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Amazing tutor!!!
— Debra, Tempe, AZ on 11/12/15


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Arizona State University
BS in Psychology and BS in Statistics


Arizona State University (BS in Psychology and BS in Statistics)

About Kathryn

Hello, I realize that my profile has gotten very long. If you do not want to read all of it, there is a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) summary at the bottom of the page. Thank you! Sincerely, Katie D.


Dear future students,

I'm a tutor, I'm a friend, I'm a cognitive psychology student; I like to work with people, and I do not believe that anyone should be without help if they need it, regardless of whether or not they can afford to pay. I work with people because I love learning myself, and being able to help someone else understand something -- the look in their eyes -- makes me happy. To know that I can make a difference, and help someone achieve their goals -- that's what I'm about.

I learned everything that I know about tutoring from personal experience and from implementing ideas for improvement that I learned in my various psychology classes. I have always wanted to tutor, and in high school I did; I tutored the "Rebound" students who had failed two or more classes. I enjoyed helping these students understand a wide range of topics. It seems that the more that I learn, the more I want to help others reach their goals, whether it be middle school students trying to get into honors classes, high school students looking to succeed in their classes, older students going back to complete the huge goal of getting their GED, or any student in between.

I believe that to understand what kind of care I will give you as a tutor that you deserve to know what kind of care I give myself. Throughout the beginning of my educational career I had trouble staying organized, and I understand the challenge that it can be. I remember all of the different strategies that I tried, and I know what really works. My struggles continued in high school; I took Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate program classes in high school while dealing with my newly diagnosed ADHD. Despite my struggles with these classes, I did achieve a passing grade with a lot of effort. I taught myself good study skills, and continue to enforce these skills by teaching them to others.

I am excited to say that I am a college graduate! As of Fall 2013 I have completed the requirements for my Associates of Science degrees, and as of Fall 2017 I have completed my double major at ASU to receive a Bachelors of Science in Psychology (Cognitive) and a Bachelors of Science in Statistics. I am taking the year of 2018 to research graduate schools while I continue my Research Assistantship in the SAIL Lab at ASU. I plan to travel to graduate school in 2019 in order to obtain a Doctorate in Cognitive/Educational Psychology with a concurrent Masters in Statistics. After achieving my Doctorate, I plan to open my own K-14 school based on psychological principles of learning. I believe that students deserve to learn in ways that best explain the material. The current educational system is flawed because it is a rigid, inflexible system. While the current educational system does not help students like that, I do. As you can tell, I am a very driven individual, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that you (or your student) succeed.

I am proud to say that I've worked with a wide range of students. I've tutored everyone ranging from young adults who have fallen behind in many of their classes, students who just need that final push to make it into honors, college students looking for a tutor that will help the information stick, and adult students who decided that now is the time to get their GED. I'm happy to help everyone, and not afraid to let you know when I'm not the best tutor for you; my biggest concern is that you get the kind of help that you need so that you can reach your academic goals.

If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask; other than that, I'm flexible and willing to work to help you meet your goals, no matter what they may be.

Thank you for taking the time to consider choosing me to be your tutor.

Best wishes,

Katie D.


What I Don't Do:
I have an increasingly large number of students message me whom, unfortunately, I cannot help. To minimize any inconvenience for you, I am providing a distinct list of things that I do NOT tutor.

I do not tutor students who are younger than 12 years old.
I do not teach English (though I will edit/revise essays, I am not a non-native language tutor).
I do not work a flexible tutoring schedule (e.g. if you are a weekly student, I will always come at the same time every week, with exceptions for special events such as trips or tournaments).
I do not waive my fee when students cancel on me with less than one day's notice (please see my cancellation policy).

Thank you for your understanding of these limitations. If I cannot help you, I wish you the best in finding a tutor who is the right fit for you!


TL;DR -- I tutor a wide range of subjects to a wide range of students (of all ages [7th grade and up]). I have my AS in psychology as of Fall 2013 and BS in Psychology and BS in Statistics as of Fall 2017. I have been tutoring since I was in high school, and I believe that students have a right to learn regardless of financial situation, learning style, or presence of ADHD (or other learning disabilities). If you're not sure, talk to me, I'm not going to try to tutor you if I know that I'm not the best one for the job. If you're looking for a down-to-earth, friendly, helpful tutor, you've found her!
Hello, I realize that my profile has gotten very long. If you do not want to read all of it, there is a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) summary at the bottom of the page. Thank you! Sincerely, Katie D.


Dear future students,

I'm a tutor, I'm a friend, I'm a cognitive psychology student; I like to work
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24 hours notice required

One hour minimum. 24 hr cancellation policy except in extreme cases. Low income households may qualify for adjusted rate.

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In-person lessons

"Amazing tutor!!!"

- Debra, Tempe, AZ on 11/12/15

"Knowledgeable and Easy to Work With"

- Esmerelda, Phoenix, AZ on 8/21/17

"Excellent Patience!"

- Audra, Phoenix, AZ on 8/21/17

"Caring and wonderful teacher"

- Jen, Tempe, AZ on 5/14/17

"Katie was able to help me the very next day I asked for her help! She focused on what I need to work on and clearly demonstrates them with patience and understanding."

- Hollyn, Phoenix, AZ on 8/14/15

"Great tutor"

- Virginia, Gilbert, AZ on 9/11/13

"Truly remarkable"

- Donald, Chandler, AZ on 6/12/13

"Just what we were looking for!"

