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Voice (Music) Resources


Mrs. L.

I am proud to offer my services after more than 20 years experience. Teaching is a passion and I believe all the subjects I propose are related to the joyful personality that I have that bring a special atmosphere to my classes. My classes are targeted to the needs of the students. I am flexible to work during all the week from 10 am to 6 pm except on weekends. I can also give evening classes... read more


Dad told me, anybody who can breathe can teach! He must have had poor teachers!

You don't need a teaching degree to effectively teach! I'm not knocking certified teachers. I learned teaching while working as a substitute teacher and as a broadcast-media sales representative. As a mother, I had to learn to help with homework! I'm not a baby-boomer! We did things the hard way (before dishwashers!). And we were achievers! Now I can pass those good habits on to my... read more


Ready for Summer Brush-up Fun Mixed with Academic Prep? Contact me! You'll Love Learning!

Why did I choose to teach via WyzAnt? It seems that people trust screening agencies today! We want someone to do the background research for us! From the web search, I found this placement company. It's easier that way to market my services, so it seems! Be my first student or group or students! My local and international references are excellent! I love to teach! My students become... read more


Tutor With Patience and Skill

I will come to your house to improve your skills in the tutoring areas mentioned. All you need is the right equipment and/or software and we'll start from there. Life is too short, learn something that you have the desire to learn now. Years of experience in these fields and awards in some of these fields backup for my work. We'll start at the beginning then move along to where you see yourself... read more


Hearing Your Own Voice

Hearing Your Own Voice Why does my voice sound different on a recording than in my own head? When you speak or sing, you are hearing most of your voice via the vibrations travelling through your head, not sound travelling to your ears from outside. The sound waves that make up the sounds of your voice are travelling through a lot of bone, muscle and other tissues before they make it... read more


How a Lesson Works: Vocal Technique

A voice lesson is not a performance. It is a lab where you conduct fun experiments. The performer presents ‘the known’ (i.e. the memorized music within yourself, using the habits you’ve practiced) in the context of the ‘unknown’ (the setting, the audience, the building, etc.). You don’t experiment with your technique in a performance, you don’t really try new stuff, but instead you present... read more

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