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University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Elementary Education
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Graduate Coursework


University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (Elementary Education)

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (Graduate Coursework)

About Mary

Hello Friends,

My name is Mary, and I'm very excited to be part of the WYZAnt community here in Tucson, AZ.

My professional background includes work as a writer and copyeditor; in addition to 15 years in educational services as an elementary school teacher.

Today I work as a tutor in two areas:

(1) As a tutor for school-age youngsters in the core areas of reading, writing and mathematics, and

(2) As a writing coach specialist for adults requiring assistance with academic, business, and technical editing and writing.

I am very skilled with building relationships, putting people at ease, and helping individuals with the personal empowerment, and confidence-building that grows out of successful work.

In addition to teaching the logic and mechanics behind success, I'm particularly drawn to helping others find their unique "voice," and in that, refer to the needed skill and confidence associated with helping individuals make their thinking visible in a variety of context. This ranges from the verbal explanation of steps and sequences leading to mathematical solutions, to the subjective work of detailing a personal response to literature, and the more robust work of presenting original research.

With certification for teaching second-language learners, I've had graduate-level coursework in grammar and linguistics which offers an additional layer of expertise with correcting grammatical errors that writers overlook, including punctuation, verb tense, spelling, and sentence structure.

I look forward to being of assistance in helping you achieve success in meeting your goals and unique needs.
Hello Friends,

My name is Mary, and I'm very excited to be part of the WYZAnt community here in Tucson, AZ.

My professional background includes work as a writer and copyeditor; in addition to 15 years in educational services as an elementary school teacher.

Today I work as a tutor in two areas:

(1) As a
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Approved subjects

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Elementary (K-6th)

Between the fall of 1996 and June of 2012, I taught at the elementary level in Madison, WI with an emphasis on reading, writing and mathematics for grades 1-5. My teaching style favored a multicultural approach, and with ESL certification, I am skilled with tailoring instruction to meet the unique needs of children learning in English as a second language. From journaling, writing and publishing, to hands-on activities in science and math; teaching and learning also included storytelling and song, with creative dramatics – all designed to foster the joyful business of learning in a supportive and friendly framework.

Elementary Math

From my own days of schooling, to those of preparing lessons for young learners in the classroom and as a tutor: the goals of mathematics have remained the same: to develop children's ability to learn needed concepts across a variety of problem-solving situations so that they're able to apply their understanding and skills in achieving that one right answer.

In addition, the last twenty years have brought sweeping changes in teaching mathematics in the area of helping children acquire the necessary vocabulary so they can explain their solutions with confidence and ease.

My areas of strength include both teaching the "language of math," in addition to basic number concepts through: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, percents, measurement and geometry, to the more complex operations associated with probability, statistics, and multi-step word problems.

Elementary Science

Based on my work in the classroom, my approach to science education is centered around the five areas of science inquiry: (1) Learner Engages in Scientifically Oriented Questions, (2) Learner Gives Priority to Evidence in Responding to Questions, (3) Learner Formulates Explanations from Evidence, (4) Learner Connects Explanations to Scientific Knowledge, and (5) Learner Communicates and Justifies Explanations

Most acquainted with the FOSS Modules (Full Option Science Systems), I have taught units in: Sun, Moon and Stars; Matter and Energy; Structures of Life (ask me about the crayfish!); Magnetism and Electricity; and Mixtures and Solutions to name a few.


I am a native English speaker, have a professional background in writing and copyediting, and served as a literacy-specialist in my school district for 15 years. My understanding of the foundation of English is further informed by graduate coursework in linguistics as part of my Teaching English as a Second Language training with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For more information on my English teaching skills, please refer to the "qualifications" notes under: ESL, proofreading, vocabulary, grammar and spelling. I look forward to being of help to you!


My training in Teaching English as a Second Language was competed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My inspiration? The desire:

- to be of help to learners with the added challenge of acquiring new information in a language other than that which they grew up with,

- to create learning experiences that were relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable (all enhancements to assisting learning that lasts), and

- to create culturally-sensitive learning experiences that foster confidence, while celebrating the value of learners finding their "voice" in sharing their valuable ideas.


As a writer, teacher, I'm poised to help learners with the underlying logic and traditions of grammar including: parts of speech (verbs, pronouns, and so forth), parts of a sentence (subjects, verbs, objects and descriptions), and that area English teachers refer to as "mechanics" (punctuation, and capitalization).

