Frequently asked questions - Tutors

WyzAnt makes it easy to find local tutoring opportunities and manage your business. Here are some frequently asked questions about how WyzAnt works.

General questions

Q: What is WyzAnt?
A: WyzAnt is a service that helps students and tutors connect for private lessons.
Q: Will WyzAnt help me tutor full-time?
A: Most tutors work a few hours a week to supplement their income and help out in their community. While there are tutors who work more hours per week, please note that it requires time and a lot of persistence to establish a large student base.
Q: How can I earn WyzAnt Rewards points?
A: With the WyzAnt Rewards program, you can earn points for referring new students and tutors to WyzAnt. Redeem your points for cash, or make a donation to the school of your choice, and WyzAnt will match up to $100.
Q: How do I receive potential tutoring opportunities from WyzAnt?
A: There are two ways you can receive tutoring notices via WyzAnt:

1) A student will find your profile while searching our site and message you directly. These messages will appear in the “Requests” section. You will need to either reply or decline these new requests within 24 hours. After 24 hours, we will encourage the student to connect with other tutors and the request will be archived. Failing to respond to new requests within 24 hours will decrease your displayed response rate and may cause your profile placement to fall in search results.

2) WyzAnt will send you, along with several other tutors, an email about a potential job opportunity. To respond, visit the Tutoring Jobs page to apply for the job. You may apply for any job post on this page as long as you have successfully passed the appropriate subject proficiency exam.

Starting lessons

Q: Once I find a student, do I just show up and tutor?
A: It is your responsibility to take whatever steps necessary to make sure that you deliver a great experience for the student. Discuss some of the details with the student in advance of the lesson so you are ready to help make a difference from the very first lesson.
Q: How do I prepare for a tutoring session?
A: This is up to you, but we do have several suggestions on ways to prepare for your first session with a new student. First, talk to the student in advance of the lesson to gather insight on what they are hoping to achieve during your time together. Second, try to obtain a copy of the relevant textbook, course syllabus, etc. Your local library is an excellent resource. Preparing for subsequent sessions will be based on your student’s individual progress.
Q: I am about to begin tutoring a new student. What do I need to do with WyzAnt?
A: Before a first meeting, it's your responsibility to confirm that the student has payment information on file with WyzAnt. To verify that a student’s payment information is on file, visit your student list and confirm that a green dot is next to their name.

Once you verify that the payment information is on file with WyzAnt, work with the student to confirm details about your session, including scheduling, location, lesson duration and lesson plans.

After each lesson, enter your hours into the WyzAnt system so we can charge the student and distribute the funds to you as soon as possible.
Q: Am I permitted to exchange phone numbers or Skype account information with a prospective student?
A: We encourage you to connect with your student via our mobile apps, which offers real-time chat messaging. If you’re conducting an online lesson, use WyzAnt’s online tutoring tool. If you do decide to exchange numbers with a student, only do so after the student has entered valid payment information. Verify a student’s payment status by looking for the green notification dots on the student’s message thread and details section.
Q: Does a student have to pay prior to the first lesson?
A: No, students do not pay prior to the first lesson, but they are required to have valid payment information on file before any lesson is scheduled. No charges will occur until after the lesson takes place.

WyzAnt messages

Q: Why is there a lock next to a message in my WyzAnt Messages?
A: There are two possible reasons why the message is locked. First, the student may have entered incorrect or incomplete information when signing up. Second, we may have placed a temporary hold on correspondence between you and a particular student while we try to resolve a dispute. In both cases, we will attempt to address the situation and put you in contact with the student.
Q: You sent me an email warning that I must reply to a student, but I already replied to this student. What should I do?
A: Please take a moment to double-check your WyzAnt Messages to make sure you have no pending requests. An initial student inquiry will remain in the “Requests” section for 24 hours, waiting for you to reply or decline the request. If you do not take action within 24 hours, we will encourage the student to select another tutor, and the request will be archived.

