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Nina from New York, NY High School Senior at Mathematical Grammar School


Fear is scary. That is perhaps the most accurate description I can think of. For most people it is a break they tend to pull every time they are headed towards something scarcely unknown, when they...

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Joshua from Woodbridge, NJ High School Senior at Woodbridge High School


Given the opportunity to teach the whole world something, I'd let the whole world knowing how to put others first. Have you ever wondered why the world could be considered a bad place? Have you ever...

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Yosua from New York, NY High School Sophomore at Petra 3

Unconditional Love

It is not a secret, and it is not recondite, it is a general truth for this world that love is the most needed. Even the little children have been taught about loving each other. But, as we see, crimes...

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DANIEL from Colonia, NJ High School Senior at COLONIA HIGH SCHOOL


If I had the opportunity to teach everyone in the world just one thing, it would most definitely be to respect one another. Respect is the basis for all human beings to peacefully co-exist. Through...

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Yoana from Middle Village, NY High School Sophomore at Stuyvesant High School

Take a Bite, I Dare You

The ripest, most desired apple on the tree of wisdom is that which reveals the purpose of life. Wouldn't it be great if we could simply bite into that juicy, rich courier of lore? Unfortunately, it...

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Hannah from New York, NY High School Senior at Mealy Mountain Collegate

To live in the cold

People all around the world, live in there day to day lives unknowingly, without a care about the homeless. In a way it’s like they don't exist. If I could teach everyone in the world one thing, i...

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Elaine from Brooklyn, NY High School Sophomore at Brooklyn Technical High School

Overlook Prejudiced Thoughts

Prejudice is defined as attitudes or opinions toward a person or group without adequate prior knowledge; an inevitable trait that accompanies the aforementioned things. It’s naïve to believe that one...

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Julianna from Summit, NJ High School Senior at Summit High School


If we take a look at all of the wars and genocides and tragedies of the world, so many of them could have been prevented by one simple thing; acceptance. Far too often I hear people make such harsh...

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Arva from Staten Island, NY High School Senior at Susan E. Wagner

It's okay not to be okay.

All throughout our lives we are taught to always keep our chin up, and to always turn that frown upside down. We have been so attached to this mentality that sadness has become a disease, a disorder,...

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Daniel from Brooklyn, NY High School Sophomore at Stuyvesant High School

Respect 101

You think respect is easily attained?. Not at all. Too often do I see some overqualified know-it-all bragging away at the "astounding" feat he or she accomplished, and you know what? There is no shred...

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