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I have always loved learning and teaching. I spent cold afternoons in Illinois reading and writing reports using the Encyclopedia. I also was greatly influenced by my mother, a teacher and my father, a scientist.

I have an Associate degree in Nursing (Valedictorian of my class), and a doctor of chiropractic degree, (with extensive Nutrition study). I have studied and taught Anatomy and Physiology for over 30 years. I have taught medical assistants. physical therapy assistants, and chiropractic students the subjects.

I have been a substitute teacher both here in SoCal and in the state of KS. I have subbed for grades K-12. I enjoy seeing the light of understanding in a child's eyes.

I have worked for several tutor agencies marketing the services to the families and schools since 2005. I have tutored students who were considered ready for failure and brought them up to grade level in 12 hours. I love to see the student who wants to achieve, establish great study habits and understand how to organize studies, projects, and homework efficiently and effectively. Thank you for considering me as a great tutor for your student!

Being a product of a parochial education, I understand the importance of PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. I always review basic math problems and computations with my students before attempting more difficult scenarios. I require 3rd-6th graders to memorize (know) the multiplication tables (1-12). I try to set-up realistic algebraic sentences and emphasize word problems infinite math.

I know basic American Sign Language. My father was 90% deaf in both ears and I learned from him how to lip-read. I have studied ASL but I do not have any certification

I love to write short stories, sonnets, and poems. I have had 2 short books of poetry published. I have worked as a proofreader for a publisher.
I require all students 1st-6th grades to write at least one paragraph daily.

I have been a member of Toastmasters in the past and spoke in front of general assemblies for several professional organizations. I am always reading; even when working 40 or more hours per week I manage to enjoy reading at least 2 novels or non-fiction books.

I understand what the testing organizations are trying to develop in young minds. I give quizzes frequently and demonstrate to the students the logical way of delineating correct answers quite easily. Understanding the common core comes from years of test-prep for younger siblings and having taken yearly, Iowa state tests.

With a scientist dad and teacher mom, I was required to enter science fairs every year. My mother was also an excellent geneticist and with my dad's assistance we managed to breed and develop many different bloodlines of hamsters. Elementary math is my forte: I insist the students always check and re-check their computations; especially on homework papers. Once I have found an error in their computations, I enforce the "there is no excuse for computation errors" rule. When writing answers in workbooks I insist on neat, understandable handwriting. I use spelling riddles, jokes and repetition to reinforce spelling study skills.

My uncle had speech disabilities. My mom, who home-schooled him taught me how to help him express himself. He rarely stuttered when he was only with mom or myself. Phonics has always been emphasized in my education. I feel it's a strategically important part of a primary education. Due to my dad's "near-deafness," I learned to speak clearly and in his line-of-sight when addressing him. Also, my ASL classes have reinforced my attentiveness to detail when addressing a person with hearing difficulties.

I have taken many courses in computer technology. I have taken mostly classes at the college level and some at the adult-learner level. I certainly am no expert as the technology is constantly changing. I do try to assist my students when necessary but prefer they proofread or let me proofread their input. Many errors can be found if they take a second glance at what they wrote.

I love American History and have visited hundreds of historic sites throughout the USA. My family instilled in me the love of travel. I have studied geography on several continents.

I have studied music since the age of 6. I studied piano, voice, and guitar. In high school, I studied music theory, sight singing, a capella choral, songwriting, and opera. I have composed, recorded, and sold several songs. I was a folk-song, guitarist-vocalist, playing in small venues for a few years while in college.

When I was a teen, I beseeched my parents to move to Iowa where they had interscholastic girls basketball teams. As we lived on the east side of the Mississippi, in Illinois that was not an option. I was state girls free-throw champion for high school competition 2 years in a row.

I always played catcher and one of my dreams was to play women's "pro" softball. I can coach softball and have in the past.

