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I couldn't have chosen a better tutor!
— Sandra, Phoenix, AZ on 6/12/15


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SUNY Brockport
Developmental Pyschology
California State U. Fullerton
Graduate Coursework
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona


SUNY Brockport (Developmental Pyschology)

California State U. Fullerton (Graduate Coursework)

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona (MEd)

About Cindy

Certified teacher and tutor with decades of practical experience working with students of all ages to improve their reading skills, develop better study habits, learn how to study for and pass tests, as well as teaching ESL/ESOL to dozens of immigrants.
I employ targeted teaching to the student's strengths and using their individual learning styles and my encouragement and examples help you to develop your own strengths and abilities. I have outstanding communication skills, determination and commitment to the success of my students and find that I prefer to work with educating small groups of 1-4 students whether it is reading, writing, spelling, study skills, history, test prep or improving your conversational English skills. I am passionate about the success of my students.
I am patient and encouraging and know that self-confidence in the learning process is important to student success.

I am skilled in all areas of teaching reading, writing and English including research, college prep and composition, grammar, format and spelling. I love the finished product and the process of getting there using skills with the language.

I have had experience working with ADD and ADHD students as well as Aspergers, Autism and developmental delays. I tutor in elementary education, writing, ASVAB, reading, ESL/ESOL, History, Social Studies and SAT Reading and Writing as well as several others. I provide the initial assessment and all learning materials.
I look forward to helping you or your child achieve your education goals.
Cindy H.
Certified teacher and tutor with decades of practical experience working with students of all ages to improve their reading skills, develop better study habits, learn how to study for and pass tests, as well as teaching ESL/ESOL to dozens of immigrants.
I employ targeted teaching to the student's strengths and using their individual learning
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If you are interested in booking tutoring that extends for more than six lessons I would be pleased to offer you a rate of $45 per hour.

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In-person lessons

"I couldn't have chosen a better tutor!"

- Sandra, Phoenix, AZ on 6/12/15

"Perfect fit!"

- Alan, Gilbert, AZ on 12/15/17


- Hollie, Scottsdale, AZ on 11/11/17

"Patient and knowledgeable"

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"Positive and patient!"

- Jaime, Gilbert, AZ on 3/21/16

"Amazing teacher, a true force of excellence"

- Kimberly, Paradise Valley, AZ on 11/29/15

"Great Tutor with lots of Patience :-)"

- Srikanth, Chandler, AZ on 11/26/15

"Knowledgeable tutor"

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"Knowledgeable tutor"

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"Understanding and Patient"

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"Great tutor"

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"Great with kids!"

- Steve, Mesa, AZ on 4/22/13
Elementary Science, Psychology

Approved subjects are in bold.

Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


I hold a Bachelor's degree in Developmental Psychology and a Master's in Brain Based Learning. I am a certified Executive Function Skills coach and Behavioral Therapist who works with students all ages to develop their organization, time management and study skills to effect long term academic successes. With specific application of EF techniques students do develop new ways of approaching their disorder with structured habits. This helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and enhance family dynamics.

American History

History of any kind has always been of interest and fascination for me. I spent a number of years as a volunteer with immigrants studying for their citizenship test and teaching them the American History portion was always my favorite part. We are able to see and appreciate the greatness and talents of this country when we take time to learn about its past.


I have a minor in both Anthropology and Archaeology, and I love to share the fascination I have with these subjects with others and show them ways to remember all the scientific and geological terms that make up much of the discipline.


I minored in Archaeology in college and continue to hold strong fascination with the subject. I have been tutoring a student recently in The Darwinian Origins of Man. The understanding of how our societies and cultures have evolved through the study of ancient artifacts and civilizations help us to understand the continuity of mankind and our place in the larger march of time. Reminds me repeatedly that history is alive and we are only small footsteps.


I understand many young people are not passing the requisite testing for military service because of their lack of scholastic preparedness. Study skills, drilling information and learning means of retaining this information can help you to approach this test with confidence and skill.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have worked as a teacher and tutor with students with mild to severe ASD as well as Asperger's and PDD-NOS. I helped the Special Education teacher at my last school to teach 17 year old non-verbal twins in reading and tutored them in their home several days a week. I have a dual Master's in Early Childhood Education and Brain Based Learning which gives me an ability to understand how each learner processes information according to their own unique learning style. I combine this with a calm and patient manner to attain the best possible outcome for the students I work with.

