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2013 - 2014 WyzAnt Scholarship Entry

ERNESTO from Oakland, CA

Never Always Hate

Not too long time ago, I learned from someone to "never hate a movie." I think the reason it resonated with me is because I know of many people who take a stance to immediately hate something so much, that instead of ignoring it, they take time and energy out their day to focus on hating so much. It is rather ridiculous to focus so much energy on something you dislike without really thinking about why you dislike and why it matters. Sometime you find out that the thing you hate the most is not that bad at all and you may even find something in common with it. If people took the time to really analyze something that they dislike, they may realize that that thing may be something that doesn't personally affect them at all.

And this concept of not being so quick to hate doesn't even have to apply to movie and entertainment, but it can apply to people, politics and even your whole environment. There are people who walk around in the streets and think, "well i had a bad experience with such-and-such-type of people, now I can't stand any of them." That's not fair, instead what should be learn is that we can't generalize whole assumptions based on an unpleasant experience. Yes, there is room for criticism, but to put a lot of energy to generalize and put down a whole group, be it specific or abstract, is unfair. Thus we have to learn to truly analyze and find a different perspective on a subject before we decide that it is beneath us.

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School california college of the arts
Year College Junior
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