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College of the Ozarks
Computer Science


College of the Ozarks (Computer Science)

About Timothy

I am a software developer with a Bachelor of Science degree, in which I double majored in computer science and mathematics. I am also an avid writer and musician/composer. I worked for over two years in a computer lab during college, helping students with programming and Microsoft Office-related homework. I also was asked to give one guest lecture in Data Structures class, due to being one of the few students to receive an A in that class, and received positive comments from both the students and the teacher about the lecture.

From a purely academic standpoint, I am highly qualified to be a tutor. I scored a composite 28 on the ACT, and a 31 in math. I also scored 4 (exceptional) on the Advanced Placement (AP) tests for Calculus AB and Programming III.

Aside from my qualifications, I have a real passion for helping others learn, especially in disciplines that I enjoy, such as math and computer science. I routinely train and help others in various technical subjects in the IT industry, and I will work as hard as I can to help anyone who wants to learn. I have been told many times and by many different people that I have a real gift for teaching, and I do plan on being a teacher at some point. In short, I will not rest or give up until I am satisfied that you have gained a better understanding of the material than you did before. Remember, if you really want to learn, no subject is off limits!
I am a software developer with a Bachelor of Science degree, in which I double majored in computer science and mathematics. I am also an avid writer and musician/composer. I worked for over two years in a computer lab during college, helping students with programming and Microsoft Office-related homework. I also was asked to give one guest lecture Read more

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I offer a discount for online students - $5 off my regular rate. I also offer a student referral discount of $10, and repeat students get a $5 discount after 4 lessons.

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Adobe Photoshop

My knowledge in Photoshop is very broad. I understand how to use Photoshop to tweak, manipulate, arrange, resize, and adjust nearly every aspect of an image or picture. I have used Photoshop for many different projects, both personal and professional. Example projects I have worked on include graphic design for music album art, web design, and user interface elements. I can teach on advanced topics such as layering, masks, filters. I am also knowledgeable about different image formats, the pros and cons of each, and what use they are best suited for.


I have over 5 years experience working directly with C programming for Walmart ISD, an IT industry leader. Having already studied C++ and C# prior to getting that job, learning C was much simpler. The projects I have worked on at Walmart were extremely complex and required an ability to quickly pick up the subject.


My first project in C# was programming a Sudoku puzzle generator and solver, and as a result of that project, C# ended up becoming my favorite language. Because I enjoyed it so much, I had more incentive to study into the depths and nuances of the language. I have also delved deep into the cryptography applications of C# including hashing, password generation, secure password storage, public key cryptography, encryption, certificates, and authentication.


The only class where I actively studied C++ was Data Structures, which was my favorite class in college. This is because for me, it was mostly review. A friend had given me a C++ book in high school, which I had already gone through and learned what I could from it. Data Structures simply solidified my knowledge of the subject.

I was the one of the few students, possibly the only one, to ever earn an A in Data Structures from the professor who taught it at the time. The students in that class frequently looked to me for help. I would commonly take time out of my own schedule to visit the computer lab and help my fellow students learn C++. Two of those students told me personally that I was the only reason they passed Data Structures. My last semester in college, I was asked to give a guest lecture in that class when the professor fell ill. Several of the students as well as the CIS professor complimented me on that lecture.


I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics, and I have also taken additional calculus classes beyond what was required for the math major. I enjoy calculus very much and even prepared a helpful handout for my high school calculus class. The teacher was thrilled with it, and I was awarded a Distinguished Citizenship Award by the high school principle for my efforts. In all of the calculus classes I have been in, I was a go-to person for other students seeking help; I used to make extra trips to our college computer lab to hep other students with homework, and they indicated that I was of great help to them. I also scored a 4 (exceptional) on the Calculus ACT exam.


I grew up playing chess with my dad, who could easily qualify as a Low Master ranked player. He routinely plays against the most difficult levels on computer chess programs, and he taught me everything I know about chess. I feel that I would be competent enough to teach the basics as well as a few points of intermediate strategy.

Composition (Music)

I have been self-learning and practicing music composition on and off for the past eight years. I have played trumpet for 12 years and piano for two years, so I have a good grasp of how instrument choice affects composition.

Computer Programming

Since I was 12 years old, I knew I wanted to be a programmer. Ever since then, I have been programming and learning how to program in more and more languages. I have a computer science bachelor's degree, and 7 years of experience in the IT industry, all directly in the field of programming. I also do private tutoring, most of which has been in computer programming, and public teaching in the workplace for computer languages such as Java.

Computer Science

I have a double major bachelor's degree in computer science and mathematics, and 7 years of experience in the IT industry. I am most enthusiastic about computer science and find nearly every aspect of it fascinating, and so I am also self-educated in various computer science subjects above and beyond what I learned in college.

Discrete Math

In addition to taking a college level course on discrete math, it is one of my favorite subjects and I have studied it extensively outside of class. I also studied discrete math in Great Ideas in Mathematics, a capstone course for my college math major. Capstone courses are much more difficult and in-depth, and require a final thorough presentation on a topic of great interest to the major. The topic I picked, combinatory logic, is closely related to discrete math, and my final paper on it was 21 pages. I have studied combinatory logic as a hobby since high school.