Bible Studies

I have taught and studied the Bible for many years, teaching Bible classes to youth to adults. With a family of diverse cultures and faiths I have many opportunities to discuss and learn from many people about their own belief structures. At the school level I have regularly tutored students from the various Christian schools in our area.

Career Development

Success in Career Development requires outstanding communication skills to be able to meet the qualifications and expectations of the field you are interested in. There are a combination of skills such as good verbal and written skills, organizational behaviors and the ability to determine what the potential position and field requires.

College Counseling

Helping potential students prepare for their college career is an important responsibility. College Counseling as a career path is in demand now as many are trying to make decisions about the best way to ensure their work lives in the current economy and being able to assist them by knowing your responsibilities to them makes you a valuable tool.

Common Core

I was a member of my school's Common Core investigation and acceptance team. I received the original teacher training and while I am no longer a classroom teacher, I have had many opportunities as a tutor to work with students using the Common Core curriculum.


I have worked with several dyslexic adults to teach them ways to work around and with their disorder in the world of words. To achieve some success with learning to navigate the difficult worlds of dyslexia and disgraphia takes unique approaches to how the information is presented and used by the learner. Some may need visual representations of words and sentences, others may require a musical approach or poetry. All can learn to develop skills that spell success.

Elementary (K-6th)

I am a K-6 certified teacher and Reading Specialist. I have a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor's in Child Psychology. My strengths are my patience and ability to deal with diverse learners and my materials and curriculums developed and assembled over my years of teaching. I teach to each student's individual learning style, working with the skills I have learned over the years and adapting to the unique abilities of the child or adult learner. I tutor in any subject encountered in elementary education including penmanship, social studies, reading and science.


I have decades of experience in English starting with my first college experience where I made extra money tutoring fellow students in English lit, composition, and research skills as well as grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and word usage. I am a certified teacher with 15 years of experience and a Reading Specialist. I bring all my skills and abilities to helping my students succeed also.


I have taught ESL/ESOL students for more than twenty years, with fourteen of those years as a certified teacher working almost exclusively with second language learners. I hold teaching endorsements in ESL in Arizona and Nevada. I have worked with adults wanting to improve their English speaking skills as well as writing and listening by teaching conversational English classes. No matter where you come from or what language you speak, now that you are here I want to help you master the language and open doors of opportunity.

European History

I have a minor in European History and enjoy learning about and teaching others about the vastness and richness of history. Many do not see the point of looking back but the best way to see where we are going as a global society is to examine where we have been.


The ability to properly construct a sentence has become of critical importance in our current society. The internet, texting and other forms of electronic communication have caused many to forget the use of proper grammar in their educational and business communications. I teach students how to construct a sentence, research paper and other forms of written communication that makes use of grammar and punctuation rules.


As an elementary school teacher and particularly the early grades, handwriting is an essential part of any curriculum, whether it be D'Nealian, Manuscript or Cursive. The teaching of handwriting should and must be taught in relationship to the teaching of letters, words, sentences, etc. to create a well-rounded student.


As a tutor for the last five years I have worked with many home-schooled students with varying degrees of capability from ASD to gifted, preschool early learning programs to high school athletes, and nearly every online curriculum from public to private as well as religious and purchased textbooks. I am also really well-versed on expectations for every grade level and can develop my own materials when needed.


I am a K-12 certified teacher with a specialty in teaching reading to both young (kindergarten) children, tutoring struggling students of all ages and volunteering as a adult literacy coach. My specialties are in the teaching of both phonetic reading and sight word or memory mastery. Hold degrees in Child Psychology, Master in Early Childhood Education and Brain Based Learning.
I believe all work together regardless of the child's needs to create an environment of excitement for learning, increased self-confidence, and enhanced skills in all areas.


I tutor in all areas of English including proofreading and grammar, punctuation, structure, vocabulary and idea development. During both on my college experiences I tutored and helped other students with writing and English classes. I use any approach to building the confidence of the learner and developing lifelong skills with the language.


I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology and am currently working on a Master's in school counseling hoping to use my education and skills to help students and families navigate the difficulties of deficit disorders and education.
I can help you in any area of psychology including how to do research and write successful papers. I can assure you will achieve the best grades possible with my help.

