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Very Patient and Knowledgeable Tutor
Alan tutored my daughter in Calculus and Algebra 2. He is very knowledgeable in the subject and explains it well, he makes difficult parts easy and that is what we were looking for. We had no issues tailoring the schedule to fit our needs and feel that these tutoring sessions helped a lot. Very reliable tutor, highly recommend!! P.S. now that AP Exam results are in, I am happy to add that my daughter got a 5 on Calc AB and 4 on Calc BC! Alan played a big part in helping her get these results, I highly recommend him to anyone who is studying for any Math Regents or AP tests.
- Julia reviews Alan R. from Staten Island, NY
Excellent Tutor for Graduate Level Cost Accounting
Michael is an excellent tutor. He is very knowledgeable in cost accounting and finance. He was very prepared for each lesson and brought supplemental training material that made it easier for me to understand compared to the text book. I am a graduate student who has been out of school for about 24 years. The course I was taking was very challenging for me and with his patient & thorough tutoring sessions, he made the material much easier for me to understand. His schedule was flexible and he never made the sessions feel rushed. Michael was always professional and polite. While I feared I would not pass the course which was a requirement for my Master's degree, with Michael's consistent and comprehensive lessons, I received an "A-" in the class. I was thrilled. I cannot thank him enough!! Superb tutor!
- Erica reviews Michael K. from Staten Island, NY
Very Patient and Knowledgeable!
My daughter who is a senior in high school had some ideas for a college essay, but just didn't know exactly how to put it all together. Although I was initially helping her, I realized that we were not gaining much ground and were both losing patience. I decided to look online for tutoring/ specifically for short term essay and came across WyzAnt. I chose Serena initially because she was located in my home area and she specified assistance with "essays", amongst many other choices. Upon meeting Serena, she began to "guide" my daughter throughout the three sessions, until my daughter completed her essay. Incidentally, Serena being a young woman, made it that much more comfortable for my daughter. She is a wonderful young lady and the money I spent was well worth it!
- Lisa reviews Serena C. from Staten Island, NY
Excellent Honors Geometry Tutor In Every Aspect!!
This is my first time having a tutor for my daughter. I have to say I am very impressed so far. Jessica communicated with me right from the start. We discussed my concerns and what I was looking for in respect for my daughter, who is going into Honors Geometry this fall. We then set up our weekly appointment. She arrives promptly. She comes prepared and dressed professionally. She also works well with you if appointments have to be changed at the last minute!! She works well with my daughter, who was a bit reluctant to work with a tutor in the beginning. Jessica is young, and I thought that my daughter would be more comfortable with her. Turns out I was correct. She is really warming up to Jessica now, and I see a big difference in her work and attitude towards being tutored. Jessica keeps me up to date on everything going on through WyzAnt and after her lesson with my daughter every week. She answers all my questions and does all my research for me. She is a pleasure to have and I couldn't be happier. I trust her completely and have no double that my daughter will be Honors Geometry ready come September! I love that she is available to contact if my daughter has any questions on her work too!! Thank you Jessica, you're doing a great job!!
- Donna reviews Jessica B. from Metuchen, NJ
Very good preparation for taking the SAT.
Our son is very smart, and very good in math, but not as good in English. Debra is able to accurately assess the areas my son needs to improve in, and also knows what he has to do to improve. With tutoring from Debra he has learned invaluable test taking strategies that are helping him improve his test scores. Our goal is that our son improves his reading and writing skills as well, over time, with regular coaching. We are pleased with our decision to employ Debra as the tutor. She is the second English tutor we have tried, and the one we have decided to stick with.
- Jude reviews Debra M. from Metuchen, NJ
Awesome Tutor!
Meeraj was an amazing tutor. He prepped me for the GREs in the 5 short weeks that I had. I originally took the test before finding him as a tutor and my scores were far below what I wanted. In 6 sessions he was able to help me bring my scores up 9 points in each section! After taking my GREs again I am very satisfied with my scores! He also have a bunch of strategies and hints that really helped me study!
- Brooke reviews Meeraj P. from Edison, NJ
Patient and Easy Going!
So far my daughter is really learning from Nidhi. Her teaching method is very good. My daughter says she explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. That's important! Great Job Nidhi!
- Lee-Ann reviews Nidhi A. from Edison, NJ
Very professional and patient, great tutor
For SAT math: Jamie is a professional tutor who teaches with his deep understanding of math. He gets to the point, which is what my daughter needs to increase her SAT math score. You should reach out to Jamie to help your kids!
- Wendy reviews Jamie Z. from Edison, NJ
Excellent Tutor!
Veronica is the best one-on-one tutor my daughter has encountered. She was very patient and thoroughly explained the algebraic process. I could tell that just by the first session my daughter was starting to understand the material more than ever. We would definitely recommend Veronica!
- Thomas reviews Veronica K. from Edison, NJ
Excellent Tutor
Eric has been great with our 14 yr old son, who was struggling with Algebra 2. He has been very honest about our son's needs. He scored a 94 on his last quiz after just 3 lessons. Eric truly cares about his students!
- Jenny reviews Eric C. from Edison, NJ


See what students have to say

See what students have to say