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2013 - 2014 WyzAnt Scholarship Entry

Alix from Oakland, CA


Throughout my eighteen years of life I've had many experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant. At the age of ten my parents were deported to Mexico due to the simple of error of their lawyer forgetting to change our new home address. The court notice for a trial never reached our home until it was too late. It stated that we had to pack our belongings within a month and leave the country on our will or immigration would. Just as promised, their court date came along and they were handcuffed, hands and feet; sent in an airplane along with real criminals and sent to Tijuana, Mexico. Soon enough, my brother and I followed along, leaving all of our personal belongings which they had worked so hard to get, our new house, friends and most importantly, our family.

Before this situation, I never realized how I didn't value what I had. I felt as if I had taken everything in my life for granted. My family was no longer near by and when I did I didn't visit them as often. My parents gave me everything I wished for and I would feel that it wasn't enough. I wasn't greatful for the beautiful home we had. We had it all. Anything you needed to be happy, health, family, and a roof to sleep under.

If I could teach everyone in the world one thing, it would be to value what they have. Never take anything for granted and appreciate their parents and all their hard work day to day just to give their children the best life they could possibly have. Happiness isn't all about economics and material objects, it's about having the people you love around you, well and healthy.

Student Profile

Name Alix
School lighthouse community charter school
Year High School Senior
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