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Awesome tutor!
Great tutor, she is very fun. She makes the lessons fun and engaging. My daughter has improved a lot in her reading since starting her lessons with Mrs. Mary.

- Mirna reviews Mary C. from Ashburn, VA

Great Tutor on Very Difficult Subjects
Alexis' tutoring of one of my boys on advanced subjects such as Logic and Advanced Calculus has been so helpful that I have asked him to help my youngest son in first year calculus!

- Harry reviews Alexis H. from Ashburn, VA

Very Caring, Accommodating, and Patient
I highly recommend Sheela. She has been a great help to my daughter with Algebra 2. She used a different teaching strategy than what my daughter was learning in school and it just clicked for her. She was finally able to comprehend the material she was struggling with. Sheela is also very accommodating and flexible with her schedule. She is a very caring tutor who has followed up on my daughter's progress and has offered to help over the phone or via email with any questions relating to homework.

- Danielle reviews Ashburn N. from Ashburn, VA

Andrea is wonderful! Her patient, calm personality put my daughter immediately at ease. She is very prompt in responding to text messages and always punctual. I would highly recommend her expertise in teaching Spanish!

- Anita reviews Andrea C. B. from Ashburn, VA

Highly recommended tutor
Our daughter had, for some time, been taking lessons in a more-or-less classroom environment. The varying level of proficiency in the class however, and with her ability being at a beginner's level, often put her behind others, and it was frustrating to her. Tatiana's one-on-one sessions have rejuvenated our daughter's enthusiasm for learning, and she speaks very highly of Tatiana's teaching style, level of interest and knowledge, and her ability to understand and converse easily. Tatiana is very courteous, encouraging, and if you choose her to provide lessons to someone in your family; you will not be disappointed.

- Troy reviews Tatiana S. from Ashburn, VA

Most Highly Recommended
In the first session Avinash very quickly diagnosed the reason why my 11th grader was performing poorly (C's and D's) in his advanced molecular genetics course - he had a knowledge gap in biology and chemistry that were building blocks for this advanced molecular genetics course. Within two 2-hour sessions, Avinash very methodically filled in this gap by ensuring my son not only knew the necessary concepts but also how they fit together in a broader framework. After the first session, my son said Avinash was the best tutor that he had ever had. My son's next four grades after the tutoring began were 85, 95, 100, and 95. With just 1/4 of the quarter left, Avinash helped my son improve by a full letter grade. We will continue to use Avinash throughout the year and I fully expect my son to get A's from here on out.

- Beverly reviews Avinash P. from Ashburn, VA

So patient, thorough, dependable, responsive, and engaging!
Karen was amazing. I sought a tutor after our 12-year old asked for a tutor to prepare for a large advanced math exam. She responded soon after I posted, and was able to accommodate our schedule of three tutoring days in a row. She was punctual, prepared, and ready to go for each lesson. She was able to hold our son's attention for long stretches of time (90 minutes or 2 hours), and could match his pace and energy level. She was able to quickly identify what areas he needed to strengthen, and gave him the proper reinforcement and practice time to master those areas. I would definitely use Karen again!

- Marissa reviews Karen W. from Ashburn, VA

Professional, Organized, and Knowledgeable Tutor
I started working with Alireza after having a bad experience with a previous Farsi tutor. Alireza presents the lesson in a clear, logical manner and is always well organized. I would recommend his services to others in the NoVA area.

- Brad reviews Alireza M. from Ashburn, VA

Very patient.
Mr. Venkatesan is very patient when it comes to teaching math. If you make a mistake, he'll try to see where your work is going wrong and make sure you fix it. Having recurring trouble on a particular type of problem will make him give you practice problems to make sure you understand it completely. Also, if you have difficulty solving a particular problem, he'll take his time to ascertain that you know what you were doing wrong or you know how the solve the problem. He'll clear all your doubts, especially if you have a test or quiz, even if it takes more time than the session requires. He'll also want to go over your tests and quizzes to see what mistakes you're making, so that you won't do them on the final exam.

- Joyshree reviews Venkatesan B. from Ashburn, VA

Very patient
The best tutor. He is very knowledgeable and effective. He helped me a lot with all the topics that I needed. I highly recommend him!!!

- Reem reviews Samir B. from Sterling, VA
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See what students have to say

See what students have to say