If you do not have any pending requests, please let us know by filling out the form on our Contact Us page. Our team will look into the situation.
Q: Why didn't I receive notification to my primary email address that I had a new WyzAnt inquiry?
A: Please check your spam folder for the lost message and add and to your address book. If the problem persists, please let us know.
Q: Why have I not heard back from potential students I messaged?
A: First, please check the "Submitted Applications" section of your profile under the "Tutoring Jobs" heading to confirm that you successfully applied to the student's job posting. Next, please note that not all student inquiries will result in lessons. While it is unfortunate that a given student did not respond to your application, keep in mind that there are many other opportunities in your area. You may also wish to consult our How It Works page for helpful tips on how optimize your WyzAnt profile.
Q: How do I send references to potential students? The WyzAnt filters prevent me from including this information in the message body.
A: In this case, please send information about your references with their respective contact information in an attachment.
Q: Can I send my resume to a student?
A: Absolutely! However, be sure that you remove all phone numbers, addresses and email addresses if sending your resume to a student that does not have billing in place.
Q: Which browsers work best with WyzAnt Messages?
A: Currently, our site is optimized for recent versions of the following web browsers: On mobile web, we support:

Subject management and proficiency

Q: How do I get approved in my subjects?
A: To become approved, you have to either pass a short multiple choice test or submit a written request. You can do either by selecting “Subjects” under the "Tutor Profile" menu and following instructions.
Q: Am I permitted to retake a subject proficiency exam if I did not pass the first time?
A: No. As noted on the testing page, you only have one opportunity to pass each subject proficiency test. The exams are well-researched and have proven to be fair assessments.
Q: How do I add or remove subjects?
A: Navigate to the “Subjects” page under the "Tutor Profile" menu. Click any subject in the "Your Subjects" table to view the approval status. To remove a subject from your profile, select the “Opt Out” link. A red “X” will replace the green check mark once you have successfully removed the subject. To offer instruction in additional subjects, simply add subjects to the table.
Q: When will my profile appear in search results on the website?
A: Prospective students searching the site will be able to find you for all your subjects, even if your approval is pending However, you must still pass the proficiency test prior to actually scheduling lessons in that subject. We recommend you complete the tests as soon as possible.

Billing and payment procedures

Q: A student has asked me to give a group rate because there are two (or more) students. What should I do?
A: In this case, you can negotiate a rate change with the student. Once you have agreed on the new rate, click on the student's name anywhere in your account to view the student's page and request a rate change. Once the student confirms the new rate by email, all subsequent lessons will be billed at this rate. The standard commission structure applies to negotiated group rates.
Q: A student has asked for a lower rate and I would like to accommodate the request. What should I do?
A: You can always negotiate a reduced rate with the student. Simply request a rate change from the student's page and wait for confirmation from the student. If there is ever a situation when you want to offer a student a higher rate than normal (perhaps if a lot of travel is required), follow the same steps to request a higher hourly rate from the student.
Q: What is the lesson cancellation policy? How do I enter a cancellation fee into the system?
A: WyzAnt does not have a lesson cancellation policy. You can come up with your own cancellation policy and communicate this to your students before tutoring begins. A reasonable policy might be that cancellations within 24 hours will be billed at half rate. To assess a cancellation fee, visit the Lesson Cancellation page. Cancellation fees cannot be assessed more than 7 days after the date of the scheduled lesson.
Q: How do I know if a student has payment information on file?
A: When composing an email to a student, look at the notice on the top of the email. This notice will tell you the student’s payment status. You can also check your student list. All students with payment information on file will appear with a green check mark next to their name.
Q: Do I have to be concerned about whether the student has paid or has enough credit for my lesson?
A: You must be sure that the student has submitted payment information before you give your first lesson. After this initial submission, we will follow up with the student if any billing issues arise.
Q: What is the commission structure?
A: When you start as a new tutor, WyzAnt takes a 40% commission of your posted hourly rate. Your hourly rate is set by you and may be changed at any time. Of the remaining portion of the fee, WyzAnt invests in marketing and software development.

As you continue to tutor with WyzAnt, the commission will decrease as detailed below:

Hours Worked WyzAnt %
0 - 20 40
21 - 50 35
51 - 200 30
201 - 400 25
401 + 20
Q: Am I ever permitted to be paid directly by the customer?
A: No, all payments are processed by WyzAnt. If the customer offers you compensation for travel or you would like to change the hourly rate for any reason, that's fine. Simply visit that student's page in your account to request a rate change.
Q: What is the 5% service fee?
A: WyzAnt charges students a small fee each time they have a lesson. New students are told about this fee when they add their payment information. The fee goes towards creating services that help improve the student experience, leading to more lessons for you, our tutors.
Q: Is there any sort of travel compensation?
A: WyzAnt does not offer travel compensation. The hourly rate you charge your customers is designed to cover the time from the beginning to the end of the tutoring lesson, not the travel component. If a student offers you travel compensation, please keep in mind that all payment must go through WyzAnt, so you cannot accept cash/check directly. However, you can adjust your hourly rate for a particular student by sending a rate change request.
Q: How do I proceed if I receive an email from a student who does not yet have payment information on file with WyzAnt?
A: Please respond to the email and answer any questions the student may have. Let the student know about your availability and see if it would be a good fit. Once you exchange a few emails and the student adds payment information, you will be able to exchange phone numbers and begin lessons.
Q: What do I do after I give a lesson?
A: After you give a lesson to a student, you are responsible for reporting your hours to WyzAnt. To do this, click Submit New Lesson under the "Students & Lessons" menu. You will then enter in the details of your lesson, including the date, time, and subject covered. Once this information is submitted, we will notify the student, collect payment, and distribute your payment minus WyzAnt's commission.

