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University of Arkansas - Little Rock
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University of Arkansas - Little Rock (General Studies)

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Hi there!

My name is Emily, but I tend to go by Emmy. I'm from Benton, AR, and am currently a student at the University of Arkansas - Little Rock, working on my Associates Degree in General Studies. I am working on my final semester of this degree, with my courses in College Algebra, Intro to Gender Studies, Intro to Sociology, and American Sign Language 3.

I love education-- my mom was an elementary school teacher and taught me the important of getting an education and acquiring knowledge-- and spreading what I know--to better help not only a student's future, but society's too--, as well as helping people achieve their studious goals. I am adaptable and do my best to help students find a way to learn their desired subject-- in more than just what will prepare them for their exams and schoolwork. I strongly believe that grades do not rate intelligence-- geniuses do not only come in the form of A+ on paper but also in arts, athletics, science, etc.--, but I will not deny the fact that grades do help in the future. And they look mighty impressive!

Throughout my life, I have been very dedicated to schooling, taking a great interest in expanding my interest in many different fields (which is why I'm working on a degree in General studies; there's just so much to choose from!). In recent years, I've gone through several courses in training (at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL, as well as training new crew members and associates at various shops I've worked at), where I learned how to adapt and best inform others on needed material. Learning doesn't just have to be reading and regurgitating information; it can be fun as well! There's a process to learning: a student must be shown the material, talked through the material, must be able to talk through the material on their own, and then be able to teach it as well; that's when they have truly learned.

Students learn in different matters; some learn visually, others must be taught in an auditory manner, while others need a hands-on approach, and then there are always a combination. I do my job by finding out how students learn best and designing plans surrounding how they learn and come up with helpful activities to help them learn the best way possible!

My fields of interest focus in the arts and literary. I love linguistics and languages, as well as grammar and spelling. I participated in tons of spelling bees-- coming up with my own tips and tricks on how to remember words that I love to share with the others; the same goes for vocabluary. I believe language plays itself out in a way that there's always a way to relate it to something else. Not to mention, words are fun, and there are so many ways to learn them besides just writing and rewriting vocabulary words. However, I am not above flash cards; they are useful and portable and encourage learning outside of the classroom.

Ever since I was a child, I have loved to read. I was raised on reading and was always pushed to read more advanced material. Thanks to my dad, I learned the best ways to help pronounce and sound out words. Speed reading and still retaining information from the text is one of my most prized talents. It's important to ask questions about the readings and making sure the text is being comprehended; I always ask for a summary and take the time to emphasize the author's use of syntax and other uses of figurative language. Everything a writer does has a purpose and it is up to the reader to find it; it's a game for student detectives to uncover.

As for the arts, I have a passion for the theatre, where I have spent years focusing on helping children find themselves and learn how to be comfortable with their styles of learning. Since I was four, I've been in the theatre, whether it was at church, school, or in the community. Throughout those sixteen years, I have learned more than just the onstage aspects-- while also helping children overcome their stage fright. I have stage managed many shows, as well as learned set design, costuming, and how to work a variety of light and sound boards. Theatre was my original major in college! Throughout high school, I worked with younger students-- elementary and middle school students-- and taught them about blocking, about costuming, about projection. We talked about parts of the stage and theatre etiquette. We played theatrical games, learned memorization tips and tricks, and at the end of the summer-- after all the rehearsals and workshops-- we put on a show, completely put on by the students, and so many of them now remain working in the community playhouse.

I am currently enrolled in my third semester of ASL at UALR. It's a fun and interesting course, and I would love to help students in the basics of grammar and finger spelling. I worked at a sing and sign theatre in elementary school and assist members of the Deaf community at my work, whether it was when I was in a restaurant taking orders or helping them in retail to find the best fit clothes for their child. This subject is one that I am passionate about and am dedicated to helping others learn. It is very much for visual and kinesthetic learners; one-on-one time helps so much, and I'm willing to give it. While I'm learning in a "no voice" setting, I believe that for beginners, a little verbal communication goes a long way. In fact right now, I'm working with a few of my friends on how to sign, and they are certainly picking up on it.

My preference of age group in tutoring however is elementary school aged children. Having two eight year old sisters, I consistently help with homework and tutoring in this age group. I ask appropriate questions so that the students come to conclusions on their own, and use friendly constructive criticism to help them fix their errors. Not to mention, having pretend spelling bees and playing games with words is the best! Students need to be rewarded when they do well and assisted when they need it. I use Lego's and finger counting, multiplication charts and other visual aids to help with mathematics. Science is fun when you can talk about your favorite animals and make projects; I love helping out with any sort of project, by the way-- creativity helps information stick, and we should not stifle it.

I want to do my best to help out any and all students! I am dedicated to their education as well as my growth as a person. As aforementioned, I believe learning should be fun. I want to help educate and influence those who are going out to change our world in the most positive of manner. I want to work with students, because I find it will be beneficial for all that are involved.
Hi there!

My name is Emily, but I tend to go by Emmy. I'm from Benton, AR, and am currently a student at the University of Arkansas - Little Rock, working on my Associates Degree in General Studies. I am working on my final semester of this degree, with my courses in College Algebra, Intro to Gender Studies, Intro to Sociology, and
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Reading has always been a passion of mine! As a kid I stayed up every night to read with my dad and spent plenty of time during school for reading-- in fact I got in trouble once or twice for reading in class, whoops. I've learned how to speed read and grasp concepts easier. Reading is a magical experience.

Sign Language

Presently, I am in my third semester of American Sign Language at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock; I have passed my last two semesters with flying colors. Outside of this class, I've worked with members of the Deaf community to help give them the best service in both a restaurant and retail setting. In some of my free time, I help my friends and family (primarily my eight year old sisters) learn new signs and get them to better understand the dynamics of the language.


I have been performing and working the technical aspects of theatre since I was a child. I have taken college courses in the subject as well as worked in many community, church, and educational productions. Throughout my years in the theatre, I learned many different exercises that help build confidence, projection, and memorization skills, and have applied these exercises when I directed my own elementary show a year or two ago.

University of Arkansas - Little Rock
General Studies


University of Arkansas - Little Rock (General Studies)

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