I believe I'm an experienced and enchanting tutor. I love to see my students as excited about learning as I am. My philosophy is we never stop learning.
I have always loved learning and teaching. I spent cold afternoons in Illinois reading and writing reports using the Encyclopedia. I also was greatly influenced by my mother, a teacher and my father, a scientist.

I have an Associate degree in Nursing (Valedictorian of my class), and a doctor of chiropractic degree, (with extensive
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In-person lessons
Common Core,
Elementary (K-6th),
Finite Math,
Geometry, Linear Algebra, Prealgebra
Composition (Music), Ear Training,
General Music, Guitar, Music Theory, Sight Singing,
Songwriting, Voice (Music)
Composition (Music)
Test Preparation:
Career Development, Common Core
General Computer, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word
Sign Language, Writing
American History,
Geography, Government & Politics, Political Science, Social Studies, Writing
Special Needs:
ADHD, Common Core,
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Science,
Hard Of Hearing, Reading,
Sign Language, Special Needs
Elementary Education:
ADHD, Common Core,
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Science,
Handwriting, Reading,
Spelling, Vocabulary,
Career Development, Marketing, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking,
Basketball, Softball

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American History

My love of American History began as a child. When I realized at age 7 that fiction never really happened and I decided I wanted to read non-fiction about real, factual history. My family encouraged this love of history, as my father was a civil war "buff." I lived in Chicago, right down the street from Rev. Jesse Jackson. I joined in many marches for justice & equality.
In college, I had an instructor who instilled in his students' a depth of awe in regards to the incredible men and women who helped shape this country. I still believe America is the best country in the world & that we can correct a lot of our world problems by learning U.S. history.


I am a CA licensed physician & work very part-time doing exams.
I was the Valedictorian of my college RN (nursing) program. I have taught Anatomy & physiology for many years in several post-secondary institutions. I use mnemonics & other aids to help the student remember important facts of this fascinating subject area.


My father was an aerospace scientist & my mother an elementary teacher/farmer/geneticist. We always had science projects in various stages of development in our home. With mom's expert animal husbandry skills & dad's scientific & mathematics expertise we bred & cultivated many different colors & types of hamsters, rabbits, and dogs. We always obtained first place at science fairs.
In college, my siblings & I excelled in biological sciences.
I like to encourage young students to pursue science education so that one day the USA can lead the way to solving the world's energy & water problems.

Common Core

I have had extensive classes on the role of Common Core Standards in teaching & learning models for students in K-12th grades. I was a grad student attaining my teachers certificate in the state of Kansas, when my family required me to transfer back to California. The program I was enrolled in was totally immersed in the SE standards. The Common Core Standards are the essential building blocks of a student learning plan. They help the teacher, the student, and the school to hopefully achieve appropriate goals in their education.

Ear Training

Having been born with "perfect pitch," I can assist almost anyone to find the note they want and sing or play it on an instrument. I was a concert choir member & then director for many years. Ear training involves exceptional focus and of course listening skills. It requires the student to absolutely HEAR what they are listening to: that is to say no other noise should distract them from their primary focus during a tutor session.

Elementary (K-6th)

I passed my CBEST in 1999 & began Substitute teaching in 2000 in LA county.
I also substitute taught in Kansas 2003-4. I was enrolled in a teacher certification program at that time but was not allowed to complete the program due to loss of loans. I have tutored for various companies & privately for the last 12 years. My students always thrive.
I have tutored K-8 exclusively for the last 3 years using CA core curriculum.

Elementary Science

Due to the fact that my parents were such avid scientists, my siblings and I always had a "science project" living in the basement or garage.
Science fairs were "on" year-long. I went into healthcare after high school, graduating as valedictorian of my RN nursing program. Years later I discovered what joy teaching/tutoring was and have pursued it ever since.


I have worked as a proof-reader for a few years while attending college. I have written and published several books of short stories and poems. My minor in college was English. I have been a ELA (English Language Arts) tutor for over 12 years for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Finite Math

I have been a CBEST qualified substitute teacher for over 15 years. I have taught math K-8 & tutored for high school students. I have tutored algorithms of finite math to ASD as well as ADHD students. My students always excel. When a student has trouble understanding a calculation we practice similar problems until they understand the process perfectly.


