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I have really enjoyed my time tutoring through WyzAnt over the past year and a half. I've had many opportunities to share my knowledge and abilities in various subject matters with all different ages of people, from kids to adults. It is so much fun to watch people learn and grow week after week or have a one-time session where they are determined to master something quickly. Plus you can't beat the safety and reliability that WyzAnt offers. It's comforting to know that you don't have to worry about not getting paid and there's a certain amount of security. I hope to have many more great students in my future!

- Brittany A. from Arlington, VA

Thank You WyzAnt! WyzAnt allowed me to take my tutoring experience to a new professional level. Although I have several years of in class teaching experience and over 3 years of helping college and high school students improve their academic performance, I was not trained to market my services. Before I joined WyzAnt, most of my students were referrals from Northern Virginia Community College, where I worked for a while, and from former tutees. Getting tutored in a subject such as mathematics for instance, isn't like going to a hair salon where the same satisfied clients keep on coming back over and over again. Students I tutor on a regular basis--2 sessions per week, in most cases--will need little help by the end of the first 3 months of my services because my goal when I start with students is to help them build enough skills and develop a learning style that will give them the ability and the confidence to pursuit the mastery of the subject on their own. With such a goal, relying only on referrals is not profitable. This is where WyzAnt comes into play; after a month of joining WyzAnt, my schedule has always been full and the best part of it all, I don't have to discuss about money with my students.

- Olivier M. from Silver Spring, MD

Very helpful staff
Everytime I have called WyzAnt to ask a question or ask for advice, anyone who has answered the phone has been very helpful. I have never had to wait to get someone to help me. Whenever my students or their parents have any problems with billing, I have suggested that they contact WyzAnt and the billing issue has been resolved within a few days. When I explained to the operators that I did not drive, and therefore I sent out more letters than students responded to, simply because they did not chose to travel or stopping by Silver spring was not on their commute home, the operators were very understanding.

- Shannon P. from Silver Spring, MD

WyzAnt has live people to talk to, should you call in about an issue! That's been very helpful to me as a fairly new tutor, when I had a few topics in dealing with students that seemed to fall outside the the FAQ set of answers, or frankly I thought the topic wouldn't be covered and so I didn't look there. The several reps answering the phone are very easy to talk to, easily understand the issues I've raised, and come up with practical solutions.

- Milton G. from Silver Spring, MD

Wyzant Builds Your Reputation
Your reputation is more important than a few extra dollars. Tutor a student on your own, and you'll enjoy a good business relationship for the moment; tutor a student with Wyzant, and you're investing in your future. Every time you meet someone new on Wyzant you build your reputation -- you increase your number of ratings and reviews -- which means that over time your number of inquiries becomes much more frequent. Potential students also become much more likely to respond to your applications. Add the criminal check, and you have an online service that promotes who you truly are to an international community. And I mean that, as many of my students are foreigners who come to America wanting someone they can trust to teach them English.

- Matthew L. from Silver Spring, MD

Great Service
Since I started using WyzAnt, I have experienced great customer service. Thank you WyzAnt for the service your have given and I look forward to more business relationship with you.

- Phil O. from Burtonsville, MD

Easy to Use
Great setup and system for students and tutors to be able to come together. It was easy to setup appointments and go out and do my job. I have had no problems on the job forefront. Thank you for a reliable source.

- Matthew S. from Columbia, MD

WyzAnt has an excellent, easy to use website and top of the line messaging system to let the tutors know of the tutoring opportunities as soon as the opportunities become available. It is an excellent platform serving the needs of both tutors and the students. The WyzAnt website does an excellent job of selecting only qualified tutors by having all the tutors pass subject exams. The process makes sure that WyzAnt only features well qualified teachers. Having been a tutor for about last 4-5 months, I have certainly enjoyed my time helping students with home work or exam prep or simply answering the questions / clarifications on material that student did not quite follow in the class. I hope to continue with WyzAnt for as long as possible.

- Atul G. from Frederick, MD

I love my experience with WyzAnt since the day that I signed up. Every question of mine was answered in a timely manner. I was hesitant at first to give my information online, but I guess it's really how things work nowadays. I was looking for a part-time job where I can make use of my talent, skills and abilities and WyzAnt is helping me realize it. There are so many students around. Time is my problem. Thank you so much WyzAnt!

- Leah A. from Columbia, MD

I have tutored an 8th grader for three sessions. He is a terrific student. He enjoys the lessons and is eager to learn the writing and reading skills. It has been a wonderful experience. He also lives just three miles from me!

- Jan S. from Waldorf, MD


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