With a professional background in editing, I am also able to cover common mistakes, such as incomplete sentences, commonly confused words, writing for clarity (cutting repetitive words and phrases), and assisting writers with finding their own unique style or "voice."


Even in this era of "talk to text," and our growing use of computers, good cursive handwriting is an important and valuable skill. In 15 years of elementary education, I've assisted hundreds of children with the practice, skill and mastery of using the cursive alphabet for writing words and sentences.



As an elementary classroom teacher, one who worked in K/1, and with second-language learners across all the grade levels, I have several years experience teaching children letter names and sounds, and the letter combinations and patterns that comprise our written and spoken language.

A sound foundation in phonics helps learners with the needed understanding of letter/sound combinations that assist in their recognition of unfamiliar words and reading fluency.


From the unique needs of elementary learners through those at the adult, academic and graduate-school levels, I’ve worked as a professional writer, teacher, tutor and editor for over 20 years.

My areas of expertise include helping writers find their unique “voice” in writing that is coherent, organized, and an accurate representation of their ideas in a variety of content areas.

For beginning writers, I introduce writing fundamentals while providing encouraging feedback that helps the student move with confidence across the blank page.

Work with more advanced writers centers on developing and honing their craft with a focus on revision and styling needed to generate submissions for publication or academic portfolios.


With a background as a "literacy specialist," I'm acquainted with "direct instruction," Readers's Workshop, "The Daily 5," guided reading, balanced reading, core reading programs, whole-class novels, and many other approaches. Central to all of these programs, however, is a strong foundation of reading strategies that help learners at every level internalize the skills necessary to read fiction and non fiction, to write and talk about reading, and to read and comprehend with deeper insight. These strategies include, in part:

- deciding the purpose of your reading,
- asking questions before you get started,
- underlining key words and phrases,
- zooming in on the text, note taking, identifying the main idea ... and,
- summarizing and paraphrasing

This work is based upon THE READING STRATEGIES BOOK by Jennifer Serravallo, a must-have for every reading teacher!


Good news for parents!

Spelling abilities develop over time, and are directly related to the level of exposure that your children has with the written word.

In the upper elementary grades, most students go from beginning-level spelling to something close to an adult level. In the beginning stages, however, there is learning related to vowel sounds, "silent" e, double consonants, homophones, and ... my ... how the list goes on!

I am acquainted with a great variety of spelling primers, start young learners with "sight word practice, and move on from there.

Study Skills

As both an adult learner, and an elementary classroom teacher, I have extensive experience with teaching study skills related to organization, time management, stress management, test-taking strategies, and necessary skills for active listening, effective note taking, and reading comprehension necessary for improving learning and successful academic outcomes.


There is no doubt about it, an individual's vocabulary knowledge has a direct bearing on their success in school, and in their professional lives, when their schooling days are done. Knowing what words mean and how they interconnect creates networks of knowledge (or "schema") that allow students to connect new information to prior knowledge or background knowledge.

Why does this matter?

Research has shown that students with greater schema around a topic learn more, remember more, and are more interested when that topic is introduced that those without that initial background knowledge. What's more, having a rich vocabulary to draw upon is powerful in providing students with unique benefits and gifts for responding to questions, and describing or explaining their rationale, in addition to refining their skills when invited to express their thoughts and ideas "in their own words."

While familiar with a number of resources, recent instruction in vocabulary has drawn upon the book BRINGING WORDS TO LIFE by Isabel L. Beck.


An avid writer, my curriculum background includes the 6-Traits model, the "process model" (moving through various iterations from "sloppy copy" to final copy), the Lucy Calkin's units of study (with the use of "mentor" texts, perhaps my fave), Ralph Fletcher's use of the Writer's Notebook, Anne Lamott's BIRD BY BIRD and Natalie Goldberg's WRITING DOWN THE BONES (for times when writers get stuck) to the use of story maps and webs, and the more straightforward step-by-step introduction of various essays (persuasive, expository and narrative, etc.). I've written ad copy and brochures. I write poetry. I have a blog. I'm working on a book. I LOVE to write, and I thoroughly love sharing this vehicle for the best expression of ourselves, with learners of all ages.

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Elementary Education
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Graduate Coursework


University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (Elementary Education)

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (Graduate Coursework)

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