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— Jennifer, Mobile, AL on 10/15/13


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About Margaret

Please call me Miss Peggy--it is much friendlier than Margaret.

I absolutely LOVE to teach! It is a joy to help students of all ages, even adults! We manage to have a little fun with it as you learn.

Math and English are my specialties! I break them down to the basic "nuts and bolts," so you actually understand HOW and WHY they work.

How can I help you succeed? Elementary, middle school and high school math, reading, English, social studies, science? Help with ADD/ADHD? Preparing for the ACT, ASVAB or GED? Test-taking strategies?

I have a heart for the student who is struggling and perhaps doubting himself/herself. If you need a patient and caring tutor who speaks to your learning style (visual, mechanical, auditory, etc.), call me. Together, we use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses, and we get results very quickly!

About me:

I have been tutoring full time for four years and dearly love to help my students overcome and master challenging subjects.

Prior to becoming a tutor, I taught all types of learners as a substitute teacher in the Mobile County Public Schools System. For more than five years, I taught core subjects in all grades--from preschool to high school--and in special education, regular and advanced classes.

I also have more than 20 years' experience as an executive secretary. I like to say grammar, spelling, and punctuation are in my DNA (I am a great resource for the ACT/SAT English tests)!

Learning is truly a life-long pursuit. Believing in yourself is a BIG part of the equation and sets you up for success, now and in the future. As I tell my students when we start, "You are already a former D or F student! You're on your way to A's!!"

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Miss Peggy
Please call me Miss Peggy--it is much friendlier than Margaret.

I absolutely LOVE to teach! It is a joy to help students of all ages, even adults! We manage to have a little fun with it as you learn.

Math and English are my specialties! I break them down to the basic "nuts and bolts," so you actually understand HOW and WHY
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In-person lessons

"100 %"

- Jennifer, Mobile, AL on 10/15/13


- Justin, Daphne, AL on 7/6/16

"She's wonderful!!!!"

- Tammy, Theodore, AL on 12/15/15

"Energetic, personable, efficient, and an overall delightful person!"

- David, Mobile, AL on 11/2/15

"Great Tutor"

- Meghan, Mobile, AL on 10/23/15

"Wow! My daughter loves her!"

- Debbie, Atlanta, GA on 6/26/15


- Mark, Summerdale, AL on 12/28/13

"Great tutor."

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"Great tutor!"

- Theresa, Mobile, AL on 9/10/13

"Great tutor, easy to contact and work with."

- William, Ocean Springs, MS on 7/26/13
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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

My very first ACT student needed help with the Language portion of the exam. He progressed rapidly, from missing all but a few questions on the first practice test, to getting 100% correct by the time he took the fourth practice test.

With more than 20 years of experience as an executive secretary, I am a tremendous asset to help you gain a thorough understanding of punctuation, grammar, word usage and editing skills.

Plus, I help with test anxiety and test-taking skills. Your student will get through the test faster without sacrificing accuracy.

I am ready to help with this very important step towards the future!

ACT Math

My most recent ACT Math students took the test in October and called to tell me they had increased their scores. One had raised her Math score by four points and earned a composite score of 29! My ADHD student had raised hers by 5 in math and 6 in reading.

It is gratifying to hear how well my students have done, and I am glad to play a part in helping them work toward their dreams.


I have ADD/ADHD.

After I received my diagnosed as an adult, I tried various strategies I found on the internet.

Several of my clients have ADD/ADHD. They find my strategies very useful, especially in math.

Bright colors on note cards and mnemonic devices help with attention to and retention of info. I also use alliteration, puns and humorous visualizations to aid in recalling info or for memorization.

I have my students underline vital information in word problems. I also have them use fluorescent colored highlighters on variables, positive/negative signs, and exponents to help keep track of them while working the problems.

I use color coding, underlining, visualization and mnemonic devices in explaining things, and I ensure eye contact both when giving and receiving information. I use reflexive listening to ensure comprehension.

I teach my students to use sticky notes as reminders. I also contact them by phone to remind them as well.

They have responded favorably to these techniques, and their families have also benefited as well.

Algebra 1

The Algebra teachers especially liked me to substitute for them because I can teach math, and they would not lose a day of instruction. I also graded papers, highlighting where students "got it," and at what point they had gone "off-track."


I have been tutoring a 7th grader with Aspergers in all subjects for the past four months. At the interview, I became aware he has Aspergers.

I was already somewhat familiar with Aspergers since my friend has a step-daughter with it.

I am using the strategies I learned "on the job" when I substituted for Special Ed aides and teachers at Castlen Elementary, Kate Sheppard Elementary (a month-long assignment), Grand Bay Middle School and Bryant High School. In fact, it got to where I preferred the Special Ed kids.

My student is high functioning in math, and we are working on his communication and writing skills. I save the math for last, to serve as his reward.

