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Awesome tutor
My daughter has met with Yuko a couple of times and each experience has been more than great! Yuko is patient and we can tell she loves what she does as she takes the time for my daughter to actually learn. She has even tasked homework assignments for my daughter to work on! Enough wonderful statements can not be said regarding Yuko and her style of educating. My daughter and I are extremely blessed to have the opportunity for Yuko to teach her Japanese!

- Sylvia reviews Yuko K. from Seattle, WA

Very thorough
Jessica stayed beyond her normal time to help my son complete a review of a recent test. And she did it with real enthusiasm and careful attention throughout!

- Cindy reviews Jessica P. from Seattle, WA

Great teacher for my 16 year old daughter.
Loren is always prompt and gets down to business. My daughter had played and taken lessons for years, then stopped. He had no problem figuring out where to start with her. He gives good instruction while here and for practice.

- Donna reviews Loren T. from Seattle, WA

Excellent Tutor
Dalin is an EXCELLENT tutor. My only regret is that I did not connect with her sooner. All quarter long, I have struggled through my Economics class. I feel like I have learned more with Dalin in the hour I spent with her than my professor in 3 months. One aspect about her that I respect and am grateful for is her patience. She came up with ways that made it easy for me to understand the key concepts of Economics. All I can say is thank you, thank you, and thank you! I'll definitely contact her again with questions I have in the future.

- Crystel reviews Dalin K. from Seattle, WA

Awesome Tutor
Tristan worked with my daughter to improve her ACT scores. He was well prepared and worked great with out daughter. I am hoping in three years he will still be tutoring, so he can work my younger daughter.

- Carla reviews Tristain H. from Seattle, WA

Very Knowledgeable
Aidin B. is a very good tutor and knows all of the steps, and formulas to break down math problem, and she's quick. I had to keep up with her. She taught me a lot and gave me notes to keep. I can honestly say that the MathLab problems that she assisted me with were not easy at all, and on some of the problems we were both equally frustrated. Using her skills and experience she was able to help me answer each question successfully. I'm grateful to her for helping me through this difficult course. I would recommend her to anyone.

- Shanteal reviews Aidin B. from Seattle, WA

Excellent Tutor: Relates Well With Teens And Very Patient
Katherine B has been our tutor for one hour per week for the past 4 weeks. As a result of her ability to calmly connect with my son and set firm expectations in preparations for their meetings, we have had consistently improving grade performance. And most importantly, my son is enjoying Geometry. His teacher has commented several times in the past month about his classroom participation. He has definitely become a more confident student in math. Thank you very much Katherine for your work!

- Stephen reviews Katherine B. from Seattle, WA

Patient, organized, and nurturing
Danielle has been tutoring my 9 year old son for several weeks in Elementary math and writing. She comes to our home thoroughly prepared with lesson plans and a variety of materials. She is able to answer all his questions and provide workable solutions in a patient, fun, and nurturing manner. I would strongly recommend Danielle to any parent.

- Kristina reviews Danielle E. from Seattle, WA

Highly recommend!
My daughter has been in a Spanish Immersion program since Kindergarten. She is now in 6th grade and has far surpassed my abilities to support her in her Spanish studies. About two months ago Adriana started tutoring her once a week and her help has been invaluable. We started seeing improvement in trouble areas after just 2 sessions. My daughter is very enthusiastic about working with Adriana and I can tell she is happy to have someone to turn to for help with her Spanish. Adriana is very kind, patient, flexible and effective in her tutoring. We really enjoy her and feel very fortunate to have connected with her.

- Nikole reviews Adriana Q. from Mercer Island, WA

Sue was great, she was patient and complimentary. Sue was responsive and on time for our appointment. We would recommend Sue.

- Jackie reviews Sue C. from Mercer Island, WA


See what students have to say

See what students have to say

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