- Gwen, Tempe, AZ on 5/26/13


- Carrie, Chandler, AZ on 4/12/13

"Great tutor in every way!"

- Becky, Chandler, AZ on 12/4/12

"The Long and Winding Road of Math"

- Anne, Mesa, AZ on 8/13/12

"Very patient"

- Marsha, Mesa, AZ on 7/23/12

"Great tutor!!"

- Meghann, Chandler, AZ on 6/21/12

"Very good tutor with upbeat attitude!"

- Mariah, Tempe, AZ on 4/8/12

"Was able to connect with student"

- Kristine, Glendale, AZ on 3/27/12
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Study Skills
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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.


I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 14. Over the past several years of tutoring, I have worked with multiple students who have ADHD, both with and without medication. People with ADHD have a very specific way of accomplishing tasks, one with which I am well acquainted. I would be more than happy to help your student learn how to work with instead of against their ADHD too!

Algebra 1

I've been doing algebra 1 for what seems to be forever; I was interested in it when I was a kid, so when I was still in elementary school, my dad taught me how to factor and expand (foil). When I finally got to Algebra 1 in school, I passed easily, helping everyone else in my group to understand the concepts that I had known for years. I still love doing Algebra, and if you need help with it, I would LOVE to help you. It's OK, my boyfriend who is in calculus had to have me help him with factoring too.

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is a solid continuation of Algebra 1 (which I have been tutoring for years). Without realizing it, I have been tutoring Algebra 2 for a few years as well, as I have watched my Algebra 1 students progress through their studies! While the topics in Algebra 2 are marginally more difficult than in Algebra 1, the same variety of teaching techniques apply. This is true though many different levels of math, including all levels of Algebra, including College Algebra!


When I took the ASVAB in High School, I scored a 91. That was before I had tutored math for six years and had an engineer as my calculus professor. I can't promise that I can help you with the non-math sections, but if Math Knowledge or Arithmetic Reasoning is where you're struggling, I can certainly help you there.

College Counseling

I have done so much college research, and I have learned so much through my own experiences, but I know how frightening figuring out those first few college classes can be, I'm here to help. I do not feel qualified to help anyone at a level above their Associates, however, if you have questions about the first two years, I can help.


I have tutored a couple of students for the GED test. While I can help with the other sections, I primarily focus on the mathematics portion of the test. I've helped students learn all of the necessary math for the GED starting at basic addition and subtraction, going up through more complex word problems and algebra.


I loved Geometry in high school. At first, like many students, I was confused by all of the different angles and numbers, however, I soon found my niche and from there it was smooth sailing. One of the things that I took pride in that year was being able to help my fellow students who were having trouble in Geometry. Between my love of the subject, and already helping other students learn how to do it well, I know that I can be the right tutor for you. If you want an easy going, stress-free, mistakes-okay environment to learn Geometry in, then I am the tutor for you.

As of December 2016 I've been tutoring geometry professionally for roughly five years, and I tutored geometry for about two years before that at an after school program.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Powerpoint is one of the most widely used programs in this millennium; it is more widely used that even Microsoft Word, and just like in Microsoft Word, if you want to learn the basics in a no-stress, easy going, mistakes-okay environment, I'm the person that you want to come to.

Microsoft Word

I use Microsoft Word, and I have been helping older students (as well as my parents) with learning how to do the formatting. If you are looking for learning all of the formatting and editing basics of Microsoft Word in a friendly, easy-going, mistakes-okay environment, I'm the person you should come to.


I tutored Pre-Algebra for a year and a half, I know how to explain it to people who have problems with math. I can make it fun for you, if you give me a chance.


I proofread papers for my college English classes to the point that even the sloppiest students that I have worked with have gotten "A"s. If you want to get a better score on your paper, and have real, honest responses to your work, I'm the person you should contact.


I am a psychology major and I have helped many of my classmates as well as assisting my old psychology professors in helping out with their psychology 101 classes. I love helping psychology students, and would love to help you! If you want a stress-free, flexible, worry-free, easy going, mistakes-okay environment then I am the tutor for you!

Public Speaking

I passed COM 225 at Mesa Community College, and I can easily say that I was one of the three best speakers in the class. I actually had to go to the teacher asking for what I should be working on because he wasn't giving me the same criticisms as everyone else.

Study Skills

As a young adult, I had troubles with study skills, and over the years I have found the strategies that work for me, as well as for others. I don't just pay attention to what works for me, because I know that other people do not learn or process information the same way that I do, and what really matters is helping each individual in the way that works the best for him or her.


English is something that I have always taken pride in, both for myself, and for helping others. I love being able to help other people understand English, and being able to help people communicate their ideas is what really counts. If I can help someone do that... it feels good to watch someone else understand something that they have struggled with, it is a feeling like no other to know that you have helped someone so much.

Arizona State University
BS in Psychology and BS in Statistics


Arizona State University (BS in Psychology and BS in Statistics)

Amazing tutor!!!

Katie is a wonderful tutor!! I would highly recommend her to anyone. She tutored my son in algebra his freshman year and is now tutoring him in geometry. His grades have improved tremendously, not just in algebra/geometry but also in other subjects as well. We are talking barely passing to B's! She has taught him organizational skills and study strategies that really help him. She understands ever

— Debra, Tempe, AZ on 11/12/15

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One hour minimum. 24 hr cancellation policy except in extreme cases. Low income households may qualify for adjusted rate.

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