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Perfect Tutor!
Shoaib is very determined to assist you in learning about whatever you need help with and his times are very flexible. You can throw almost any concept at him and he will be able to break it down and explain every little part very well. He was a very patient tutor and I would recommend him to anyone who needs help understanding concepts from any class! I had a week before my first Chemistry exam, and thanks to him, I ended up scoring 12 points above average!
- Sameer reviews Shoaib F. from Seattle, WA
Talented and Supportive Tutor!
I worked with Tajana for over a month and she is awesome. She helped me through difficult problems and never made me feel like I couldn't do it, she was always encouraging me. Her method of solidifying foundational topics in math and chemistry helped me get through an upper division course, and she knows her stuff. I look forward to another quarter with her!
- M reviews Tajana K. from Seattle, WA
Always Ready
Julie has been a great tutor for our son. She is very good at providing feedback after every lesson along with communication as to what she wants him to work on before the next session. She has been very helpful and comes prepared with her own lessons.
- Kathy reviews Julie F. from Seattle, WA
Thank you so very much Mitwa.
Dear Mitwa, thank you so very much for tutoring our son. He was struggling with Algebra 2 and you really helped him in this subject. He understands so much more now do to your tutoring skills. We know who to come to if he needs more help. We all wish you the best this summer, rest of the year, and your future.
- Dean reviews Mitwa P. from Seattle, WA
Excellent Tutor. Very knowledgeable and patient.
I really appreciated having Alex tutor me in statistics. He adapted so well to my learning abilities and was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. He is an excellent tutor and friendly, as well. Thank you Alex!!!! Best to you and your endeavors.
- Andee reviews Alex T. from Seattle, WA
Excellent Tutor
Munya was an excellent tutor. She was always very well prepared before our lessons so she would arrived with some stuff and material to work on. She was adjusting her teaching to the needs of her student and she cared a lot about the learning of her student. She was flexible in her schedule. She brought me a lot of resources (podcast to listen, online website, homework, newspaper), which were very helpful. She taught me a lot on the ''American slang'', on idioms, and new vocabulary. She has been a very good tutor for me. Thanks.
- Amelie reviews Munya S. from Seattle, WA
Marlene is an excellent tutor. She has been teaching my daughter for more than one month. She is highly knowledgeable in essay writing and, most importantly, she cares for the student's need and always tailors her teaching style to meet our requirements.
- Mao reviews Marlene M. from Bellevue, WA
Exceptional tutor
Christine is an incredible writing coach. She does an excellent job helping the writer through the process. I would highly recommend her services for anyone attempting to improve their writing skills.
- Erik reviews Christine H. from Bellevue, WA
Professional and experienced
Jonathan is quick to respond. I immediately could see his high level of Revit knowledge and architectural/construction experience would be beneficial. He provided some insight and tips to keep me going before our 1st lesson. In just an hour for our first lesson, we discussed our approach and lesson format per my level and my needs and specific goals. John provided additional tips and methods in working with Revit. I side tracked John with other questions regarding how Revit is being used in the industry, pitfalls and advantages, also in cad management use.
- John reviews Jonathan S. from Seattle, WA
Makes things click
When I first sat down with Ben, I explained that I was getting by in my class, but not understanding what I was learning. As he explained things I was able to actually picture the different mechanisms in a cell working, and imagine how the processes work. He is extremely direct in how he teaches and so easy to work with.
- Jessie reviews Benjamin T. from Seattle, WA


See what students have to say

See what students have to say