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The WyzAnt experience
I have been working with WyzAnt as a math tutor for the last year or so. I have found this to be a VERY rewarding experience for my students and I. I have often been hired after the student has performed poorly in school. My mission, was to turn this failure into a success. Usually, such students, or more likely, parents of such a student, want me to tutor on a regular basis. The result is that more times than than not, after receiving a student who was literally drowning, I am able to to make him/her pass the class! This gives me great satisfaction. The level of satisfaction surpasses the monetary remuneration of my services. My only recommendation to such parents, is to start the tutoring earlier. This gives a greater degree of freedom for both the tutor and student as to how to proceed. Unfortunately, I have had situations, where a parent will ask me to tutor just before and midterm or final exam, for a student who has preformed poorly throughout the year. This results in stress for BOTH the tutor and student, and leaves AT BEST mixed results.
- Suriyan N. from Fresh Meadows, NY
I have enjoyed my time working with WyzAnt. It allows you to have direct correspondence to parents and to technical support 24/7. Also they handle all financial aspects which takes the stress off of me.
- Mariana C. from Oakland Gardens, NY
Finding new students is easy!
I have already found 3 students through WyzAnt. They are all nice people. WyzAnt is so easy to use.
- Yao F. from Mount Arlington, NJ
Easy in every aspect.
I have totally enjoyed my experiences with tutoring with Wyzant. Wyzant has been easy in every aspect of tutoring. From finding students to being paid they have made it so simple.
- Rene C. from Closter, NJ
It has been very rewarding to work as a WyzAnt tutor. I have helped students during the summer to prepare for the next school year, and to prepare for major exams. I enjoy seeing the growth in my students, and in helping them develop greater study skills to ensure their future success. The WyzAnt site makes the process of finding and contacting potential students easy. With all the recent additions to the site, it is clear that WyzAnt values its tutors, and wants us to succeed. I have recommended this site to all of my teacher friends.
- Gail P. from Clinton, NJ
I have found leads which don't always work out, but when they do, the students are great and really anxious to learn. The site makes it easy so I can concentrate on the material I want to cover.
- Cynthia B. from Hackettstown, NJ
WywAnt; a valuable marketplace...
Wyzant is a very serious and secure marketplace both for the students and tutors. This is my first experience tutoring through this platform and this experience emerge positive, as well as on the flexibility of using this service, than the method of payment proposed, or the quality and efficiency of the customer service. Wyzant offers a large flexibility to set up and manage our own business, and a variety of marketing tools useful for the tutors too. They provides a protection of the privacy for both the students and tutors which is essential! I recommend this platform if you are a tutor of if you are looking for a qualified tutor. This is a convenient and easy matching service to connect each other.
- Muriel A. from Andover, NJ
Great Service
I am thoroughly enjoying my experience with WyzAnt. It is a solid organization - they answer my questions promptly and respond to me professionally. New students continually challenge our teaching ability and strategies so I look forward to meeting their needs in new and refreshing ways. Thanks WyzAnt for this wonderful opportunity.
- Jean W. from Morrisville, PA
Great Service
I am really glad I found this website. As a result, I now have 4 tutoring jobs. This is a great way to supplement my income and the students seem to be improving. I like how I know I will be compensated for my tutoring, since the person must have billing information on file. I wish more people knew of this website, both students and tutors. The only thing that I feel could be improved is related to the job searches. When searching for a job it says that Trenton is less than 20 miles away from me, however it is actually over 40 miles away.
- Erin S. from Toms River, NJ
Fantastic Facilitators
As a new tutor for WyzAnt I enjoy that I did not have to run around chasing students as well as being concerned over payments. The background check also makes the families where I go, feel at ease in regards to who is assisting their child. I LOVE IT!
- Lissette V. from Burlington, NJ


WyzAnt Featured In Crain's Chicago Business
WyzAnt featured in Crain's Chicago Business
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