Many of the students in my discrete math class frequently asked me for help. One student even came to my dorm room after class. I earned an A in that class, and also in Modern Algebra, another class that involves the applications of discrete math concerning algebraic structures that explain the properties of the current number systems.

General Computer

I have a college degree in computer science, and have five years of experience in the IT industry, working for Walmart. I write computer software, but I have always been interested in every aspect of computers, and have taken many additional computer classes that were not required, both in high school and college. Even now I am taking classes from iTunes U about computer subjects I wanted to study in college, but did not have the opportunity to.

At work, I often look through new and emerging technology, create presentations about it, and present it to my peers for their benefit.

General Music

I compose both solo piano and electronic music, and have taken one year of piano, in addition to playing trumpet most of my life.

I have a great passion for music and would love to help bring it more to life for others.


I have many years of HTML experience, building web sites by hand, as well as using coding tools that automatically build HTML. I currently manage my own personal website and web server. I work in IT and have done a lot of HTML, CSS, and web design for Walmart. I have even written scripts to generate dynamic HTML (known as CGI), and I am well versed in new HTML5 frameworks such as AngularJS and Bootstrap.


Java is one of my strongest languages. I have used it for 7 years in the retail IT industry and I have 3 years of teaching experience, both private tutoring and in the public workplace. I have used it in both professional and personal projects of different sizes. It is very versatile and I can teach how to write just about anything in Java, from web services to small applications, custom shared libraries to full front-end user interfaces with back-end data processing and database connections, as well as basic to advanced principles of object oriented programming design, and how Java implements them.

Microsoft Excel

In my current job, I use Excel extensively. I personally manage and pull data for 2 reports related to trends in incident tickets. I created most of the data feeds as well as the report formats for these. The data for the largest of the two reports is pulled manually from a database and fed into Excel *.csv export files. I wrote a custom Perl script which processes and sorts this data into an Excel spreadsheet that automatically creates the report. I am well versed in using the most advanced Excel features, such as advanced filters and VLOOKUP, and can understand and write complicated formulas to process large amounts of data.

Music Production

In 2011, I purchased FL Studio, a large-scale digital audio workstation, in order to learn how to produce and edit music and sound. Over the past five years, I have been learning both by trial and error, and by searching for various tutorials that were available online. It is something I really enjoy, and while I may not be the most talented musically, I certainly have a solid understanding of the basic elements of sound design and music production. I could also teach more advanced topics such as sound editing, noise cleanup, mixing and mastering, and basic music theory.


In 2014, I began learning Perl for my job at Walmart. At first it was out of necessity, but then I began to learn more about the language itself and what it is meant to do, and especially how hashes work and how easy they are to do in Perl. Perl is the perfect language for processing data, and it served as my introduction to web design, as we had some older CGI web pages that were written in Perl. I updated these web pages and learned the more advanced aspects of Perl, and how it can be used to dynamically serve up HTML content.


I write SQL queries of all different kinds on a daily basis for my job at Walmart. I am very knowledgeable with SQL Server, and can write complex or difficult queries on the fly. For work I have written numerous web services, Java applications, and Perl scripts that execute queries (both reads and updates) and handle and manipulate data that changes rapidly, once a day or even real time in some cases. I also have experience in database design, which helps me understand the impact it can have on SQL code.


I have played trumpet for about 12 years, and in many different settings. I have three years experience in marching band, seven years in concert band, seven years in pep band for basketball and football games, and two years in jazz band. I also earned a Division I medal, the highest rank possible, for a solo performance at the Solo & Ensemble competition in West Fork, Arkansas. All of this experience was with the trumpet.


In my 5 years with Walmart ISD, a leader in the IT industry, I have learned how to access and manage Unix systems, both remotely and in person. We have many Unix systems that manage incoming data from thousands of Walmart stores worldwide, so security and availability are of great concern to us, especially for our Unix systems. I have gradually learned all the way from command line basics, to system administration, to permissions, to command line tools like sed and awk.

Visual Basic

Visual Basic is the first language I ever programmed in, and it is one that I have the deepest knowledge of, since I have seen its expansion over many years of change. I started on an ancient laptop with VB 3.1 for Windows 3.1 in the late 90's, and now I am familiar with all versions up through Visual Studio .NET and could easily teach any of these versions. I also took a high school course on Visual Basic, and can program in BASIC both old school (DOS, command line) and in the new .NET framework.

Web Design

This past year, 2015, my job at Walmart required me to learn web design. It began with Perl and CGI, dynamic HTML, and then moved to newer frameworks such as Angular JavaScript, Jersey, JUnit, Maven, and Bootstrap for UI development. I have designed and coded web services, scripts, and web applications for many different platforms, in many languages including C, CBasic, Perl, Java, C++, JavaScript, REST, and ArcGIS.


I consider most of what I do and enjoy to be different forms of writing, which has always been my main interest. I am a published author, and I have written in many different forms, including short stories, online articles, technical documentation, and poems.

I have been writing prolifically since I was very young, adding to about 15 years of experience. I also graduated from a college-level writing class during high school (the class was a mail correspondence course from The Institute of Children's Literature in West Redding, CT).

College of the Ozarks
Computer Science


College of the Ozarks (Computer Science)

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I offer a discount for online students - $5 off my regular rate. I also offer a student referral discount of $10, and repeat students get a $5 discount after 4 lessons.

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