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2013 - 2014 WyzAnt Scholarship Entry

Deja from El Sobrante

Respect: A Lost Wonder in Our World

Respect is defined as a willingness to show consideration or appreciation. It is derived from the Latin root, respectus, which means to regard or to have consideration for. But how many people actually have respect for each other? Very few people in our world truly respect one another. People are always gossiping and saying rude things to one another. They will never realize what impact it has on another person. I learned that respect is a major key in life.

My favorite teacher said on her first day of class," If you do not learn anything else in my class, you will learn one thing. That is how to respect me, yourself, and others." I realized this is why her classes are always so well behaved. They respect her, themselves, and their fellow classmates. This is of an utmost importance to everyone. No one will ever be confident if they cannot respect themselves.

Society is always putting down someone and does not realize how that affects this person. Society has an "ideal" that not everyone fits into and this is hard for some to grasp. Men see women as objects physically and do not see them for their intellect or personality. Even women use men as playthings and don't realize this hurts them. This is a major problem in our society. We need to learn how to see someone for who they are not what we think they should be.

Respect is something every person should have; not just for everyone else but for themselves. It is important to teach this to little ones as well as teenagers and adults. Respect is a vital base for all cohabitation with other human beings. If one has no respect for another, then it is nearly impossible to live in peace together.

Student Profile

Name Deja
School Pinole Valley High School
Year High School Senior
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