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first baccalaureat in bar-le-duc france
Lycee Raymond Poincare


first baccalaureat in bar-le-duc france

Lycee Raymond Poincare (Other)

About Monique

Although I just retired from a long career as a teacher, my passion for teaching has not lessened, and I still have a strong desire to educate in a tutoring capacity. My career has allowed me to be an experienced homeroom teacher of small classrooms in several different grades, which also gave me the experience and the opportunity to work one on one with my students. I have taught kindergarten, second through fifth grades, and sixth grade in the last eighteen years. I was born in France where I received most of my education. I have taught French to grades six through ninth and tutored high school and college students. I help adults who travel regularly to France gain confidence in their ability to converse in the language.

I tutor and mentor students after school, mostly in math, but also in English grammar or language arts, reading/writing, Literature, composition, and French, spoken and written. Although a student reads well, it is his or her understanding of what he or she reads that determines the proficiency. I was trained in this capacity. I also recognize that, sometimes, all a student needs is to learn the skills of study and organization in order to keep up with the responsibilities. One of my goals is to do my best in connecting with the student and in helping him or her gain confidence in the subject, which always results in improved scores. One of my abilities is to understand quickly which areas of the student's learning require the most help, and to give him or her praise, encouragement and support in the areas in which he or she does well. I have a reputation for being fun, friendly, enthusiastic, patient, caring, supportive, professional and efficient. I am strongly committed to helping students reach their potential and ultimately become successful and self-confident.

I look forward to meeting you and to working with your son or daughter.
Although I just retired from a long career as a teacher, my passion for teaching has not lessened, and I still have a strong desire to educate in a tutoring capacity. My career has allowed me to be an experienced homeroom teacher of small classrooms in several different grades, which also gave me the experience and the opportunity to work one on Read more

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For a student whom I tutor more than once a week, the rate is $40. Likewise, the rate is $40/hr when the tutoring lasts 2 consecutive hours.

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In-person lessons

"Kind and patient tutor"

- Ashley, Costa Mesa, CA on 9/26/16

"She is the Best!"

- Amber, Costa Mesa, CA on 1/12/16

"Gently and kind"

- Jessica, Costa Mesa, CA on 4/2/15

"Monique-an excellent French tutor"

- Ani, Huntington Beach, CA on 8/27/12

"Great French Tutor"

- Angelo And Heidi, Trabuco Canyon, CA on 4/4/12

"Excellent tutor"

- Catherine, Huntington Beach, CA on 1/4/12

"Very experienced instructor, very understanding and instructive manner"

- Mike, Huntington Beach, CA on 11/20/11
Monique replied on 11/22/2011

Thank you, Mike! Remember that you make it easy for me because of your love of the French language, your knowledge of it, and especially your enthusiasm!

Elementary Science
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Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
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Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Elementary Science, Grammar,

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

Elementary (K-6th)

During my long career I have taught most elementary grades: kindergarden, second through fifth, and for the past fifteen years, sixth grade. As a homeroom teacher I have taught all subjects: reading and reading comprehension, how to write from printing to cursive, grammar, English spelling as well as Greek roots, arithmetic and pre-algebra, history, geography, vocabulary, interpretive literature, and composition. I tutored mostly in math, but in other subjects as was needed.
I am confident in my qualifications to tutor and mentor students in any of those subjects. I have a strong reputation as a teacher/tutor who explains the subjects well, who is caring, supportive, and who praises the child's progress even when it is achieved in small baby steps because the ultimate goal is for him/her to gain confidence and feel more successful in the classroom.

Elementary Math

In the last eighteen years of my teaching career, I specialized in teaching prealgebra and geometry in sixth grade. Prior to teaching 6th graders, I was a homeroom teacher in Kindergarten and second through 5th grade.
As a tutor I strive to develop in children a basic concept and understanding of number relationships with ease and accuracy, and to familiarize them with math facts, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As the students transfer to higher grades, the new learning builds upon their fundamental knowledge, and gradually,they get introduced to more advanced work in fractional and decimal parts, percents, measurements of time, distance and mass (customary and metric), number factoring, ratios and proportions, and emphasis on algebraic expressions and geometry.
Problem solving and thinking skills are presented to students from the early grades on.
My experience is long and varied and my qualifications are excellent. It can be said that I am passionate about the subject.


As a teacher who has taught practically every grade at the elementary level, K-7, I received much training, I have gained a broad experience, and, subsequently, a thorough knowledge of the English language.
I believe that an English class consists of teaching a student to write a correctly structured sentence using good grammar, accurate spelling, necessary punctuation, and systematic proof reading.
Early on, I teach the student to write a sentence which expresses a complete thought, and I train him/her to answer the question that each word in the sentence represents.
Grammar analysis provides the student with the ability to build meaningful thoughts from sentences. A well-written sentence should be constructed with four basic questions answered: who (subject), doing or is (verb), what or whom (direct object) and adverbial ideas (when, where or how).
Each year the skills increase in difficulty. Toward the end of the elementary school years, a student should demonstrate confidence in his ability to determine the various parts of a sentence and incorporate an extensive vocabulary, which he has collected and used along his elementary training.
Although the beginning steps are small and each student is allowed to progress at his/her own pace, I expect him/her to use sensible topics, accurate spelling, neatness, and always to proofread.