I have been a magazine & newspaper reporter, editor, & copy writer.
I have taught grammar & ELA for over 15 years to K-12 students & adults. I have published many poems in national magazines & have entries in college anthologies.


I am now & as a child was an avid reader. I read ALL the literature (fiction) books in my small town library by the age of nine. I began writing stories for my friends little brothers & sisters & reciting them to them after that. I have published short stories & poems for children & adults all my life. I have taught ELA (English Language Arts) for various school districts & programs since 2005 with great success.


As I stated above I have worked as an RN in many different settings.
I have worked as a camp RN, in the mountains (the Ozarks), at outdoor weekend music festivals, and even in-flight air-lifts. Using my CPR skills, I have saved more lives "out-on-the-streets" than in any clinical setting.


I am a licensed physician in the states of MO. & CA. As a doctor of chiropractic I studied Biochemistry & Nutrition equal to a minor in college. I can guide any student through important nutrition parameters & the necessity of understanding digestion & assimilation of all known vitamins & minerals. This includes the effects on digestion & health vs. disease states. Prior to becoming a licensed physician, I was an RN & employed for several years in hospitals & clinics.


I consider myself a life-long philosophy student. I am constantly learning & enjoying the challenge of dialogue and discussion. I practice universal acceptance & tolerance in regards to philosophical ideology in my life & tutoring. I have studied many religions & philosophies & read many journals & philosophers on a daily basis. I attend philosophy discussion groups & meetings on a weekly basis.


As the Valedictorian of my RN (Nursing) class I helped other students understand physiology. I have tutored foreign educated medical doctors to pass their CA boards. As a practicing physician, I have educated patients about their own physiology. This includes knowledge of herbal & chemical medicines & the effect they have in the body.

Public Speaking

I was state president of my college student nurses association.
I wrote & presented speeches to large contingents of students and educators. I had to address the Illinois Assembly (apx. 350 people) at a statewide convention. I was a "Key doctor" in the 80's to the California Assembly lobbying for chiropractors in hospitals as adjunct staff. I was a a member of Toastmasters for several years. I wrote the introductory speeches for another member who had her own radio show in San Francisco for several years.


I am and as a child was a prolific reader. I encourage all my students to read books on whatever subject interests them. If they have difficulty with any text I encourage them to read aloud and use a dictionary to define and describe any unknown or new words. My dad was a scientist and my mom was an elementary teacher. I enjoyed scientific information from my dad and literature explained by my mom. To me, both worlds are very important and extremely interesting.

Sight Singing

I have taken several courses in ASL (American Sign Language). I can teach the basics and assist new students in sign language interpretation. I am not an expert but can teach the alphabet and some simple conversation.


I have core curriculum word lists for K-12 grade that I encourage the students to practice pronounce & write.
I help them with mnemonics to remember the words pronunciation & meaning & hopefully to use the word in a sentence that they can remember for future use. I encourage students to use the word(s) on a daily basis until the word(s) become ingrained in their daily speech & vocabulary.

Voice (Music)

I studied opera from age 13-19. I was an understudy for Helen Boatwright for Handel's Messiah at age 18. My voice teacher wanted to take me to Europe to be cast in operas there but my parents could not afford the costs. I have been active in choral singing, song-writing & arranging for more than 30 years.


I have written numerous poems which have been published in national & state university archives, magazines, newspapers, and journals. My short stories have also been published in writers' anthologies of the Midwest. I have written and recorded several songs which have had minor success. I like to go to poetry readings & read my poems to music or a basic "beat."
I encourage my writing students to empathize or sympathize with a belief that moves them to tears, develops the emotions, and finally logically assists the reader to action.

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $45.00

Cancellation: 8 hours notice required

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