Public Speaking

I have many years experience as a public speaker and debate team coach. As an educator I have spoken before groups of all ages and assisted students in preparing verbal and written commentaries and in developing the confidence and skill to stand before groups of many sizes and speak openly and easily. I also provide the encouragement of my personal abilities with the language to ensure a quality presentation.


I love the teaching of literacy, from helping the very young to decipher those lines and squiggles to encouraging the discouraged who believe they will never master the written word and everyone in between! I work hard using many materials and techniques nurturing and building excitement, fun, confidence and ultimately success. My background is as an Early Childhood teacher, with a Master's in Brain Based Learning from ASU, Reading Specialist and Literacy Volunteers of America trainer for many years. I bring learning in a fun and dynamic way that engages every learner in their own unique style of understanding.

SAT Reading

Of critical importance in SAT reading is the ability to ferret out the information they are requesting in order to answer the questions properly. The student will need a foundation in using their reading skills and knowledge in providing the correct answers to what is asked for. I teach the foundations and add study and comprehension skills to make the process easy to understand.

SAT Writing

Quality writing skills are a necessity for success in college and in the world of work. The SAT writing test evaluates a student's potential for success in college. Critical writing is one of the most important aspects of college achievement and the SAT writing test a measure of potential. I teach to the test utilizing sample questions and helping the student to understand what is asked and how to answer the questions for maximum effect. Students should take away from our sessions confidence and skills which can be immediately utilized to study and succeed.

Special Needs

I have a Bachelor's degree in Developmental Psychology and a Master's degree in Brain Based Learning. I spent many years working as a Mainstreaming teacher to prepare special needs students in elementary school for success in a regular classroom environment. During my time as such and as a tutor I have worked with deficit disorders such as ADD/ADHD and PDD/NOS, Aspergers, mental and emotional deficits, CP and several other disorders that prevented the student from absorbing material and tuning in to the learning environment.

My students and parents regularly speak of my skills and dedication as making all the difference in their child's successes. I bring patience, calm and encouragement to the teaching and learning environment.

I have many techniques to assist your student to develop techniques and lifelong skills in making use of their unique learning style.

I look forward to communicating with you to determine and assess your student's individual needs before our first session.


Spelling is a subject close to my parents hearts and we were expected to excel in this area. I have developed many tools and talents in this area to make spelling a very easy task for me. I utilize a variety of methods including the students' own abilities and learning style to show them many ways to approach and succeed at this. This is a critical area for success as both a student and a worker.

Study Skills

I have had much practice in assisting young to old in becoming more proficient in how to study, retain and recall information. Study skills are a dying art in our schools but, many "tricks of the trade" live on and can readily be utilized to give you the student that added edge which spells greater success for you in every scholastic endeavor and later in your work life.


I use materials and test prep documents that are aligned to the test to assist the student in having the best success with the exam. I have tutored several other students over a number of years to pass this exam and have also had much experience in working with ESL/ESOL students from many countries.


I will use proven techniques to help you develop skills in building and using your vocabulary in everyday conversations as well as education and career.
We will utilize prior learning and memory skills you already possess in building a repertoire of abilities with language.

World History

I minored in World History and Western Civilizations during two different college experiences. I enjoy and am fascinated by the many rich and varied experiences that have gone into making the world we live in today. The study of history is necessary for students to see their place in this world and to study the variety of people, conflicts, successes and failures of the march through time. Also, much of this material can be best assimilated by someone with good reading and retention skills, so any study must also be in tune with successful reading skills.

SUNY Brockport
Developmental Pyschology
California State U. Fullerton
Graduate Coursework
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona


SUNY Brockport (Developmental Pyschology)

California State U. Fullerton (Graduate Coursework)

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona (MEd)

I couldn't have chosen a better tutor!

Cindy hasn't just helped my son academically but also has helped him build a high self esteem. For the longest time he'd say "mom I'm stupid I can't do this" now he'll tell Cindy or my self "just sit there and watch, I can do this by my self. It's easy!" He has ADHD and Cindy is always very patient with him. His grades have gone up tremendously. Best decision and investment I've ever done!! I'm ve

— Sandra, Phoenix, AZ on 6/12/15

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate: $50.00

Cancellation: 12 hours notice required

If you are interested in booking tutoring that extends for more than six lessons I would be pleased to offer you a rate of $45 per hour.

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Cindy will travel within 20 miles of Tempe, AZ 85282.