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Very professional service
Your website is very user-friendly for both tutors and students. The contact process with students is fast and efficient. I also praise your express payment feature for tutors.

- Makunda M. from Brooklyn, NY

Extraordinary Website
Not only am I one of your new tutors, but I was a system analyst and worked on system development with AT&T for many years. This experience makes me a very unforgiving website user. This site however, has me amazed most of the time at how dynamic and useful and user-friendly it is. While there are certainly items that could be added or changed to make it even better, I am also impressed that you have a forum for the users to let you know what kinds of programming would be helpful.

- Diane O. from Hillsborough, NJ

My experiences so far have been good. Students that I have worked with have been motivated in terms of working with the material. I look forward to more activity and dedicated students in the future.

- Lance B. from New York, NY

Great Service
As a tutor here at WyzAnt. I’ve only started and I have been very impressed with both the personal service I’ve gotten from WyzAnt and the number of student inquiries I received early on. I think everything they’ve done with the company is very impressive and I look forward to continue working with them more in the future, especially this summer when I plan on having more availability to tutor students.

- Eric F. from New York, NY

I have been tutoring with WyzAnt for the past seven months and I can say that, all things considered, the experience has been good. Through them I have been able to secure a few tutoring jobs, and through their simple certification process I can teach new subjects for which I feel qualified. Their website is simple to use and I appreciate their method of payment.

- Giovanna N. from New York, NY

Good, useful, and reliable. WyzAnt given me a good resource with which to find students. I now have a secure way of advertising myself and conducting business.

- Cara D. from New York, NY

Great Service
I have been working with WyzAnt for the last few months. Overall, I have had a pleasant experience.

- Serhiy P. from New York, NY

Rewarding experience working with the students
When I first began with Wyzant, I wasn't sure what to expect. Initially, it seemed I kept sending out emails and no one had their billing information on file. My first student was a 6 year old who needed help with her reading comprehension. I used note cards to help her study, and on one of them she drew a picture of me with students. She said "This is you teaching your art class". Well, she must have known something I didn't, because now I am teaching drawing and painting with reading. Every time I come home from a lesson, I say to myself "I absolutely love this". The best thing about working for WyzAnt, is there is immediate support. I have never been left 'hanging' when trying to resolve something. The hardest part, is assuring people to put their billing information on file. Some people will try to make a deal with you, so you have to assure them the site is legitimate and you've had no problems. I find once I meet them face to face, everything just comes together. So thank you WyzAnt, through you, I really feel like I am making a difference!

- Anna J. from Hightstown, NJ

I have truly enjoyed working with “Wyzant In Home Tutoring”. One thing that I think is wonderful is having tutors take tests in subjects to make sure they are qualified for the job. In my experiences with previous companies, no test or review of the tutor’s credentials was needed. I think having this precaution is an excellent, because it ensures that the tutor is knowledgeable in the particular subject. Moreover, the process of finding a student is simple and organized. I have never had difficultly locating a student. I also like the fact that when I had a problem logging into my account, and reported the problem, I was contacted immediately. This is by far the best tutoring company I have worked with. I look forward to continuing my tutoring experiences with Wyzant.

- Camara E. from New York, NY

I have tutored for many years. In which time I have concluded that although teaching is repeating concepts and ideas to students, in regards to academics, what is even more beneficial is instilling good test taking skills. Granted during an exam, whether it be nerves, or sheer temporary lapse of judgment, there may be times when the student will not know how to answer a given question, this is where these test taking skills are necessary. Although new to WyzAnt, I have already tutored my first student, and begun instilling these skills in her. I can only hope that she will learn to master them well, and apply them to any subject matter now and for the rest of her educational career. As her, I hope through WyzAnt to have the opportunity to work with others and do the same.

- Nancy Yadira G. from Forest Hills, NY


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