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My tutoring experience with Wyzant has been seamless and better organized than I could have accomplish without the organization's help. Despite having run a language school myself for nearly 5 years, I have found that working freelance has many pitfalls including enforcing cancellation policies, keeping track of billing, and payment information for taxes at end of year. Working with Wyzant allows me to accept credit cards, basically, and be assured that payment will be forthcoming on a regular schedule. In addition, the communication between student and tutor is greatly enhanced by the online session reports which also help me to keep track of what my student and I have done together. Finally, the staff at Wyzant is intelligent, helpful and responsive. I have recommended other teachers to Wyzant with the knowledge that their experience will undoubtedly be as consistently good quality as my own has been. Many thanks!
- Dorothy P. from Durham, NC
It's been great!
Although it took a while for things to get started, I am enjoying tutoring the students I've obtained through WyzAnt. It's a great communication tool and an easy way to find clients I wouldn't have otherwise. I need to start using the rewards program more, so I can get points for the many people I refer to the service.
- Janet D. from Decatur, GA
Great Experience
Working for WyzAnt has been very rewarding! It has given me the opportunity to meet different students. I especially enjoy my current assignment of working with a 7 year old little boy. I am tutoring him in reading and see progress. Tutoring allows you to have a better understanding of the student's needs, as compared to working in a larger classroom! It helps the student who needs the one-to-one instruction gain confidence in their ability! It would be beneficial for WyzAnt to offer an incentive program for tutors who work a certain amount of hours. For instance, after completing 20 hours of tutoring, the tutor can receive a bonus. I am looking forward to my tutoring assignments in the future!
- Rochelle R. from Safety Harbor, FL
Easy To Use - No Billing Hassles
One of my favorite features of using WyzAnt is the fact that they take caring of all the billing. I no longer have to worry about preparing invoices, collecting pass due amounts or making adjustments to accounts. WyzAnt takes care of it all and all I have to do is just enter the time and date of the tutor sessions. I have more time to focus on my student lessons plans. Customer service has been great. Representatives have been polite and helpful.
- Michele K. from Hudson, OH
WyzAnt is a fantastic opportunity for both tutors and students. It puts us together in a way I have not found in any other setting. The tools for organization are great and the students I have tutored have been fantastic!
- Brian S. from Saint Paul, MN
As a tutor and foreign language translator, I am listed on numerous sites, but none as successful at driving qualified customers to me as well as Wyzant! Over 3/4 of my clients come from my Wyzant local ad. I am very pleased with my experience with Wyzant, and have suggested it to numerous friends for tutoring opportunities for themselves.
- Teodor M. from Tulsa, OK
I find your business website program to be very convenient. I receive my paychecks in a timely fashion. I like that you provide me with the tutoring opportunities in the convenience of my home which saves me time. I believe many students are being helped by the convenience of you website.
- Robert D. from Fort Worth, TX
I can't even begin to describe how elated I am to be a part of the Wyzant Community. To be honest with you, I simply stumbled onto the website one day, and I thought, "Hey, I'm a good teacher and I just want to help others." Wyzant provides the perfect vehicle for exactly that. I've wanted to be a tutor for a long time, but I didn't know how to get involved. Wyzant is perfect for those who want to help others without having to do the legwork to find students. The process was simple, just fill out the information that you should know by heart anyways. Within a few days you're set to go. The certifiable tests are great as well, they test your overall knowledge of the subject without requiring you to be perfect. I'm so happy with this website that I've told all my friends and family about it. I highly recommend you join this site if you love to help people and make money in the process. Wyzant takes all the politics, potential conflicts, and work out of the way, so that you as the tutor can just concentrate on teaching your students. It doesn't get any easier than this! I wish I knew about Wyzant when I was in school. Thank You Wyzant for this amazing opportunity. Regards, Deepak K
- Deepak K. from Houston, TX
WyzAnt's Well-Integrated Website
So far, WyzAnt has been great to work with. The website is set up to facilitate interaction between both student and tutor. Simple search to locate students. The benefit of certification shows WyzAnt has a commitment to quality. WyzAnt has been responsive any time there is a question or concern. There are good marketing options for tutors and the website thus far has been easy to use and reliable. The ability to locate a student or tutor without cumbersome delays helps reach goals. Glad to have found WyzAnt!
- Diana H. from Colorado Springs, CO
I believe that WyzAnt does a terrific job of connecting people that need tutoring with the appropriate tutors. The tutors' self-descriptions create a level of comfort for the student or student's family. This is essential in this day and age. I have taught corporate level classes in creating a harassment-free work environment and I know that people need to be cautious about who they allow into their homes, around their children, and around themselves. I have gotten the most wonderful students, and am thankful for the opportunity to help them become the star students they were born to be!
- Kate K. from Gilbert, AZ


WyzAnt Featured In Crain's Chicago Business
WyzAnt featured in Crain's Chicago Business
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