I was born and educated in France. I have had a long career as an elementary school teacher having taught French in kindergarten through ninth grades. Along the years, I tutored young children, high school students as well as adults, and have gained a reputation as an excellent instructor who is patient, understanding, thoughtful, and easy and fun to work with. More than anything, I love to teach the language of my birth and to contribute to the education of a young person in the learning of a foreign language.


At the beginning in kindergarten and first grade, the child learns to master simple functional grammar and he/she gains the ability to identify nouns as names of persons, places or things. In second grade, the child learns that adjectives give meaning to or describe the nouns. In third grade, he identifies verbs as "doing" or "is" words. In fourth grade, he learns the remaining parts of speech, pronouns, adverbs, etc.

As soon as the child knows how to read a sentence, he learns to select the most important word in it (keyword), and this enables him to recall what he has read, the proper grouping of words in the sentence to answer the questions, who, what, when, where, why, or how.
Punctuation marks are learned so as to give a meaningful understanding of the reading.


The school where I taught for 37 years is a Carden school. Mae Carden is the founder of the Carden method, which pioneered the teaching of reading by phonics when she opened the first Carden school in New York.

Young students in pre-K and in kindergarten learn the sound that each consonant makes.

Ex: b - buh
c - cuh
d - duh, etc...

However, a vowel, when it is alone in a syllable (cat), will sound differently if it is with another vowel in the syllable (cape).

Students apply these sounds by learning and writing the "vowel chart" daily. Every child is able to read and to write simple words by the end of kindergarten. Learning to read by phonics contributes to better spelling.


As a teacher who has taught practically all the grades at the elementary level, K-7, I have received much training, have gained much experience and subsequently much knowledge of how to teach/tutor math.

I find that the knowledge of the four number processes, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, must be a fundamental acquisition for the student to be able to handle all the subsequent areas of mathematics. This skill must be perfected by helping him/her build understanding and confidence. To help build understanding, my role as a teacher/tutor is to be a questioner and a talking through coach. I want the student to experience the thinking process which results in the correct answer. As in every subject, the mental image is indispensable, and it is my job and responsibility to help the student develop his/her mental image.

My objective as a prealgebra tutor is to prepare the student for the study of algebra. It consists of several broad concepts:
- Review of natural numbers
- Learning and understanding new kinds of numbers, such as integers, fractions and decimals
- Order of operations
- Factorization
- Properties
- Roots and exponents
- Evaluation of expressions and use of parentheses and brackets
- Equations
- Four quadrant coordinate plane
Geometry which furthers the understanding of algebra relative to area and volume is included in the pre-agebra course.


My goal as a reading teacher/tutor is for the child to experience joy as he/she is beginning to sound out words and soon to group words, and then to become equipped with the ability to read at sight.
Mental imagery is an essential skill, which the child develops at an early age along with the power to think and to analyze what he/she is reading without the aid of pictures.

For nine years I went to on-going workshops to receive instructions from Miss Mae Carden, the founder of the Carden method and reading by phonics, and as a result, I became an experienced teacher to students in kindergarten through sixth grade.


During my career as a teacher, one of the subjects that I taught was spelling. Before and during my teaching, I was trained by Mae Carden whose spelling method consists of learning the sounds with which words are constructed. The understanding and application of these rules help a person become a thinking, and, therefore, skilled speller. Syllabication and dictionary marks are also important learning tools because they help the speller to determine what is the correct vowel sound.


In kindergarten, I taught printing with clarity of presentation and with sequencing.
For example, once the child knows how to form a "c", it becomes easy to teach him to print the other letters that begin with the formation of the "c".
Ex: c a d g q o e s
Then the straight letters are introduced.
Ex: l h k b f, etc.
This experience enables the child to gain control of the handling of the pencil. In order for the him/her to gain mastery, the emphasis is on the construction, not the copying, resulting in neat and accurate printing.
I introduced cursive writing in first grade.
The practice was continued through the grades with the student writing short compositions through sentences, and then through paragraph form in a logical presentation of ideas.
As a junior high instructor, I specialized in the study of interpretive literature from American and English classics. Besides the reading, my students studied comprehension, vocabulary, critical thinking, annotating and episoding, and formal and creative writing. Short essays and book reports needed to be evaluated and graded, and I taught students the skills of accomplishing longer term reports in an organized and timely manner.

first baccalaureat in bar-le-duc france
Lycee Raymond Poincare


first baccalaureat in bar-le-duc france

Lycee Raymond Poincare (Other)

Kind and patient tutor

My three kids age 12, 10, 7 worked on grade appropriate work, conversation and confidence with speaking. Great response from all of my kids!

— Ashley, Costa Mesa, CA on 9/26/16

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $50.00

Cancellation: 1 hour notice required

For a student whom I tutor more than once a week, the rate is $40. Likewise, the rate is $40/hr when the tutoring lasts 2 consecutive hours.

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