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2013 - 2014 WyzAnt Scholarship Entry

Karen from Palo Alto

Compassion is what we need.

Compassion is something many people lack now a days. Recently, I saw a video where it showed a clip of a dog that was injured on the freeway and wasn’t able to move. It stood in the freeway for awhile until another dog saw and risked it’s life to save the injured dog. Both made it safely out of the freeway. Also in the video, a little girl was walking and a car coming ran her over; it just stopped probably wondering what it hit but did not get out of the car to see what it was, it kept going. Every car that passed would do the same,they’d just keep running her over. The saddest part was when there were people walking through the road, they saw the girl laying there but didn’t call an ambulance or at least move the body. Nobody did anything. How is it that a dog had more compassion about the injured dog than us humans seeing a little girl getting runned over? I think everyone that ran and saw the girl laying there lacked compassion, if they had compassion they would have stopped and moved the body of the girl,which is why I think everyone needs to learn how to be compassionate towards others, especially in situations like that.Even though the person dead laying there might not be related to you, they still are human just like you are. Not only in situations like that but when someone is in need. They can try to help them out and not ignore them. Without compassion this world would be a society of survival of the fittest where it’s everyone for themselves.

Student Profile

Name Karen
School Everest Public High School
Year High School Senior
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