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Great Tutor
Aydin was so knowledgeable about statistics and was a big help. Very nice and easy to work with. Also very much a gentleman.
- Kim reviews Aydin C. from Seattle, WA
Great Tutor
Katherine was a wonderful tutor! She really knows her stuff and is very patient. She was able to explain different concepts in a way in which I could understand. I really appreciate her patience and her help. I would definitely recommend anyone struggling with Organic Chemistry to get tutoring from Katherine. Thanks!
- Nicole reviews Katherine M. from Seattle, WA
Great Math Tutor
Dunny did a great job preparing our 10th grade daughter for her final in Advanced Algebra. She was confident that she would do well after the tutoring sessions. Thank you, Dunny.
- Gerlinde reviews Dunny P. from Seattle, WA
My son is delighted with Gudrun
She is a great, experienced teacher and my eight year old son liked her from the first minute. He is refreshing his German by practicing conversation and learning new words but most important, Gudrun makes the class enjoyable. My son is already looking forward to his next German lesson next week.
- Montse reviews Gudrun S. from Seattle, WA
Helpful, Responsive Tutor
David is very friendly and encouraging. Very fair with pricing our sessions. Instantly cooperative when I butt in to show him how I learn better whether it be asking him to slow down, interrupting him to go back to something else I hadn't understood, or asking for the pencil so he can watch/help me try to work a problem instead of just showing me how it is done (though that's helpful too).
- Catie reviews David F. from Seattle, WA
Amazing GRE Prep and Essay Review
I contacted Nick for some last minute help with the Verbal portion of the GRE. He helped me work through the various sections and provided excellent tips and tricks a long the way. I definitely feel confident saying he helped improve my score. I also had Nick review my acceptance essays for graduate school. He provided thoughtful and constructive comments that without a doubt made my essays stronger.
- Eli reviews Nick B. from Seattle, WA
Very patient!
Mary has many years of experience using AutoCAD and is quick to respond to email communication. She is very kind, extremely patient and understands every aspect of using the program. Her proficiency with large, commercial projects is impressive!
- Nanci reviews Mary V. from Seattle, WA
Very professional tutor.
He is very experienced and when we meet he immediately knows and suggests what we need to do. He has a lot of resources for students' needs. He is nice and polite also.
- Yoshi reviews Robert L. from Seattle, WA
Math is Now Fun!
My daughter has enjoyed the two lessons very much and has a renewed attitude towards Math. We thank Shraddha for her help in bringing about this change. We look forward to our daughter carrying forward this new attitude as she continues to learn at school and practice at home.
- Dinesh reviews Shraddha S. from Seattle, WA
Excellent tutor!
Andres is a great tutor. He always has a lot of different activities ready for our sessions, so I can practice Spanish in every possible way. I would highly recommend him.
- Kamila reviews Andres D. from Seattle, WA
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See what students have to say

See what students have to say