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Rewarding experience working with the students
When I first began with Wyzant, I wasn't sure what to expect. Initially, it seemed I kept sending out emails and no one had their billing information on file. My first student was a 6 year old who needed help with her reading comprehension. I used note cards to help her study, and on one of them she drew a picture of me with students. She said "This is you teaching your art class". Well, she must have known something I didn't, because now I am teaching drawing and painting with reading. Every time I come home from a lesson, I say to myself "I absolutely love this". The best thing about working for WyzAnt, is there is immediate support. I have never been left 'hanging' when trying to resolve something. The hardest part, is assuring people to put their billing information on file. Some people will try to make a deal with you, so you have to assure them the site is legitimate and you've had no problems. I find once I meet them face to face, everything just comes together. So thank you WyzAnt, through you, I really feel like I am making a difference!
- Anna J. from Hightstown, NJ
WyzAnt is the type of tutoring service I've been looking for. Before becoming a tutor with WyzAnt, I only depended on word of mouth referrals from people in my neighborhood. Now I know I can tutor in a serious way. Thanks again WyzAnt for giving me this opportunity.
- FELIPE D. from New York, NY
I have truly enjoyed working with “Wyzant In Home Tutoring”. One thing that I think is wonderful is having tutors take tests in subjects to make sure they are qualified for the job. In my experiences with previous companies, no test or review of the tutor’s credentials was needed. I think having this precaution is an excellent, because it ensures that the tutor is knowledgeable in the particular subject. Moreover, the process of finding a student is simple and organized. I have never had difficultly locating a student. I also like the fact that when I had a problem logging into my account, and reported the problem, I was contacted immediately. This is by far the best tutoring company I have worked with. I look forward to continuing my tutoring experiences with Wyzant.
- Camara E. from New York, NY
From Nuts to Bolts
I have worked with several tutoring companies over the years and I have to say that WyzAnt is by far my favorite. They have all the bases covered, and the system just works beautifully from nuts to bolts.
- Jed L. from Forest Hills, NY
I have tutored for many years. In which time I have concluded that although teaching is repeating concepts and ideas to students, in regards to academics, what is even more beneficial is instilling good test taking skills. Granted during an exam, whether it be nerves, or sheer temporary lapse of judgment, there may be times when the student will not know how to answer a given question, this is where these test taking skills are necessary. Although new to WyzAnt, I have already tutored my first student, and begun instilling these skills in her. I can only hope that she will learn to master them well, and apply them to any subject matter now and for the rest of her educational career. As her, I hope through WyzAnt to have the opportunity to work with others and do the same.
- Nancy Yadira G. from Forest Hills, NY
This website has been long overdue. It allows parents and students to finally be able to have access to professional tutoring for their children easily and conveniently. I've been tutoring for over 12 years. I only wish this website had been around when I started.
- John P. from Fort Lee, NJ
Navigating the website
Tabs are easily accessible. Making changes is a breeze, and most important of all, responses are second to none!
- Kofi O. from New York, NY
I am so impressed with WyzAnt so far. The site is very easy to use and I love that I can focus on tutoring, not on collecting fees. Having tutored privately on my own for many years, I was initially hesitant to use a service. But I am so glad I decided to sign up. I can reach many more students because marketing is such a breeze. Much of the information I need to know about a potential tutee is right there in the job posting, so I only contact students whose needs are a good match for my services. I will definitely be recommending WyzAnt to others!
- Lucy S. from Jamaica, NY
Great Marketing (service) Perkins, A. Bronx, New York
I have been with WyzAnt's Team for two months now. WyzAnt serves me with a great amount of clients. I have at least three to four clients within a week. I do plan on working with the WyzAnt's Team for a long time. Thank you WyzAnt Team for your great marketing service. My experience with my clients (scholars have been a beautiful experience and I am confident that it will remain that way.) I have never had a problem with connecting to clients, they are finding me, which is a blessing. Thank you WyzAnt Team
- Alice P. from Bronx, NY
I would like to congratulate Wyzant on putting together this extremely useful service for us. It is a win-win-win situation because it brings together the student and the tutor and benefits Wyzant too. I like the fact that they have used technology in a proactive way to ensure that everyone is getting a fair deal. I tried to find tutoring positions on other services like CL, but this is much easier. I have suggested Wyzant to some other people I know who were looking for tutoring positions. I will continue to do so. Thanks,
- John K. from Fresh Meadows, NY


WyzAnt Featured In Crain's Chicago Business
WyzAnt featured in Crain's Chicago Business
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