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AWESOME, AMAZING, INSPIRING, FUNNY, SWEET, there's too many words to describe Vinaya T. I made a big fuss at home about getting a tutor, but I immediately felt very comfortable with her. She makes sure you KNOW your stuff before your exam. She goes out of her way to help you understand the material. She is easy to pay attention to, easy to converse with, and she answers questions very well. She's really good at explaining concepts and walks you through anything you have trouble with. Vinaya is very passionate about teaching and it shows! She responds very quickly to e-mails and she is willing to adjust her schedule accordingly to your timings. I highly recommend her. Overall, she is an amazing tutor, VERY nice person, and always happy with a positive attitude from the get go. I didn't know any programming before I went to her, but with her help, I passed my java class in style. Towards the end, she was not only my tutor, but also became my friend. I would go back to her tutoring sessions ANYTIME!
- Bhagya reviews Vinaya T. from Ashburn, VA
Explains everything in depth!
Cynthia was helping me prepare for the math portion of the GRE. She was very patient, and explained each problem in detail. She gave me many useful tips when taking the test that I wouldn't have otherwise known. She was brilliant!!
- Jenny reviews Cynthia H. from Sterling, VA
Really helping me to push on and make progress
David keeps his help at a pace where I can move on to exactly where there are sticking points. Then he helps me resolve them.
- Brad reviews David V. from Sterling, VA
Very patient
The best tutor. He is very knowledgeable and effective. He helped me a lot with all the topics that I needed. I highly recommend him!!!
- Reem reviews Samir B. from Sterling, VA
Great Tutor! Very Patient and knowledgeable.
Kyle has been tutoring our 13 year old son on computer based drawing and animation. He has been great. Our son is making giant strides and looks forward to Kyle's tutoring lessons. Kyle is a very patient and easy going tutor. Our son feels very comfortable with him and is having a great time learning computer animation. We highly recommend Kyle to anyone!
- Payal reviews Kyle R. from Sterling, VA
Very Very Patient Tutor
My Daughter has had an IEP since she was 4. Certain subjects have been very difficult for her, even though she has a Photographic memory, such as Math. Against my requests to have my Daughter repeat a year in 7th grade, the school pushed her forward, leaving her with a very weak foundation of skills. So now in 11th grade, and working Algebra II, she is failing badly. Enter Brent. Brent was amazingly patient with her. He would help her with any odd question she would have, even if if would pertain to Elementary Math. He would provide different examples to test her understanding, and note areas of continued difficulty. With the weekly Tutoring sessions, my Daughter was able to eventually pass the Algebra II class and pass her Virginia Algebra II SOL. I would highly recommend Brent for any Student.
- Debbie reviews Brent H. from Sterling, VA
Able to teach the same thing many different ways!
Barbara has proven that she can hold my daughter's interest while learning by making it fun and presenting material in creative ways.
- Laurie reviews Barb S. from Sterling, VA
Honest Feedback
Elizabeth was right on time, which is no small accomplishment in the Northern Virginia area. She connected with our child and gave great feedback on her abilities. We would recommend her to any family with a child who is performing below grade level in reading or math.
- Ryan reviews Elizabeth W. from Sterling, VA
Moving her in the right direction
We hired Laura when my daughter had a D- in the second quarter of Algebra II. Laura was able to help my daughter bring her grade up to a C+ for the quarter, which may not seem like a lot, but considering the number of quizzes and tests that couldn't be impacted by her tutoring, this was quite substantial indeed. I expect the rest of the year to see above Cs, now that my daughter has a great tutor to help her.
- Bonnie reviews Laura G. from Sterling, VA
Very Flexible and Provides Alternate Perspectives
Arsalan is really great. He provides great perspectives he has gained through his work experience. He really tries to break things down in simple, easily understandable pieces. I really enjoy learning from him.
- Jeremy reviews Arsalan M. from Herndon, VA


See what students have to say

See what students have to say