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Patient and thorough
Lawrence is extremely patient and helpful. He doesn't mind repeating the same topics over and over until I completely understand what it is i am trying to learn. I need things repeated to me over and over until it finally clicks and he is great with that. Definitely recommend him. I have learned all the basics of Photoshop with Lawrence in 2 hours! But I will keep going back to him until I become more and more comfortable with the Photoshop program.

- TIM reviews Lawrence R. from Clark, NJ

Amazing Tutor!!
Mark has been an amazing sign language tutor and has taught me so much already. I feel like I am able to really converse using the signs I have learned! He never loses his patience, and always remains calm and encouraging. I would highly recommend him and I am looking forward to more sessions and learning more sign language.

- Jilian reviews Mark B. from Linden, NJ

Perfect fit!!!
John is extremely talented, patient, kind and witty. He really knows how to reach his students. I was so impressed with his teaching style and how much we covered on our first session. After reaching out to other tutors, this one is finally the right fit for me! I look forward to our next session.

- Bernadette reviews JOHN P. from Staten Island, NY

Great Tutor
Was on time, easy to contact, personable, and patient. Very knowledgeable in all the areas I needed for Tax. Will be scheduling future appointments with him for Tax and Accounting.

- Alexis reviews Philip W. from Staten Island, NY

Very patient!
She knows how to communicate with her students. Also, she knows how to make her classes- especially the writing prompts in the classes interesting- so her students don't fall asleep with boredom. Students are inspired under her direction to write better essays, stories, etc.

- Julia reviews Kelsey C. from South Amboy, NJ

Helped me understand basics I had forgotten
Excellent tutor. I will be hiring Michael again in the future for sure. His patience and experience made this a much better tutor experience than my prior ones.

- Lisa reviews Michael K. from Scotch Plains, NJ

We love her!!
I found Barbara to be very engaging and super encouraging to my son. She came prepared and dove right in! She has a great personality as my son observed and she's fun. He regarded her very bright personality and I think this was important to him. I loved her approach and we look forward to meeting with her weekly! Thank you Barbara!

- Keesher reviews Barbara K. from Scotch Plains, NJ

Great tutor.
My son was very happy to work with Denise, she made him feel comfortable, went over several concepts and answered many of his questions in one hour. She helped him not only to understand concepts better but offered some tips to memorize the most important facts. He feels much more confident and capable of independent study.

- Maria reviews Denise M. from Scotch Plains, NJ

Excellent tutor, highly recommended
I’m so glad to have Clara as my tutor. She is not only good at what she teaches, but also patient and nice enough to be your good friend. I should say her teaching methodology, studying material and supplemental information all fit me well. I find it very easy and comfortable to be in her class and learn how to make progress every day with the tips she provides to succeed. I’m so confident in the coming test and I would go back to her for help in the future when needed.

- Haoying reviews Clara C. from Edison, NJ

Sandra D.- Committed Tutor and Subject Matter Expert!
We are very fortunate that we connected with Ms. D. through WyzAnt for Spanish tutoring. My son is a 9th grader taking Spanish 2 (Honors) in school. He needed help and Ms. D. started tutoring him four weeks ago with great patience, kindness, and attention. She guided him with grammar, followed by writing. She also focused on my son's reading and comprehension efforts. She made sure that she reviewed the grammar rules with him each class. What impressed me the most is along with being a great subject matter expert, she is highly dedicated. She braved the sleet and the freezing rain and came to teach my son before his midterm exams. She truly cares for her students and helps them do well. My son says, "She is the best Spanish teacher that I have met to date."

- Ruma reviews Sandra D. from Edison, NJ


See what students have to say

See what students have to say

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