Tutoring procedures

Q: May I give a free first lesson to get to know the student?
A: We leave this to your discretion. If you wish to offer a first lesson at no charge, that is fine with us. However, the student will still need to have payment information on file with WyzAnt prior to the first meeting. In order to make sure this first lesson is free for the student, do not enter the lesson into the system.
Q: If I'm unable to tutor a student who inquires, can I refer the student to another tutor?
A: Yes, but only if that tutor is in the WyzAnt network.
Q: What do I do after I give a lesson?
A: After you give a lesson to a student, you are responsible for reporting your hours to WyzAnt. To do this, click Submit New Lesson under the "Students & Lessons" menu. You will then enter in the details of your lesson, including the date, time, and subject covered. Once this information is submitted, we will notify the student, collect payment, and distribute your payment minus WyzAnt's commission.
Q: I am unavailable to tutor new students right now. How do I stop receiving new tutoring inquiries?
A: To "hide" or "unhide" your profile from the active WyzAnt directory, you can adjust your Profile Status under the "Account Settings" menu. When you "hide" your profile, you will still be able to communicate and work with your current students but you will not appear in searches conducted by new students.
Q: May I use my personal email to correspond with a student once payment information has been submitted?
A: No, our policy requires that you use your WyzAnt email address for all email correspondence with your student. This also includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites. This is a very important policy since it protects both tutors and students in the event of scheduling misunderstandings, session cancellations, payment disputes, and rate changes.
Q: How do I edit the details of a tutoring session after it has been submitted?
A: To edit the details of a previously submitted session, go to the Lessons page under the "Students & Lessons" menu. Select "details" next to the lesson you wish to review and click "Edit Lesson."
Q: Why do I still see my deactivated WyzAnt profile when I search for my name on a major search engine?
A: If you have deactivated your profile, WyzAnt has removed your profile from our website. All major search engines keep an index of web pages, however, so your profile may still show up for a few days. As soon as the index is updated your profile will disappear. There is nothing we can do to expedite this process.
Q: What should I consider the start time of my tutoring lesson?
A: Unless you have an alternate arrangement with the student, please consider the start time as the time when you start the lesson. If you have to wait for the tutoring to begin, even after the agreed upon start time, please consult with your student regarding the start time that should be recorded in your lesson submission.
Q: Why is my previous hourly rate being applied to some of my prospective students after I increased/decreased the rate?
A: Changing your default rate will affect, a) students who contact you after the change is made and, b) students who have not contacted you in over 90 days and who have never received a lesson from you. As an independent tutor, you have the ability to set your own hourly rate. Most tutors in the WyzAnt network charge between $30 and $60 per hour. You can change your default rate at any time. If you reach an agreement with a particular student to adjust your hourly rate, click on the student's name anywhere in your account to view the student's page and request a rate change.
Q: Why doesn't the name of one of my students show up when I try to submit a lesson or send an email?
A: These menus only show your current students. To manage your students, go to the Students page under the "Students & Lessons" menu. If you "hide" old or inactive students, their names won't be populated in any of the drop down menus.
Q: How can I receive text message alerts from WyzAnt on my mobile phone?
A: If you are interested in receiving immediate updates by text message anytime a student emails you or a new job becomes available in your area, sign up for text message alerts. Simply visit the Email Preferences page under the "Account Settings" menu and select "SMS Alerts." Please note that standard text messaging fees set by your carrier will apply.
Q: May I tutor students I find outside of the WyzAnt network?
A: Yes, any tutoring you do through WyzAnt is independent of tutoring opportunities you find through other means. Any lessons you give to students you find through WyzAnt must always be logged in the system, however.

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