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Great Tutor
Brava for Kerlin!!! She has the patience of a grandmother but the flexibility of youth. My daughter loves her and Kerlin gets her to concentrate on her algebra without getting a panic attack. She calms the whole house down. My daughter is doing much better in algebra but more importantly does not hate doing it anymore. One of our biggest problems with getting a tutor is that my daughter has a very busy schedule and we had trouble finding someone who would able to be flexible enough. Kerlin gets an A for being accommodating and an A in tutoring. What a gem!!

- Lisa reviews KERLIN A. from Staten Island, NY

Wonderful Tutor
Heather has been a god send for us. My daughter is a special education student and due to Heather's patience and understanding my daughter is doing really well. She uses different techniques to help her to understand. We intend to continue with her tutoring during the summer months so that my daughter doesn't fall behind during the summer vacation. I would recommend her services to anyone hoping to advance their childrens education.

- Ivonne reviews Heather Anne P. from Staten Island, NY

Provided the agreed upon tutoring services
Judy provided the requested tutoring services, which including beginning keyboarding and familiarity with general computer skills training. The student was complimentary of Judy's training skills and demeanor.

- Mischelle reviews Judy K. from Staten Island, NY

Math praxis awesome
I never had trouble passing any standardized test until meeting the praxis 2 math content knowledge test (5161). I failed three times with scores of 155, 155, and 156 before I decided it was best to find a tutor to reach the 160 needed. After meeting with Lohith about 6 times, I took the test again and received a score of 183. That is almost a 30 point jump! Lohith has an inspiring knowledge of mathematics and is great with sharing it. He is patient and truly cares about your success. I highly recommend Lohith for tutoring in any math related field.

- Kyle reviews Lohith D. from Roselle Park, NJ

Very patient and knowledgeable
She knows her material and communicates it very well. She is very patient and not judgmental at all. It helps so much that she has a PhD and has teaching experience.

- Sotera reviews Laura G. from Westfield, NJ

Wonderful tutor
I am thrilled to have found Mary for my son, a struggling reader. Mary is patient, encouraging and has many different techniques to assist struggling readers.

- Joanne reviews Mary J. from Westfield, NJ

Very patient and good tutor.
My daughter does not enjoy writing and every time we tried ways to make write, she always found excuses. Debbie has been very good and patient with her. She has found the areas my daughter needs help with and for once my daughter is not complaining about writing. We look forward to continuing to work with her. Over the last few months my daughter has gone from being a reluctant writer to somebody who is enjoying writing. Debbie has been a great teacher and I highly recommend her. Thanks Debbie!

- Molly reviews Debbie P. from Westfield, NJ

Great tutor!
Mary is great and my son is very happy with her. She is knowledgeable, easy to understand and knows about the SAT test which is paramount for us. She knows how to work towards understanding the test and recognizing the kinds of problems that the test will contain. My son has been taking lessons only for a couple of months, but he has seen a drastic improvement in his understanding of the Math material and applying it to the SAT test. She is flexible with her hours as well. I feel that Mary is the the key to my son feeling comfortable and doing well on his SAT's. I would highly recommend Mary for a math and SAT prep tutor.

- Karen reviews Mary R. from Westfield, NJ

Great Tutor
Frank was a great tutor and determined to get me through my tough time. He was very proficient in helping me solve my java and data structures problems. He came prepared with examples and took time to research pertinent information on his own time to help me prepare for my final comprehensive exam. If he was not able to solve the problem at that moment, Frank took it upon himself to solve it on his own time and come back with an answer for me. I highly recommend Frank to anyone having difficulty in these areas. Thanks to Frank, I was able to pass my comprehensive exam. Thanks Frank!

- Debbie reviews Frank C. from Plainfield, NJ

Jump-started my son's interest in reading
My son is a 10th grader and didn't enjoy reading before having Mrs. Deborah as his tutor. Mrs. Deborah chose books carefully according to his interests, and improved his ability to read deeply. Recently, he has shown interest in reading, and bought a book for casual reading for the first time in his life. His grade in language arts has also improved since the tutoring started. We are very pleased with the progress and appreciate Mrs. Deborah's personalized teaching.

- Jing reviews Deborah L. from Fanwood, NJ


See what students have to say

See what students have to say

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