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Very knowledgeable, great tutor
— Zijun, Henderson, NV on 6/8/17


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University of Houston
Yale University
Yeshiva University, Wurzweiler School of Social Work


University of Houston (Psychology)

Yale University (Master's)

Yeshiva University, Wurzweiler School of Social Work (PhD)

About Rachel

I provide the following types of tutoring:

1. MCAT Verbal, NCLEX, Editing/organizing of theses, college papers.
2. Essay writing: college admissions and test preparation
3. Phonics and reading.

MCAT: The MCAT format has changed and effective in April 2015 there are now FOUR sections. I tutor for the two sections which are not the Science sections. I tutor for the CRITICAL ANALYSIS AND REASONING section and the FOUNDATIONS OF BEHAVIOR section. These are the two sections which will be the most challenging for most students. My fee for MCAT tutoring is $90 per hour, which compares very favorably with other professional MCAT tutoring sites.

I know what it means to do well on these tests and launch yourself into your new career. It means a new future and having your dreams come true! Whatever the issue is, I can show you how to improve your performance on these high-stakes test which are so crucial to your future. Many people have taken these tests repeatedly and still not achieved their goals. I can help. If you are motivated, you do not need to waste any more time, money, and worry; in a short time I can give you the tools you need to do well.

Many students already have the knowledge and capacity to do well on the tests they attempt, but fear paralyzes them and they feel they "just can't think" when faced with the real testing situation. Let me help you in a brief time to overcome this once and for all and be able to do your best on tests!

What does it mean to "decode"? This is jargon for the ability to know what sound each letter or combination of letters will make, in order to say a word in your head and then READ it out loud! Sounds simple, but many students have not been taught the BASICS of phonics and do not know how to begin to read a word or a phrase. I can show you simple rules that will always work for you and you can be a happy, successful reader!

How do you know I can help you?

I have a long history of writing successfully and powerfully. I have written numerous federal grants for millions of dollars. I have written academic papers in two Master's programs and one PhD program, some for publication. I have many happy, satisfied students who have come from "C" and "D" levels to "A" and "B" levels, and students who failed a professional exam 2-5 times and then were able to obtain the help they needed and passed with flying colors!

How do I work with students?
I do a diagnostic interview to discover your capabilities at this time and your goals for the tutoring sessions. I will give you a brief "pre-test" so we will have something to use to measure your progress. Then we start the work, which will not seem so much like work as a pleasant journey to the place you want to go! I like for you to set the pace, but I will work as quickly as you can progress. I can do a lot even in one session, and if you need a series, I offer discounts through WyzAnt.

I charge $65 per hour for most subjects, and $90 per hour for MCAT preparation.


Good luck in all your goals.
I provide the following types of tutoring:

1. MCAT Verbal, NCLEX, Editing/organizing of theses, college papers.
2. Essay writing: college admissions and test preparation
3. Phonics and reading.

MCAT: The MCAT format has changed and effective in April 2015 there are now FOUR sections. I tutor for the two sections
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24 hours notice required

MCAT fees are $90.You must cancel by email to WyzAnt at least 24 hours before the lesson. Otherwise there is a full fee. I am not available by text.

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"Very knowledgeable, great tutor"

- Zijun, Henderson, NV on 6/8/17

"Rachel is one amazing tutor, very kind, listens to students and would recommend her to anyone."

- Grace, Hopkins, MN on 7/14/17

"Very encouraging and knowledgeable"

- Keosha, Joliet, IL on 7/12/17

"Help for NCLEX"

- Nanette, Vallejo, CA on 5/10/17

"Excellent NCLEX & Nursing Content Tutor"

- Kashmir, Studio City, CA on 2/9/16

"Pros & cons"

- Alysse, Los Angeles, CA on 8/6/15

"Great tutor for NCLEX"

- Valerie, Los Angeles, CA on 6/19/15

"Best Tutor"

- Linda, Fullerton, CA on 11/1/14

"Very kind and helpful!"

- Ariel, Los Angeles, CA on 3/10/14

"Excellent tutor!"

- Mariusz, Los Angeles, CA on 1/27/14

"Very knowledgeable MCAT Verbal tutor!"

- Lauren, Valencia, CA on 1/6/14


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- Blake, Los Angeles, CA on 1/27/13

"Great, knowledgeable, and proficient tutor."

- Lindsay, Ventura, CA on 1/8/13

"Very patient"

- Ivenia, Los Angeles, CA on 11/18/12
Rachel replied on 11/19/2012

The quiet study room was only available for half the session. As I mentioned then, it seemed there was a group that came that morning, causing some extra activity.

