problems to relax my strained nerves."

-Susan W. from VA.

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
Civil Engineering


Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India (Civil Engineering)

Great teacher!

We were very lucky to find Sushanta. He is great at creating problems to practice and very good at teaching concepts. He has already helped improve my grade and learning.

— Vijay, Folsom, CA on 10/29/17

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $45.00

Cancellation: 2 hours notice required

I offer heavily discounted rates for a group of two or more.

Travel policy

Sushanta will travel within 0 miles of Folsom, CA 95630.