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Great Tool!
School district policies are to provide tutor lists, but not provide any recommendations or ratings on their tutors. Consequently, I came very close a couple times to hiring tutors that would have been terrible for us. Luckily my kids knew of those teachers and were able to give me a big thumbs down. I love the ratings and feedback on all the tutors on WyzAnt, as well as the introductions from the tutors themselves. This helped us find tutors that are a good fit for our family, and that others have rated highly.

- Beverly from Sammamish, WA

Great tutor search and selection
I found an awesome tutor using the site. I got a lot of responses looking for one and it was a simple process. Awesome service!

- Bryce from Seattle, WA

Great Tutor Search and Easy To Use!
Using WyzAnt was very user friendly, and easy to use. I was able to find an awesome tutor who has helped me a great deal! WyzAnt is a great service and I am very happy with it. I recommend it to all my friends.

- Tiffany from Issaquah, WA

Wyzant is Great!
Our experience with WyzAnt has been very positive. I was impressed with the number of tutor profiles and we are very impressed with the tutor we selected. I love the write-up after each session which is provided by our tutor. The payment system works well for us too.

- Karen from Woodinville, WA

Great tutoring
Looking forward to continuing making progress. For a beginner like me, I like the one on one interaction and hands on practice.

- Nick from Woodinville, WA

Great site to find the help you need.
WyzAnt is a great site to find the help you need. Matching your needs with the right person. Thank you

- Ciera from Bothell, WA

Successful search for a tutor.
I was able to find a tutor that seems to be doing a good job with my daughter. The prepayment option is convenient.

- Joyce from Woodinville, WA

Found a tutor quickly for immediate help
Within an hour of requesting a tutor, three people had emailed me, with one providing their cell phone. He helped me over the phone with my algebra problems. It has truly been a lifesaver for me since I have finals next week. Great tutor, great experience!

- Karen from Woodinville, WA

Excellent site to find a suitable tutor for students
Finding a tutor was much easier than I had envisioned with WyzAnt. I searched online for a tutor in math and spanish and WyzAnt popped up. I had no idea what a gem we had found. Our 16 year son struggled greatly last year in math and other subjects and we did not want a repeat this year. I submitted our requests with our ideal location and had responses within hours! We could read about each person's profile, their experience, rates and own personal statement regarding their qualifications to teach our son. Several agreed to meet with us that week at OUR chosen location, which is our local library. Additionally, after each session, we receive a note from the tutor informing us on what they discussed and what would be helpful for us to know. The tutors actually welcome an e-mail from the parent or student and are quite respondent. We are thrilled that our son is saying "I get it" with resulting higher scores on tests, quizzes and homework. Our son enjoys meeting his tutors locally and at the time that works with his sports and school schedule, as well as on the days that do not conflict with other events. He feels he connects well with his tutor too. I'd highly recommend obtaining a tutor through WyzAnt. This is a great all around solution for us and our son. We were able to hand pick our tutor and the price is very reasonable. We simply pay on line through paypal. Also, if you want to pay for a certain number of sessions ahead of time, they offer a nice discount, yet if you do not USE all your tutoring time, you are reimbursed 100% for all unused dollars. It's a well thought out system. A response from Customer service has been just as quick as the tutor - within hours! Both my husband and I have been shocked by the high quality service....not seen much these days, to be honest!

- Pam from Kent, WA

Extremely helpful, in the nick of time
I had been emailing tutors for almost a month when I found your company. By then we were getting desperate. We contacted two different ones for two different subjects and BINGO! We won! Success is ours! Thank you,!

- Gloria from Edmonds, WA


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See what students have to say

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