"Great tutor 5 stars"

- Irena, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA on 11/9/12
Rachel replied on 11/9/2012

Thank you for taking the time to post the feedback, Irena. You are making great progress with this paper! Rachel

"Very supportive and positive"

- Annie, Northridge, CA on 6/18/12

"Ms. Rachel is a kind and patient person."

- Elenice, Santa Monica, CA on 12/3/11


- Megan, Cedar Grove, NJ on 8/8/11
TOEFL, Vocabulary
Test Preparation:
Bar Exam,
Career Development,
College Counseling,
Regents, TEAS,
Special Needs:
ADHD, Phonics
Elementary Education:
ADHD, Phonics,
Career Development

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


I love to tutor students who are preparing for the ASVAB exam. I respect your decision to serve your country. There are some basic skills that the exam tests, which some students simply did not acquire previously. They may have been ill for a portion of the school year, or had a teacher who was not optimal for their own learning style, or some other barrier to learning. I have techniques to help students acquire AND MAINTAIN the information they need to successfully pass this exam, and obtain a very good score. I would love to help you. Rachel

Bar Exam

I am an expert tutor for high-stress, "high stakes" exams. I am certified to tutor for the LSAT for students appplying to law schools. In grading the bar exam for law school graduates, the graders are looking for signs that you KNOW THE LAW, and can use the fact patterns in a LOGICAL way to apply the law to the situation. I prepare students for writing logical, well-organized essays in a time-limited situation. The essays must be well-formatted with subdivisions. I prepare students for the MBE and the MPT. I show students how to synthesize the material they have learned in law school, and how to attract the attention of the grader and show your knowledge in the average THREE MINUTES that a grader spends on each essay answer.

Career Development

These are the ways in which I help with career development:
1. Determine what the student's background is to date and what vision he/she has for the future;
2. Determine if professional testing is indicated in such areas as abilities or interests;
3. Once a clear vision of the future emerges, along with results of any tests if they are indicated, then help the student develop a series of goals;
4. Determine with the student what are the priorities within this set of goals;
5.Determine what steps to take and break these down into measurable, obtainable actions along with a calendar listing the expected date of completion of each goal.

AN ACTION PLAN is developed together with the student, based on the student's goals and needs. Here are some examples of a student's Action Plan:

1. WEEK ONE: I will arrange for a professionally-administered test by a psychologigist, in the area I am interested in, to determine if this would be a good fit for me.
I will also arrange to meet with three people in this field, to determine their satisfaction with this career and any advice they will give me.
2. WEEK TWO: I will obtain applications from five colleges or universities offering the degree I will need. Look into availability of student loans for these programs. Begin the application process.
3. WEEK THREE: Register for any tests needed for the admissions process such as the GRE, and arrange for tutoring if needed;
4. WEEK FOUR: Complete admissions applications including essays and submit them;
5. WEEK FIVE: Develop a plan for acquiring the knowledge and experience which will help me make the transition into the new field, including reading inspiring accounts of people who have made a successful career transition.
An example of a successful career change is a young woman who was working as an elementary school teacher, but this did not satisfy her creative side. She took a career-interest test and discovered that she would be a perfect fit for a career as an art therapist. She had never heard of an art therapist! She returned to school to obtain additional education and certification and developed a wonderful practice as an art therapist.


I tutor students to help them prepare for this test, in the three areas that the CBEST tests: Verbal and Math ability as well as Writing. In the Writing area, which has six key areas of grading, I particularly stress organization, development (use of supporting information), and structure (including grammar), three key areas in which students are often weak.

I am qualified for this in two ways: 1) I obtained a 94th percentile on my own graduate entrance tests (GRE) which include Verbal and Math areas and I write academic papers in my current doctoral program, which often include advanced statistics components; and 2) I have tutored students who are applying to private high schools and need the CBEST. I am very successful in tutoring students in these areas of the CBEST.

College Counseling

I have successfully helped students to write excellent college entrance essays. As an experienced MSW counselor, I help them to see their own unique strengths and life experiences to add to the essay, so their own abilities will shine. Each person has special qualities which can be emphasized, so that the essay does not sound like everyone else. I use a four-step process:
1. Reviewing with them their existing resume and Personal Statement;
2. Using a mutual process in which we draft an essay to highlight the student's unique qualities that would add to the college student body, then the student writes the final copy;
3. Reviewing and proof-reading the final essay;
4. Making any other necessary suggestions about who to ask for references and which schools to apply to.
I can follow the student through to a successful admission.


I have tutored for the Independent School Entrance Examination. My students have excellent results. There are definitely techniques, which can be learned, that will result in a higher score. I help students with reading and math skills, reading comprehension (including how to increase their vocabulary), quantitative math reasoning,and also essay writing. The essay portion of the ISEE is not scored, but it is transmitted to the school to which the student is applying. It is important that the student does well on this portion also. I first give the student a pre-test in the four ares plus a short essay, then together we go over those results and map out a plan for which areas need the most effort toward improvement. Then we schedule a series of tutoring sessions according to that plan.


