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Great experience preparing for professional interviews
I have been taking classes with Suzanne for more than 6 months. She is very flexible in scheduling our sessions. As I do not live in the Seattle area, I have been meeting with her through Skype. The results are fantastic. Using Skype, we can see and talk to each other, and exchange notes during our classes. After 6 months, I feel much more confident speaking in interviews – especially since English is not my first language. Suzanne has great experience preparing people for professional interviews.
- Marcelo reviews Suzanne S. from Seattle, WA
Great tutor.
Sophie has the perfect combination of tough/nice. She knows how to push yet she is also very compassionate and friendly. I have tried to learn to speak French but I have been so intimidated I couldn't progress. Everything changed when I found Sophie. I am happy to say I am finally speaking French and am excited about becoming more fluent. I couldn't be happier!
- Jean reviews Sophie D. from Seattle, WA
Dynamic and knowledgeable teacher.
I really enjoyed my lesson with Eric. He has a strong knowledge in photography, his explanations are clear with concrete examples. I'm looking forward my next lessons.
- Karen reviews Eric K. from Seattle, WA
Great Tutor
Holly has been amazing as a chemistry tutor. I failed chem 105 last semester but this semester with Holly I am getting an A so far. She is very patient and explains concepts in a clear way that is easy to understand. I would recommend her for anyone looking for a tutor.
- Nic reviews Holly B. from Seattle, WA
Great, effective instructor, very good at communication and review
Tene F. is an accomplished instructor that assisted my granddaughter in realizing her potential and defining her goals. Great teacher.
- Eddie reviews Tene F. from Seattle, WA
Very Knowledgeable
Christopher provided a great amount of help on a C++ project I was doing. He has a really good understanding of OO programming techniques. I'd highly recommend him for help with programming.
- Jonathan reviews Christopher E. from Seattle, WA
Great Tutor
Zach really helped me with Arabic when I was struggling and his help made it so I could pass my final exam! Thanks Zach.
- Karen reviews Zachary F. from Seattle, WA
Excellent Tutor!
Jessica tutored my 11 year old twins today, reviewing basic math in preparation for Middle School. We were all very pleased. My daughter's comments were that Jessica was bubbly, personable, approachable, and she learned a lot. My son liked her quite a bit as well! We will definitely have Jessica back.
- Beverly reviews Jessica P. from Seattle, WA
Great Japanese Tutor!
Yuko has been a great tutor. When my son needed to skip a year of Japanese in high school (because of the way his schedule came together he could only fit in the advanced class), we decided to get a tutor to assist him through the year. It was a huge success - he had no problem getting through the year and got an A in the class! Yuko was particularly helpful in advancing his verbal/conversational Japanese. Yuko is easy to reach and flexible, which was much appreciated for a high school student with a crazy schedule!
- Lynnette reviews Yuko K. from Seattle, WA
Excellent Tutor
Dalin is an EXCELLENT tutor. My only regret is that I did not connect with her sooner. All quarter long, I have struggled through my Economics class. I feel like I have learned more with Dalin in the hour I spent with her than my professor in 3 months. One aspect about her that I respect and am grateful for is her patience. She came up with ways that made it easy for me to understand the key concepts of Economics. All I can say is thank you, thank you, and thank you! I'll definitely contact her again with questions I have in the future.
- Crystel reviews Dalin K. from Seattle, WA


See what students have to say

See what students have to say