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2013 - 2014 WyzAnt Scholarship Entry

Megan from San Mateo, CA


If I had the opportunity to teach everyone in the world one thing, it would have to be to learn how to appreciate more. As years go by and generations pass, we only seem to get more ignorant and close minded. We don’t see what is real and what should be appreciated. Technology being constantly updated like the iPhones and Androids or video game consoles like xBox to xBox One, it’s matters the most. What we want matters the most now, not what we need. Example: Black Friday, the day after the day of thanks. People lining up at doors at three in the morning almost killing anyone who gets through those open doors. Now, let’s think of the other side the others live in. The poor who line up at a soup kitchen each day just waiting to get a portion of soup that would at least satisfy their stomachs for about an hour or so. People in restaurants just leave their soup on the table sometimes to save room for their order like it’s nothing and wouldn't hurt to waste. That could have been a homeless person’s meal. “Someone in Africa could have been eating that” is said as if it were to be a joke, a good joke. It’s not a joke, it is the truth. We all don’t think before we take action, we just think of what’s good and right for ourselves and not others. The middle class and upper class feel free to waste anything that doesn't satisfy them anymore. They know they could just get anything they’d like whenever they please. Close minded, we don’t appreciate what doesn't satisfy us when even the smallest things should be appreciated. What’s not good enough to many of us is something others may kill for.

Student Profile

Name Megan
School Aragon High School
Year High School Senior
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