I speak to him in a slow, even-toned voice. I look for and encourage eye contact. I do not make loud noises, nor do I make sudden movements. While I do not touch him, I point to problems/questions on his paper close to his hands.

To encourage dialog and improve his communication skills, I ask him the same series of questions upon my arrival each day. We talk about his day at school, his feelings and what is going on with his family. Then he asks me about my day and my family.

I use what I call an "idea paper" to help him with writing assignments. I write the topic in a circle on a plain sheet of paper. I ask him questions related to the topic and record his responses in circles radiating outward from the topic. When I feel we have enough material to work with, I have him select the responses he wants to use in the assignment. I prompt him to turn them into sentences.

We recently finished two school projects: a plant cell poster in Science and a hat depicting the 16th Amendment in Civics.

He chose the type of cell for the Science project and the materials for the organelles. I had him use scissors to cut the foam into strips. He used markers on index cards to label the organelles. I quizzed him on the functions of the various organelles.

He chose from two Amendments I felt he could grasp. He chose income tax. He cut the fishing line I used to fasten the piggy bank to the top of the ball cap. He used the double-stick tape to fasten the play money to the piggy bank. He used markers on index cards to label the project.

He was quite proud of a job well done!

At the end of each lesson, I wait for him at the bottom of the stairs and say, "On your mark. Get set. Go!" and he comes downstairs and gives me a "high five."

I went to my student's school for the first PTA meeting this school year. I met with the head of the Autism Unit and his aides. I also met most of my student's teachers.

We have a good working relationship, and they have validated the things I have instinctively chosen to do with my student. That made me feel great!!

His parents are pleased with his progress, and my student likes me and works well for me.


I worked with a young man who needed to improve his math score on the ASVAB.

We met for six sessions, and he scored 15 points higher in math. His score qualified him for his desired job field in the Army National Guard.

I am looking forward to hearing how boot camp went for him.

Elementary (K-6th)

I was a substitute teacher in elementary, middle and high school. I helped the students gain a good understanding of the basics, so they could build on that success and apply themselves later in school and in adult life.


While I was substitute teacher, I used phonics extensively to help my students (in K-12, both in regular and special education classes), with oral reading and spelling. I would first have the student try to sound out the word on his/her own, assisting as needed. Most often, the student would realize he/she had all the sounds and just needed to "put the word together."


Pre-Algebra teachers especially liked having me substitute for them because I can teach math. They would not lose a day of instruction. I also graded papers, showing where the students "got it" and where they had gone "off track."


Reading is my passion! It is vital: in school, at work and in life.

It is not a dry subject. There are so many fun aspects to it: phonics, rhyming, making up stories, doing puzzles, etc.

With my own children, and while I was a substitute teacher, I used phonics, word chopping, rhyming and humor to help with building fluency. For reading aloud, I had the students read the text upside down, for a little challenge and to make it interesting! They thought I was crazy at first, but they loved it!

My second-grade reading student loves to draw, so I incorporate that into our lessons. I use whatever means something to my students to help them learn. It makes it fun, and they retain the information better.

Social Studies

I have extensive experience tutoring social studies.

It was not a particular favorite for my daughter, so I was very hands-on with her.

I taught her to first read the questions at the end of the chapter.

Next, I showed her how to break down the paragraphs into an outline.

I also taught her to pay special attention to captions under photos. I ensured she could digest the information presented in graphs, maps and charts.

I had her ask important questions about what she had covered, namely:

What happened?
Why and how did it happen?
What changes resulted from this event?
Why was this important?

Her critical thinking was greatly improved, and she got all A's in social studies.

She went on to graduate fourth in her high school class, and she graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Alabama December 14, 2013.

Additionally, I tutor my autistic student in all subjects, and we are doing 7th grade civics.

In help him study for tests. We have made posters and class projects together. Additionally, I made flash cards with mnemonic devices and drawings that helped him memorize the preamble to the American Constitution. He got an 88 in that class on his 2nd quarter report card!

I taught all types of learners as a substitute teacher in the Mobile County Public Schools System. For more than five years, I taught everything from preschool to high school, and special education, regular and advanced classes.

Special Needs

I substituted at first as an aide and then later as a teacher in preschool, middle school and high school special education classes. I also dealt with special needs students streamlined into regular elementary classes. I already possessed positive teaching skills. As an aide, I assisted with the students while the teacher instructed. By observing and asking the staff questions, I learned various techniques for conveying expectations, setting boundaries on behavior, and effectively handling transitions (i.e., going to lunch, P.E., etc).

100 %

My son absolutely loves Peggy and is grateful to have her help in Algebra I honors. He feels as if she relates to him and listens to him explain what problems that he is having and a solution is made one step at a time. She invest in not only the problems but the child. Love having her!

— Jennifer, Mobile, AL on 10/15/13

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