I love tutoring students for the MCAT. Most students seeking admission to medical school have concentrated on science courses, and have not had enough experience reading and analyzing writing in other fields. This means that they need extra help to achieve optimum scores on the TWO NEW SECTIONS OF MCAT. I have been tutoring for WyzAnt for four years, concentrating on the GRE, the NCLEX, and the MCAT, along with editing papers for courses. I have honed a specific method for tutoring students in these subjects, so they are able to raise their practice scores. For the MCAT tutoring, I initially use a diagnostic approach, and find out exactly why the student is not doing well. (Usually the student has taken the exam at least once and often he/she has also taken an expensive preparation course.) Once we uncover the problem, I use a new approach, modified to the individual needs of each student. I use a specific approach to preparing for the "passages" portion of the exam, and several techniques to help the student improve his/her vocabulary. Practice scores improve in a short time. My students do very well after tutoring. I would love to help you, too! My fee for tutoring the MCAT Verbal is $90 and I work as quickly as possible for each student, which depends on the rate at which the student can absorb the material and move forward. That said,increasing the MCAT score is like playing a musical instrument: we work first on mastering the elements, then on speed.


I have my MSN in Nursing from Yale School of Nursing and I have specific techniques for helping students prepare for the NCLEX. I particularly like to help students who have tried to pass the test and failed it before. There is a certain approach to the NCLEX, a strategy with the questions and answers, that helps students. You have worked hard to finish Nursing School, and I want to help you avoid a delay in entering the profession, due to the NCLEX. Proper preparation for the exam will prevent delay.


Nursing programs have become more rigorous, and are difficult for students to master without a tutor. I tutor students who are in Nursing school, or who are applying to Nursing schools, and also those who have graduated from LVN and AA and BSN programs and are now taking the Nursing Board Exams. Many people have taken these Board exams two or three times, or even more, and still not passed, and they need a tutor. I can help you get into Nursing school, and I can help you pass your courses and your exams.


I have a passion for teaching students the secrets of phonics! Whether you are an adult who is struggling to make sense of English words which do not seem to "follow the rules" or you are a parent who is frustrated with watching your child struggle, I can help!

I am an excellent writer and tutor. I scored in the 94th percentile on the Graduate Record Exam Writing Portion. This means that I scored higher than 93 out of 100 people taking the test throughout the world!

There are simple rules which will make you or your struggling child successful in reading and writing, which are so important to getting ahead. Please let me help you!


TEAS is a multiple-choice examination with 170 questions, that tests Essential Academic Skills and assesses the student's potential for success in nursing school. The exam tests four areas:
Because of my years of experience in tutoring for the NCLEX Nursing Board Exam and the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) I am proficient in tutoring students for this high-stakes test. I first do a pretest to assess your current levels in the four areas, then we identify a plan for helping you to achieve mastery in the four areas, by the time you are scheduled to take your test. I would love to talk with you about your needs for the TEAS exam. Rachel


A good vocabulary is crucial to a student's success on many high-stakes tests, such as the SAT and the GRE, and tests oriented towards a profession, such as the LSAT. I use techniques which help students to learn words that are critical on these tests, and also learn how to take apart a new word and make a very good guess about its meaning.

Mastery of a strong vocabulary will also increase your score on the writing portion of a test. Increasingly, admissions committees have found that a good writing sample which is done at the testing center, is a good indication of a student's possibility of doing well in a college or university program.

I am respectful of the money that students put into their tutoring needs, and I try to work efficiently so that we accomplish a lot in the tutoring sessions.

I am happy to talk to you when you are deciding on a tutor. If we agree that it seems like a good match, I would be very happy to help you!

University of Houston
Yale University
Yeshiva University, Wurzweiler School of Social Work


University of Houston (Psychology)

Yale University (Master's)

Yeshiva University, Wurzweiler School of Social Work (PhD)

Very knowledgeable, great tutor

Took several sessions with Dr Rachel. She was able to identify my weaknesses right away and worked with me to correct them. She wasn't just being reassuring, she didn't just offer encouragement, she actually found what I was lacking and gave me the information and the tools I needed. She does not waste any time. If you need help, she's the way to go.

— Zijun, Henderson, NV on 6/8/17

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $75.00

Cancellation: 24 hours notice required

MCAT fees are $90.You must cancel by email to WyzAnt at least 24 hours before the lesson. Otherwise there is a full fee. I am not available by text.

Travel policy

Rachel will travel within 40 miles of Beverly Hills, CA 90212.