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WyzAnt is a renowned educational/tutoring firm committed to assisting all students by connecting them with tutors. They screen and test their tutors to ensure the effective delivery of their services. All in all, WyzAnt is doing excellent work and is helping to maximize the potential of dedicated students.

- SAMUEL C. from Jacksonville, AL

Why Did I Wait So Long?
As a teacher, I have thought about tutoring for years as a way to make extra money. I finally decided to give it a try and have been amazed at how easy it is with WyzAnt! I have no trouble finding students and am paid well and rather quickly. WyzAnt allows me to control who, what, and when I tutor and also provides a way for me to market my business without having to post personal information in public places. My only regret is that I didn't join WyzAnt sooner!

- Liza V. from Nolensville, TN

Great collaboration
As a tutor I am very happy with WyzAnt. I enjoy teaching and learning, WyzAnt takes care of marketing and accounting. I am looking forward to long productive collaboration with WyzAnt.

- Lada H. from Westerville, OH

It's a sense of relief!
I am enjoying using this system very much. It helps screen potential clients, and I feel much safer that way. I feel a sense of relief that the payment process is smooth and easy. There are no worries of not being paid on time. I feel confident using WyzAnt, and I would suggest that anyone interested in tutoring/coaching should apply.

- Laura M. from Lapeer, MI

I am very impressed with the professionalism that WyzAnt provides to not only their tutors, but also to their students. WyzAnt offers a first class tutoring service that is recognized in our community.

- Barbara V. from Laingsburg, MI

"Superior Service!"
I began tutoring a new student. After our session, I entered my "Submit Lesson" information. I was very confused when there was no box in which to add my lesson notes. I emailed Wyzant, detailing my concern. Within 10 hours (response made between a Saturday and a Sunday, no less!), a Wyzant representative emailed me back, having already corrected the issue. She also "copied" the review I supplied in the email to my lesson plans records. Every time I approach Wyzant with a query, my question is answered in a timely and professional manner. I really appreciate working with Wyzant staff!

- Mary M. from Alvin, TX

Love the dashboard
Glad to see how many hours I will receive payment for, and like the at-a-glance. I'm very happy to have found a student to tutor; it has worked out very nicely.

- Quincie K. from Johnstown, CO

My experience with WyzAnt is great. I have received leads in the first week I signed up to become tutor. I have great students who are easy to work with and I am learning from them, too. Being a WyzAnt tutor opens up great opportunity to build my confidence.

- Janette B. from Hollister, CA

Handles the Business, so Teachers Can Teach!
I love how WyzAnt makes entering lessons easy and takes care of billing, so that teachers can focus on teaching! I also found out that WyzAnt recommends tutors to inquiring students, which led several of my students to me. I love how tutors can communicate freely with students, so that tutors and students alike can make matches that fit and feel comfortable.

- Laura D. from Haydenville, MA

I love working for WyzAnt. Their service allows me to focus entirely on the student without concern for payments. The students that I have found through this site have been credible and willing to work and prepare themselves or their children for my tutoring services which is exceedingly rewarding. Sherry

- Sherry D. from Wayne, PA


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