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Georgia State University
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of California at Irvine


Georgia State University (Mathematics)

Georgia Institute of Technology (Master's)

University of California at Irvine (MBA)

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I am available for math tutoring in the Oro Valley area. I began tutoring in college with as many as 6 students per week. I have now accumulated over 1000 hours experience in-person in the Oro Valley, AZ area and online across the continental US. 

I graduated summa cum laude with honors in mathematics. I have an MS degree in statistics, an MBA and am an Associate of the Society of Actuaries. After 18 years' experience as a pension consultant, I “retired" as Director of Actuarial Services at Northern Trust Retirement Consulting in Atlanta to begin my second career as a high school math teacher and tutor. I taught all math courses from fractions through calculus and developed courses in math history and math strategies for problem solving.

As a math tutor at the middle school level I have coached Math Counts teams that went to the State competitions; at the high school level I have tutored a group of 15 AP Calculus students who raised their failing grades to A's and B's and graduated valedictorians; at the college level as a teaching assistant I attracted packed classrooms of freshmen Calculus students at UCI. All these experiences have enriched my understanding of math and my ability to explain math to students.
I am available for math tutoring in the Oro Valley area. I began tutoring in college with as many as 6 students per week. I have now accumulated over 1000 hours experience in-person in the Oro Valley, AZ area and online across the continental US. 

I graduated summa cum laude with
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"Top notch tutor"

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Algebra 1

I was always bothered that the word, "Algebra" had no intrinsic meaning to me. I know what algebra is, but then one might as well call it "Kaborsck" as far as I was concerned. After reading several math history books I pieced together a meaning that makes sense to me: The word "algebra" comes from the Arabic root word "al-jabr" which was borrowed from the medical profession to disconnect and reconnect bones. In Algebra students will learn to solve equations (1st and 2nd degree) by connecting and disconnecting numbers and letters that represent numbers. I will ask them to "al-jabr".

It was once known as the Cossic Art. "Coss" is Latin for "the thing". In modern Algebra we most frequently use "x" to represent "the thing". Start any word problem with labeling the unknown, "Let x = the number of ...." It is this great art that has so greatly advanced all the modern sciences. Think of it as the art that supports the sciences!

Algebra 2

Algebra 2
In Algebra 2 students will extend the ideas of Algebra 1 which involved linear and quadratic equations to
1) systems of linear equations represented using matrices;
2) equations involving radicals (square and cube roots);
3) rational functions which are ratios of linear and quadratic expressions;
4) exponential and logarithmic equations; and
5) conic sections which involve parabolas, ellipses and hyperbolas.
6) trigonometric relationships culminating in the law of sins and the law of cosines.

I have taught Algebra 2 many times while on Kauai and have experience tutoring many students at various ability levels in the Tucson area to understand and solve problems in Algebra 2.


The French mathematician Lagrange once said that a teacher doesn't really understand his subject until he can explain it to a man on the street. I once took Lagrange's challenge to be able to explain the fundamental theorem of calculus to "a man on the street". I asked my barber to envision she was in a drugged stupor in a semi-private hospital room as the nurse pulls on the privacy curtain. She would experience in slow motion that the amount of additional "privacy" she was getting at any instant would be the height of the curtain at that instant. That is the fundamental theorem of Calculus: the rate of change of the amount of privacy at any instant is the height of the curtain providing the privacy.

Being able to work with a function, its derivative and its integral enriches the student's mathematical experience as if one can now operate on the surface of the earth (functions), under the water (derivatives) and in the air (integrals or anti-derivatives). The power of this new math brought society into the modern era. It will bring students to a new level of mathematical maturity.

I am currently tutoring 4 students in calculus in high school (3 in AP Calculus) and one in college. I have taught Calculus in a private high school and once taught 15 AP Calculus students in a public high school on Kauai because they couldn't understand their Calculus teacher and were all getting D’s and F’s. After several months of work, they all graduated at the top of their class and several became valedictorians. In graduate school I taught 1st year Calculus at Georgia Tech and at University of California at Irvine, as teacher’s assistant, I lead math labs for Calculus 1 that were so popular that there was standing room only.


Prealgebra is all about fractions, "broken numbers". Percentages and decimals are fractions in a certain form. A ratio and a proportion involve fractions. The student must learn to deal with fractions: reduce and expand them in order to combine fractions by addition and subtraction.

Lewis Caroll, who was a math teacher, was thinking of adding and subtracting fractions when he wrote about Alice shrinking and expanding to get the key to get into the garden.

Once students can do this they must enter that strange garden and learn how to apply this knowledge to solve problems involving numbers, basic geometric shapes and probabilities. If they are good at it they may end up at the Mad Hater's tea party at the Large Hadron Collider.


I have taught Pre-Calculus from several different textbooks and successfully tutored many students through it. I am currently working with two students in the Tucson area, one in college and the other in high school.

SAT Math

SAT tests mostly cover material from Algebra and Geometry. Statistics show the best way to improve your score by around 100 points is to take another year of math like Algebra 2. Working problems from an SAT prep manual can improve your score by around 50 points. Practice working the sample tests at first without any time pressure. Problems that you cannot work or that took too long should be reviewed with your tutor. After going through 3 or more sample tests with your tutor (me hopefully), begin to take them within the allowed time limit. If a problem takes too much time, review it with your tutor (me please) to see if there is an easier way to get to the correct answer.


Trigonometry is the study of triangles. I starts with right triangles in which if one angle is the same as any other right triangle, then the triangles are similar and hence their sides are proportional. In particular the ratios of their sides is the same. The basic ratios are sin, cos and tan and their reciprocals are csc, sec and cot, respectively. Relationships are developed among these ratios as well as the law of sins and the law of cosines which are used to resolve all the sides and angles of any triangle.

A thorough knowledge of trigonometry is needed for the study of calculus which is the mathematics of motion. There are basically two types of motion: linear and rotational. Trigonometry is the lynchpin that connects these two and hence is essential for calculus.

Georgia State University
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of California at Irvine


Georgia State University (Mathematics)

Georgia Institute of Technology (Master's)

University of California at Irvine (MBA)

Top notch tutor — We feel extremely lucky that Mr Paul is tutoring our son for his Algebra class. Mr Paul has a truly special way to explain the concepts that goes beyond mere transmission of rules or steps. He is teaching my son how to think like a mathematician and how to develop his critical thinking skills. As an educator myself, I recognize his approach and teaching philosophy as a distinctive indicator of ...

— Alma, Marana, AZ on 11/6/16

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